Survivor Cambodia – Finale Recap featuring Todd Herzog!


Our third all-star Survivor season, Cambodia, draws to a close! After an exciting finale, it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our recap expert, Clifton, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! We also talk to one of the real experts in our good friend Todd Herzog from China!

(If you haven’t watched the finale yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)


Jeff tells us that it was clear from the start that this season would be like nothing we’ve seen before. They switched from two tribes to three tribes for the first time. Hidden Immunity Idols required extra work as contestants fought to claim them in plain sight at camp and at the challenges. The rain devastated contestants for days on end, but their true devastation came from a series of unpredictable Tribal Councils and blindsides, the latest of which sent dream goat Abi Maria to the jury.


The journey begins. (Image credit: CBS)

“Six are left. Jeremy. He appears to have it all: A Hidden Immunity Idol and a bond with Tasha, Spencer, and Kimmi. Can he hold it all together to the end or will it all come crashing down? Tasha. She has survived the ups and downs of a rigorous season. Can she continue to manoeuvre her way to the end and the million dollar prize? Keith. He’s won multiple challenges but has hovered on the outside for weeks. He may not be in the majority, but he is always in the game. Wentworth. Her second chance is simple: Go big or go home. She’s played one idol that flipped the game and has one left, just waiting to strike again. Kimmi. Her second chance has been fifteen years in the making. This time around, she’s been a part of several blindsides and is in the majority alliance. Spencer. For most of the game he was on the bottom, but after winning two individual Immunities and focusing on his social game, he finds himself on top. Will Spencer continue to evolve or will he end up where he did last time, sitting on the Jury? For thirty-five days, nothing has been predictable, and tonight, it’s anyone’s game.” ~Jeff Probst.


Six are left. (Image credit: CBS)



When the tribe returns to camp, Keith tells his tribe mates that he can’t fathom why they would vote out Abi Maria. He says that Abi is the perfect person to sit next to in the end, and he would rather keep her than Spencer or Jeremy. Spencer tells Keith that this is exactly why they got rid of her, to ensure that she didn’t take one of their spots. Kimmi confesses that this is an opportunity, and she approaches Wentworth with a plan. Kimmi will get Jeremy, Tasha, and Spencer to split the votes, allowing Kimmi, Wentworth, and Keith to vote out Spencer or Jeremy. Kimmi confesses that the guys trust her. It’s her time to shine.


Keith wouldn’t have voted for Abi. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 36


For the Immunity Challenge, contestants must: Race to collect puzzle steps, place them in order from the bottom to top of a staircase one at a time, and complete a slide puzzle at the top of the staircase. First to finish wins Immunity and a spot in the Final 5. Jeff proclaims there are no more Second Chance challenge stories anymore this season. All challenges are new to the players and the slate is even and clean for everyone from here on out. The challenge begins and Spencer dominates from start to finish, although Kelley Wentworth keeps on his heels throughout. Spencer receives his necklace from Probst, and Kelley confesses that if they let Tasha, Jeremy, and Spencer get far in the game they are screwed.


The Day 36 Immunity Challenge. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at camp, Tasha confesses that she is happy. Spencer winning means Keith and Wentworth are vulnerable, and she wants them gone. Tasha is all in on their Final 4 plan. Keith and Kimmi go off on their own to get water and talk, but it does not go unnoticed by Spencer and Tasha. Kimmi tells Keith the plan to blindside Jeremy by tricking them into splitting the votes. Keith is on board and confesses that this could be the big one. The alliance of four come together and they tell Kimmi that they are on board with her plan to split the vote. When she leaves, Spencer and Tasha correctly explain to Jeremy exactly what Kimmi is planning. They cannot split the vote tonight.


Kimmi tells her alliance to split the votes. (Image credit: CBS)

Jeremy doesn’t believe them. He trusts that Kimmi is with him. She has been with him since the beginning and through every tribe swap. Jeremy approaches Kimmi and tells her that if she jumps it will mess up everything. She gets very defensive and emotional. Jeremy asks her not to, tells her to relax, and tells her that he believes her. Kimmi confesses to us that she is not stupid and she is playing the game. Jeremy confesses that Hidden Immunity idols could mess up everything. He doesn’t want to use his idol when he is so sure that Kimmi is with them. Spencer is convinced that Kelley doesn’t have an idol. They are nervous.


Jeremy tries to clear the air with Kimmi. (Image credit: CBS)


At Tribal Council, Jeff talks about the magnification of pressure as each day passes, and presses the contestants on the emergence of true alliances. Jeff then asks about pressures from Hidden Immunity Idols and vote splitting, which prompts Spencer to make a move. He reveals that Jeremy, Tasha, and himself are no longer able to trust Kimmi to split the vote with them. They will be voting as a solid three. If Kimmi votes the way she originally said she would, her vote will become a single, stray, and thus, irrelevant vote since the other three are voting solid and not splitting. This would give the solid three the majority against Wentworth and Keith. If Kimmi votes with Wentworth and Keith, then it will be a three-three tie and they will draw rocks. Jeff asks everyone if they know what they are doing, and they all say yes. They vote. Wentworth plays her Hidden Immunity Idol, saying that she can’t trust Spencer. Jeremy laughs and tells Spencer that he told him that she might have an idol. He then stands up himself and uses his own Hidden Immunity Idol. The votes are revealed. Three votes for Wentworth which do not count, three votes for Jeremy which do not count.


Fishbach realizes there are no votes. (Image credit: CBS)

For the first time in Survivor history, there are no votes. Jeff explains that Spencer, Jeremy, and Wentworth remain immune. Keith, Kimmi, and Tasha are the only people you can vote for, and everyone votes. He gives them a minute to talk since it is a new vote. Jeremy immediately asks who voted for him and Spencer and Tasha tell him that it was Kimmi. Jeremy jokingly shakes his finger at Kimmi and tells her that he is so disappointed in her. They vote again, Jeremy skipping to the urn. The votes are revealed. Three votes for Tasha, three votes for Kimmi. It’s a tie.


Vote two of four is another tie. It’s past Jeff’s bed time. (Image credit: CBS)

Jeff says that if they tell him that they are going to vote the same way, they are in a deadlock. They all say that they aren’t going to change their votes. Jeff then explains that anytime there is a deadlock vote, the people voted for become Immune per the rules of Survivor and the remaining contestants draw rocks. This is to discourage contestants to defaulting to tie-breaker rules in what is supposed to be a social game. Those who are immune retain their immunity, however. So, in this situation, Tasha and Kimmi would receive Immunity as a consequence of the deadlock; Spencer retains Immunity from the challenge; and Jeremy and Wentworth retain Immunity from their Hidden Immunity Idols. Thus, Keith is the only person who is vulnerable, the only person who would draw a rock, and, by default, the contestant to be ‘voted’ out…


Keith is understandably flabbergasted. (Image credit: CBS)

Jeff tells them that their last opportunity to save Keith would be for Jeremy, Spencer, Kelley, and Keith to vote unanimously for Kimmi or Tasha. Spencer and Jeremy aren’t budging. Kimmi becomes very emotional and Keith almost takes the opportunity to remove himself from the game. Kelley tells him that she should stay, and he agrees to. The four unanimously vote for Kimmi. After she departs, Jeff simply says “wow”. Stephen can be heard saying “what a crazy Tribal”.


Kimmi joins the Jury. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at camp, Spencer jokes that it was a boring Tribal Council. Keith confesses that he’s never seen a Tribal Council like that, but he’s clearly with Wentworth on the outside. Wentworth confesses that while it was a crazy Tribal Council, it did not go her way. Her tribe mates congratulate her on another Hidden Immunity Idol play.


The tribe decompresses after a crazy Tribal Council. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 37


For the Immunity Challenge challenge, contestants must: Race through a giant obstacle course to a series of six stations, collecting six bags of puzzle pieces which they will then use to solve a puzzle. First to finish gets Immunity and a guaranteed spot in the Final 4. Kelley works smartly in the challenge, knocking out the toughest obstacles first and giving herself a good starting position for the puzzle, which she dominates despite some contest from Keith of all people.


Kelley wins the Final 5 Immunity Challenge. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at camp, Wentworth devises a plan. She makes a fake Hidden Immunity Idol and gives it to Keith, who is successfully able to arouse enough suspicion and doubt with Jeremy to get him to talk to Keith. He asks Keith to vote for Spencer at this Tribal Council, confessing to us that he needs to keep the target off of his back. Keith relays this information to Wentworth. It may be their only option.


Wentworth’s fake idol. (Image credit: CBS)


Jeff begins by asking if the alliance lines are still as they seemed at the last Tribal Council. Everyone confirms it. Wentworth needed Immunity and she got it, Keith is on the chopping block. Jeff then asks about the threat of Hidden Immunity Idols, and Spencer agrees that if one of the two in the minority has an idol, they will pick who goes home. Keith says that there are tricks left to be played, but does not show his fake idol. They vote. No idols are played. Spencer receives two votes, Keith receives three and joins the jury. Jeff congratulates them on making the Final Four and reminds them that tomorrow will be the Final Immunity Challenge.


Keith joins the Jury. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 38


For the Final Immunity challenge, contestants must: Drop balls into a spiralling chute with one arm tied behind their back and catch them at the bottom, increasing the number of balls regularly. Last person to have all their balls in play wins Immunity and a spot at the Final Tribal Council. The contestants all do well, but as the challenge speeds up they begin to drop one by one until Spencer and Jeremy remain, and Jeremy comes out on top. Jeremy becomes extremely emotional at this point, and Jeff points out that it is the most emotional he has seen Jeremy at any point in Survivor. He notes that Kelley is also emotional, but for the exact opposite reason. She has come so close and was unable to pull off the Immunity win. Jeff presents Jeremy with his Immunity necklace and tells them that he will see them at Tribal. Jeremy confesses that the necklace is for his wife, his daughter, and his unborn son. He has to make the right choice tonight. He has to win this.


Spencer’s ball drops. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at camp, Jeremy apologizes for getting so emotional at the challenge. Jeremy says that at this point all bets are off. There are no alliances anymore. He tells Kelley not to give up hope, asking if she would be willing to go to fire against Spencer. Spencer confesses that it is hard to swallow that his fate is now out of his hands. Tonight is a test of whether the bonds he has made are strong enough to keep him in the game.


Jeremy tells Kelley not to give up hope. (Image credit: CBS)


Jeff begins Tribal by replaying the emotion after the Final Immunity Challenge. Jeremy explains that they have a lot of pent up emotion and a lot of it was released for him. Spencer says the challenge was really disheartening, and he hopes he has set himself up okay. Wentworth is confident that she is on the outside, but they need to be thinking about the Final 3. Jeremy says that he has to think about his family’s future. Kelley reveals that she is voting for Spencer tonight because he is articulate and a huge threat. Spencer says that it is the pot calling the kettle black. Kelley is a huge threat, and anyone who is foolish enough to let her sit at the Final Tribal Council will be someone he actively works against in the final vote. He reiterates quickly that Kelley will 100% beat Jeremy. Jeff asks Jeremy if he knows that he is doing, if he has contemplated the ramifications of his choice, and is he ready? Jeremy answers yes to all. Spencer, for the third time, tries to strong arm Jeremy into keeping him, saying, once again, that he will do everything in his power to make sure Kelley wins if he is voted out. They vote. Spencer votes for Kelley and is so nervous he can’t see straight. Kelley votes for Spencer, assuring us that she will never write his name down again. The votes are revealed. Spencer receives one vote, Wentworth receives three. Abi cries from the Jury bench as Wentworth departs. Jeff says that he suspects tomorrow’s Final Tribal Council will be a battle.


Wentworth joins the Jury. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 39


The next morning, the Final 3 wake up to Day 39 and enjoy their breakfast. They also find a mirror and a scale with which they are able to the toll the game has taken on them. Tasha becomes emotional in her confessional, saying she is in awe of her accomplishment. Spencer confesses that the job isn’t over. He came here to prove that he deserves the win because of his personal changes. Tonight is the ultimate test, the most important night of his life. Jeremy confesses again that his second chance was all about taking care of his family. He didn’t leave this long for nothing. He has to show the Jury that he was in control of this game.


The Final 3 check themselves out. (Image credit: CBS)


Jeff sets the stage for Final Tribal Council, saying that it is their chance to argue why they played a better game than the people sitting next to them. Savage speaks first, imploring everyone to answer with full, honest, and heartfelt responses. He tells Spencer that his level of arrogance was crazy. Does he have regrets? Spencer says that he was arrogant, but he realizes it is a mask for insecurities. Last night he was insecure and his arrogance might have come out, but he has changed and is more self-aware. Savage then calls out Jeremy for his level of arrogance when he voted out Kimmi. Jeremy says that he wasn’t so much arrogant as betrayed. He was the only one standing up for Kimmi.


The king of humbleness talks about arrogance. (Image credit: CBS)

Fishbach tells Jeremy that he brought trust, honour, and integrity into a season where it didn’t exist. He tells Tasha that he views Tasha as the one doing Jeremy’s dirty work. She says that she played her game, dug in her heels to get what she wanted, and took orders from no one. Stephen tells Spencer that he was surprised by the ease with which he betrayed people. Spencer says that since he was working from the bottom he had to do more backstabbing than he wanted to. Ciera says that flippers rarely win, but the voting block system this season encouraged it and left a scorned Jury. Jeremy says that people like her were telling them to make moves, and the voting blocks were a reflection of that, more than flipping. Tasha says that flipping is a result of having the number of swaps they had and something that needed to be done. Spencer said that blurred lines were something that he had to take advantage of, blindsiding strategic and social threats.


Mom-flipper, Ciera, workshops Dan Foley and lands on “Flippers RARELY win”. (Image credit: CBS)

Keith says that being humble is a big thing for him, and he asks Jeremy and Spencer to convince him why the other should win. Both men give straightforward compliments about the others’ strengths, but Keith doesn’t seem impressed. Abi Maria asks them each what their subtle move was in the game. Tasha says that she came into the game with the Cagayan target on her back, and her main allegiance was to Spencer but she was able to convince everyone it was Jeremy. Spencer’s subtle move was shift distrust from himself onto Joe, who was with him in the dangerous middle. Jeremy said that his subtle move was to hunt for idols when he lost reward challenges.


The queen of subtlety asks about subtle moves. (Image credit: CBS)

Kimmi tells Spencer that he was a bully at the last Tribal Council. She will use that behaviour as an example to her children of what to never do. He accuses Jeremy of allowing Spencer to come in and replace her in their tight-knit alliance. He argues that he never did. She was the one who projected that, she’s the one who said it. He was the one trusting in her, believing in her. He was the one who got dooped by her. Joe tells Tasha that he doesn’t believe that she was aware of what she was doing. He asks her for an example of a time that she turned the game. She says that she comes from corporate America and is used to working with alpha males – it’s a game within the game. She says that at Joe’s vote out, her alpha male alliance members were nervous about voting him out, but she took control. Wiglesworth tells them that fifteen years ago she lost by one vote because of one question. She tells them to pick a number between 1 and 10. Jeremy picks 2, Tasha picks 3, Spencer picks 4.


Kimmi tries to pin Jeremy, unsuccessfully. (Image credit: CBS)

Kass asks her only question to Spencer. She says that, at the Cagayan merge, Spencer told her that she had zero chance of winning the game, but this time around, for all his talk of change, he has played a Choas Kass game. How can he reconcile that when he spent the last two years calling her a dumbass in social media? He says that he doesn’t feel it is hypocritical to ask for her vote because he truly has changed. He’s not the same person who spoke badly to her. Wentworth finishes by asking about their Second Chance stories. Tasha says hers was to build the trust of an alliance. Spencer says his was teetering between who he was and who he wanted to be, allowing him to play and make relationships like he never could before. Jeremy says that everyone knows his is about family. He then reveals to them that he was bugging out the whole game because his wife was pregnant and he wasn’t there with her. He tells them that on the family visit she told him everything was fine and it was a boy. All he wanted to do was tell all of them, but he had to keep it all bottled up so that it didn’t ruin his game. He did this for his family, and he doesn’t even care about himself. The Jury votes but we see none of them. Jeff thanks them for a great season and departs. Kass comments that she hopes he gets on a jet ski.


Jeremy reveals his Second Chance story. (Image credit: CBS)


We cut to the Live Finale Event, where Jeff walks on stage with the urn. Jeff again thanks everyone for an electrifying season to watch. They played hard. They bled. This season illustrated how difficult it was to get to the end, but now it is in the hands of Jury. He reveals the votes. Jeremy get all ten and is named the winner of Survivor: Cambodia.


Jeremy wins Survivor: Cambodia! (Image credit: CBS)










Well that’s it! Hard to believe that after months of wondering what this season would be like and getting these people back on that it’s all done and the winner has been declared! Amazing how time flies!

Overall it was an enjoyable season. Is it a top 10 season? Not in my books it isn’t.  A middle of the road season that I think will improve on a re-watch. But for now I think it will go between 12-16 or somewhere around there.

A fairly predictable finale after the chaos of the first boot. I still don’t agree with the rule that allows the people who are voted for to become immune as I think it’s ridiculous how that works out. It was just a massive load of bull that it was put in that situation and just like it was changed after Marquesas I hope the producers realise that the current way of doing it at that point doesn’t work and change it.

Jeremy winning was great, super happy for him. Was rooting for him back in San Juan Del Sur and super glad he pulled through for this win. Disappointed of course for Kimmi and Wentworth but still satisfied for the winner.

Next season looks interesting for sure. Too soon for Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty again? We’ll soon find out. It’ll be here before you know it so get excited! Thanks for sticking with us this season!



I’m not sure exactly where the last 7 months have gone but it feels like yesterday we were watching Tyler get voted out and discussing the 32 nominees for Survivor: Second Chance. Now we have a winner. This really has been an amazing time to be a Survivor fan – the vote and all the razzamatazz around it has led into a pretty amazing season. I know that opinion on it has been pretty polarized but one thing I think we can say is that it managed to live up to expectations, which were exceedingly high. I do have some issues with the season, but generally speaking I think it was very entertaining and befitting of an All Star season.

And speaking of All Star seasons, so much for that theory that small, underrated women win them. Jeremy is certainly no Amber or Sandra. I hope in time his legacy is not just that he was playing the game for Val and his family, but that he really did take his second chance and make the most of it. Gone was the SJDS Jeremy, who was impatient, easily offended and alienated potential allies – this time he really did “surround and drown” with his social skills and it won him the million.

I do feel sorry for Tasha and Spencer, who I thought played pretty handy games but just didn’t take out Jeremy. The decision to eliminate a perfect goat in Abi still confuses me, and after Spencer’s comment last week about he had to find a way to get to the end with Abi and Keith, then immediately voting Abi off, I figured this was going to be his fate. However, I also noted the reaction of the jury when Keith got voted out that led me to think he would have been right in the mix if he had made it to the end.

You also have to feel for Kelley. I know she was the winner pick for many, and with good reason. It must have been devastating to make it so far and fall agonisingly short. The good news for her (I guess) is that she must be an absolute lock for a 3rd time around, if she wants it and she has all the skills to win now.

And its always great to see history made in that final 6 vote – I felt I needed a rest and another drink after watching it – so stressful! It actually took me back to the final 6 in Nicaragua, where Jeff channelled his mother and tried to talk Jane, Fabio and Dan into voting together to force a tie in a similar situation. Its strange to me that the group didn’t just throw Keith under the bus, as the bigger challenge competitor (I think he would’ve done well in that final challenge), but I guess it didn’t really matter in the end. However it did highlight to me how great this tribal council would have been as the climax of its own episode. I don’t know why we crammed a final 6 into one finale – everything felt really rushed and surely a pre-merge double eviction to allow a full episode at the final 6 would have been better. This was absolutely the critical moment of the game and decided which group would make it to the end. I feel such an important moment got short-changed here by being stuffed into the finale and having room to breathe as the key moment of the season in its own episode would have been much more satisfying.

I have heard some of my fellow Ozlets say that this tribal council needed to be in the finale otherwise it would have been really boring. Whilst I disagree (I found the finale to be really interesting – not every moment needs to be a shocking blindside), generally speaking finales are not hugely shocking episodes. I think the last 2 or 3 seasons have kind of spoilt us in this regard – but I would say seasons 22, 24, 25, 26, and 27 (as well as many earlier seasons too) has very straightforward finales – crazy ones are actually the exception, not the rule. Usually, the big moves have already happened, and the finale is the cherry on top – a lot more time needs to be dedicated to the final tribal council. By shoehorning an extra TC in there, the finale tribal council felt rushed. To me, this should be the centrepiece of the entire season, regardless of how obvious the result will be. I want to hear the finalists explain their game and be well interrogated by the jury. This 10-jury setup with no opening comments from the finalists felt like a real injustice. This trend of squeezing it in that started in Worlds Apart isn’t good and I hope we can correct that in the future. It’s a minor issue though in what was a great final episode.

I also want to point out how good the reunion was. Jeff has taken a lot of criticism in the recent past for venturing into the audience and wasting time on pointless segments with Rudy, random fans, tongue-tied kids and hyping the next season. This was a tight reunion and basically everyone who needed a question got one. Jeff only went into the audience to interview Terry’s wife and son, which was necessary and a really cool moment. The rest of his questions were good and these seasoned veterans answered them sharply and without wasting time.

So where does Survivor: Cambodia rank as a season? Given how obsessive we are as fans, I know we are all thinking about it and I also sense its going to be pretty polarizing. For my money, I think it was a really solid season. It delivered on the hype, was unpredictable and every episode had lots in it to keep us interested as fans. I also really appreciate that we went into the finale with a really strong case for 3 different people to win (Jeremy, Spencer and Wentworth) – it would have been really easy to just make this the Jeremy show but the editing team didn’t do that. However, I certainly can sympathise with those that feel the human element of the show was lost even more this season, and the strategic side of things became such a heavy focus that you don’t care about the outcome for the players as much as you should. Although you might think so, flexible “voting blocs” are not a new concept – I remember Burton back in Pearl Islands talking about how you don’t have to like someone to vote with them – you just have to have common interests. Of course Pearl Islands did a fantastic job of making us care about the players and their outcomes in the game even with ever changing alliances – I’m not sure we have the same in Cambodia. Showing Jeremy crying and Spencer saying he has emotions doesn’t necessarily draw us in – having said that, I was much more interested in the outcome of this season than I was in either of the last two. I think it will stand up as a very good season, with lots of fun moments, epic moves at tribal councils but potentially lacking a little bit of the human emotion we might have expected.

As for next season – it looks brutal. Although I’m a little disappointed to see the Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty idea back for the second time (I would actually say third, as I view Worlds Apart as essentially the same thing), it’s always good to have fresh new faces after an All Star season. I think this is going to be a pretty unusual season if the preview is anything to go by. What this season has going for it is low expectations – it doesn’t have the same level of hype as this one, plus I think we could see some fun with the players, who filmed this almost a year ago by the time it gets to air, and will be bursting to talk about it. Also, sweet tigers in the logo. They basically look like replica’s of Brian Heidik’s tattoo. And anything that invokes the memory of the Lord and Master himself is alright by me.



What a great finale!!!!! One of the best ones in a long time even with the predictable finish. I’m surprised that it didn’t feel rushed at all. Yes going from tribal strait to a challenge might seem a bit rushed but nothing really good happens before the challenge but after the challenge so I was okay with that. Despite having to cover 4 days and 4 tribal councils it was very well done.

What the hell was that tribal council!!!!!!? I predicted the ‘first time in 31 seasons’ thing to be this but wow it was so much better than I thought. I knew that if they didn’t come to a decision that Keith would go home and what respect he earned by offering to walk out to let Kimmi stay. However, once Kimmi got a ton of airtime I knew she was going home but that tribal had me on the edge of my seat. The fake idol make by Kelley was great. The emphasis on no idol looking the same was super downplayed this season as it only got its second mention in the finale, first by Jeremy when he found his second idol and second time by Kelley when she was trying to make a believable fake idol. That was kind of a disappointment to the season because I really wanted idols that looked like Ozzy’s stick. Keith should have at least threatened somebody with that fake idol but he is too good of a guy for that. How dare they vote out Wentworth right before she would make me some money!!!!!!! It sucks to be in 4th place but dang she surprised everyone this season by how well she played. I couldn’t be happier.

I must say going into the finale, I really thought the game was between Jeremy and Spencer with Wentworth as the dark horse if she could make the finals. Tasha had gotten the no vote getter edit basically the past few episodes and nothing changed here. However, Spencer, what the hell were you thinking? He got too power hungry toward the end of the game. He really loved being in control and when he finally had some control he used it too much. First off his bullying at the crazy tribal. He pretty much threatened Kimmi to flip and go home or not flip at all. Then when they had to decide on who to send home he didn’t even want to bring up Tasha. Jeremy didn’t seem to care but that whole discussion between Keith, Wentworth and Spencer was basically Spencer being a bully. Then the next tribal when he bullies Jeremy to basically keep him over Wentworth or he will make sure she wins was just way too much. To be honest I feel that he was just making that up completely. If he did leave that night he would be like the Spencer of Cagayan and vote for the best player, no matter who he thought it was.

Final Tribal council was great. We didn’t have any David Murphy speeches. We had a lot of players who asked very good and valid questions. I loved that one players name that it seemed like didn’t play at all what was her name… oh yeah Wigglesworth, I loved that she asked the question that lost her the game the first time. I would have loved for her to give a rat and snakes speech instead but if she had it, I’m sure they would have had Wentworth give it because she was the Kelley with all the airtime. I have to say that based on the questions I think Abi had one of the better questions of the night. It really shows that Abi is more game savvy then we want her to be. Subtle moves make or break your game and so I loved that she brought that up. I wouldn’t say that any of these tribal council performances deserve being in the top 10 although you could make a case for Jeremy, but all three of them gave very solid final tribal council performances, nobody buckled under pressure this time. The winner was not a surprise, I’ve been predicting Jeremy as the winner since about episode 2 or 3. The vote was the unpredictable thing. I thought for sure that it would be a close vote between Spencer and Jeremy, even with everything I just said about Spencer. Then after the last question I thought okay maybe a 7-3 vote, I never would have guessed a 10-0 vote. Even the jury members seemed to be torn between Jeremy and Spencer as the winner as outside of Fishbach and Joe, nobody even asked a question to Tasha that wasn’t a general question.

Overall, this season was amazing. I said at one point that if Jeremy or Spencer won then it would be a predictable season and wouldn’t be a great season but man this finale really changed my mind about that because it was unpredictable even down to how the vote went down.



Each week this season we’ll bring you the viewpoint of at least one former Survivor contestant to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season! Our recap for the final episode features Todd Herzog! Todd discusses everything that happened during this episode and as well as the twist and cast of season 32.


Thanks for sticking with us through this whole season! Join us next February when we will be back to recap Survivor: Kaôh Rōng – Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty!



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5 Comments on Survivor Cambodia – Finale Recap featuring Todd Herzog!


  2. I have no idea why Ben does not rate this season as a top 10 one. Every episode had a talking point. Memorable TC’s, including a couple of first evers. The pre-merge eps were fantastic with tribal swaps changing yp the fame nicely. 4 of the final 6 were worthy winners. (don’t know why Ben continues to talk up Kimmi….she did nothing in the game!) This easily i makes top 10 of all time, and close to top 5 for me.

  3. Another one I couldn’t find elsewhere and so want to listen again.

    I hope Todd joins your podcast recap for the all winners season. How this legend wasn’t cast. Upsets me.

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