Survivor: Cambodia – Report Card


Another season of Survivor is over and the winner of Cambodia has been announced! But were they the best player? Did any other players deserve to make it further than they did? Who was completely underrated and who was completely overrated? In today's feature article join Ben and Noah as they sit down and give each contestant a grade in the official Survivor Oz – Survivor: Cambodia Report Card! We guarantee you that some contestants parents will be glad to see their reports whilst others will be hiding them on their way home! (CONTAINS SPOILERS – If you haven’t seen the finale of Survivor: Cambodia and do not wish to know the final result, do not click below!)

Vytas Baskauskas

Voted Out Day Three

Ben’s Grade: C-

Noah’s Grade: C


BEN’S THOUGHTS: Vytas is a hard one to rank because his vote out was clouded in mystery and we didn’t really get to see too much of what he did or didn’t do. Bit of a surprising first boot to me as I thought he was going to go deep into the game (I predicted he would be fourth) so I’m sure it was disappointing for him to have to be the first boot. As he said he would rather not have even made it out there than be the first boot, but I’m sure every other player who didn’t make it on the season would happily be in his spot just to have at least given it a try.

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: I truly believe Vytas (or anyone voted out first this season) was a victim of original season stigma and pre-season scheming. They tried to form some sort of story about him being a total creep but it didn’t really hold up as a strong narrative. Vytas didn’t really play a horrible game, it is just he never got the chance to play. He had a past connection to Terry Dietz that put a bit of a target on his back which probably attributed to his demise. It was a six/four vote so it wasn’t like it was a total blow out but ultimately his Blood vs Water game was probably the reasoning for his vote out.

Shirin Oskooi

Voted Out Day Six

Ben’s Grade: C

Noah’s Grade: C


BEN’S THOUGHTS: What’s funny with Shirin is that I actually think she significantly improved in her first episode and had her setup to possibly go quite far in the game. But the second episode soon turned things around and she was back to where she was only a season ago. I think if she had of waited to come back a second time she might’ve had more luck, but she was way too fresh in the minds of people as well to give her any realistic shot of going far.

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Shirin’s second chance was a rollercoaster. One strong ‘up’ episode followed by a bad downward crashing episode when she was voted out. She took control of the first vote and was instrumental in having Vytas voted out of the game. However it is her dominance in her first episode is also part of why she was voted out. She was playing the game too hard and too fast and was scheming too much with Spencer. She wasn’t helping with the shelter building and was playing a mile an hour. She also failed with some of the personal connections needed in the game. She laughed at Abi and didn’t give her the attention she needs and the first time she spoke with Woo was when she was about to be voted out. Some good and some bad from Shirin.

Peih-Gee Law

Voted Out Day Nine

Ben’s Grade: C

Noah’s Grade:  C


BEN’S THOUGHTS: Not a whole lot to say on Peih-Gee’s game sadly. She wasn’t shown that much and when she was it usually came down to her being in an argument with Abi at some point. I was sad to see her go so early as I loved her on China and thought she played an extremely underrated game and had potential to go far in this game given the right circumstances. Sadly for her, the right circumstances never eventuated.

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Peih-Gee’s biggest mistake was aligning with someone who didn’t like her, Abi. It worked for Casaya (Shane was robbed!) but If Abi doesn’t like you then you are dead to her. She had a close connection with Varner and without the third tribe Angkor then she would have been in a power position and at the top of an alliance. Part of her vote out is also a mix of bad luck of being on a six person tribe with Abi. She tried some strategy but ultimately perhaps she should have laid low after Varner’s outburst at the challenge and let him take the heat. Although it seemed like that would have only bought her an extra day anyway.

Jeff Varner

Voted Out Day Eleven

Ben’s Grade: B-

Noah’s Grade: C+


BEN’S THOUGHTS: Jeff proved that even after 14 years, old school players of Survivor can do just as good at ‘new school’ as the new schoolers themselves. He was like a bull out of a gate, going through the game and wheeling and dealing and it looked as though it was working. A few little mistakes here and there however and a tribe switch hurt him like crazy, and it was easily the hardest boot to stomach for the most part of the game. I for one would love to see him return for a third time, but sadly I’m not sure how possible that will be.

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Varner was in the game for four tribal councils and had two good cycles of the game and two bad ones. His biggest problem was playing too hard too fast and putting a big target on his back, even after the first tribal council and his speech before the vote. He had waited 15 years for the opportunity to play again but this may have been the answer to what bit him in the arse. A bit of bad luck too as no doubt he would have lasted longer had it not been for the third tribe twist. Even then he was going in with the odds in his favour but the rift between Pieh Gee and Abi was so strong that it tore the tribe apart and lead Varner to losing trust with Woo and Abi. Trying to whisper to Wiglesworth backfired majorly as well which lead to any game with Tasha and Savage going out the window and his injury in the fourth challenge put even more pressure on to vote him out. Varner was a fantastic character who had the potential to be a fantastic player but was cut far too short to see if this would have happened. He took control of the tribe one week and fell to the very bottom the next.

Monica Padilla

Voted Out Day Thirteen

Ben’s Grade: C

Noah’s Grade: C


BEN’S THOUGHTS: Monica was…there. Then she…wasn’t. It was interesting with Monica because she was many people’s choice for the win given the tendency for the ‘random pretty girl’ to do well on returning player seasons. And I for one was on that bandwagon and had her finishing as the runner-up. But sadly it just wasn’t to be. She showed a few flashes here and there of trying to get things working and the all-girls alliance was originally her idea before it lead to her downfall. I feel bad for Monica because she went into this season with a lot of people questioning why she was brought back and leaves the game with many of those questions still being asked.

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Uhmm Monica did some stuff…I guess? Easily the most invisible player in this season and we don’t have too much to go on. Monica had some ok stuff going on from what we did see. She was in the Bayon majority, although based on Varner’s comments she was probably on the bottom. The concept of getting out a threat in Spencer and keeping the women strong wasn’t a horrible idea but perhaps she shouldn’t played so hard so fast. Plus it was hard to predict how Kimmi would react. Monica wasn’t a terrible player but she was invisible!

Terry Deitz

Pulled From Game Day Thirteen

Ben’s Grade: C

Noah’s Grade: C+


BEN’S THOUGHTS: It’s tough with Terry because he had the one episode with Abi which he was brilliant and I would easily give him a minimum of a B had he been there longer and shown more. But besides that point he was kind of a background player who seemed far too confident in where he was but was actually in a pretty cruddy position. To see him pulled from the game in those circumstances was heartbreaking because not only was it tragic what was happening to Danny it was also tragic given just how many times he had nearly been on before and for it to happen when he finally gets back on, it was just a cruel twist of fate. Would still love to see him return for another crack but I doubt it will ever happen.

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Dietz played an ok game for how long he was in the game before he was pulled. He was out of the loop in the first week but then managed to take control of an alliance with the lead of Varner. Terry’s major focus this season was on improving his social game which was highlighted the most by managing to get Abi Maria to join the new alliance. After the swap he was thrown into the minority of the new TaKeo tribe but was still focusing on relationships. The new tribe was so strong and Terry won the Hero challenge to up his stock even more. Had he not been pulled from the game then TaKeo would have had to win only one more challenge before the swap and then Dietz was almost guaranteed a spot in the merge. A horrible way for Terry to leave the game, let’s up he gets another shot for a real second chance!

Woo Hwang

Voted Out Day Sixteen

Ben’s Grade: C

Noah’s Grade: C


BEN’S THOUGHTS: Woo had one moment in this game that showed he had changed, but it was a fleeting moment that was quickly forgotten and he was straight back to being how he was before. He seems like such a nice, decent guy who would be great to hang out with. But when it comes to the game of Survivor, I just don’t think it’s for him.

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Did Woo learn anything from his first time in the game? “Why I am always the last to know about things?” is a quote from him this season which pretty much sums up his game. He was out of the loop for the first tribal council and from there until his vote out he was pretty much a pawn for other people, be it Varner, Savage or Tasha. Props to him for turning down Shirin and Spencer in week two and standing up for himself but other that, not much change for Woo.

Kass McQuillen

Voted Out Day Nineteen

Ben’s Grade: B-

Noah’s Grade: C+


BEN’S THOUGHTS: I have to commend Kass for changing her game up for the majority of her time out there because not once did we see ‘chaos Kass’ until one fleeting moment towards her vote out and then she was ultimately brought down by a blindside. And even her ‘chaos Kass’ moment in my eyes was overblown and for the most part she was in the right in that situation with Tash. But I digress. I was impressed with her ability to be socially connected to people, especially some people you would never see her working with. And every other aspect of her game really seemed to approve. Had she been on the right side of the vote the night she went home she could’ve easily gone super deep in the game. One of the real standouts this season in terms of changing their game up.

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Kass undoubtedly made the attempt to change her game but did she really succeed? Many predicted she would be the first boot of the season and while she made it much further than that, she was technically voted out in her second ever tribal council. She did do a better job at making some connections like her relationship with Ciera and Abi and tried to create a calm Kass persona by making presents for Kelley and acting nice. Ultimately the chaos overtook her though and she was continuing to cause trouble around camp with people like Tasha and Savage. If Kass could have stayed with her Takeo five alliance then she could have had a more successful game but ultimately she would never have or never will win Survivor. Chaos lives on.

Andrew Savage

Voted Out Day Twenty-One

Ben’s Grade: C+

Noah’s Grade: B-


BEN’S THOUGHTS: This is a really tough one to grade because I feel a C+ makes his game look worse than it was. He didn’t play a bad game, but he didn’t play a particularly ground-breaking game either. He was an emotional player who played with his heart on his sleeve which I personally liked. And the stuff he had going with Tasha was great to watch. But he still seemed lost in some parts and too sure of his ability in certain moments to really give him much more of a higher mark. Which also means that the next person I grade has to be on a similar footing which is the hardest one of all…

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Savage had some things going for him in the game but ultimately it is outspoken and leadership way of playing that bit him in the arse. He is very focused on tribe or alliance unity and strong challenge performers. It seemed he valued Woo more than his alliance member Ciera and he was adamant that Joe should be kept around. The early portion of the game was his strongest area. Had original Bayon gone to tribal council it would be extremely unlikely Savage would be targeted and that he was high on the Bayon totem pole with Joe and Jeremy. His relationship with Tasha was impressive on Angkor as together they were able to turn everything around and do the near impossible to navigate their way to the second swap. Had the merge not come so early he probably would have been voted out next but it didn’t matter as his outspokenness against the Witch alliance had him idoled out of the game.

Kelly Wiglesworth

Voted Out Day Twenty-Four

Ben’s Grade: C+

Noah’s Grade: C+


BEN’S THOUGHTS: This hurts. It hurts big time. But I have to take my personal bias out of this and assess her game for what it was. Firstly from what we did see. We saw some strategy very early on (when showing her was a thing) and it appeared as though everybody liked her from what we heard from other people. Her challenge performances were good and she showed that after 15 years she can still cut it at this game. But everything else has to be based purely on what we saw (or didn’t see) which just makes me so angry at CBS and their editing this season because we were robbed of something more. And don’t tell me it was because she is a ‘boring player’. We saw in Borneo what she can bring to the table and to hear from other players that she is playing a strong social game, there were definitely moments that weren’t shown that could’ve been shown to back this up. Has to go down as the most robbed edit of all time and given she no doubt would’ve been the person voted back in with the most votes, it sucks. Big time. So yes, so much for keeping ‘personal bias’ out of this, but sadly I can’t give her any higher than a C+.

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Ahh Wiglesworth, I am still bitter we didn’t see more of you! Kelly didn’t play a fantastic game but she did succeed exactly what she set out to do, play an old school game. She focused on tribe harmony and making camp life the best it could possibly be. Wiglesworth was not a strategist but she did still build alliances, first with Varner and then later with Joe. Despite a rocky start in Quest for Fire, she was a strong challenge performer and was well liked by most people. Ultimately it was her connection to Joe that had her voted out but she likely wouldn’t have been a big impact on the season had she lasted longer.

Ciera Eastin

Voted Out Day Twenty-Six

Ben’s Grade: B-

Noah’s Grade: B-


BEN’S THOUGHTS: I think I need to stop giving out so many C’s! Ciera is an interesting one. I don’t necessarily think she did a whole lot in this game to warrant a massive improvement, but props to her for trying at least to change things up from time to time and fighting for her position in the game. She did make it to the jury and I think many people thought she would’ve made it even further. But I think I enjoyed her far more this time around and I think she finally has shaken off the main tag of ‘being the player that voted out her own mother’ based off her showing in Cambodia.

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Ciera wasn’t really shown much until later in the merge but she had an ok game going for her. She is very by the numbers but is a savvy game player who despite being on the bottom, was influential enough to work some magic before she was voted out as a threat. She was right not to trust Savage after he inadvertently through her under the bus. Staying with him and voting out Spencer in hindsight could have gotten her further but it is unlikely that anyone there would take her to the finals. Ciera made strong bonds with the likes of Kass, Wentworth and Abi, was in multiple alliances and had some strategy. An all-around decent player.

Stephen Fishbach

Voted Out Day Twenty-Nine

Ben’s Grade: B-

Noah’s Grade: B-


BEN’S THOUGHTS: Have to give props to Stephen for playing a strong if not emotional game of Survivor. I feel as though he showed what he is capable of a lot more this time around than in Tocantins given he didn’t always have the shield of a ‘JT’ to cover him but also did fall into some old tricks with Jeremy along the way. He also seemed to enjoy himself for the most part as well when he wasn’t being too emotional, and his time on the jury I think was spent more as a massive superfan watching the game he loves live which was a fun thing to watch. Honestly thought he would’ve won the ‘battle of the superfans’ against Spencer, but once again my predictions go astray!

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Stephen had a rocky road in the game starting as a Fishbach out of water and becoming a major player in the game. Fishbach had some good things going for him but it seemed like anxiety was his biggest issue and perhaps his downfall. The first swap was perhaps the best thing that happened to him as he was put on a strong tribe where he was able to create strong bonds with Jeremy and Kimmi and even Spencer. The alliance and bond with Jeremy was strong enough for Jeremy to play an idol to save Stephen. Fishbach’s obsession with voting Joe out was definitely overboard but he was also right to target him when no one else seemed to. Jumping out of the challenge to get the Dan Foley reward could have been good but put an even larger target on his back and his ‘know it all’ persona along with how neurotic he was and a fixation on Joe eventually lead to his downfall. Just like JT needed Stephan in Heroes vs Villains it also appears Stephen needed JT in Second Chance.

Joe Anglim

Voted Out Day Thirty-Two

Ben’s Grade: C+

Noah’s Grade: B-

survivor (6)

BEN’S THOUGHTS: Another super hard one to rank and I’m probably going to get slaughtered by the ‘Joebots’ for a low grading. But outside of win challenges, tell me what he did in this game? He isn’t the most aware and savvy player when it comes to making strategic moves and yes his social game works but he did get into a position where it was “me vs everyone else” that showed he would be gone as soon as he lost a challenge. How does he manage that? Can’t he just slow down his physical ability a tad and not have to rely solely on that to survive? One thing I will say though, the guy is an almost certainty to play again so keep an eye out for the “Joe vs Ozzy vs Malcolm” season at some point in the future.

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Joe’s edit this season basically boiled down to ‘Joe is amazing’ and ‘Joe is winning challenges, let us stop him.’ His game wasn’t too much different either. In fairness he never really had a real shot in this game based purely of the stigma from Worlds Apart and his incredible challenge skills. Ultimately I think he survived a lot longer than people thought he would. He did succeed in building relationships and alliances, most notably with Savage but ultimately his challenge skills superseded this. For the most part though any time he was saved it seemed to be by the hands of someone else with their own personal motivation in mind. Not to mention he never had to go to tribal council in the pre merge part of the game.

Abi-Maria Gomes

Voted Out Day Thirty-Five

Ben’s Grade: C+

Noah’s Grade: C+


BEN’S THOUGHTS: I hate giving Abi a grade so low but I can’t give her any higher sadly just based on what we saw. She has this perfect knack of rubbing people the wrong way enough that they want to keep her around as a goat but somehow never makes it to the end which always just baffles me. let me say too, I LOVE her. She is amazing to watch and is great TV. But as a player of the game, sadly I can’t give her any higher rating based on what we see. However I would gladly see her come back to play on every season just given how amazing she is to watch.

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Abi is one of the most polarizing players to have ever been on Survivor. She was the ultimate goat that apparently is so annoying that people will let her get that far and not make it to the end. Abi makes enemies easily and others seem to have a tough time around camp with her. It is true that more than likely getting zero votes at the end but so did Spencer and Tasha and they are much more celebrated. Abi is not a great player but she has this weird thing going for her where people will vote her way and want to work with her. This slowly disappeared after the merge but for the entire pre merge the vote always went her way as her detractors of Vytas, Shirin, Peih-Gee, Varner and Woo were all voted out as she waltzed on to the merge.

Kimmi Kappenberg

Voted Out Day Thirty-Six

Ben’s Grade: B

Noah’s Grade: B

survivor (7)

BEN’S THOUGHTS: I would say that alongside Kelley Wentworth, Kimmi takes the crown for most improved second chancer on their second time around. Who in their right mind would predict Kimmi Kappenberg would finish in sixth spot and make it that far playing a strong social game without pissing people off and actually run some strategic moves, including one that could’ve taken her all the way to the end? She was great to watch (when we actually saw her that is) and I think her vote out was just a cruel blow to a great game she played. Would be great to come back again to have another shot but sadly it won’t happen. Great job Kimmi!

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Kimmi perhaps gets the award for the most underrated player of the season. She had some good things going on but was neglected heavily by the edit. Firstly on a whole she seemed to be friendly with every single person and had no enemies amongst the jury and she was no slouch in challenges either. On new Bayon she was able to solidify a tight alliance with Jeremy and Stephen and orchestrated the vote out of Monica who proved she would be willing to flip on the group. She stuck with the group as a loyal soldier throughout the merge even with the voting blocs everywhere. However she was fully aware that going to the end with Jeremy would be suicide for her game. At six she had a perfect plan to take out Jeremy and have a smooth ride to the final three with Keith and Wentworth where she would not only have another move on her resume for the jury but also would have had a fantastic shot at winning the game. Let’s not forget that the eventual winner Jeremy was completely fooled by Kimmi’s act and it all came down to Spencer and his big mouth at the tribal council. Kimmi deserves more love for her game!

Keith Nale

Voted Out Day Thirty-Seven

Ben’s Grade: B-

Noah’s Grade: B-


BEN’S THOUGHTS: Keith is the new Big Tom of Survivor. A great character, always fun to watch, gets along with pretty much anyone and has an underrated game that always takes him far. Sadly like Big Tom, it’s never enough to take him all the way to the end and Keith once again gets so close yet so far. While some of the elements of his game aren’t exactly there, there are others such as social and physical that I feel get way overlooked. Put him on any season and I guarantee he makes it far. You also put him on any season and he is always the most entertaining to watch as well. Bring him back for a third time I say!

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: After the finale I have kind of come around a bit on Keith’s game. Based on how the jury reacted to Spencer and Tasha (and even Jeremy’s attitude) I am now under the assumption that Keith could have actually won the game in some situations. I do believe that him jumping from side to side and going with the flow was an actual strategy to make it deep. Keith not only has phenomenal social skills and charm but also dominates in challenges. He was well aware that some moves had to be made to make the final three and was in a position where a lot of people wanted to take him. Points taken away for not attempting to play the fake idol Kelley gave him even if no one would have believed it and minor points taken away for never having to go to tribal council in the pre merge. Keith is not the savviest Survivor player but you also can’t really judge him against other players and their strategies…a unique contestant!

Kelley Wentworth

Voted Out Day Thirty-Eight

Ben’s Grade: A-

Noah’s Grade: B+


BEN’S THOUGHTS: I was on the Kelley bandwagon during San Juan Del Sur that said “she is a great player if given more of a chance” and what happened this time around? Exactly that. An absolute superstar of the season, she showed strong strategy when she was always on the outs, found idols, used idols, and fought long and hard right until the very end. The closest I have ever gotten to predicting a winner, Kelley was a stand out this season and had she made it to the final tribal I think she was a shoe-in to win the game. I also think based off this performance she has a high chance of coming back for a third time. Great work from Miss Wentworth all season!

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Kelley was much improved from the first time she played and was a very good player, if a little overrated. Don’t get me wrong, I was impressed with her game this season but do feel like her super fans elevate every single thing she does. She spent a huge portion of the game on the bottom but did a great job of surviving week to week. She started off strong before having no real say in the second tribal. After the swap she did a good job of pushing the target on to Dietz rather than herself and created a five person equal alliance that would have protected her to around the merge. Wentworth’s game was hurt by an early merge where her alliance crumbled and Savage spoke out against the Witch’s. She got her revenge on Savage by a great idol play that literally saved herself from going home. From this point onwards she was involved in voting blocs but spent most of the time on the bottom being saved by strategic threat Ciera going, physical threat Joe going and annoying Abi going. Her biggest hope was the Kimmi deal which fell through but she managed to save herself with a second idol and then again by winning immunity to the final four where she was taken out. Had she made the finals I don’t think it would be a guarantee that Kelley wins but she would have had a much better shot than a bunch of the others at the final six. A return from Wentworth would probably see even more growth in the game.

Spencer Bledsoe

Equal Runner-Up

Ben’s Grade: A-

Noah’s Grade: B+


BEN’S THOUGHTS: Spencer is an interesting one to rank. There are many positives to his game and he played a vastly improved game a second time around. But for the most part the reason it was ‘improved’ came down to a lot of factors including that for the most part this season he was in a position he could actually do something and wasn’t always fighting from the back foot to survive. That goes to show that Spencer is a super intelligent player who has the ability to go far. But win the game? Well I think at the end he became way too confident in his position and ability moving forward. And I also think he quite possibly was the reason why he didn’t win when he decided to not vote out Abi and take her to the end. Nonetheless massive props to him for making it to the end and giving himself an opportunity to win. I think we’ll see him return for a third time for sure.

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Who would have ever thought Spencer would be a no vote getter who you take to the end to win against? Ok, maybe that is a bit unfair as he could well have beaten a bunch of other players whose name is not Jeremy. Spencer’s game often boils down to him not actually doing anything grand and others saving his skin time and time again. That being said, I do think Cambodia was a stronger game for him and an improvement from Cagayan. So much emphasis was on his personal relations which clearly didn’t pine out to the jury but did help him in gaining trust with Jeremy and Stephen which ultimately would get him to the final tribal council. His social game wasn’t bad but it wasn’t Jeremy’s and even though he is in love with his girlfriend but as far as I know she is not expecting a baby boy. Spencer’s lowest moment was the fact that he was just one or two changed votes away from being the second boot of the season, only saved by the fact Shirin was just that much more ‘too hard-too fast’ than him. He did end up orchestrating the vote out of Stephen which was able to insert himself into Fishbach’s place of the Jeremy/Tasha/Kimmi alliance which did get him to the end but lost any hope of a jury vote from Stephen. A big mistake in hindsight was voting out Abi Maria at the final seven followed up by being too outspoken and cocky with the Kimmi vote out followed by an over the top attempt to save himself against Wentworth. Ultimately I don’t think Spencer played an awful game (Fishbach got no votes and is celebrated in Tocantins) but he did make a bunch of mistakes and overall people will probably be less positive of his two seasons of Survivor now.

Tasha Fox

Equal Runner-Up

Ben’s Grade: B+

Noah’s Grade: B


BEN’S THOUGHTS: Probably going to get ripped to shreds for not giving her at least an A- but I’m so indifferent on her game. The positives are that she showed fight and great strategy in large portions of the game. She was socially aware, liked by most and her challenge performances were also great. My issue with her game though is that she was also a bit of a loose cannon at times and could be quite volatile in various situations. Her handling of Abi when wanting to talk to Jeremy about strategy was poor, and that was a perfect comparison between hers and Jeremy’s game at that point. She worked herself into a clear position where she was never getting any votes at the end and essentially it could be argued made herself a ‘goat’ in that final vote. Having said all that, I still think she improved significantly from Cagayan and deserves to get to the end. So this was tough, but I just couldn’t grade her higher than a B+.

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: I personally think people’s dislike for Tasha clouds some of the good things she did in the game. She was the most valued female player on the original Bayon tribe with Savage and Jeremy naming her as one of the top dogs of the tribe. Her game really started to shine on Angkor where she was able to take control of the tribe along with Savage and gain the trust of Woo and Abi to destroy the TaKeo four. She was in no danger of ever going home until the merge at this point. After the merge she was loyal to Jeremy and Stephen and was strategizing with the group. Her one big issues is that she did come off as a pawn to Jeremy. As the game went on she was talking about different possibilities such as a female alliance which would have given her the best chance of winning but she is also right in saying it would lose jury votes from Jeremy and Spencer and that she would be on the bottom of the totem pole. She never had a chance at the final tribal council and joined Spencer as a fellow goat against Jeremy at the final tribal council. I think Tasha’s game was underrated but far from perfect.

Jeremy Collins


Ben’s Grade: A+

Noah’s Grade: A


BEN’S THOUGHTS: An amazing game by Jeremy. Showed what he was capable of after his blindside in San Juan Del Sur and to me is on the cusp of a top ten winner after his performance. Somehow the guy just was never targeted and that was down to his amazing social ability to keep people on his side, calm and also keeping other people at his side that acted as ‘shields’ to ensure the target was never on him. He could calm people down into thinking the way he wanted and despite his physical potential never showed challenge dominance to the point that he would ever be perceived as a threat. To get a unanimous vote at the end just showed how well he played this game, and I for one can’t say enough positive things about him as a person and as a winner of Survivor. Congratulations Jeremy, thoroughly deserved!

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Jeremy played a pretty fantastic game of Survivor and a well-deserved win. He was able to get to the end as a big threat while rarely actually being seen as a threat by the other players. Part of this comes from his ‘strong man’ alliance in which he purposely aligned himself with strong physical threats like Joe, Savage and Keith to keep the attention off himself. Jeremy only had to go to tribal council once in the pre merge, meaning his game didn’t really begin until the merge but prior to that he used that time to build key relationship like his right hand man, Stephen, the loyal soldier, Kimmi and the newbie, Spencer. During this period he also found a hidden immunity idol before going on to find another one and never telling a single soul that he had either of them. At the merge he had his strong alliance and reunited with the Bayon’s. He participated in voting blocs when he needed to but would always go back to Fishbach, Kimmi, Spencer and now Tasha also joining the ranks. Perhaps one criticism about Jeremy is that unlike other players like Wentworth or Spencer, he didn’t really have much leg room to move and was stuck having to rely on his core alliance. He also wasn’t always fully aware like being adamant that Wentworth didn’t have an idol or that Kimmi wasn’t going to flip. Jeremy’s alliance was so strong however that even when his strongest alliance member Fishbach was gone he could still bounce back and when it looked like the women may take control, he could still bounce back. He came off as incredibly obnoxious to Kimmi saying things like “I am very disappointed in you” essentially implying ‘how dare you not fall on the sword for my game Kimmi.’ This Tyson like comment did rub the jury the wrong way but the other two finalists had much bigger issues for that to be a huge detractor. Jeremy revealing his unborn child story at the final tribal council could have come off as being dishonest to the jury but his raw emotion and delivery made this a fantastic nail in the coffin in his win. Ultimately Jeremy played a brilliant game, with a few minor flaws here and there. He won every single jury vote in an all-star season and rarely ever got a vote against him and when he did, he could negate them with an idol. A worthy winner for a difficult season of Survivor!



Do you agree with our report card? Who did we get right? Who did we get wrong? Comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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19 Comments on Survivor: Cambodia – Report Card

  1. I may be in the minority here but I think Jeremy is highly overrated, both as player and as a winner. I don’t care what anyone says, he did not play a perfect game, literally and figuratively.

    First of all, three people wrote his name down with the intention of voting him out. Did the same happen to JT or Cochran?? Nope, they didn’t have or need hidden immunity idols to complete their perfect game.

    And secondly, without the pregnant wife reveal I don’t think Jeremy gets all ten jury votes. I think it would have been much closer and had Spencer done a better job at Final Tribal, he might have even won.

    is Jeremy a deserving winner? yes but not a particularly memorable or game-changing one. Kelley Wentworth winning would have been deserving, memorable AND game-changing.

    • I wasn’t a fan of him after San juan del sur but I have to admit he played a good game but I completely agree that he did not play a perfect game at all and made mistakes. Honestly I believe that he won because of other people not all because of him.

    • I think Jeremy would have still won in a landslide without the pregnant wife reveal. Everyone knew Jeremy had a family as opposed to Spencer and Tasha. I think the reveal may have swung over 1 or 2 votes that were on the fence, but everyone else I think was very much in the mind set of voting Jeremy from the start. Tasha had good moves, but let herself be overshadowed by Jeremy. Spencer played well until the final 5. Once he voted out Keith he lost the game. Had Spencer sat next to Tasha and Keith I think he may have had a shot at winning, but he didn’t stand a chance next to Jeremy or Wentworth. (Something Spencer admitted he realized after the game was over.)
      IMO there is no such thing as a perfect game and Jeremy definitely had flaws especially in his strategic game. Honestly I felt it was a blunder on Tasha and Spencer’s part that let Jeremy win. I agree Kelley would have been more deserving of a winner.

    • RB Liljestrom // January 7, 2016 at 3:55 am // Reply

      The proof is in the pudding. He received EVERY vote. His game, while not perfect, was near perfect. Consider the competition he was up against. Taking that into consideration it has to be considered as the best single game played. I just suffered through a rewatch of One (Fucked Upped) World and Kim’s game was near flawless but her competition was the worst ever. The easiest way to a win is the all female alliance. Men are idiots when women enter into the equation. They all break out their rulers and the dick measuring contest begins. I have little respect for that strategy since it’s the easiest way to a win. (See Parvati fucked up Fans vs Favorites)

  2. My predictions for the grades were actually pretty close to the actual grades given:
    Vytas: D+
    Shirin: C
    Peih-Gee: C-
    Jeff: B
    Monica: D+
    Terry: B-
    Woo: C+
    Kass: C+
    Savage: B
    Kelly: C
    Ciera: B-
    Fishbach: B
    Joe: B
    Abi: B-
    Kimmi: B+
    Keith: B-
    Kelley: A-
    Spencer: A-
    Tasha: B
    Jeremy: A+

  3. People like Shirin should be graded lower I feel because they shot themselves immediately. Vytas was more of a pre game, past target. PG lost at the hands of Abi. Varner had moves before his ouster. Monica and Woo actually did things well and Monica shouldn’t have been booted by Kimmi but I think theres more we didnt see. But Shirin on the other hand made the exact same mistake she nade last time. Varner even said the boot was supposed to be Spencer but Shirin was so awful and trying so hard that they decided to vote her off instead.

    Also I feel Jeremy is a 10-15 winner. Very good socially, one of the best social games we’ve ever seen, but not great strategically, a little too pushy and not all that memorable. Spencer should’ve snagged two or three votes I feel if he didnt tell the story about his unborn son. But kudos to him because it fit perfectly with the quesion asked.

    You said Kelly wasn’t boring in Borneo but I disagree. I reqatched Borneo again recently and both times I watched the season, she did nothing for me. I was excited to see her play and they could’ve given her a better edit but I do think she is very boring and monotone.

    • Totally agree that she was boring in Borneo. Part of that may have been that we had Rich, Rudy, Colleen, Greg and others that were amazing characters, but I thought she was extremely bland.

  4. Vytas- C
    Shirin- C
    Peigh~Gee- D+
    Jeff Varner- B-
    Monica- C
    Terry- C
    Woo- C-
    Kass- B-
    Andrew Savage- C
    Kelly Wiglesworth- C+
    Ciera- B-
    Stephen Fishbach- B
    Joe- B
    Abi~Maria- C+
    Kimmi- B
    Keith- B
    Kelley Wentworth- A
    Spencer- B+
    Tasha- B
    Jeremy- A

  5. Noah you were SO on point about people overrating Wentworth’s game cause she was an underdog and underating Tasha’s game just because they don’t like her.

    If Tasha and Spencer were considered “goats” which they weren’t.. that shows how strong this final 3 is compared to most final 3’s they all played strong individual games but two if them just happened to be over shadowed by the other.

  6. Overall decent but Wentworth should be an A and Ciera should be an A-. Ciera played a heck of a game fighting from bottom to top which started by orchestrating the Woo blindside, then making friends while staying in the background and letting Wentworth take care of Savage, then rallying the numbers to take out Wiglesworth, and then rallying the numbers to take out Fishbach which she succeeded but it all fell apart with Jeremy’s idol play. Had Jeremy not played his idol for Fish I truly believe Ciera would have been able to keep rallying the numbers so the voting blocs went her way, week after week after week, and she could have easily won. Ciera, Wentworth, and Jeremy were the best players this season IMHO with Spencer a close fourth.

    • I just don’t think Ciera could have easily won. She never shuts up about ‘making a big move’ and people are always going to turn on her eventually.

  7. This is my opinion of what the grades should be:

    Vytas: C
    Shirin: C-
    Peigh-Gee: C
    Jeff: B
    Monica: C-
    Terry: B
    Woo: C-
    Kass: B
    Andrew: C-
    Wiglesworth: C
    Ciera: B+
    Stephen: A-
    Joe: C-
    Abi: B-
    Kimmi: A-
    Keith: B
    Wentworth: B+
    Spencer: A-
    Tasha: B
    Jeremy: A

  8. Joe getting higher then a D+ is ridiculous

  9. Vytas Baskauskas: D+
    Shirin Oskooi: C-
    Peih-gee Law: C-
    Jeff Varner: C+
    Monica Padilla: C-
    Terry Dietz: C
    Woo Hoang: C-
    Kass McQuellen: C+
    Andrew Savage: C+
    Kelly Wigglesworth: C
    Ciera Eastin: B
    Stephen Fishbach: B
    Joe Anglim: B-
    Abi-Maria Gomez: C
    Kimmi Kappenberg: B-
    Kieth Nale: B-
    Kelley Wentworth: A-
    Tasha Fox: B+
    Spencer Bledsoe: A-
    Jeremy Collins: A+

  10. Vytas: C
    Shriin: D
    PG: C-
    Varner: C+
    Monica: C-
    Terry: C
    Woo: C
    Kass: B-
    Savage: C-
    Wiggleswoth: C-
    Ciera: C+
    Stephen: B+
    Joe: C-
    Abi: C-
    Keith: C
    Wentworth: A
    Tasha: C+
    Spencer: B
    Jeremy: A

  11. I firmly believe that Stephen wouldn’t have fallen into the same trap he did with JT. Unlike Spencer I think Stephen would have booted Jeremy when he had the chance.

  12. Why even bother posting grades when you put everyone in the same, very small range. Seriously, everyone who didn’t make the finale had either a C, C+, or B- (except Vytas with a C-). So you guys really think every single one of them played decent games and none were remarkably better or worse than any others? Unless you’re just worried at upsetting readers by using high or low grades, but if so why even do it?

    Just based on what you guys said about them, Kass should be higher than B-, Woo should be quite a bit lower, and while you guys somewhat justified the grades, I’m not sure why Wiglesworth, Joe, and Abi were so high, at least in comparison to others.

    I just would have enjoyed seeing how you graded people if you used some variety, instead of lumping almost everyone in one small range.

  13. My report card, along with my thoughts:

    Vytas – C+ – He never had a chance, really. I don’t buy that he did anything wrong, I think he was viewed as smarmy due to his preceding reputation, which cost him. It seemed like he was attempting to do the same things he did last time, however, which doesn’t work a second time.

    Shirin – C+ – I give credit to Shirin for coming out swinging. She was isolated in Worlds Apart and was an outcast, so I see why she comes in strategically masterminding the elimination of Vytas. Too hard too fast is never good, though.

    Peih-Gee – D – By far one of the least improved. She relied on her ally in Abi-Maria, who she constantly had fights over. I didn’t see anything that she did right, really, and I think it was her fault the Ta Keo four crumbled at Angkor.

    Jeff Varner – B- – Got royally screwed by Angkor. Even without his blowup at the immunity challenge, I still think he gets voted out at this spot, which stinks given his strategical and social games were on par and his confessionals were top notch.

    Monica – C – I feel bad for Monica. I think she realized the “random girl” usually wins an all-star season, so she stayed under-the-radar. Unfortunately, this means we still don’t know what she’s capable of. Her all-girls alliance was strategically sound, but executed poorly. You don’t go to Kimmi to start an all-girls alliance. Also loses some points because she’s the only Bayon not to make the merge.

    Terry – C – He did get pulled from the game, yeah. But I felt like he wasn’t in the best position, anyway. The second Ta Keo was probably not losing, but I think he would’ve been voted out if they did lose, and most of his social bonds were on the original Ta Keo, which we saw get decimated to only four people by the merge, none of them who I think were that interested in working with him. So I think he goes out soon either way.

    Woo – D- – By far the worst player this season. Woo once again shows his blind loyalty skills and follows whoever keeps him on a leash. He was in the dark about pretty much everything, and the fact he was even considered to be voted out over Jeff Varner is ridiculous. I give him credit for not being baited by Shirin and Spencer and for scrambling over Jeff Varner, but for the average player it’s not impressive. Didn’t improve, didn’t change.

    Kass – B- – Kass attempted to change her image the most out of these castaways. We saw her go out of her way to make friendships and bonds. I don’t really believe her bringing Chaos Kass back at the merge cost her the game; I think the early merge did, because it put Savage and the Bayon alliance against her before she could vote out Savage. Tasha also screwed her and I think Tasha was the “bad guy” in that argument, and Kass got the lower end of the stick because of her preceding reputation.

    Savage – C+ – Oh, Savage. This is a tough one to rate. On one hand, he’s the leader of a majority alliance and held it together despite multiple tribe swaps, which is impressive and promising. On the other hand, I didn’t see much change from him. Notice in both his seasons how he was in this position. And both times, he got screwed by a twist when he reached the merge. The difference was, however, that he knew about hidden immunity idols, as opposed to not knowing about the Outcasts. So he had very similar games.

    Wigglesworth – C – Obviously she has a Purple Kelly edit (pun intended), so we didn’t really see much of her. From what we saw, her social game seemed good, but come on, every single castaway claims their social game was top notch, so I no longer value “good at social and bad at everything else”.

    Ciera – B – Another tough one to rate. Went under-the-radar pre-merge, until the Woo blinside, which she mainly orchestrated. I credit her for making a move as her flaw in the previous time was that she didn’t flip soon enough, but at the same time I don’t think blindsiding Woo was better for her game. The lie she made during the Tasha-Kass argument didn’t help matters, either. She did push the Witches far into the game, though, and made the most use of rewards I’ve seen anyone do.

    Stephen – B – Another tough one to rate. On one hand, I want to give him a higher grade since we saw him orchestrating moves and thinking for himself and his Survivor resume. On the other hand, execution was not always the best (all fingers point to him trying to get Joe out). But he had some good ideas. I do think trying to get Joe out is a smart move, the Wigglesworth blindside was done to fill his resume (I’m assuming), and he did scramble after he almost got voted out. I think he should’ve thrown the Folklore reward challenge to Spencer, though.

    Joe – D – I don’t know why Survivor loves Joe. He took the Second Chance name and threw it out the window. Why did he get voted out last time? Because he won immunities! So how does he resolve this in his second chance? By winning immunities, of course! Joe did everything the same. In the beginning, he provides for his tribe and displays all the skills he had, which led both Vince and Stephen in each season to turn against him. He tries to keep Wentworth, an alliance outsider, into the Bayon alliance and risking isolating himself. The other reason he got voted out was because he was on the wrong side of the numbers, which he risks doing again! I truly believe if Joe did not win any of the immunities following his first one, he gets voted out. Oh yeah, and who could forget him telling Wentworth that she would go home? Survivor 101; never tell someone they’re going home! He loses his biggest ally in Savage because of this. Joe did not change his game whatsoever, did not even try, did not improve, and as a result did not succeed.

    Abi – D+ – Abi was a weird sort of trainwreck this season. Pre-merge, we saw her change from aggressive to passive-aggressive and saw her constantly flipping on her alliances. Then she disappears at the merge and reappears again. Her vote for Keith at the Tribal Council where she gets voted out just goes to show her cluelessness. Tasha literally changed her target to Abi because she was so volatile! She showed some change, but not nearly enough or even close to enough.

    Kimmi – B- – Kimmi had an invisible edit for most of the season. Obviously her Monica blindside was well done and props to her, and I’m still confused why she didn’t follow through with the all girls alliance. I mean, even if you did go to the end with Spencer and Jeremy (or Tasha), you have to think your chances against them aren’t optimal! I do give her credit for pulling a Ciera (ironically) and attempting to make a move at Final Six, though Spencer was smart enough to snuff it out. And hey, going out at a Tribal Council as epic as that one isn’t so bad, and she is the last ‘old schooler’ standing.

    Keith – C+ – Didn’t see too much of Keith, but what we saw was classic Nale moments. Who can forget the tuk-tuk driving he did? Unfortunately, I didn’t see him doing much. He didn’t attend a single Tribal Council pre-merge and didn’t have a huge influence on any of the moves post-merge. He didn’t attempt to leverage the fake idol Wentworth gave him, and I get he thought it wasn’t going to work, but if you don’t try despite the odds, it’s a point against you.

    Wentworth – A- – I’ve heard people say she is overrated, or deserving. All I can say is Wentworth for sure wins if she makes it to Final Tribal; Stephen Fishbach confirmed the jury would have voted for Wentworth, and I don’t think he was speaking for himself given he probably would’ve voted for Jeremy. I also heard from Inside Survivor that they did a practice round of the Simmotion final immunity challenge and Wenworth claims “she killed it,” so she was a practice round away from winning the game. Aside from that, I do think she deserves the credit she’s getting. Her moves are flashy, sure, but she makes them flashy, because she knows it will get her votes. The fact absolutely no one though she had an idol before she played it the first time is just epicness on Wentworth’s part. She was in the minority a lot, from being on the original Ta Keo to going to the Witches to being in the minority with Keith, and scrambled her butt off. I was impressed with her fake idol, as well. Overall, I think Wentworth does deserve the praise she’s getting. I’d love to see her play again, as well, especially given her meme-inspiring confessionals.

    Tasha – B – Tasha didn’t do too many wrong things. Obviously her scrambling at Angkor deserves credit, and she was the primary reason (I believe) Kass got voted out. She probably made the right move sticking with Spencer and Jeremy after the Wigglesworth blindside that she was left out of, which is hard to do (*cough* Dreamz *cough*). She should’ve tried to get that girl’s alliance going, though. I think her Final Tribal Council performance was satisfactory but she didn’t really tell the jury what she did to deserve the win.

    Spencer – A- – Poor Spencer. I still don’t think Spencer should’ve got 0 votes, much less tied with Tasha, but hey, the jury has the say and call, which is fine by me. I think people are too harsh on Spencer’s game this time around. Shirin was the one that orchestrated Vytas’s boot, and Spencer became a target by association for the second vote. Keeping himself alive at Bayon is highly overlooked in my opinion, and I believe Monica had the right idea in taking out Spencer over Wigglesworth. He also established relationships with Jeremy and Stephen on the second Bayon, pivotal to his survival. Weirdly enough, he was on the majority on most of the votes post-merge, even more than Jeremy. I think every single decision he had to make post-merge (whether to side with the Witches or Savage’s alliance, whether to blindside Wigglesworth, whether to flip the vote on Stephen, whether or not to split the vote at Final Six, etc.) was correct except for his Final Seven vote, where he obviously should’ve sided with Wentworth, Keith, and Abi. Aside from that, however, it’s hard to find flaws. He was the sole reason Kimmi’s Final Six plan was unraveled and snuffed out, and I do think he was a bit over-aggressive but not mean-spirited at the Final Four Tribal Council. I mean, this is the guy who got voted out in fourth in Cagayan and probably would’ve went on to win had his scrambling worked. Of course Spencer gets paranoid over it. I think he scrambled well, made the right decisions for the most part, and played an excellent but inferior social game compared to Jeremy’s. One thing I like about Spencer is how much he owns his game; he was asked about some comments made by Wentworth regarding his arrogance, and he was surprised and apologized about it, as opposed to blatantly denying it like most other contestants would have done. He says he won’t return again, but I do hope he does. Fun Fact: Aside from Sandra, Spencer has spent the longest amount of days on the island for a two-time player and has the highest average placing of any returning player except for Sandra (and is tied with Parvati in terms of average placings.)

    Jeremy – A+ – I remember watching a RHAP podcast and one of the commentators said they doubt Jeremy would get far and would repeat his performance. Savage filled that spot; Jeremy did not disappoint! Surrounding himself with shields is an excellent and underused move, and it kept the target off him. He had strategic threats as allies in Stephen and Spencer and had “powerhouse” threat Savage as an ally. He found two idols and told no one about them. I know that may not always be a good move, but if you can keep two idols to yourself, that just goes to show how good of a position you are in! He kept himself and his allies safe until the merge, and from then on was in the know about everything. Obviously he didn’t see the Wentworth idol play coming, but absolutely no one did, and he strategically had Savage as a shield, which shows how he gives himself a lot of room for options. Obviously he played a part in the Wigglesworth blindside and was able to keep Tasha in line afterwards, which shows how good he was socially. People call his idol play for Stephen mediocre due to Stephen being voted out the council afterwards, but Jeremy claims he doesn’t regret it, as he said a successful idol play triggers people to work with you, which he saw with Wentworth after her idol play and wanted in on the action, which I believe. The next Stephen blindside was obviously his weak point, but hey, you’re playing in practically an all-stars season; you can’t keep all your troops in line. Whatever he did to convince Spencer to side with him, Tasha, and Kimmi must’ve attained to his excellent social game. Obviously Jeremy didn’t believe Spencer when he sniffed Kimmi out, but it didn’t matter because they made the move anyway. I’m not sure what happens if Jeremy doesn’t win immunity, though I still think Wentworth goes home. Plus, a challenge like Simmotion isn’t just brawn; it’s mental coordination, and I think this should be the final immunity challenge in every season. His Final Tribal Council performance was stellar. The way he was able to counter his remarks to Kimmi from the Final Six Tribal Council was excellent and he was able to rebound. Him hiding the secret of Val’s pregnancy for so long paid off when he revealed it to the jury. He played a perfect game, with no legit votes cast against him, and a 10-0-0 win against Spencer and Tasha, which is insane. If you told me Spencer gets to a Final Tribal and gets 0 votes, I would tell you to get out. This just goes to show how well Jeremy positioned himself. His social and strategical game and his ability to shift the target onto other players paid off well.

  14. How come kimmi can’t be another chance cause that would be great

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