Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Top Tens in 2015


It’s the second last day of the year and it’s also the final top 10 for the year as well! So what better time than today to bring you the top 10 top 10s we brought to you across the last 12 months! Following on from our similar piece in 2014 our top 10 coordinator Julian Groneberg takes you through the top 10 articles that had you reading through your lunch break each Wednesday and typing away on those keys to make sure your opinion was heard on the subject matter! Did your favourite top 10 make the cut? Click below to find out!

These choices reflect a few different criteria. They are a mixture of top 10s that were most viewed, most commented on and most shared through social media. No doubt there will be some that are missing that potentially could’ve made it’s way into the top 10, but with so many to choose from, choosing 10 turned out to be harder than I realised! But here you are, the top 10 top 10s for 2015!

 10. Top 10 Things Australian Survivor 2016 Needs – Noah Groves


Noah kicks off our list with his recent entry on the must haves for Australia’s locally produced Survivor season. Announced late in 2015, Mr. Groves is on point with the things that the season will need to be a success. There was such a sense of general agreement with the article that fans took the time to tweet the article to Channel 10 directly. Not once, but many times!

9. Top 10 Reasons Fiji Needs More Love – Patrick Gustavson


One of the most panned seasons found more than a few fans with Patrick’s recent top 10 explaining why there’s plenty to love about the 14th season. Looking past the dreaded have and have-nots twist, this top 10 was definitely worth a read, being shared many times on social media, and its safe to say, it likely inspired many to rewatch.

8. Top 10 Cardinal Mistakes to Avoid When Playing Survivor – Julian Groneberg


Over 31 seasons of the show we’ve seen contestants make the same mistakes over and over again, blowing up their games, and their chances of winning a million in the process. In this article on ‘how not to play Survivor’, Julian takes a trip down memory lane sharing many an example of classic mistakes that contributed to people losing the game. Several other examples from reader of Survivor no-no’s were left in the comment section.

7. Top 10 Classic Challenges We Need to See Again – Ivan Ornelas


There’s no doubt some of the earlier challenges in Survivor were among the best, and in an era where many challenges involve standing still while balancing something, Ivan harks back to the classic era of the show with challenges we haven’t seen for a long time. While his article was published before season 31 aired, as fortune would have it, iterations of two of his challenges picks were actually used again in season 31. Very much to our delight here at Survivor Oz.

6. Top 10 Alliances We Need to See in Survivor Cambodia – Tom Shembrey


In the weeks before Survivor Second Chance and over what seemed like a never-ending off-season new Ozlet Tom Shembrey penned his picks of alliances that fans would froth over. While many of the alliances were fan fiction, there’s more than one alliance that Tom prophesized that actually eventuated. Which one? You’ll have to read it to find out.

5. Top 10 Second Chance Snubs – Julian Groneberg


Perhaps due to the keyword phrase ‘Second chance snubs’ used in the headline, but in the lead up to the 31st season, Julian’s list of overlooked contestants for a second chance received a huge spike in traffic for the Survivor Oz site. Filled with a mix of obvious and interesting picks, there were also plenty of comments and debate about who was shafted in being pre-selected for the second chance ballot and many other picks.

4. Top 10 Reasons To Appreciate Modern Survivor – Nick Chester


Survivor’s classic seasons are the most often celebrated, however in the post Heroes vs Villains era of the show, Nick Chester found plenty to appreciate. His article, which had thousands of hits, goes to show why the show remains a standout success and is still going strong. There were some great reminders in the list of why when people claim Survivor is nowhere near as good as it used to be, you have some ammunition to reply with.

3. Top 10 Reasons Heroes vs Villains is Overrated – Jordan Rose


One of our newest Ozlets to join the team was a brave and compelling reason why the almost universally acclaimed 20th season may just be a little bit overrated. In October Jordan took a closer look at some of the flaws in Heroes vs Villains in his no-holds-barred article. And while he contended its still a quality season his points about some of the seasons limitations and definitely got people responding, both agreeing and rejecting his article.

2. Top 10 Unfairly Hated Survivor Seasons – Ben Waterworth

A topic that’s always hotly debated, your host and Oz founder, Ben, contributed in style to the Top 10s in 2015 with this list of the most maligned Survivor seasons. While Survivor is like Pizza, even when it’s bad it’s good, this list definitely gave serious reason to reconsider rewatching the black sheep of the Survivor seasons. You may still hate the number one pick, or it may inspire you to take a closer look.


1. Top 10 Reasons San Juan Del Sur Was Better Than Worlds Apart – Nick Chester


During the mid point of 2015, there was much reflection on which was better of the two new seasons in the 2014/2015 calendar year. Nick’s argument in favour of San Juan Del Sur definitely got people talking, and was the most commented top 10 of the year with a whopping 58 comments. The piece was followed up the next week with an argument why World’s Apart was the better season, however it seems like if the results of the 2015 Ozcars are anything to go by, San Juan Del Sur is the more fondly appreciated season among Survivor fans. Because of these reasons, and the fact it’s been viewed, commented and discussed ad naseum, it takes our crown of the top spot of all top 10s published in 2015. Well done Nick.

What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!



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6 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Top Tens in 2015

  1. My favorite Top 10 of 2015 was the counterpoint to the #1 entry on this list. I know I’m in the minority, but I actually preferred Worlds Apart to San Juan del Sur.

    • You are not alone Corey! WA was a slightly above average season with SJDS bordering bottom 10, to me. That was one of my favorite Top 10’s this year too.

  2. San Juan del Sur is a criminally inderrated season which gave different things we don’t see in other seasons of modern survivor and the blood vs water finally worked ín an amazing way. Incredibly satisfying boot order, with the more likable alliance prevailing and Natalie (one of my favorite winners ever) nailing it. I have Redemption Island, South Pacific, One World, Caramoan, Thailand, Africa, Cook Island, Fiji, Worlds Apart, Palau, All Stars, Samoa, Blood vs Water, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Australia and Cambodia all behind SJDS and I have it tied with Tocantins. I just can’t understand why so many people have it on bottom 10.

    • San Juan del Sur is slightly underrated, but not the masterpiece you make it out to be. Though things did improve post-merge, the pre-merge was horrible. It’s not a bottom 10 season, but it certainly doesn’t belong in the top 15.

  3. Besides Dan and Will are disgusting unwatchable cringeworthy human beings and any season where people like them suceed in have a lot of airtime and get 6th and runner up places (WILL TIED WITH FRICKING CAROLYN) already looses a LOT of quality.

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