Survivor Ozcap – Cambodia


Our 30th Ozcap is here, as Ben and his little gang of Ozlets discuss everything to do with the 31st season of Cambodia in true Survivor Oz style!

Ben is joined by Noah and the gang to talk about the 31st season, a season which for only the third ever time was made up entirely of returning players! It was a season that was deemed universally popular amongst the fans and brought a whole new variety to the game with added elements and blindsides that kept the viewers entertained each week! In the end, Jeremy Collins took home the ultimate prize defeating Spencer Bledsoe and Tasha Fox 10-0-0 in the finale vote. During the Ozcap we talk about whether or not Noah really does like this season, just why Kelly Wiglesworth was robbed and why the guys are so angry at CBS for the snub, the infamous Kimmi vote out and why Ben and Noah are still angry as well as of course wrapping it all up with our famous Ozcap questions!

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2 Comments on Survivor Ozcap – Cambodia

  1. Kelley Wentworth got the most amount of votes. 9 in the Savage idol play, 2 in the Kelly blindside, 3 in the lockdown of Final 6 and she was finally voted out with other 3 votes. If you don’t count negated votes, then it would be Abi with 14 votes.
    PD: Great Podcast! Hope we hear more from the guests like Nelly soon!

  2. Living in parents basements is what podcasters do. Nothing to be ashamed of in fact it would be weird if you did’nt. I see you talking about the same thing on the S51 Ozcap also.

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