Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Things to Look Forward to in Survivor: Kaoh Rong


It is Wednesday and time for another top 10! With just one day to go to the premiere of Survivor: Kaôh Rōng, Ozlet Noah Groves takes a look at ten of the most exciting aspects to look out for heading into another season of Survivor. From the harsh conditions to brand new twists, Kaoh Rong is looking like it will be an extremely unpredictable season. What aspects of the season are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below!

10. Three Tribes

Three tribes as a division is starting to get a little worn out, appearing in four of the past seven seasons. One thing cannot be denied though, the three tribe system makes things unpredictable. The three tribes can make the challenges more exciting as two tribe’s battle to stay immune while one has already celebrated victory and the smaller tribal councils have proved to have their own excitement with things like 3/2/1 splits etc. While it is slightly disappointing that Brains vs Beauty vs Brawn is being recycled, three tribes is being used once again for a reason…it works.


9. Scot Pollard

Whenever there is a celebrity contestant on the show there is always a debate. Should they be here? Can they be good players? Will they be recognised? Whether or not you like the celebrity contestants they are always a good talking point for fan discussion. What makes Scot even more fascinating is that he has stated pre game that he will tell the other players about his history in the NBA, rather than being outed by another player. Will this increase or decrease his chances of doing well in the game? This could be a potential turning point for the celebrity contestants…or he could go out like Cliff Robinson. Like him or not, Scot Pollard is going to be a focus during Kaoh Rong.


8. New Twist Potentials

Every new season of Survivor introduces some form of new twist, some which go on to stay for many seasons and others which completely bomb out…Medallion of Power anyone? Worlds Apart and Cambodia introduced the warping of votes with the vote doubler and the vote stealer as well as the idols hidden in challenges for the latter. We already know about the new idol twist in Kaoh Rong, but what other new changes to the game will we see? You have to imagine some yet to be revealed twists are up the producer’s sleeve. Who knows, one of them may even go on to stick around for years to come like the hidden immunity idol.


7. Eighteen New Players

This is kind of a lost point now that we have so many all new player seasons these days. It is still an exciting prospect that we have all these new players regardless. Some of these people will go on to become fan favourites, some will return to play the game again, some have potential to be the next big villain or the next best winner or the next best ‘greatest player to never win,’ the list goes on and on. There are currently 460 people who have played Survivor and now we can eighteen new people to the group. Last season was fun as we got to re fall in love with some of our favourite players but now, once again we are going in completely blind.


6. Joe

Joseph Del Campo is the second oldest contestant at the time of playing, following behind only Rudy from the first season. Cambodia was a predominately older cast but 72 is just next level, something I personally thought would never be seen on Survivor again. In fact the last time we even had a contestant in their 60’s was almost ten seasons ago with Tarzan in One World. It will be so fascinating to see if Joe can thrive in the game. He seems incredibly fit, like Rudy was but being 72 certainly does make him stick out. Will he be able to emulate what Rudy did and make it deep in the game or will he go out early and make it even more difficult for older people to be chosen to play the game. Regardless, Joe is one contestant to watch out for this season.

Survivor: Kaoh Rong

5. First Immunity Challenge

A behind the scenes clip released a few days ago showed Jeff Probst explaining the details for the first immunity challenge and it looks to be one worth watching! The actual challenge is fairly standard but it sees the return of something from Worlds Apart, a decision. Or in this case, several. First up the tribe must decide how many oars they wish to collect from the water before rowing their boat to shore. Do you spend time collecting more oars to make you faster or do you cut the collecting time and get ahead with rowing? The second choice the tribe must make is whether or not to finish the challenge with a standard puzzle or a dexterity challenge. These choice based challenges really do make the lacklustre new season challenges much more exciting and are sadly very under used.


4. The Difficult Conditions

The harsh conditions of Cambodia has been the selling point for this upcoming season, being labelled “the most punishing season ever” in commercials and the preview at the end of Cambodia. This could potentially be a return to the location playing a major part of the season like in the early days of Survivor. It seems like there will be a few medivacs caused by the tough conditions of Kaoh Rong, Cambodia. This could potentially make season 32 stand out against other newer seasons with a unique emphasis and a slight break from strategy. Or maybe this season just had nothing interesting to sell so they have just overblown the angle for the previews. I look forward to seeing regardless!


3. New Idol Twist

There is yet another hidden immunity idol twist in this new season. This time two ordinary idols can be joined together to form a super idol which will allow a person to use it after the votes have been read, a la the Tyler Perry idol. This has potential for new drama especially as players now days have been so clued in to not telling anyone about their idol. Now they will have to put trust in their fellow alliance members or form a new alliance in order to use the conjoined super idol for their benefit. It can also provide extra drama in the decision of whether or not the two idols are joined to save a third person or if one person finds two idols like Jeremy will they come out and shock everyone when they save themselves after being voted out. It is unclear whether or not idols will be hidden at challenges this time around. Like with all other non-mandatory twists, this has the potential to fizzle out but there is a lot of opportunity for ground breaking moments or shifts in the game with the change in idols.


2. Debbie

How can you not be excited for Debbie to be on the show!? After all, she is being labelled as the female Coach. Based on her short preseason videos and bio, we can already tell Debbie is, and will be, a huge character on the show. Let’s just hope she sticks around long enough to show off some of her crazy side. Over the top female characters are rare compared to males so it is great to potentially have someone up there with Shambo as a hilarious female character. Not only is Debbie a character but she also seems aware enough to potentially be a competitive player and do well in the game. Could Debbie actually go on to be the winner of Survivor Kaoh Rong? It certainly would be epic!


1. Tai

I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t already fallen in love with Tai Trang in this preseason lead up to the new season. Tai is a truly unique Survivor contestant who could well be the most positive player the show has ever had. He has some shades of Yau Man and Cao Boi and seems like he will be universally loved in the tribes as he is by the fans. Tai may be targeted early as he definitely stands out in a tribe which is predominately younger. His charm could let him progress but he will be a big target to let in the final three as he is so likeable. Tomorrow let us hope for as much Tai as possible, because let’s face it, everyone wants it!

clip_image016What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!


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5 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Things to Look Forward to in Survivor: Kaoh Rong

  1. Okay maybe it’s just me but you guys sound like your not looking forward to this new season. I mean you guys talk about three tribes being over used, another idol twist, and all new players again which sound like you guys are tired of these things.

    • Not “tired of” just cautious that some things are being over used or going too far and losing what makes them so good. I feel like this season as a whole has had a lot less hype, especially coming off Cambodia where new content was being posted months prior to the lead up.

    • Noah always is skeptical going in. I’m sure he doesn’t speak for all Ozlets.

  2. ladundercover22 // February 17, 2016 at 2:47 pm // Reply

    can’t wait to see the dan foley vote get used and everybody on the season saying “wow we’ve never seen this before!!”


  3. I have a feeling this season is going to surprise us and be awesome. The cast looks realllllly good. Tai, Debbie, Scot, Joe, Caleb, Julia, Nick, Liz… the list goes on. Can’t wait for tonight!

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