Survivor Kaôh Rōng – Episode 2 Recap featuring Billy Garcia!


The thirty-second season of Survivor, Kaôh Rōng, is well on its way! After an entertaining second episode it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our recap expert, Clifton, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Billy Garcia, from Cook Islands!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)


“Eighteen new castaways were divided into three tribes. The Brain tribe had a ton of knowledge, and no one’s resume was longer than Debbie’s, but it didn’t impress her tribe. At the Beauty Tribe, the women thought they could use Tai, but Tai got caught looking for a Hidden Immunity Idol, making himself the odd man out. The Brawn tribe was flexing their muscles, but Alecia couldn’t keep up with the heavy lifting. Early in the game, the harsh conditions were already taking their toll, but Aubrey wasn’t the only one losing her mind. At the first Immunity Challenge, Darnell and Alecia were a mess, exposing Brawn’s weakness. At Tribal Council, Alecia fought to stay in the game, and her tribe gave her another chance, sending Darnell home. Seventeen are left. Who will be voted out tonight?” ~Jeff Probst



The Brawn Tribe return to their camp after Tribal Council and agree not to do that again. Alecia promises that she is going to step it up. Scot asks Alecia if she can trust them now. She says yes, and assures them that they can trust her. In her confessional, Alecia is confused as to why they gave her so much crap during Tribal Council if they were with her all along. She is pretty sure she heard someone say that they changed their mind. It just doesn’t register. As everyone goes to sleep, Alecia and Jenn work to try and start a fire. Alecia tells her tribe that they almost got an “embryo” but it went out. In the shelter, Jason reiterates to Scot how dumb she is and says that she is next to go.


Alecia and Jenn set to work on the fire. (Image credit: CBS)



The next day, while the rest of the tribe is in the ocean, Tai goes off alone to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol once again. He returns to the place where he was looking the first time and he find a clue hidden in a tree, which says that the idol is buried at the foot of the tree. He digs out a box and another clue, which says that he will need a key to open the box and claim his idol. The note also explains that they key is high up in a tree in a canister, and  it says that he will have to use a tool to push the key out of the canister. Tai quickly finds the tree and attempts to climb it without any shoes or clothing but his briefs. He is unable to make the climb, scraping up his chest and legs, and cutting his feet in his attempt. He confesses that he will have to come back another day.


Tai’s Hidden Immunity Idol twist instructions. (Image credit: CBS)


At the Brains Tribe, Joe pours way too much kerosene onto their prospective fire and Neil singes his leg hair as he lights it. Liz confesses that the Brain tribe is really coming together after their victory. She suggests that the tribe put on another pot of water because she is feeling dehydrated. Debbie agrees. In her confessional, however,  she states that she feels it is extremely unlikely that there are any parasites here that would get into the water. She has been drinking it from the get go. She tells us that she has twenty years of experience analysing water, and she can tell just from looking at it whether it is safe. She warns her tribe mates however, that just because she has the immune system of a horse, doesn’t mean they do. Peter confesses that his first question upon meeting Debbie was whether she had thirty or forty cats. He speculates it’s forty. He and Liz go back and forth laughing about all of Debbie’s various jobs. Liz confesses that she thinks Debbie wants to prove herself, but doesn’t realize that being “all talk” doesn’t get you anywhere. Peter confesses that Debbie has no game whatsoever, and that’s the kind of person he wants to take as far as he can. A Brain with no game.


Liz and Peter laugh about Debbie’s many jobs. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at the Beauty camp, the tribe is enjoying sugar cane, which Caleb says will taste like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Michelle says he has the appetite of a child. Tai says it’s cute. Caleb tells Tai that he knows where he sleeps. Tai tells him that he missed him last night, claiming Caleb is cuddlelicious. Caleb confesses that he let Tai cuddle with him when he was cold and tells us that he is in no way a homophobe. He likes Tai and thinks he is a one of a kind person. Julia confesses that Caleb and Tai are the most different people she has ever met. Michelle also confesses that they are totally different, but says that they connect and get each other. Tai then dares Caleb to eat an eyeball from the head of a fish that they caught. Caleb takes the dare, but quickly spits out the eyeball. He then attempts to take normal piece of the fish but accidentally grabs too much. He tells Tai to take some backs it is hanging on his lip. Tai tries to tear it off unsuccessfully and then goes in with his mouth to try and bite it off before second guessing himself. Caleb turns beat red jokes that Tai tried to steal a kiss, laughing and repeating Tai when he says “I’m not sure why I did that”. Tai confesses that he thinks Caleb liked it a little bit. Caleb jokingly tells Tai to just ask next time.


Caleb’s initial reaction to Tai’s “stolen kiss”. (Image credit: CBS)



The next day at the Brains tribe their fire has gone out. They agree that they need to let the area dry out so that they can get it started again. Upon evaluating their kerosene they realize very little is left. The bottle has been leaking because kerosene eats away at the rubber stopper. Joe and Debbie talk with each other about how the rest of the tribe is disorganized and lacking in discipline. Joe confesses that everyone on the tribe has book knowledge, but he is the only one with true field knowledge. When he goes to light the fire, he finds that the matches are wet and useless. Liz confesses that it was really distressing to her because of how dehydrated she feels. She suggests to him that they drop a smoking ember in the tinder and he quickly disregards her. She says that without fully boiling the water the pathogens (Debbie offers “bacteria!” from the background) will still be there. Joe face contorts with disgust and he mocks her, “Oh, now there’s pathogens in it? Pathogens my butt.” Joe bitterly confesses that everything Liz knows is book knowledge. Meanwhile, while he sulks and wastes their fire building materials, we see Liz using basic trigonometry to determine the height of a tree in order for her to get coconuts for the tribe, making ant repellant to surround the shelter, and attempting to create charcoal water filters. After Joe lashes out at her, Liz takes some time to be by herself and let her emotions out a little, despite hating being emotional rather than logical.


Joe has very little patience for ideas that aren’t his. (Image credit: CBS)


After not seeing the Brawn tribe on Day 4, we return to them on Day 5. They still have no fire, no food, and are exhausted. Jason is extremely sunburnt, particularly on his shoulders. Jenn says that they may look strong, but right now they are weaklings. Jason confesses that he can embrace the suck, he’s been in Iraq and Afghanistan. He just needs to stay in the shade today. Alecia makes another attempt at starting the fire. And another attempt. And another. Five whole hours pass with no success. Meanwhile, her entire tribe just sleeps in the shelter and lets her work alone. She finally gets fire starting and calls her tribe over to help make sure it doesn’t go out. With a little help from Jason, the fire picks up. Jason puts his arm around Alecia’s shoulder and points to the rest of the tribe, telling them “Y’all f*ckers are welcome.” He then gives her a high five. Jenn confesses that she is impressed by Alecia’s unwillingness to quit. That night they enjoy a chicken dinner and happy vibes.


“Y’all f*ckers are welcome.”  (Image credit: CBS)



For the Immunity Challenge, each team must race down the river to retrieve a very heavy log and then carry it through a series of obstacles. Once they reach a crate, they must untie a ball from the log and use the ball to knock down two targets. Besides Immunity, the winning tribe will also win a Survivor fishing kit and a boat. The second tribe to finish will also receive a much smaller kit. The Brains tribe sits out Debbie, and the Beauty tribe sits out Julia. The challenge begins and Caleb races into the lead for his tribe. Brawn is the first to their log and keep a small lead over beauty for this portion of the challenge. Brains falls behind. Meanwhile, Debbie cheers enthusiastically for her tribe, waving branches animatedly in the air as she does. On the final obstacle, the Brains tribe manages to catch up. Beauty makes it to the targets first, but they have trouble getting their rope untangled. They still score first, however, followed by Brains, who are followed by Brawn. Each tribe then scores again in the same order, giving Beauty the first place Immunity and reward and Brains the second place Immunity and reward. Brawn will return to Tribal Council. Jason confesses that you don’t want to go down as the worst tribe in Survivor history, but they are well on their way.


Scot misses a shot at the target. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at camp, things are looking bleak for Alecia. Scot beats himself up for missing the target in the challenge. He confesses that he feels really good about his alliance with Jason, Cydney, and Jenn and doesn’t think that anyone will flip. Jason confesses that “Blondie” is a dumb ditz and a half. She an ostrich – a bird who cannot fly. Useless. Meanwhile, Alecia tells her tribe that she is going to go take a walk, transparent that she is going to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol. Jason reassures Scot that she will never find it. Jason tells them that her stupidity blows his mind every day a little bit more. Jenn confesses that Jason is starting to piss her off. She doesn’t like his attitude. Jenn approaches Alecia and tells her that the most important thing in this game is getting out the biggest people while you have the chance. Alecia hops on this train of thought and tells Jenn that if she sticks with the two men, they will be targeted at the merge and then she will be left without an alliance. They call Cydney over and get her on board with an all girls alliance. Alecia confesses that if she stays she might just do a happy dance. Jason and Scot see them talking and the wheels start turning. Scot is confident that nothing is going on. Jason is not. Scot approaches Jenn and tells her that Jason is suspicious. They have to play it cool. Jenn confesses that she has low impulse control, and her blindsiding Jason would also be blindsiding Scot. It may not be a good idea. She’s not sure what to do. She approaches Cydney and asks her what she wants to do. Cydney confesses that Jenn is all over the place. Every time she turns around something is going on, but currently it’s all up in the air.


Jenn checks in with Cydney before the vote. (Image credit: CBS)


Jeff begins Tribal Council by asking Alecia about her place in the tribe. Alecia says that she thinks she has done well and pulled her weight around camp since the last Tribal Council. He then addresses Jenn, saying there are a lot of ways Tribal could go. It could be the long game. The Tribal Game. A women’s alliance. She says, yes, things are up in the air and there is some back and forth. Everyone else on the tribe looks shocked that she would say such a thing. Scot says that his eyebrows are officially up, and he’s wondering what’s up. Jason says that it is a classic example of information getting back to the wrong person, and that information being confirmed at Tribal Council. Jenn says ideas were thrown around but the plan hasn’t ever changed. Scot says that he didn’t think that until she said that things were up in the air. Jason says alliances don’t waver. Alecia says that Jenn’s behaviour raises a lot of questions. Jenn blames Alecia for coming up with the plan for the women’s alliance. Alecia quickly reassures her tribe that it wasn’t her and tells them that Jenn was targeting Jason. Cydney says that Jenn said the wrong thing to the wrong people at the wrong time. Jenn tries to deflect the focus onto Alecia’s incompetence. Alecia points out that she did nothing to hurt the tribe, she performed well in the challenge. Jason says that it is unprecedented for someone to say straight out that they are considering a flip. Jeff asks Jenn if this is a nightmare. Alecia smiles. Jenn again tried to deflect attention onto Alecia, saying that she is lying and scrambling. Alecia quickly, cooly, and simply says that she hasn’t lied tonight and let’s Jenn keep digging her grave. Scot says that he isn’t listening to Alecia, he’s listening to Jenn. He asks her to make him get over what she said at the start. Jenn says that she was just trying to make Alecia’s last day tolerable. Alecia says that lying to her isn’t making her day better and then hands Jenn back the shovel. Scot says that he’s misspoken before, and he thinks Jenny will be better for them in the long run. She stands up on her seat and implores them to give her another chance, saying she thinks the four of them can go far. Jason shakes his head cooly. Jeff says he has never seen a Tribal Council like this. They vote, but we see not votes and hear no confessionals. No idols are played. The votes are revealed, and Jenn receives the three needed to send her home. Alecia claps once and smiles wide. Jeff snuffs Jenn’s torch and tells the tribe that just as things can go from good to bad, things can also go from bad to good with one word. Alecia smiles wide. Sixteen are left.


Jenn is the second person eliminated. (Image credit: CBS)


“Debbie enlists a solider [Joe] and plans an attack, while at the Brawn tribe it’s all-out war for the idol.” ~Jeff Probst


Jason channels his inner Vlachos as he hunts for the idol. (Image credit: CBS)









Another enjoyable episode!

Really love the fact we’re getting some good social dynamic this season. Pretty much half the episodes so far have been strong character based showings which really bodes well if they can keep it up. The edits seem to be getting spread out too and although one tribe has lost both challenges, they are for the most part still very close. So it’s been a very good start so far.

The idol hunting definitely has been kept to a minimum but it’s an interesting way of having to find them. Having a clue then lead to a key right up a tree, well it certainly gives certain types of people an advantage that’s for sure. I know for one I would struggle getting that clue and key so I definitely wouldn’t be getting an idol! But good to change things up.

The vote out was definitely interesting. A real case of a player digging themselves a massive hole that they didn’t need to. I don’t doubt for a moment that if Jenny had of just kept quiet then she still would be in the game. But emotions get the better of you sometimes and it clearly was the case this week for her. And was Scot’s vote for Alecia done for a reason or was he on the outs? Interesting move there.

Another week next week, let’s see how it goes! Bring it on!



DJ Khaled explained this situation based: Congratulations, you played yourself. I can’t believe how that went for Jennifer. She was in a good position the entire game except for that Tribal Council when she opened her mouth and that sealed her fate. She should’ve just stuck with the plan (Even Keith is chiming in with his take on the situation). Even if Cydney flipped, if Jennifer votes with Kyle and Scot she’s in the majority and Alecia goes out. Not only did she get voted out, it was Cydney who cast the vital vote against her. Despite Scot and Kyle (Jason, whatever) appearing to be tight, they haven’t voted with each other except for the Darnell revote. Time will tell if Brawn can pull themselves together. If they’re going to leap frog either tribe, it looks like it’ll be Brains since they seem to be struggling a bit more than Beauty. The Beauty tribe is a well oiled machine, and ex military soldier Caleb and personal trainer Nick are furthering discussions about maybe they belong on the Brawn tribe.



Just when I thought this season was off to a great start, it just keeps getting better.

This episode all around was great. I feel that the editors are doing such a great job, maybe because they had basically a whole year to edit. However, this season has such a great old school feel to it. There are very few players that I have no idea who they are, such as Julia, who is she? There are also very few people that are dominating air time, outside of Tai and Alecia nobody has had a ton of airtime. I mean there are a few such as Jason and Liz who are getting a lot of airtime but not too much. I love how hard it is for people to get idols this season. I mean Tai somehow found a clue and then had to climb a whole tree to get what we assume is the idol, which I’m hoping he has to search a little bit more for it. Idols are becoming too main stream in the new school era and so I love the past few seasons how much harder they are making it for the Survivors to find it.

I am loving how much they are focusing on survival this season, which probably has a lot to do with the medivac this season. I mean this episode we got the bromance of Caleb and Tai from the beauty. We have the struggle of boiled and non-boiled water between Liz and Joe on the brain tribe and we have the struggle for fire on the brawn tribe. That is only the major survival scenes we got this episode alone. I love the even split in air time. I remember when I was watching it saying that the Brawn tribe was not going to go to tribal council based on how little time they got pre challenge. How wrong I was. That was only because they were going to get so much time post tribal council. It was such an action packed post immunity as well.

Jennifer’s idea was a smart one, however she made the mistake of opening her mouth at tribal council about it. For anyone trying to win survivor just remember to not make your plans known at tribal, it either shoots you in the foot or it pisses off the jury. The only time that is okay is if you were like Alecia and you have nothing to lose and it is not like what you say will change your position. Jennifer made that huge mistake at tribal by saying that plans were up in the air. She should have just said that Alecia pitched a plan and I decided not to go with it. If she had said that then she would have stayed. However, this brawn tribe knows how to give a good tribal council because that is 2 great tribals in a row. Jason was my winners pick but so far he is looking like the Kass of the season with all the flipping, but I love it as well. He gives great confessionals and I’m hoping he sticks around for a while, he probably won’t win but I’m loving him and Scot is probably my favorite player right now.

Jennifer, my fellow Salt Lake City person. I loved you. I still do love you, not like that though. I thought your first episode was amazing with the strength you showed with and without the bug in your ear. This second episode you were also amazing, until the tribal council. That is what hurt you in this game. You saying that you threw Jason’s name as the target is probably what made him flip. If she had just kept pinning everything on Alecia and never even brought it up then she would probably be around for a long time, maybe even to the merge. I know you are better than that and you just had a weak moment, it’s okay I’ll still see you around sometime.



Each week this season we’ll bring you the viewpoint of at least one former Survivor contestants to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season! Our recap for episode 2 features our good friend Billy Garcia from Cook Islands! Billy discusses everything that happened during this episode as well as looking ahead to the rest of the season with his answers to the ‘Kaoh Rong 5!’

Join us again next week as we recap and discuss the third episode of Kaôh Rōng!



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