Celebrity Survivor: Could it Work?


Celebrity formats have long been a force in the reality tv genre. The UK has done several seasons of celebrity Big Brother that found success with both domestic and international viewers, the United States and Australia have seen success from I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here and the list goes on. This begs the question; would a US celebrity version of Survivor work? In today's feature American Ozlet Anthony Rossi takes a look at the logistics of such a season and proposes his own sample cast of celebrities. Read on and let us know your thoughts in the comments about the possibility of Celebrity Survivor!

The Format


If this were to occur the format in which it would be handled, is critical. One main question would be if this would occur in place of a regular season, or would this be a side experiment? I find that either could work, but would prefer a side experiment, just in case the season turns out to be weak we wouldn’t have lost an actual season. The format of this side should function the same way that the regular seasons do. There should not be any breaks given to the contestants, just because they are celebrities. The scale would definitely have to be cut back, limiting the cast to a maximum of 16 and a minimum of 10. With a smaller cast, the season is quite likely to end in a reasonable amount of time, because we do want the regular seasons to continue. This possible celeb season could take place during the off-season during the north hemisphere’s summer. One clause that must be implemented to the season would have to pertain to the prize money. Clearly, most celebrities do not need the money, so before the season starts they must assign a charity that the money will go to.



This season would be interesting to think about, in regards to twits. There is a lot of wiggle room where many twists can be implemented, or hardly any at all. Due to the fact that the cast would be a shocking new twist all on its own, this season could function like it did back in Borneo. Having these celebrities work together to build shelter, collect fire wood, catch food, and perform all the other survival aspects would be a joy to watch, seeing some struggle greatly and how other adapt to the environment. Fans complain about the saturation of the strategy talk and this would return to the roots of it being a survival contest.

This season could also stay in the modern era of Survivor with all the crazy twists. It could be interesting to see these celebrities fighting for the idols and giving it their all to make these moves that would secure them the win. At its current stage, Survivor is a game that allows players to do whatever they have to make it another day, so it could be a real shock to their system to have them play this high intensity game.

My Cast

The following 12 celebrities are some candidates that I feel would be interesting to see play Survivor. This is a quick list that offers some possibilities, not all would want to play, some might not be available to, but I feel that they would offer something exciting to a season. This is not a be all, end all list. Who do you think would be fun to watch?

Ellen DeGeneres


A celebrity holds a special place in today’s modern culture, Ellen epitomizes one of those figures. Many people are constantly inspired by these figures; Ellen is one of those that influences and inspires many people in a positive way. She is a key figure in helping people feel comfortable in their own skin. She would be a nice addition to the celebrity cast, as she has natural social skills, but also a big personality and would deliver some great entertainment.

Kim Kardashian


This is a controversial choice to say the least, but I feel that she warrants a showing. She is opinionated, determined, strong-willed, and would probably give her all. Kim is a popular figure in the media. A polarizing figure in popular culture, Kim is someone that will not back down, delivering some great content along the way.

Tyra Banks


Wanna be on top!? Tyra is a notable figure in the television world having her own talk show and hosting America’s Next Top Model. She is a very accomplished figure, obtaining great success in her career. I feel that she could bring a lot of valuable assets to a game of Survivor, possessing both practical skills that would aid her in the game, but also be an entertaining figure for the audience.

Kelly Ripa


This popular TV icon would certainly garner a fair bit of attention. Kelly is the bubbly lead of the daytime talk show, Live with Kelly and Michael. She has a great level of charisma that can certainly take her far in the game, both offering great insight into the game, but also could deliver some fantastic confessionals. She could be the total package.

Jodie Sweetin


This choice is very timely as the release of Fuller House within the recent weeks. Jodie Sweetin was loved by many for playing the character Stephanie in Full House, but her charm is not gone as she has gotten older. She is also an unlikely figure to be cast for the season, so there a possibility she can fly under the radar and perform really well.

Lucy Liu


She is incredible! Lucy Liu has portrayed many unique characters in both Television and on the bigger screen. Her flexibility in playing these contrasting characters is a gift, which can greatly impact her game on Survivor. She can mix well with mostly any person and would be able to from strong bonds and form these cohesive groups.

Phil Keoghan


The once possible host of this show, Phil Keoghan would be a good choice to place on the season. Phil is someone that is physically fit, and despite being a bit awkward, could go really far in the game. He has a knowledge about the way that reality TV functions and could apply this knowledge into the game.

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick

I believe that it has been noted before that Neil Patrick Harris is a big fan of Survivor. I am sure he would love the opportunity to actually play the game instead of just watching. With Harris on the season, it would be interesting to see this perspective on this strange season. Since he is a fan, his level of determination to play the game would be refreshing in a situation that might not have intense game players.

Mandy Patinkin


This choice is a bit out there, but hear me out. Mandy is a TV actor that notably stars in the series, Homeland. He has a dominant personality and possesses a real authority with his characters, but also Mandy himself. This level of dominance can supply some quality viewing, but in the right circumstance can be a driving force in the strategic game.

Shermar Moore


Shermar Moore is well known for his role on the hit crime show Criminal Minds. Perhaps he could transfer the mental processing abilities to the game. Outside of the show, Moore is a likeable individual that can appeal to a large array of people and become a social player. Maybe the nice guy can finish first.

Steven Yeun


This choice is completely personal bias! He may not make the most interesting castaway, but I do not care, I want to see him play. Well known for his role on the Walking Dead, Yeun proves he has the physical capabilities to survive the conditions. The only factor to contend with is the social and strategic game, he is definitely a likeable person, but can he handle the other players.

Jeff Probst


Let’s face it, most Survivor fans want to see Jeff get a chance to play the game. It is a sad reality, but he probably would never do it and even if he did, he would probably be out early. He has some great insight and knowledge about how the game functions and he could probably out think any other contestant out there. He has the social game, strategic game, and even the physical game, but is he too big of a threat to make it far?



There you have it, 6 men and 6 women that I would enjoy seeing battle it out for the title. This season could bring a lot of attention back to Survivor. It could reignite the flame for lost fans and bring it back in the spotlight again. There is a likely chance that it could be really cheesy, but it can also give life to the show again by having these big names out there.

Could a celebrity version of US Survivor work? Would you watch such a season? Who would be your dream cast? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!


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6 Comments on Celebrity Survivor: Could it Work?

  1. Replace Jeff with Apolo Anton Ohno. Jeff should remain as host.

  2. I bet with the money going to charities, the motivations for voting people out would be strongly affected. It might be smart to get someone out, but you want them to get further because you like their charity…maybe it would be a rule that they have to keep them secret.

  3. Mandy Patinkin and Shemar Moore both costarred on Criminal Minds

  4. Mandy Patinkin and Shemar were both on Criminal Minds tbh

  5. Neil Patrick Harris has definitely asked Jeff to play the game (can’t remember the interview he mentions it sorry) which would be great. You’ve failed to include any athletes which would be obvious members of the season. Not only do Survivor like casting these guys, and they are physically fit, you will have seen both I’m a Celebrity seasons in Australia have been won by athletes.

  6. A few comments , I’m a celebrity isn’t a Australian show its British but filmed in the Australian jungle. Also as much i would love to see these celebrities play i think a lot of them would have to be c list celbrities.

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