Survivor Kaôh Rōng – Episode 4 Recap featuring Ozlet Special!


The thirty-second season of Survivor, Kaôh Rōng, is well on its way, and it is living up to claims that it is one of the most brutal seasons ever filmed. After a one-of-a-kind fourth episode, it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our recap expert, Clifton, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we once again bring you the new ‘Ozlet Special’ to talk through the episode!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)


“Kaôh Rōng has provided some of the fiercest conditions ever. Extreme temperatures have lead to severe dehydration and heat exhaustion, leading some to question how much more they could take. At the Beauty tribe, the women found safety in each other, but Tai found the idol and a friendship with Caleb. At the Brawn tribe, Alecia stumbled on a clue for the Hidden Immunity Idol, but her luck ran out when Jason got his hands on the idol first. At the last Immunity Challenge, Brawn finally won. Back at camp, Peter and Liz were certain they had control of the Brains tribe, but Debbie was tired of taking orders and spearheaded a revolt against Liz and Peter. At Tribal Council, Debbie’s plan worked, sending Liz home, and leaving Peter all alone on the bottom. Fifteen are left. Who will be voted out tonight?” ~ Jeff Probst



The Brains tribe returns to camp, and Peter goes off to sit by himself on the beach.Debbie approaches him and lets him know that she couldn’t let it be him. Debbie confesses that she was the mastermind, and Peter’s ego has been knocked down ten notches. Peter confesses that Tribal Council was a complete surprise and they no longer have a strong physical or strategic tribe. At the swap, he will take them out one by one.


Debbie visits Peter on the beach. (Image credit: CBS)



Before Jeff explains the challenge, Anna is surprised to see that Liz was voted out. For the challenge, contestants must race through a series of obstacles to a log, which they must dig under and pass under. Then they must dig up three bags of balls out of a large ring in the sand. Then they must open the bags of balls and use them to complete a game of skee ball. First tribe to sink all their balls wins a Survivor kitchen set including spices and coffee. Second tribe to finish gets salt and pepper. Anna and Julia sit out for the Beauty tribe, Neil sits out for the Brains tribe. The challenge begins and proceeds as normal until all three tribes arrive at the ring in the sand. Each tribe begins digging for balls, and they keep digging. And digging. And digging. And digging. Forty-five minutes passes before the Brains tribe finds their third bag. The heat of the sand and the exertion required to dig is clearly devastating a number of the contestants. Many members of the Brawn and Beauty tribe can only sit in misery. Alecia cheerleads and suggests they kick the sand with their feet, which is not met warmly by the rest of her tribe. Meanwhile, the Brains finish out the challenge. Finally, Caleb and Nick find the last bags of balls for the Beauty tribe and they begin the see ball portion of the challenge with some difficulty.


Peter sinks the last ball for the Brains tribe. (Image credit: CBS)

As the Beauty tribe attempts to complete the challenge, Debbie, who is huddled on the ground, comments to Joe that she is on fire from the inside out. Despite her protests, he calls medical over to evaluate her. They get her out of the sun with an umbrella and put cold water all over her to bring her body temperature down. As they do, Caleb sinks the last ball for the Beauty tribe and wins them second place. He immediately collapses. After a second, he gets to his feet and moves over to the shade where he collapses again. Cydney, meanwhile, cannot move from where she collapsed at the end of the challenge. Jason comes to help her to her feet and move her. Medical is alerted to Caleb’s situation by his tribe and they come to attend to him and pour water over him as he slips out of consciousness. Just as it becomes clear that the situation with Caleb is quite serious, medical is alerted to the situation with Cydney, who begins to receive her own treatment and water. Jeff declares that all crew are essential and need to help. We see all the various crew members on the seen rush to help the various people. At this point, Caleb becomes unresponsive and the crew begins to administer a cold saline IV. Nick holds up Caleb’s legs in order to help increase blood flow to vital organs. Doctor Joe determines that Caleb is not reacting well enough to the treatment and they have to evacuate him. Jeff calls for the chopper. As the crew get Caleb ready for his departure, we see that Cydney is stabilizing, which Jason remaining vigilantly by her side.


Jeff informs Caleb that he is “a warrior, dude.” (Image credit: CBS)

Jeff returns to Caleb and tells him that he is being pulled from the game and that he doesn’t have a choice. He then goes to the Beauty tribe and points to the helicopter as it flies in and tells them that it’s for Caleb. They are shocked and overwhelmed with grief. He tells them that they can come say goodbye, which they do, lined up along with stretcher. Nick tries to reassure his tribe mates that Caleb will be fine. Jeff gathers all the remaining contestants after the evacuation and tells them that this was an unprecedented situation. Everyone here is clearly fighting. He then checks in with various members of the cast. He check in with Tai who explains his grief and how much he will miss Caleb. Jason remarks that while they might not all like each other, they are family, and they have to look out for each other. Jeff tells them to drink some water and sends them back to camp. Tai confesses that he and Nick will have to stick together because the women now have the numbers on the tribe. Before we cut to commercial, a title card is shown informing us that Caleb has completely recovered and hopes to play the game again…


Jeff debriefs the tribe after the evacuation. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at the Brains tribe, Debbie recounts her quick decline to Aubrey. She confesses that she feared that she would appear weak to her daughters and to the rest of her tribe if she asked for medical, but thank goodness Joe did. Debbie tells Aubrey that they are friends for life beyond the game.


Debbie explains that she was embarrassed to ask for help. (Image credit: CBS)


At the Brawn tribe, the fighting quickly begins between Alecia and the men. She confronts Scot about his disrespectful and dismissive behaviour at the challenge, saying that he should know better as a NBA champion. It’s not good teamwork. Scot continues to belittle, disrespect, and disregard her. Alecia tells the men that she hopes there is a tribe swap soon. Jason joins in with Scot to argue against her, until he becomes enraged and has to leave and be by himself. Jason confesses that he is raising two girls who mean the world to him. He wants them to be strong and educated females, and it upsets him to see a girl like Alecia who “can’t even hold a conversation”. They are just waiting for Tribal Council. Cydney confesses that they are messing with her recuperation.


Bicker, bicker, bicker. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 11


For the Immunity Challenge, two tribe members must race into the jungle and climb up a wooden ladder to retrieve puzzle pieces. The two more tribe members will swim into the ocean and dive down to retrieve more puzzle pieces. Once they have retrieved all the puzzle pieces, they must complete a snake puzzle. Tai sits out for the Beauty tribe, and Joe sits outs for the Brains tribe. The Brains tribe lags slightly behind throughout the physical portions of the challenge, while Brawn and Beauty remain neck-in-neck. Neil and Debbie make up for lost time on the puzzle however, with Peter swapping in for Debbie and finishing the puzzle for the win. Brawn and Beauty race for second place. Alecia asks if anyone wants to tag out with her, but Jason and Scot refuse. They lose for the third time. Jason and Scot make it clear that Alecia is the one that they are going to send home, and Jeff offers for them to hold Tribal Council right there. Alecia insists that that would be giving up, and refuses to concede to their wishes.


Alecia refuses to be voted out without Tribal Council. (Image credit: CBS)


Jeff begins Tribal Council by checking that the tribe is in the same place, and Alecia is going home. Scot, Jason, and Cydney all agree that nothing has changed. Jeff then reveals that Alecia is on the Brawn tribe because she doesn’t take lip from anyone, at any time, for any reason. She agrees, saying that Scot and Jason haven’t earned the respect required for her to listen to them. Scot says that she simply pushes buttons until someone loses their temper. He feels sorry for her. Jeff tells Alecia that it is pretty clear cut, but he roots for her. She says that her only recourse is to be thankful for her experiences, which are worth more than money. They vote. Scot votes for “Alee sea yah!”, saying that he hopes she watches it and realizes they were trying to help her. Jeff retrieves the votes. No idols are played. Three votes for Alecia are revealed and her torch is snuffed. She wishes Cydney good luck as she departs.


Alecia’s torch is snugged. (Image credit: CBS)


“This season, the lines of power have been drawn, but they are about to be erased.” ~ Jeff Probst


“Drop your buffs!” (Image credit: CBS)









What an episode. Jeff Probst built up this season as a punishing one, and three players were punished by the elements. Has any other episode devoted this much time for medical issues? Caleb going home this early is disappointing. Yes he was annoying sometimes in BB16 but even on that show he had redeeming qualities. In Survivor we got to see a much cooler version of Caleb, and maybe if they repeat Philippines’ theme we can see Caleb back for another season of Survivor. Despite how anti climactic Alecia’s boot is, she defied a lot of odds just by being a 5th boot. She probably had longer odds than J’Tia because at least JTia had allies. Now with a tribe swap, I hope things get even more interesting. I’d like to see the swap tribes last at least for 2 to 3 votes, which is so not Survivor these days. They very much favor early merges and we haven’t had a merge at 10 since Heroes vs Villains.



WOW!!!! What a great episode!!! I would have to say this is easily one of the top 25 episodes in the shows history. Whether you agree or not it was amazing. I mean this is the type of episode that makes you realize how real Survivor is.

I mean when all you had was the scene after tribal strait into the reward challenge you knew something was going to happen. I thought something was going to happen, I didn’t know multiple somethings were going to happen.

That challenge alone was pretty insane. It was a difficult challenge and I’m surprised by how long it took the tribes to find the bags. I mean 45 minutes of strait digging in the sand will make anyone dehydrated. I’m glad that we actually had winners in the challenge.

Now onto the really hard part. In my opinion this is arguably the most emotional moment/evacuation since Russell Swan in Samoa and if not that one then definitely since Penner in Micronesia. I mean you know Debbie falling ill and then getting help back is one thing. Then you had Caleb just collapse, then you had Cydney not able to function. I mean this moment was filled with emotion. You had everyone crying, you had Joe talking care of Debbie, the doctors spending a lot of time with Caleb and Jason helping Cydney. I mean they had to get the whole crew out there, I mean even the dream team probably was out there. Then you know an evacuation is serious when instead of bringing a boat or something they bring a helicopter. I think the only other times helicopters were used for evacuations were with Skupin and maybe Russell.

Thankfully we only had one of these people evacuated, it just sucks that it was Beast Mode Cowboy. I thought Caleb was the best as a character to bring over from Big Brother. Maybe not the best player but he was a ton of fun to watch. Then he was proving us doubters wrong and was playing a great game, had a great alliance and it sucks that he had to be taken out like this and I hope that he comes back. Watching how devastated his tribemates were when they found out he was the one who got evacuated was just heartbreaking. Tai was so upset, and he was the only beauty tribe member you heard anything from in this episode.

Overall I feel this episode was really well edited and it was an action packed episode that ended with an anti-climactic vote but hey that is how you make the obvious votes interesting. I loved that they went straight from the challenge to tribal without showing any strategy to kind of show you how obvious it was that Alecia was going. I mean there was no doubt in my mind and it made it so the action packed first half hour was followed by a slower second half hour which made it a great episode.

This is the episode that makes me want to play Survivor but also it makes me not want to play Survivor. However it was an amazing episode none the less



Our fourth recap for the season once again features our weekly ‘Ozlet Episode’ as some of your favourite Ozlets talk about their thoughts on the fourth episode of Kaoh Rong!  

Join us again next week as we recap and discuss the fifth episode of Kaôh Rōng!



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