Survivor Kaôh Rōng – Episode 5 Recap featuring Ozlet Special!


The thirty-second season of Survivor, Kaôh Rōng, is well on its way as we draw closer to the merge. After an entertaining fifth episode, it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our recap expert, Clifton, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we once again bring you the new ‘Ozlet Special’ to talk through the episode!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)


“Since Day 1, the game has been a fight, and nothing has come easy. Idols were found by Tai and Jason. Alliances were made and broken. But nothing compared to the battle with mother nature, and Caleb was her first victim. At the last Immunity Challenge, the Brawn tribe lost for the third time; and at Tribal Council, Jason, Scot, and Cydney didn’t let Alecia escape another vote. Thirteen are left. Who will be voted out tonight?” ~ Jeff Probst

DAY 12


The next morning at the Brains camp, Dr. Peter gives Joe’s finger a check up, which nasty injury. Peter confesses that he feels like a neutered dog with no play. He will have to pander to his tribe mates and make himself useful. Neil confesses that Peter is the cancer of the tribe and says that they need to keep the idol out of Peter’s hand. He goes looking for it, and Neil seemingly quickly finds a tree with a clue wrapped in bright blue. He follows the clue, finds the box and tool, and retrieves the key from the canister second tree just like the previous idols. Upon reading the note with the idol, he learns of the super idol twist. He confesses that he’ll need to find himself a second idol or someone that has an idol. He plans to make his own luck. According to himself, he is the frontrunner.


Joe receives a check-up from Dr. Peter. (Image credit: CBS)


The tribes arrive at what they assume will be a Reward Challenge to be informed by Jeff that they need to drop their buffs. They will randomly draw either a yellow or blue buff, which will determine their new tribe. Since the numbers are odd, however, one person will draw a red buff. That person will have to live by themselves until after the next Tribal Council, at which point they will join the team which lost a member. The yellow tribe, Gondol, consists of Anna and Tai from the Beauty tribe, Scot from the Brawn tribe, and Peter, Joe and Aubrey from the Brains tribe. The blue tribe, Chan Loh, consists of Michele and Nick from the Beauty tribe, Jason and Cydney from the Brawn tribe, and Debbie and Neil from the Brains tribe. Julia is the recipient of the red buff and will have to live by herself at the abandoned Brawn camp.She says that she will be okay, but she is at a huge social disadvantage since she can’t meet everyone. Michele confesses that it is crushing that their female alliance was completely divided three ways.


Julia draws the sole red buff. (Image credit: CBS)


At the former Beauty beach. Anna and Tai show their new tribe mates around and welcome them with open arms. Peter confesses that this swap was exactly what he needed. There are three former-Brains with the majority. He claims he will make the merge without a sweat. Scot confesses that he knows he is on the bottom of the totem pole as the sole former-Brawn. He needs to figure out who he can trust. Peter and Aubrey sit in the shelter and begin to plan who to vote out if they lose a challenge. Scot comes over while they are talking and Peter actually includes him in the conversation. They agree that they should target Anna. Aubrey confesses that she doesn’t know if she can trust Peter, but if they don’t vote out a former-Beauty and Julia comes back, they will lose the numbers.


Peter immediately sparks the strategy talk. (Image credit: CBS)


At the former Brains beach, the new tribe members get their bearings as well. Michele confesses that she doesn’t think anyone was expecting a merge today. Debbie immediately pulls Cydney aside and shows her that they have a make-shift pull up bar in the form of a hanging branch. Debbie confesses that she is on the offense, not the defense. She’s been wanting to work with the Brawn tribe. She takes Cydney on a walk for coconuts and tries to bond with her by telling her how smart and strong she is. They agree that they want a woman to win the game in the end. Next, Debbie approaches Jason and locks things up with him as well. She confesses that she is the mastermind behind the scenes that nobody sees coming.


“Ding ka-ching ka-ching!” (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 13


The next day at the Gondol tribe, Tai shows his new tribe mates some things that they can eat. They clearly love him, telling him how gracious he is. Scot confesses that it’s great to have someone who is jovial and knows how to do everything. Tai gets Scot to come help him pick fruit by having Scot give Tai a boost into the mango trees. Scot confesses that Tai is the most valuable member of the tribe, claiming to have a man crush on him. Meanwhile, Anna attempts to bond with Aubrey. She confesses that she realizes that it is either Tai or herself who is on the chopping block. So she tries to put the target on Tai with the Brains tribe, telling them that they caught him searching for the idol.


Anna tries to paint the Brains’ target on Tai. (Image credit: CBS) 


At Chan Loh, Nick confesses that the tribe swap is perfect for him. He is the most manipulative person out there. He sets to work to try and get the numbers for himself and Michele. He approaches Jason and tells him that he likes him and Cydney. Jason says that it is mutual for Nick and Michele. He says that they could make up their own new Brawn tribe. Jason confesses that they are the tie-breakers in the middle and both of the other former tribes want the Brawn members. They hold all the power.


Nick hands over all the power to Jason. (Image credit: CBS)


At what used to be the Brawn camp, Julia lies alone in the shelter crying and writhing in agony. She confesses that it is miserable there and she realizes that there is no hope of her joining back up with her alliance. Being there alone is the hardest part of her game so far. No one else knows that she is only eighteen. Being with people who have more life experience could help her get through this. The longer she is out there, the more paranoid she will become.


Julia suffers at the former Brawn beach. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 14


As the new teams line up on the mats for the Immunity Challenge, Michele stops and stands on her former yellow mat. Jason tells her “blue! blue!” and Jeff laughs, saying, “old habits”. For the Immunity Challenge, each tribe must send two people into the ocean to collect a very heavy net of fish shaped puzzle pieces, bring it back to the shore, and drag it up the beach. Then two other members must untie the fish from the net and hook them to a pole, which they then must carry to a puzzle station. They then must unhook the fish and use them to complete a puzzle. First tribe to do so wins Immunity and is safe from Tribal Council. Scot makes exceptionally quick work of the first portion of the challenge for Gondol, but Michele and Cydney take over the lead for Chan Loh during the second portion despite Michele having trouble carrying the pole to the puzzle station. Debbie and Neil take over the puzzle for Chan Loh and they quickly dominate, never giving Gondol a chance to reclaim their lead. Anna confesses that her heart sank. “It’s a battle of Anna vs. Tai.”


Neil and Debbie lock up the challenge. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at camp, the tribe console each other over their loss. Tai confesses that he doesn’t want to play his idol, but he knows that they could be voting for him tonight. Peter approaches Aubrey and Joe and asks them what the plan is. They tell him that they plan is to vote out Tai. Peter says he disagrees because Tai is the main provider. He also sees Anna as being the bigger threat. Joe’s body language and tone is clearly dismissive of Peter. He tells Peter that he made a good point and he will let him know how is goes. Once Peter is gone, Joe tells Aubrey that he thinks it should be Anna to go. Aubrey agrees to “go with you on this one”. Meanwhile, while Peter is separated from former-Brains, Anna and Tai ask him what he is thinking. Peter tells them outright that Aubrey and Joe are considering one of them. Peter walks off.


Aubrey and Joe lock up the vote. (Image credit: CBS)

Tai confesses that he doesn’t like Peter due to his arrogance. Scot  walks up and Tai asks him to stay for a minute. Tai tells Scot and Anna that he has a Hidden Immunity Idol and shows it to them. Tai tells them that he doesn’t trust the Brains and they can use the idol to blindside Peter. Anna confesses that she loves a blindside. A little later, Aubrey approaches Scot and tells him that the Brains decided to vote off Anna. He takes this information and returns to Tai. Scot confesses to us that, between Tai and Jason, he knows two people with idols. If they combine them, they will become a super idol. He tells Tai that the others are voting for Anna, and tells him that he should keep his idol and not play it. Tai confesses that he is still worried about them voting him off if he doesn’t play it.


Scott tells Tai not to play his idol. (Image credit: CBS)


Jeff begins Tribal Council by asking Aubrey about the new tribe division. Aubrey says Peter and Joe are the devils you know, and during a swap you want to stick with the numbers. Scot says that while he is alone on the island, people have made him part of the group for now. Anna confesses that she feels that it is either herself or Tai that will go home tonight. Tai says Scot is an asset to the team so it will be a former-Beauty. Tai also says that it is hard to have to posture himself against Anna right now since they have been together since the beginning and he likes her, but he is clearly a huge contributor to the tribe. Aubrey says that it is hard to hear because they are both making passionate arguments. Upon being questioned, Joe suggests that he does not believe that any Hidden Immunity Idols are in play this season. Tai says that he agrees. He has looked for them and been unable to find anything. Jeff asks Peter if anyone was trying to find a crack in the Brains. Peter says they didn’t. He says the Brains are in the power position, and it will go in the Brain’s way tonight. Jeff calls out his confidence, but Peter suggests that it is a very low likelihood that the other three would team up and go to rocks. They vote. No votes are seen, no confessionals are heard, no idols are played. Jeff reveals one vote for Peter and four votes for Anna, whose torch is snuffed. Jeff suggests that Survivor is a game of decicions and that they will have to determine if they made the right one.


Twelve are left. (Image credit: CBS)


We see Debbie striking up a relationship with former-beauty Nick, confessing that she didn’t think she’d be playing the flirt card out here. At Gondol, Joe directly confronts a startled-looking Peter about coming after him, confessing that Peter is not trust-worthy.


“Debbie is courting a new ally, while Joe investigates one of his own.” ~Jeff Probst (Image credit: CBS)









Our fifth recap for the season once again features our weekly ‘Ozlet Episode’ as some of your favourite Ozlets talk about their thoughts on the fifth episode of Kaoh Rong!  

Join us again next week as we recap and discuss the sixth episode of Kaôh Rōng!




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