Survivor Kaoh Rong Oztopsy – Episode 6


Each week after the Australian airing of Kaoh Rong we will dissect the episode with additional special guests along the way! Now that the sixth episode is over and done with, it’s time for the 6th Oztopsy of the season!

Noah and Colin talk about all the key moments from the latest episode of Kaoh Rong! Through various comments in the live chat and everything else in between, the 72nd ever Oztopsy has it all!

To listen to the Oztopsy click the link below:

Remember to tune in next week as we dissect the 7th episode of Survivor Kaoh Rong!

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10 Comments on Survivor Kaoh Rong Oztopsy – Episode 6

  1. Any chance Colin can stay on once Ben comes back? I think the 3 of you together would work well. Great podcast guys 🙂

  2. I don’t think people like Michele as a character that much? She’s positive, in touch with the game. The main reason people like her is she is their winner pick, because she is one of the few unflawed edits. Since Liz and Anna are both gone, most winner picks are gone.

    • Unflawed?

    • How many winners can you seriously say have not been portrayed as “crazy” or as an “asshole” at least once in the game. Probably only four or so. There seems to be this bullshit myth that gets traded around online that the winner is always shown as completely positive without a flaw in their game. I talked about that in this oztopsy.

      • A lot. Tina, Ethan, Vecepia, Amber, Tom, Danni, Yul, Earl, Bob, JT, Natalie, Kim, Tyson (in BvW only), Jeremy are all winners I don’t remember ever being edited crazy or an asshole at any point. That’s almost half of the winners, and isn’t just something that only happened in say, the first 10 seasons. The winner is almost always shown as right in a situation, and put in a mostly positive light.

  3. I would like Debbie to win

  4. Joe, Julia and Greek-Adonis have no chance of winning. Everybody else has, still

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