Survivor Kaoh Rong Oztopsy – Episode 8


Each week after the Australian airing of Kaoh Rong we will dissect the episode with additional special guests along the way! Now that the eighth episode is over and done with, it’s time for the 8th Oztopsy of the season!

Noah and Colin talk about all the key moments from the latest episode of Kaoh Rong! Through various comments in the live chat and everything else in between, the 74th ever Oztopsy has it all!

To listen to the Oztopsy click the link below:

Remember to tune in next week as we dissect the 9th episode of Survivor Kaoh Rong!

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4 Comments on Survivor Kaoh Rong Oztopsy – Episode 8

  1. I copied this from “Survivor sucks”. It’s not my opinion, but it’s very interesting point of view:

    “Tai’s no fool… he might act like a simple Vietnamese dude who likes to straddle trees during his lonely days living as Mowgli The Jungle Book, but he knows his shit.

    His ‘accident’ of letting slip the Super Idol details was all planned. See how fast Debbie and Aubry pounced on that to scare the shit out of Julia and not-Julia (can’t remember her basic-bitchy name but she’s probably next out) Tai has a master plan…

    He wanted the girls to form an all-girls alliance. This way Tai can wait while the guys he doesn’t like (Nick, Jason, probably Joe) get picked off first, while he easily wins immunity (just like he did in the latest episode). If he doesn’t win immunity– he has an idol– he might have access to a Super Idol if he figures that Neal’s idol is back in play, or if he can get Scot to ‘borrow’ Jason’s.

    Which is another idol-related reason why Tai votes for Jason– if the girls have an idol and they play it for Aubry, and Nick had another idol (Tai doesn’t know how many are out in the wild) and he plays it, it would be a tie– voting for Jason when nobody else voted for anybody else means that Jason goes home. It’s like bidding $1 in The Price Is Right– you’re statistically least likely to win that way unless everyone overbids– or in Survivor-speak if everyone loses their mind and didn’t create a backup plan in case their blindside didn’t work, Tai would’ve picked the person going home.

    He also avoids voting for either a past ally in Nick, or a future one in Aubry that he’d need jury votes from in either case.

    The man is a genius.”

    • Sounds like fan fiction to me!

    • Have to agree with Noah. If he were that brilliant he would have done a much better job at covering for his “intentional” slip up. I will say this, if he is that brilliant to orchestrate that he probably lost it all with his Razzie worthy acting performance at tribal.

  2. Yeah, not sure how giving away valuable information that nobody knew about except for himself, Scot, and Jason makes Tai a genius.

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