Australian Survivor Has Its Host!


With progress continuing to move towards Australian Survivor hitting our screens later this year, the big announcement revealing the host of the show has finally been made and it's not who anyone predicted!

When Network 10 announced in late November 2015 that they would be rebooting Survivor for the Land Down Under, thousands of questions were asked, but the one that was on the tip of everyone’s tongue was ‘Who will get the daunting task of hosting Survivor?’ Having a good host is vital to the success of the show in Australia so for the last few months we’ve been waiting with bated breath for the reveal.

survivor-jeff-probst1Trying to live up to the standard set by Jeff would be a tough ask for anyone.

Several big names were rumoured to have been in contention for the role of host, from Jeff Probst’s buddy Rove McManus, to jack of all trades Jamie Durie, to Commando aka Steve Willis. Many of these front runners were included in our Top 10 Potential Hosts for Australian Survivor article back in January. In recent months Dr Chris Brown was the bookies favourite, and supposedly a lock for the gig.

RoveandProbstRove was considered by many to be a front-runner given his close connection with Probst.

But ‘out of the blue’ ocean that will surround our Aussie castaways came the news on April 10th that our host will be none other than Aussie actor Jonathan LaPaglia! The younger brother of Without a Trace star Anthony LaPaglia, Jonathan forged his own acting career with longstanding roles in US television series Seven Days and The District in the early 2000s before more recently appearing on Australian drama The Slap and as the main villain in Underbelly: Badness.

JonathanProbstWhile an unexpected choice parallels are already being drawn between LaPaglia and Probst in the appearance department.

While it may not have been the name everybody was expecting, the general reaction to the announcement appears to be positive and it would appear that LaPaglia has the acting chops to pull off the seriousness of the role. Hopefully the tips he received when meeting with Probst earlier in the year will come in handy on the island.

What are your thoughts on Jonathan as Australian Survivor 2016’s host? Is there someone else you would have preferred to get the job? Leave a comment letting us know your opinion.


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