Survivor Kaôh Rōng Power Rankings – Week 8


For the 32nd season of Kaoh Rong we will be once again bringing you our weekly POWER RANKINGS as Noah is joined by Ozlets Colin, Ivan & Jarrod to rank the contestants each week based on performance and strategy and where they are perceived to be in the game! We continue our rankings for another week with our episode 8 rankings, which we are sure will cause speculation and debate as we get closer to next weeks episode!


Each week Noah, Colin, Ivan & Jarrod will rank the remaining contestants based on their opinion of where they stand in the game, with the four totals being tallied to produce a total score. The lowest total score will be ranked at the top, with the second lowest in second, third lowest in third and so on and so forth.


Once again during Kaoh Rong we will be scoring who gets the closest each week with the POWER RANKINGS LEADERBOARD! The ranker who gets closest in predicting the previous weeks eliminated contestant will score a point. If they predict the exact finishing position then they will score 2 points. If there are two or more rankers on the same prediction/number, they will both get the said points amount. Here is the leaderboard after this weeks episode:

1st Ivan Ornelas 4
= Jarrod Loobeek 4 (+1)
3rd Colin Hilding 2
= Noah Groves 2


1st – Cydney


OVERALL: 1st (+3)

NOAH: Cydney really was the MVP this week as she orchestrated a shift in the game. She has a new alliance which she has more value in and is a lone soldier which makes her a good pick to make a further shift down the line. Despite the girl’s alliance, her bond with Scot and Jason from early Brawn days may be strong enough to flip back if that is necessary. Of course she was not without flaws though as Jason is seeing her as beginning to crack under the paranoia and the strong immunity challenge performance may put a further target on her back. Cydney is a legitimate option as a winner for this season but there is still a long way to get to the end from here.

COLIN: She made a big move this week, and although Jason and Scot may think she was being paranoid and jumping the gun, their actions last week in dealing with Nick prove they would have eventually left her out of the loop. She’s back in the front runner position. She was so responsible for the move this week that I find it impossible to put anywhere near her in these rankings.

IVAN: She spearheaded a power move but I don’t think Jason and Scot will be happy with her. Good news is, aside from Jason’s idol, their future in the game relies on Cydney. Cydney is a crossroads for the different factions of this merged tribe. It could take her deep, and maybe to victory, but it could make her appear to be a threat.

JARROD: Cydney took the initiative and flipped the game on its head. She can argue to Jason and Scot that she felt Nick was taking her place in the alliance and she’s set herself up as a single who could easily swing between the Brain and Beauty factions.

2nd – Michele


OVERALL: 2nd (+1)

NOAH: Michele did vote out one of her closest alliance members in Nick and turned on two (three?) other alliance members which could come back to hurt her. If the girl’s alliance stays strong then Michele should be good for the next few weeks and can do some damage control. I still don’t have her as high on a winners list as most people but with her edit gaining traction she does have a stronger chance than Julia.

COLIN: I know a lot of people think Michele is in a good position in the game, which is true, but she’s nothing more than a very safe floater. Can that win you the game? Absolutely, but 9 times out of 10 it doesn’t work. If this is a season made up of a jury who appreciates the game, Michele only has a few options in the game of people to sit next to that would guarantee a win. Winning also requires jury votes, and by her own admission Michele’s strongest alliance was just voted out by her.

IVAN: I think this vote she gained the most. Yes Nick saw her as a close ally, but Michele has plenty of those. And I feel few people left in the game will be mad at her for this vote. Like I predicted in the pregame, she can make moves and go far and still not be suspected as a threat, at least not until late. Hopefully she can keep it up and if she does for a few more votes she can certainly win.

JARROD: Of the girls who flipped I feel Jason and Scot are going to be the least mad at Michele. While she may have booted a close ally in Nick, he was playing all angles and now she has a chance to be in the driver’s seat. She continues to receive a decent amount of airtime and looks to be sitting pretty right now.

3rd – Aubry


OVERALL: 3rd (+7)

NOAH: She went from going home last week, to potentially going home this week to being in a power alliance. Aubry is getting an underdog edit but she even said it herself when she said she has “made mistake after mistake.” It helps her that if this new alliance sticks she still has Joe and Debbie by her side which could put her in a good chance of winning in that final three.

COLIN: She was saved this week by Cydney after Nick (who ended up voted out in her place) wanted to save her. Although her moves in no way are dictating the game, there are finally players who want to work with her. Considering Aubry’s biggest struggle has been making allies, this is good news for her. Her best move going forward is to let others take the lead.

IVAN: One week she’s playing well, another she looks down and out, and then she makes a good move. She’s a scrappy player and maybe she deserves more credit than I gave her before. I wonder what she can make of this situation because I’m not sure if the group that voted against Nick is one to last.

JARROD: It looked like Aubry was down and out but she appears to have picked herself up and dusted herself off and moved on with the game. By all accounts Debbie is the main female target and Aubry should be able to recognise that and use Debbie as a shield if need be. She could be a dark horse to take out the whole game now.

4th – Debbie


OVERALL: 4th (+4)

NOAH: Debbie didn’t have a huge presence this week but after last week’s questionable run, she is potentially the only player this week who didn’t make a mistake or screw anyone over. Jason/Scot are on the bottom, Michele/Julia/Cydney turned on their alliance and Tai blundered with the super idol whole Debbie comes out of this with no bad blood. If she can learn from her mistakes from the past then Debbie has a great shot of going far at this point.

COLIN: I’m so confused as I try to follow how the show is presenting Debbie to us. First she’s annoying to her tribe, then she’s the person holding her tribe together, then she’s rubbing new allies the wrong way, but like Joe she is always on the right side of the vote. Points can be taken away considering Debbie had little to do with the power shift this week, but in all fairness the move was 100% Cydney’s, and she only could have made it with a good relationship with Debbie and others. I’m stumped on which Debbie will be at the end of the game.

IVAN: Things are looking better for Debbie but she’s still got a lot of work to do. I don’t see many scenario where she can win the game, because the players that she can beat want her gone and the players who will work with her can beat her.

JARROD: After Debbie was made to look far too aggressive in the merge episode she appears to have toned things down a little. Her antics still paint a major target on her back but from what we’ve seen she seems to want a woman to win the game so she’ll likely want to keep the all female alliance locked in. If she can deal with not being head honcho of her new alliance she should be fine for a couple of weeks.

5th – Tai


OVERALL: 5th (-3)

NOAH: Tai definitely made some blunders this week, namely outing the super idol. Voting for Jason may also cause chaos and a potential loss of trust. Showing just how far he will dig in the game through the challenge may also put a further target on his back. In saying all that, will anyone be targeting Tai in the next week or two? Especially if Jason wants to use the super idol.

COLIN: It’s kind of frustrating to watch a player be in this good of a position and play such a sloppy game. I have no clue what Tai was doing this week….. like in terms of everything. He openly announced a war on the Brains (who hold the power again) he insisted on claiming immunity just on principle, which places a massive target on him for challenges, and he announced a super idol to everyone else and proceeded to back pedal in the most unconvincing way imaginable.

IVAN: Loose lips sink ships, Tai. But I have a feeling he’ll get away with it. There’s no reason to vote out Tai just yet as long as he doesn’t go on an immunity run. Final 10 is not the time to start an immunity run. Tai will likely be in a good spot regardless of who’s in power but once we hit the final 6 it’ll be difficult for him because he seems like someone few people will want to sit next to at FTC.

JARROD: Tai made a major blunder at tribal revealing information about the idol but given his vote for Jason it seems there may have been more to the story that we didn’t see. By voting separate to the guys he may very well have abandoned ship at exactly the right time and he still is loved by everybody out there. His whole speech during the immunity challenge about being like bamboo that’s flexible and able to bend in the wind may very well hint to his ability to find himself in a new alliance quickly.

6th – Julia


OVERALL: 6th (+1)

NOAH: Yes she voted in the majority but Julia may be the most insignificant player in the season at this point. Feel free to quote this back to me in six weeks but I am completely baffled how anyone is tipping her as a winner. She could be ok for the time being with the girl’s alliance and the Scot/Jason/Tai/Michele original alliance rebound but Julia will not be a major player in how this season ends.

COLIN: I don’t want to say that Julia is out of the game, but she is so far out of the storytelling on screen I just don’t see her becoming a compelling character that can be presented to an audience as a winner. Putting that aside I struggle to see a game in her worth critiquing. She was given credit for getting in with Tai and Scot, who she has now turned on. We know she had an alliance with Nick, who she voted out. Just like Michele she is lacking strong allies in the game. Evidence of that is how non-existent the relationship between Michele and Julia has been shown.

IVAN: She’s the dark horse of this season. You cannot underestimate Julia. She’s the Survivor prototypical player that can make it deep on the merge of any season. And she’s not just floating, she’s making some moves. Her edit though leaves a lot to be desired. She got rid of some big players but she’s still outshined.

JARROD: She continues to receive minimum amounts of screentime and continues to fly by unnoticed by the rest of the players. Could Scot be coming after her now that she’s flipped given that he saved her in the past? She isn’t viewed as a threat by anybody and while that serves her well now it’s not going to do her any favours if she makes it to final tribal council.

7th – Joe


OVERALL: 7th (+2)

NOAH: This guy is barely shown and is not set up to be a major player in the game. Sure he voted in the majority but if it is all girls he is on the outs and if he does manage to re-join with Aubry and Debbie to final 3, his edit is too minimal to be a winner. He is probably the most likely candidate to be a medivac too.

COLIN: Where did Joe go? And how is he always on the right side of the vote? He’s insignificant, but I give him slightly more credit for one very important reason that I have a feeling is going to be overlooked. Joe is the person this week who will receive the least backlash from the vote. He didn’t vote out an ally, he didn’t turn on an ally, and he isn’t a target.

IVAN: He made a good move this episode, and we’ll see where that leads for him in this game. If this does become a battle of the sexes this leaves him in an interesting spot. He has the smallest edit (likely even less than Julia) so I’ll be shocked if he wins but I won’t count him out.

JARROD: We continue to hardly see anything at all from Joe and we weren’t made aware that he was clued in on the plan to boot Nick which isn’t a good sign. While his alliance with Aubry and Debbie could keep him safe for now, we haven’t received any indication that he’ll step up and make a move to change the game when need be.

8th – Scot


OVERALL: 8th (-3)

NOAH: In the same position as Jason but the editors have gone out of their way to show when he is not “bullying” Blondie, he is well liked around camp which helps him against Jason. His close friendship with Tai may come in handy next week as well.

COLIN: He’ll be much better at recovering than Jason. Strangely enough I’m not hat worried about his chances. He still has Tai and Jason, both of which will be bigger threats at the moment. If Scot can pull off something similar to what he pulled off at the tribe swap he could come out of this okay. Having said that I can’t ignore how bad the power shift this move affected his game.

IVAN: Like Jason, his fate is currently in Cydney’s hands unless he has a trick up his sleeves. Although Jason seems more like the next target potentially than Scot, Jason has an idol and he doesn’t. And if it comes down to a vote split, Jason is definitely not giving an idol to Scot.

JARROD: Along with Jason, Scot revealed a bit more about his family and had some redeeming qualities displayed this week. He should be able to patch things up with Tai and he could be the glue to hold the remnants of his alliance together.

9th – Jason


OVERALL: 9th (-3)

NOAH: I think Jason can rebound from having an ally being voted out and from going from top to bottom. Between Scot and himself, Jason is set up as the bigger villain/more of a target. If he can rekindle his alliance with Tai he does have the super idol potential to help him though.

COLIN: It feels weird to rank Jason this low when I personally consider this one of his better weeks. He opened up to the tribe on a personal level which will help his social game going forward, and the way he handled Cydney was pretty impressive. So why rank him this low? 1) His game up until now has been weak enough that a good episode makes little difference. 2) An improved social game means nothing when the biggest move of the game is made against you.

IVAN: His fate depends on Cydney’s good graces to reunite with the Brawn after voting against them. He’s certainly not going to leave quietly, and since he’s in possession of an idol I don’t think he’s going anywhere just yet but it doesn’t look good at the moment. We have had our fair share of power shifts already though.

JARROD: While it was great to see Jason open up about his family life, it puts the added target of having a great story to sell the jury on his back. It looks like the male Brawn players are going on a warpath next episode and playing his idol may well be Jason’s only hope of sticking around.

Our next Power Rankings will be up after the ninth episode! What do you think of our rankings? Agree? Disagree? Let us know your thoughts below!






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1 Comment on Survivor Kaôh Rōng Power Rankings – Week 8

  1. I’m surprised to see Scot/Jason on the bottom of the rankings. I feel like they should be in the low middle (6 or 7) Joe should be last. The thing is the other alliance is at 6-3 so they can split the vote. I feel like Jason is too obsessed with the superidol to let his alliance play two idols (to save two people) before the votes and even with the superidol played, someone from his side will leave.

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