Survivor Kaôh Rōng Power Rankings – Week 9


For the 32nd season of Kaoh Rong we will be once again bringing you our weekly POWER RANKINGS as Noah is joined by Ozlets Colin, Ivan & Jarrod to rank the contestants each week based on performance and strategy and where they are perceived to be in the game! We continue our rankings for another week with our episode 9 rankings, which we are sure will cause speculation and debate as we get closer to next weeks episode!


Each week Noah, Colin, Ivan & Jarrod will rank the remaining contestants based on their opinion of where they stand in the game, with the four totals being tallied to produce a total score. The lowest total score will be ranked at the top, with the second lowest in second, third lowest in third and so on and so forth.


Once again during Kaoh Rong we will be scoring who gets the closest each week with the POWER RANKINGS LEADERBOARD! The ranker who gets closest in predicting the previous weeks eliminated contestant will score a point. If they predict the exact finishing position then they will score 2 points. If there are two or more rankers on the same prediction/number, they will both get the said points amount. Here is the leaderboard after this weeks episode:

1st Ivan Ornelas 5 (+1)
2nd Jarrod Loobeek 4
3rd Colin Hilding 2
= Noah Groves 2


1st – Cydney


OVERALL: 1st (-)

NOAH: Cydney got voted for this week and it seems like her move last week partly backfired. She still has some tight alliances but she seems to have lost Jason and Scot forever. She is likeable enough to receive votes at the end. She makes it this high purely because she didn’t really make much of a mistake and was one who perhaps actually benefited from Debbie going.

COLIN: I can’t see anyone else winning this season, period. Debbie going home means Cydney is firmly in the power position of her alliance and this entire season. Debbie going home also means there’s nobody to hide behind when this very loose alliance starts to turn on each other.

IVAN: Many think this move was the best option for Cydney because it prevented Cydney from going home. I felt her move against Nick was a good one because she heightened her position in the game and she still had Jason and Scot if necessary. But now it looks like that Brawn bridge is burnt pretty badly. Because of that, her ranking next week could potentially drop if she survives the next vote because that super idol could cause problems. But as of now, she’s done enough to warrant her position this high.

JARROD: While her link with the Brawn guys appears to be fully severed, her bonds with the girls seem to be tighter than ever. Aubry seems to really trust her, Julia was informed of the Debbie plan by her and so far she’s walked the fine line between playing offence without doing so too aggressively. She’s the main target of the guys right now but she’s definitely in it to win it.

2nd – Michele


OVERALL: 2nd (-)

NOAH: I don’t think Michele did anything at all to warrant her the top spot but she did come out of this better than anyone else. Scot, Jason and Tai were screwing up the camp, Julia was playing both sides, Cydney received votes, and Aubry and Joe voted out an ally and potentially screwed up both of their games. Michele is kind of there in the middle. She could stick with the current alliance and attempt to pull in Julia or she could join with Julia to join the three guys. She isn’t in an ideal situation but if there is anyone who is probably safe next week it will be her (and just as I say that, Michele will be gone next week).

COLIN: There’s a difference between being in a safe position and being in a strong position to win the game. I don’t see Michele being voted out at any point soon. The problem I see with her is that she’s not playing a game that is obvious to the others or the jury, which will make it hard to make a case to win later on. She’s not on anyone’s radar, which can get you to the end, but not win the game.

IVAN: She was my pre season winner pick, and lately she has gotten a fairer edit and given me reason to believe she could be a worthy and probable winner. What she has going for her right now is that she hasn’t had to struggle and initiate moves and put herself on the chopping block. In most moves being made, people are approaching Michele and including her in the plans. Being approachable is such an important quality especially in a season as wide open as this one with so many power shifts. However, I feel like at this point Aubry and Cydney have more going for them in terms of not only being able to get to the end but win against multiple people. Michele’s ideal final 3 would be Julia and Joe from this group (unless she someone gets Jason and Scot).

JARROD: Michele continues to be thrown seemingly inconsequential pieces of airtime/confessionals and she isn’t on anybody’s radar right now. Will she make a big move to add to her resume or will simply playing the game without making waves be enough to get her to the end with a shot of winning? On the surface it looks like she’s safe for now at least.

3rd – Aubry


OVERALL: 3rd (-)

NOAH: It seems like Aubry wants to constantly make moves for the sake of making moves. She got rid of a loyal ally in Debbie, who let’s face it, could have staunch opinions on the game but she was never going to turn on Aubry or Joe. Aubry likely wins in a Brains final three. At this point, Aubry’s position in the game is now an alliance of four against four or if Julia stays then she has an alliance of five against three but with two idols on the opposing side. Aubry could win but it has and will be a very rocky road to get there.

COLIN: Is she playing a big game because she feels it’s the best game to play, or is she just one of those fans who wants to make big moves in the game because it makes for good TV? For the life of me I can’t understand how voting Debbie out helps Aubry in this game. Cydney, Julia and Michele were barely aligned with her. Aubry will take the heat for this if she ever makes it to the end. In the end this is a bizarre season, and while Aubry would be a lower ranked player in your average season, this time she’s just on the right side of positives vs negatives.

IVAN: Two episode ago she lost her main ally and seemed like a dead player walking. Then she managed to get Nick out of the game. At that point she had some footing, but not in any solid fashion. This move to take Debbie out only further complicated things but it also confirmed that she has what it takes to make the moves she needs and wants to make. She’s a scrappy player, not the typical player you’d expect to find at #1 in the power rankings. But as long as she can find away to not be targeted by the super idol, she’s got a strong case to win.

JARROD: While Debbie may have been inflexible when it came to the vote, taking out her closest ally may come back to haunt Aubry. Last tribal may have been the only chance to get the super idol out of the game and in some ways targeting Debbie shows Aubry’s own stubbornness about being in control of the game. That being said, booting Debbie could make Aubry more approachable given the Brain trio alliance is no more.

4th – Julia


OVERALL: 4th (+2)

NOAH: Winning immunity was her saving grace this week. Julia is playing both sides which is fine short term but puts her in a sticky situation down the line. She has the power to go with either alliance but that also puts her at the bottom of both alliances.

COLIN: Like many others this week Julia’s strategy would have been a smart one if you never heard her explain why she was doing it. Getting close to the opposing alliance can help, but not if in joining them you’d still be out numbered! Then came the brilliant logic that Scot, Jason and Tai had “betrayed everyone” so they’d be good to sit next to. They haven’t actually betrayed anyone on the jury or in the game. They themselves were betrayed by Cydney. Now by siding with them Julia would be betraying everyone else in the game.

IVAN: Immunity could not have come at a better time for Julia. She nearly made a fatal error in handling the reward challenge very wrong, but she managed to potentially bounce back and find herself back in a manageable position. She has options, but at this point in the game she better stick with one side and be clear about her intentions or she will be voted out by these impatient and skeptical players. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; in Survivor, you have to be skeptical of your allies. If only Julia knew how her actions have made her out to be that person people need to be skeptical of.

JARROD: She has finally stepped up in the game and despite being the initial target before she won immunity, the Debbie boot leaves her in a swing vote position. With split vote plans likely to feature in order to combat the idols left in the game, Julia is a valuable number to both camps at this stage.

5th – Tai


OVERALL: 5th (-)

NOAH: Tai is in the hated three but he is most certainly the lesser target out of them. He did all his sabotage at night so it is likely they didn’t even know he did it. He is also probably still well liked around camp. He does have possession of two idols but if anything that is a security blanket for one or two rounds. Not to mention that the girls/Joe will probably try and get Tai on their side. He probably can’t win but if he is in the final three with Scot and Jason he will be a sure fire winner and his storyline will justify it.

COLIN: Tai is playing one of the sloppiest games I’ve seen in many years, and at the same time he keeps himself in a comfortable position week after week. If Tai wins this season he lucked into it big time. The super idol probably helps his chances of getting further, hence his higher rank, but I don’t see winning this season.

IVAN: Tai now has the super idol, so we know he is safe. But what we don’t know is whether or not this means Jason and Scot are safe too. In order for Tai to progress with Jason and Scot, they need to pull in a 4th and use the super idol to seal the majority going into the final 7. Considering Julia did not vote with them, that will certainly be easier said than done. Even with Tai’s idol, he will definitely have to fight and scrap to get to the end. And even though we the audience love him, his perception by his castmates seems to be mixed.

JARROD: If people hadn’t already figured out that Tai had an idol that’s all out in the open now after the last tribal council. With the idols revealed people will definitely be wary of Tai and he could become a crucial number to sure up a split vote scenario. The Tai, Scot, Jason alliance is fascinating to watch and if Tai can somehow make it to the end with those guys he seems certain of coming away with the win.

6th – Joe


OVERALL: 6th (+1)

NOAH: Joe is just coasting along in this game and this is the second time his ally Aubry has not listened to him and voted for someone else. He is completely loyal to her even when she does continue to do this. Joe could continue to ride in the background and make it far but he won’t win the game.

COLIN: He lost his biggest ally this week, and the majority alliance made the move without him. This is twice Joe has refused to go along with Aubry’s plan, so I have little hope that the old Brains loyalty will hold. I’m interested to see if Joe’s stubbornness will continue when  he’s not in a safe position with his alliance. I find it hard to believe anyone will vote him out just yet, but I highly doubt anyone left is dying to work with him.

IVAN: It’s hard to see how Joe can go from his current position to winning the game. He’s surpassed many people’s expectations by getting this far, but despite the shakeups and no one really targeting Joe so far, you get the feeling that any usefulness Joe had at some point is fading fast. Whereas Michele is approachable and Julia is positioning herself to have options, Joe likes to keep his options limited. I don’t necessarily blame him for not wanting Debbie gone because that would not have benefited him. However, if he really believed in keeping Debbie, he should’ve given an alternative or fought harder in favor of her instead of just being stubborn. I like Joe but I don’t like his gameplay.

JARROD: Joe continues to yo-yo from being in the loop to being out of the loop. He got a bit more screentime this week but lost a key ally in Debbie, somebody he wasn’t ready to let go. If the girls need him they’ll send him a memo, if not he’ll be left out to dry.

7th – Jason


OVERALL: 7th (+2)

NOAH: Jason is in a similar position to Scot but this week appeared to catch less heat than him. The super idol could help him progress far and while I don’t think he will win, he does have a better chance than Scot does.

COLIN: I’m at a loss when it comes to Jason. I don’t dislike him as a character, but I don’t like him as a character. I don’t think he’s playing a terrible game, but I don’t think he’s playing a good game either. Come to think of it that sums up almost every person this season. Big negative on Jason is the sabotage game this week. Scot and Jason can come out of this pleading temporary insanity. Jason had the bad reputation going in.

IVAN: He’s probably got a few rounds left in him simply because people refuse to take him as seriously as Scot. Scot and him likely have even more tricks up their sleeves before going out with a bang, but at this point it kind of feels like delaying the inevitable even if Tai uses the super idol to save them. There’s no doubt Jason is an interesting player and he’ll be asked to come back, but I can’t say too many people will be overly impressed with his game in the post merge. He’s not a bad player and he’s made some good moves, but overall when the pressure is on he hasn’t delivered.

JARROD: In the race to the bottom of the pile Jason was shown as less destructive than Scot in the past episode. Provided he can get his idol back off Tai he may be able to stick around for a little while longer.

8th – Scot


OVERALL: 8th (-)

NOAH: Wow, what a fall from grace. Sabotage is exactly what you do when you want to make sure you lose as many jury votes as possible. No matter which two people are sitting next to him, Scot won’t win this game. They managed to survive one week and have potential to go further if they use the idols and Julia correctly but Scot and Jason are now enemies with practically everyone in the game.

COLIN: And this is how you tank a half decent game with one week of emotionally reacting. It was said this week that Scot, Jason and Tai were playing sabotage as a way of forcing everyone to vote them out so they could use their idols. What a brilliant strategy that would have been. Unfortunately that was not Scot’s plan from what we can tell. He was doing it solely to make people miserable enough into potentially quitting. The strategy kind of worked, but his motives were purely idiotic.

IVAN: As things stand, Scot is definitely the prime target if he doesn’t win immunity. The super idol may be able to salvage him for the vote and salvage his game if this alliance of three sticks together and gets a fourth, but Scot is just making himself out to be someone few people want to play with. It’s become increasingly difficult to think of a final 3 scenario where Scot can win. His only hope may be a final 2 with Jason. But that doesn’t mean much if few players are willing to take him that far. Maybe Julia will though.

JARROD: Scot really turned everybody against him this week and in a social game that’s not a smart move. The only bonus of acting out so obviously is that people may want to sit next to you at the end but if you’re looking to take out the title it makes things even more difficult especially for somebody who has as much money as Scot.

Our next Power Rankings will be up after the tenth episode! What do you think of our rankings? Agree? Disagree? Let us know your thoughts below!






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10 Comments on Survivor Kaôh Rōng Power Rankings – Week 9

  1. Oh god! These “POWER RANKS” are terrible! It should be


    Tai jason and scot are garenteed 99% to make final 4 because the only way that idol gets ousted is if someone sacrifices their game to remove it. It can be passed after the vote so they are invincible.

    POWER RANKINGS are about who has the most power in the game those 3 have by far the most power. IDK what happened this week

    • Those 3 only have power so long as they stick together until the end, which considering Tai is in possession now, and we were clearly shown this week Tai was conflicted with following the way Jason and Scot were playing, so I consider them sticking together as unlikely to happen. Even if that does happen they’ve lost almost every jury vote in the process.

    • How on earth can you call these rankings terrible, then put Cydney last? LMAO

  2. Yeah, I have no idea why Jason and Scot thought sabotage would help them socially, so obviously they did it just to try and provide misery. But did sabotage work for JTia, Brandon, or even Russell? Nope. None of them ever won as they were seen as either an unstable element in the game or just an absolute ass. It will be interesting to see if Tai keeps that super idol now and turns his back on Scot and Jason

    • It did work for Russell twice during what I call “The great survivor terror” He dominated the game by weakening the physical state and thus the mental state. Everyone else after Russell until Scot and Jason didn’t do it right.

      • But nobody liked Russell. Thats why he didn’t win. He ruined his own tribe, then while he did do well at the Merge, Galu was also extremely naive and willing to turn on each other. Don’t get me wrong, Russell is a fine player, but his social game is terrible, just like Scot’s and Jason’s social games.

    • In a way I agree that sabotage did work for Russell. The idea is not to use sabotage to win the game, but to get yourself further by bringing others down. The fact is Russell’s sabotage wasn’t the reason he lost, as nobody realized he was doing it until the show aired

      • True points Colin. I guess I should be referring to Brandon and JTia as the saboteurs who completely blew up their own games instead cuz Russell was still successful twice. Im not a big fan of Russell, but I don’t hate him as much as some of my friends do. One of my friends absolutely despises Russell. Haha

  3. Good power rankings. I have everyone in similar positions. While Aubrey is calling most of the shots, she keeps painting a bigger and bigger target on her back. Don’t know how much longer she’ll stay in the game.

  4. Noah’s rankings are SPOT ON.

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