Survivor Kaôh Rōng Power Rankings – Week 10


For the 32nd season of Kaoh Rong we will be once again bringing you our weekly POWER RANKINGS as Noah is joined by Ozlets Colin, Ivan & Jarrod to rank the contestants each week based on performance and strategy and where they are perceived to be in the game! We continue our rankings for another week with our episode 10 rankings, which we are sure will cause speculation and debate as we get closer to next weeks episode!


Each week Noah, Colin, Ivan & Jarrod will rank the remaining contestants based on their opinion of where they stand in the game, with the four totals being tallied to produce a total score. The lowest total score will be ranked at the top, with the second lowest in second, third lowest in third and so on and so forth.


Once again during Kaoh Rong we will be scoring who gets the closest each week with the POWER RANKINGS LEADERBOARD! The ranker who gets closest in predicting the previous weeks eliminated contestant will score a point. If they predict the exact finishing position then they will score 2 points. If there are two or more rankers on the same prediction/number, they will both get the said points amount. Here is the leaderboard after this weeks episode:

1st Ivan Ornelas 7 (+2)
2nd Jarrod Loobeek 6 (+2)
3rd Noah Groves 4 (+2)
4th Colin Hilding 2


1st – Aubry


OVERALL: 1st (+2)

NOAH: Aubry made a strong recovery from last week’s tribal council. She was instrumental in getting Tai to flip on Scot/Jason and avoided getting voted out herself. She shouldn’t be targeted in the near future and leading the pack. Although some may try and vote her out before the finals as she has put a big target on her back now, no thanks to Scot/Jason. Aubry could win if she makes the end but we have seen her being quite cold to people trying to talk strategy to her and she has burnt some bridges so it may depend who she is sitting next to at the end.

COLIN: While I maintain that Aubry has made more poor moves that are likely to lose her the game, this week she finally made a move that can win over a jury, with no ramifications to her. With this week’s vote out Scot becomes the first person on the jury who I believe is all but guaranteed to vote for her, considering how many bigger enemies he has left in the game.

IVAN: She found a way past that Super Idol and now she’s got Tai as an ally. The more options you have this late in the game the better, and Aubry’s pretty much got a connection with nearly everyone left. You get a feeling though that sooner or later people will realize Aubry is a threat to win the game, but right now she’s got the pieces in place to reach the title of Sole Survivor.

JARROD: Aubry recovered nicely after losing Debbie to pull Tai in as a number and deliciously blindside Scot. Joe’s pretty much an extra vote for Aubry and she appears to have Cydney and the other girls firmly onside as well. At this point in time Aubry looks to hold all the power in the game and have the most options available to her. Plus, she’s no slouch in the challenges either and will probably continue to feature strongly in the battles for immunity.

2nd – Cydney


OVERALL: 2nd (-1)

NOAH: Cydney managed to avoid getting any votes this week which is good compared to her being targeted last. Scot and Jason wanted their revenge but that will now be hard to get with just Jason. She seems close to Aubry and will probably be safe at least for next week. Cydney could win the game but her chances worry me as her edit seems to be diminishing as the weeks go on.

COLIN: She’s taking  back seat again in terms of screen time, and Jason and Scot’s grudge against her seems stronger than I originally thought, but I now believe Tai will take the majority of the heat from them. As always she’s unfazed by conflict and keeps a level head. She needs another big move to make herself a winner in my opinion. While she has been targeted repeatedly, Tai is sure to take a lot of the heat off now.

IVAN: Her decision to leave her Brawn alliance is paying off so far, and with the super idol gone her chances of success are much better too. She can beat almost anyone left in the end should she make it that far, and it looks like she can.

JARROD: She’s been under threat the past few episodes but Tai’s flip should take some heat off of her back. Unfortunately for Cydney she seems to have lost a lot of power to Aubry and appears to be second in command to her Brainy ally. Can she wrestle back control at the appropriate time or is she destined to play second fiddle for the remainder of the piece?

3rd – Tai


OVERALL: 3rd (+2)

NOAH: I don’t think Tai’s move was necessarily a brilliant or horrible one, as with most moves in Survivor. He loses two jury votes but he also potentially gains some who are impressed with him making a move. He also flushes out an idol making him the only one in the game with one. However he does lose a meat shield in Scot. Now Tai is a huge threat with an idol in pocket and the double vote advantage. While the girls+Joe could stick with him, they could easily turn around and get him out before he does too much damage in the game. He will also have a tougher time beating the likes of Cydney and Aubry in the end compared to Scot and Jason which would be an almost guarantee. Either way it would have been a rocky road to the final three but if Tai can overcome the odds to get there then he could very well win.

COLIN: Week after week he made bad move after bad move. Finally a brilliant move that made for brilliant TV. Even though I’m still doubtful that he can make a case for his entire game in front of a jury, he owned this week enough to warrant this spot. Advantage in his back pocket along with his own idol, and the only other idol has now been flushed out. This is as clear a choice for #1 as I’ve had all season.

IVAN: This was a big move by Tai. Definitely risky, but if he uses his idol and advantage correctly that could make the difference for him. He has betrayed someone who is a grudge holder though so he can expect votes to go his way, but based on his personality and gameplay, that was bound to happen at this stage anyway. He has quite some work to do to work his way up in his new alliance.

JARROD: We’ll never know if Scot and Jason actually intended to cut Tai before the final 3 or whether they were simply trying to woo Julia over to fully committing to their alliance. Either way, Tai is a bit of an enigma and so far he has continuously found a way to land on his feet after questionable decisions and stumbles throughout the game. He’s the only player in the game with an idol and now he has the vote advantage as well which may prove to be a double edged sword moving forward. He’s been a central figure up until this point in time and it feels like his story still hasn’t fully run its course.

4th – Michele


OVERALL: 4th (-2)

NOAH: There seems to be this mass Michelle movement that claims, no debate, she is the winner. I am still not entirely sure why this exists so staunchly. Is it just people band wagoning to be a part of the herd? That being said, I wouldn’t rule her out as a winner completely but so far she has been painted as pretty insignificant and we know next to nothing about her.

COLIN: I’m sorry to all of her fans out there, but I see nothing in Michele’s game. Even though I don’t 100% agree with the statement, Aubry said this week that Julia was playing a great game and Michele was oblivious. Even if Michele isn’t, that shows the perception the other players have of her. Being perceived as an oblivious player makes her more likely to be kept around, and I know that everyone is going to say she will can make a big move without anyone seeing it coming, but lets be real, what indication have we been given that she will make any move?

IVAN: She’s in a good spot, but she’s got some tough decisions to make to not only get to the final 3 (or 2) but also be there with someone she can beat. She’s not in danger of going home but right now compared to Aubry and Cydney, her resume lacks a few feats that could make her a more likely candidate for Sole Survivor.

JARROD: Despite not factoring too heavily in the decision making in the last episode, Michele has done a good job of flying under the radar and never really looking likes she’s in too much danger. Her relationship with Julia who is close with Jason is a handy link if the girl’s alliance fractures after this past vote. While she hasn’t built a strong resume as yet, she’s set herself up well to play a part in the end game.

5th – Joe


OVERALL: 5th (+1)

NOAH: Joe is not being targeted by anyone but he is also not doing anything. Joe won’t win.

COLIN: Hey, remember that guy who was on Kaoh Rong that was hilarious to watch when he went into FBI mode on Peter? Whatever happened to that guy?

IVAN: Congratulations Joe on making it to the final 7, and existing. I’m not sure what else he has done in this game. Oh yeah, he tends the fire despite Jason, Scot, and Tai’s shenanigans. Maybe he’ll have another non-invisible episode but in many different ways he’s been disappointing.

JARROD: Each week it becomes harder to spot Joe in the episode despite there being less people around. The only reason it seems Joe would be targeted is if somebody is looking to make a safe or unexpected vote due to idol or advantage paranoia. He’s simply along for the ride at this point.

6th – Julia


OVERALL: 6th (-2)

NOAH: Playing both sides is helping Julia progress but no doubt will shoot her in the foot. Especially if the preview can be believed and she runs back to Jason. Julia is like Albert Destrade. She doesn’t want to piss anyone off but if she makes the finals everyone is just going to view her as flaky.

COLIN: I don’t agree with Aubry’s statement that Julia is playing a good game. Everyone is on to her, and nobody is really close enough to her for Julia to make strong allies going forward. Now Jason will work with her, but the numbers are no longer in Julia’s favor to flip. She’s stuck in the womans+Joe alliance, and all the way at the bottom, and that’s if they don’t target her first, which they seem to be doing.

IVAN: Cydney’s conversation with Aubry hints that Julia may have outlived her usefulness after this vote. She definitely stepped up her game but at the same time she stepped on a few too many toes. She could pay the price soon, or she may become an ideal player to take to the end.

JARROD: Playing the middle is useful when both sides hold power in the game but with the Scot, Jason and Tai alliance in tatters and the threat of a super idol gone, Julia’s value has significantly dropped. Aubry recognised her as a strategic threat this past episode and it may make sense to target a Beauty to keep the original tribe numbers level. If that’s the case Julia stands a strong chance of being viewed as the most dangerous to keep around.

7th – Jason


OVERALL: 7th (-)

NOAH: He was on the bottom last week and was on the bottom this week and will no doubt be on the bottom next week. Not only that but he lost his idol which was in Scot’s possession. If he wins the next immunity he could gain some momentum but even so, he will have to overcome a lot of odds to make the final 3.

COLIN: Yes he’s a bit of a jerk, and this sabotage plan isn’t really responsible for the shift in the game the way they believed it was, but I do see a chance for Jason to win now. For one thing (despite what Julia keeps saying) Jason hasn’t “betrayed” anyone in the game, and this sabotage thing didn’t even seem to bother anyone all that much. With the numbers so slanted against him it is possible the woman’s alliance starts turning on each other.

IVAN: I know better than to count this wily player out, but even though he is an easy person for many of the remaining players to beat at the end, he burned so many bridges. He doesn’t seem like he’s finished yet. Does he have an immunity run left in him? If not, his torch should be snuffed soon.

JARROD: In one fell swoop Jason loses his closest ally along with his idol and he seems the next logical boot. Perhaps the only thing going for Jason right now is the unpredictability of this season so far and he’ll certainly be hoping that continues next episode.

Our next Power Rankings will be up after the eleventh episode! What do you think of our rankings? Agree? Disagree? Let us know your thoughts below!






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5 Comments on Survivor Kaôh Rōng Power Rankings – Week 10

  1. -Michele could hardly win. she can sit in the FTC can recevie few votes too but wont win.
    -Cydney i think can win if she placed herself with the likes of julia/michele/tai in the FTC. But with Jason Scot on the jury i think she’ll have a hard time winning, but could win if she’s briliant enough to covince them.
    -Aubry i think has the best chances of winning right now. She only burned Debbie’s bridge when she blindsided her, but the rest i think looks at her as a force both strategic and physical in the game. I think with her humorous quotes (e.g Cochran’s Dream Girl etc etc) she may have the power to convice them to vote fo her.
    -Julia i think like Michele, she was too caught up to her “playing both sides” and yes we are seing to good effect on that move from her now but at the FTC if she makes it, that will be her downpoint and the reason she may not win.
    -Tai made the million dollar mistake of voting out Scot that was his supposed winning move. voting Aubry out to solidify his chances to win. He blew it.
    -Joe, who’s he again? oh, right, the old man who is always first out at challenges, yup, Aubry’s gonna take her loyal brain henchmen to the end to secure a win
    -Jason, he can win if he could pull off a Mike Holloway kinda performance, but by the looks of it he can’t. Aubry Cydney and even Tai i think has the power to beat him in challenges. And after all the bullying and boasting he did. I doubt he’ll get spared and not be voted off.

  2. Michael Moore // April 26, 2016 at 10:26 am // Reply

    Jason went from top dog to underdog

  3. ladundercover22 // April 26, 2016 at 12:45 pm // Reply

    it’s going to be so great when jason…kyle…jason steals neal’s idol from probst and wins this thing

  4. you forgot to rank mark the chicken (rip)

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