Reality Rally 2016 Interviews


Another year, another Reality Rally but this year was even bigger as our very own host Ben Waterworth ventured over to Temecula in California to attend his first ever event! When over there, Ben managed to land some big interviews and spoke with over 20 different contestants from a variety of seasons! Here today we present to you audio and video from those meetings with some amazing coverage in between! Click for more!

Ben attended all days of Reality Rally where he attended all the major events and spoke with each Survivor contestant that attended as well as some extra ones who made surprise appearances! He also managed to visit several other contestants across a variety of difference cities during his whirlwind tour of the US and Canada! You can download the audio of the interviews via the link below:

We also managed to film the interviews as well as other chance encounters which you can view via the videos below:





If you wish to see pictures of the events then check out our gallery on Facebook here.

A big thanks has to out to Gillian Larson and her crew for making the event possible and having Ben attend! One thing is for sure, we will definitely be back!

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3 Comments on Reality Rally 2016 Interviews

  1. Hello. Is this just a highlights package? Can we expect general interviews for Mike and Randy? Even if they are short.

    Looking forward to these.

    • It’s all the interviews that were done at Reality Rally Leslie, you’ll have to listen to find out!

      • Thanks. It was fun to watch. Good job. Next up you guys need to go to the other events so survivoroz can be involved in all.

        One guest I was so surprised to see what a ball to have her from Gabon and hear her talk. Wont say who, so not spoil it for others.

        I enjoyed the interviews. Look forward future reality rally videos next year.

        How amazing is Kelley Wentworth in person. Im so jealous you got to spend time with her. Cant wait to see her on survivoroz in future.

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