Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Individual Immunity Necklaces


Throughout the years of Survivor, we have seen 32 different individual immunity necklace designs. The coveted immunity necklace is up for grabs at post merge challenges as a token of safety for the winning castaway. In today's top 10 Ozlet Alec Culver ranks his top 10 favourite immunity necklaces based around their look, memorability and story as well as how tailored they are to the theme of the season as well. Read on to find out which 10 designs make it onto the list!

A little while ago I made a top 10 list of the best tribal immunity idols. Now it is time for the merge and so I am looking at individual immunity necklaces. Once again I’m going to incorporate the theme of the season and the culture of the area as well as how good the necklace looked. I also looked a bit on the infamous moments involved with the necklace that make a big difference as well. I also incorporated a bit of help from my brother, a very casual Survivor fan, to help me just look at the ones that were just good to look at to have a different perspective.

10. Survivor: Vanuatu


The pig seemed to be a huge theme throughout the season of Vanuatu and this immunity necklace shows that. It may not be the flashiest of necklaces but it still is a very nice one to look at. Whether it was Chris, Sarge or Ami this necklace looked good on all who wore it. It also did a great job of involving the culture of Vanuatu as well as it was similar to what you would see natives wearing.

9. Survivor: Philippines


This is not a super flashy necklace at all. This might even be just a typical necklace you could buy at your local jewelry store but something about this necklace makes it wonderful. I don’t know if it is just the random pendant at the bottom but this is one that my brother really enjoyed. It is one of the simplest immunity necklaces you will see but it is still one of the better looking ones as well. Sometimes simple is the best.

8. Survivor: Blood vs. Water


This is another basically simple necklace. The bottom half of this necklace makes it wonderful. It is some sort of design and then of course the tassels just make anything better. I mean and the fact that the whole necklace part is red as well makes it even better. It’s sometimes these little details that take a necklace from being good to being great.

7. Survivor: Pearl Islands


Let’s keep this simplistic train going. If you want to talk about the most simplistic immunity necklace in Survivor history. However, this worked really well for the theme of the season. The theme of pirates was constant throughout Pearl Islands. Nothing put that theme more into action then this immunity necklace. I mean when you have survivors fighting to win a sword then you are basically making them pirates. I mean the only thing that would be more pirate like to fight over would be a boat but that is a little too big for an immunity necklace. This immunity necklace really hammers in the theme of Survivor Pearl Islands.

6. Survivor: Panama


Now let’s get off that simplistic train and jump on the over complicated train. This necklace is one of the most detailed immunity necklaces you will ever see. With Exile Island being a big theme in this season and all the skulls and bones and such also being a theme this necklace does the best of combining all those themes and then making it into an immunity necklace. This is a great necklace and well probably the most complicated and flashy on this list.

5. Survivor: China


Now lets continue on the complicated train for a bit. There has been no culture used as well in a season of Survivor as well as China’s was. That might be cause for debate but it just was. This necklace truly proves it as well. This necklace is filled with Chinese characters and other complicated things. It is a necklace that you could probably see an ancient Chinese warrior wearing as well. Just everything about this necklace makes it one of the best ones because it is so detailed and probably took a long time to make.

4. Survivor: Africa


Now let’s move to the arts and crafts train. This necklace was one of the most unique. I mean it is seriously a type of painting a kid could come up with in arts class but that is just what makes it even better. All the flashy colors make it great to look at not to mention that it is very similar to the type of tribal gear you would see some of the locals wear. It really did capture the theme of Africa but also made a colorful and very cool looking immunity necklace all at the same time.

3. Survivor: Palau


What can you not say about this idol? Although we only saw it on 2 people, Tom and Ian, it was still a really good immunity idol. I mean it’s another one that isn’t super flashy but it went with the theme and one top of it, it has freaking teeth on there. It is literally the coolest idol just for that reason. No other idol even comes close to how cool this idol is. Obviously there are better looking ones but this one is easily on this list just for that reason alone, and it is a great idol for the theme of the season.

2. Survivor: The Amazon


Another great immunity necklace. This one is one that has a lot of history behind it. First off, this idol is really great to look at. It looks similar to the type of birds you might be able to find in the Amazon jungle so it goes well with the culture. On top of it the history of this necklace is great. First of all, this was the first immunity necklace ever won by someone and given away at tribal as at the final 6 tribal, Jenna won and gave the necklace to Heidi. Also and probably the most historical fact of them all, this idol actually got burned a little bit. It was an iconic moment as Butch’s need to gather all the firewood ended up leading to the tribe’s shelter burning down and the immunity necklace got burnt as well. All of the cultural aspects, the beauty and the historical factors make this necklace easily one of the greatest ever.

1. Survivor: Tocantins


This was a no brainer for me. When I thought of this list I easily said that this would be my number one choice. Not only that, but my brother agreed with me. I guess the abundance of feathers really sit well with me. This is easily the most beautiful of all the immunity necklaces and probably the easiest to remember. Not only is this necklace beautiful but it kind of went with the season. Although Brazilian highlands don’t really make you think of feathers and birds, it was Coach that really made this necklace special. No, him winning it and wearing the necklace is not what I mean. He wore feathers to tribal council all the time this season and it really went well, whether he had immunity around his necklace or not. This necklace I don’t feel needs an explanation as to why it is the best ever because it’s beauty alone should be able to do that.

Honorable Mentions: Survivor: Borneo, Survivor: Thailand, Survivor: Gabon, Survivor: Micronesia, Survivor: One World, Survivor: Caramoan


What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!


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6 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Individual Immunity Necklaces

  1. Great list! There are four necklaces I feel were overlooked:

  2. Gabriel Snuffles // May 18, 2016 at 12:00 pm // Reply

    Technically Jolanda also wore the Palau necklace (in the very first episode).

  3. Torstein Rehn // May 19, 2016 at 6:16 am // Reply

    I think the Worlds apart one was the worst. Cambodia’s was cool though

  4. Andy honyak // May 19, 2016 at 11:37 pm // Reply

    Please make an article that explains why Michele deserves her win! It is so important for the fan community to see it! Thanks, always a big fan

  5. I like Tocantins, Caramoan, and Cambodia, because it’s flashy, and I think the bone assembly of the Caramoan necklace is pretty neat. The one from Philippines is somewhat similar to those Sultans and Datus used to wore in the country. of course I knew this, I’m from Philippines.

    my least faves are Palau, looks like a bone meal leftover, and Worlds Apart, what the f*ck are those neon glow in the dark stones for?

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