Survivor: Kaoh Rong – Report Card


Another season of Survivor is over and the winner of Kaoh Rong has been announced! But were they the best player? Did any other players deserve to make it further than they did? Who was completely underrated and who was completely overrated? In today's feature article join Noah and Ivan as they sit down and give each contestant a grade in the official Survivor Oz – Survivor: Kaoh Rong Report Card! We guarantee you that some contestants parents will be glad to see their reports whilst others will be hiding them on their way home!

Darnell Hamilton

Voted Out Day Three

Noah’s Grade: C

Ivan’s Grade: D+


NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Darnell’s biggest issues were becoming too close to Cydney and screwing up in the first immunity challenge. It’s really as simple as that. He wasn’t disastrous and many first boots before him have been worse but he can’t really be too much higher than this. The fact he went out over Alecia has to say something about his game though.

IVAN’S THOUGHTS: I’m as big of a Darnell sympathizer as anyone. I was among many who thought he could do well and also be a good character. But his path kind of had a Zane Knight trajectory. He becomes the 5th male to be the first player out in the last 6 seasons. His mistake in the challenge was avoidable, but if he had done a better job socially he might have been able to recover from that. Maybe he was too close to Cydney or maybe he came off as too scrambly after the challenge, we didn’t see a whole lot but I can’t give him a higher grade.

Jennifer Lanzetti

Voted Out Day Six

Noah’s Grade: C

Ivan’s Grade: C-


NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Jenny had a strong start to her game and a disastrous end to her game. Week one she was a part of the majority alliance with Scot and Jason but also had bonds with Cydney and Alecia. On one hand she played too hard too fast and was caught out for it. On the other hand, knowing a switch is coming, getting rid of Jason wouldn’t have been the worst move ever. Major points off for that bombshell of a tribal council performance though.

IVAN’S THOUGHTS: Even though her downfall was likely more her own doing than Darnell’s, she did pretty well for herself in the first three days to earn her a slightly higher grade. She’s a strong woman but maybe the bug in her ear or something else just got to her and caused her to flinch in a crucial moment. She managed to notice her mistake but I think she only made it worse. In Survivor, sometimes you just have to keep it simple and stick to a plan, especially early in the game. She might have been Cydney, but her mistake meant it wasn’t meant to be.

Liz Markham

Voted Out Day Eight

Noah’s Grade: C

Ivan’s Grade: C-


NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Like Jenny, Liz’s game kind of fell apart towards the end of her time. Her biggest fault was aligning too closely with Peter and attempting to run the game too overtly. She also had a questionable time connecting with people out there, seemingly viewed as whiny and annoying by Joe and Debbie and by extension Neal and Aubry. Liz had potential but ultimately being weaker in challenges saw her go home over Peter.

IVAN’S THOUGHTS: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are good alliances. Liz did manage to find one, but then it crumbled faster than Rome did. And it was her and Peter’s fault to some extent. I know some of you are thinking “what a noob Ivan, buying into the edit” but the edit is there for a reason. They have to show us why the person who is voted out gets voted out and her and Peter’s bossiness and complacency cost Liz the game. Unfortunately she wasn’t as strong as Peter, and if she was the guy in this alliance she may have lasted long enough to see the swap. But like Colby Donaldson said, if it’s and but’s were candy and nuts we’d have a Merry Christmas.

Caleb Reynolds

Medically Evacuated Day Nine

Noah’s Grade: C+

Ivan’s Grade: C


NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Caleb is an interesting one as we didn’t really see much of his game. On one hand based on his position when he left and the potential going forward he is a ‘C+’ on the other hand he didn’t do a whole lot to deserve more than a ‘C.’ However he does deserve to be higher than Darnell, Jenny and Liz. Of the beauty men he was doing the best at making bonds and was joined in to the girl’s alliance as a fourth number and also had an alliance with Tai. Unless screwed over by a tribe swap, it is very unlikely for Caleb to be voted out before the merge if he had not been medivaced.

IVAN’S THOUGHTS: We saw enough of Caleb’s game to show he had good bonds with people and he wasn’t going home soon if it weren’t for his medevac. He seemed like a much more calm and steady person than he was portrayed in Big Brother. At the same time though, his strongest alliance was with Tai and he was also 4th with the women. He did decent enough during the time he was in the game.

Alecia Holden

Voted Out Day Eleven

Noah’s Grade: C-

Ivan’s Grade: C-


NOAH’S THOUGHTS: As much as Alecia was a character in the early days of Kaoh Rong, she really was the worst player of the season. She was a fighter who never gave up when it came to making fire, finding idols or challenges which can be commended but not excused for the rest of her game. She had an awful social game which pretty much destroyed any chance of her joining with the majority and even when Jenny wanted to work with her she acknowledged how much Alecia drives her crazy. Perhaps if she had been put on a more suitable tribe she would have thrived better. She pretty much survived through the mistakes of Darnell and Jenny to the point where the tribe pretty much threw the challenge to vote her out. Props for staying quiet during the Jenny tribal though.

IVAN’S THOUGHTS: The audience did miss out on what made Alecia so unbearable and it turned out to be personalities clashing. However, she did the best with the cards she was given, and had Jen kept her composure and completed the female alliance blindside on Jason, Alecia could’ve really caused some damage. A combination of her game and the players she played with prevented that from happening. She had some flashes of brilliance, but even though she never gave up she was always delaying an early exit.

Anna Khait

Voted Out Day Thirteen

Noah’s Grade: C+

Ivan’s Grade: C


NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Anna didn’t end up being the player she was hyped up to be, but she did do decently for her short time in the game. She was instrumental in the formation of the all-girls beauty alliance and seemed to be in control over the tribe early on. She was shown by the edit to be the ringleader of the tribe and balanced relationships between the girls and Caleb. If Beauty went to tribal council it would have been very unlikely that Anna goes home and likely she would have controlled the vote. With some better luck Anna could have made the merge and Michele could have been a pre merge vote. The big kicker here was literally all three of the Beauty girls going to different tribes and Caleb being medivaced right before.

IVAN’S THOUGHTS: I know a lot of her fans will hate me for not giving her even a slightly higher grade, but I feel like except for maybe Silas Gaither and Gina Crews, this is a fair grade to give to most swap boots. She had lots of potential but it might say something (very subtly) about her game that Tai and Scot were willing to potentially tie the vote for Julia but not Anna. I give her credit where credit is due, for locking up a strong alliance pre swap. However, that’s like when I score the first goal in a game of FIFA and I still lose 2-1. Not a bad effort but not a good result.

Peter Baggenstos

Voted Out Day Sixteen

Noah’s Grade: C-

Ivan’s Grade: C-


NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Peter was my favourite player in Survivor: Kaoh Rong but he really didn’t play a great game. He started out okay in a young person’s alliance before they all started turning on each other. He became too close to Liz and alienated others, all while being incredibly cocky at tribal council (and subsequent ones). The tribe swap more than likely saved him from a brains vote out but only gave him a few more days in the game. He was flip flopping between turning on Joe and Aubry and staying with a brains majority. He was called out by Joe and then told Scot and Tai he wouldn’t vote for them. Even up to the end he maintained his cockiness and despite sticking with the brains, his eventual and unsurprising downfall came just before the merge. Peter’s big flaw is that he never seemed to learn from the mistakes he made in the game. He was damn entertaining though! #bringpeterback

IVAN’S THOUGHTS: He did make it 4 places higher than Liz, but he deserves the same grade as her. It could have easily been him instead of Liz at that third Tribal Council. And he was set up for a reprise with how the swap happened, but he blew it. He received votes at all three Tribal Councils he attended and systemically lost the trust of every player in that tribe by the time he was voted out. He seemed like a promising player the first two episodes in, but I don’t know what happened after that.

Neal Gottlieb

Medically Evacuated Day Nineteen

Noah’s Grade: C+

Ivan’s Grade: B-


NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Neal was adamant that he was going to win the game but from everything that we know, he was going home the night he was medivaced. If not that then he was losing an idol or an ally member in Aubry which would have been a huge set back. In fairness to him, Aubry managed to recover from losing Neal and made it to the end though. We didn’t really get to see the extent of Neal’s game or what he was doing out there. He didn’t appear to be playing a bad game but we also only got to see him at one tribal council. He managed to find an idol, form some bonds and stay in the pre merge majority but other than that it seems Neal wasn’t much longer for the game.

IVAN’S THOUGHTS: He had some good confessionals, seemed capable at playing the strategic game, and found an idol. However all his actual or potential Tribal Council visits either had him as a target or meant his alliance was in peril. He did not seem to make many good bonds with players outside of the Brain tribe. Aubry does have Neal to thank because his untimely exit did buy her time to turn the game around when she was expected to be voted out. However even if Neal stayed in the game he might have just moved up a few places on the jury bench (which he didn’t inhabit in any spot on Day 39).

Nick Maiorano

Voted Out Day Twenty-Two

Noah’s Grade: C+

Ivan’s Grade: C


NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Nick, like Neal, was a player who showed potential and was much more favourable when he actually received some screen time. At the merge it seemed he was in with the majority fairly quickly and was perceptive of the situation. It became clear that Nick only painted a bigger target on his back and he was destined to be that physically fit alpha male who becomes an early jury member. We didn’t see a whole lot of his game pre merge but it seems he would have been voted out if the Beauty tribe went to tribal council after the Caleb medivac and likely beforehand too if Tai played his idol. He seemed to create ok bonds with the women but Michele was also frustrated with him behind his back. Ultimately Nick was eliminated on the first tribal council he went to.

IVAN’S THOUGHTS: Like some other earlier boots, Nick at some point found himself in a good position but then he messed it up. Unlike other boots, he was very open and vocal about knowing he was being arrogant. He was given multiple chances and multiple configurations of players to try to make solid bonds with, but he blew most of those chances. If I was grading him for his entertainment value, he would have one of the highest grades this season.

Debbie Wanner

Voted Out Day Twenty-Four

Noah’s Grade: B-

Ivan’s Grade: B-


NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Debbie is another one of those players who did some good and some equally bad things in the game. She was shown as crazy and people were distant from her initially, with Joe and her being targeted early. Her shining moment was when she rallied a new four person brains alliance to take out Liz and put Peter on the bottom of the tribe. She demonstrated she was there to play and was not just a character. In the swapped tribe she didn’t have to go to tribal council but did a good job of making bonds with people, particularly Cydney. In the merge she quickly found herself in the majority but it was also where her weaknesses started to show. She was too blunt with others while trying to get in an alliance and she was stubborn with her alliance on who they voted for. This lead to her being blindsided by her own alliance for being a loose cannon. If Debbie was to play again, she would probably improve on her game but I don’t see her ever winning the game.

IVAN’S THOUGHTS: She tried too hard to play like Coach and Tony I believe. She micromanaged her alliance and played very aggressively, but it just didn’t work with this group. It was only a matter of time before either she would selfdestruct or she would be diffused, and Aubry lead the charge to defuse her. Might not have been the best move for Aubry or Michele because it did cost them an ally, but Debbie should’ve read the situation better and given her alliance the chance to dictate that vote.

Scot Pollard

Voted Out Day Twenty-Seven

Noah’s Grade: B-

Ivan’s Grade: B+


NOAH’S THOUGHTS: I will preface this by saying Scot was initially at a ‘C+’ grading until I thought more in to the extent of his survival in the game. Scot went to every single tribal council in the pre merge except for one and still managed to survive in to the merge after sabotaging the camp, and that should be commended somewhat. Scot was eliminated on his 8th tribal council and just looking at those who went after him, Julia attended 5, Jason attended 8, Joe attended 8 and Michele, the eventual winner attended 7 (not including the jury vote out and final tribal). Scot had strengths in his social skills of bonding with others, understood the strategy of the game and was physical in the challenges. He did a lot of good in the game. Scot was the nexus between Tai and Jason and the crossing point with the idols. He was also a big factor in what kept Julia on their side. The ‘C+’ comes in the form of sabotaging the camp and becoming too obnoxious whilst in control with Jason.

IVAN’S THOUGHTS: Scot had one of the toughest roads early on the game, attending most of the pre merge Tribal Councils and being a former professional athlete which we all know by now is one of the least successful demographics in the game (though it is a very small sample size). However, he played very well all things considered. I can’t agree with some things he said to Alecia, but he was playing a solid strategic game as well as social with everyone else. But he, Nick, and Jason got too cocky. Scot could have possibly made a comeback in the game had he either played his idol or kept Tai satisfied, but from there it was only a matter of time.

Julia Sokolowski

Voted Out Day Twenty-Nine

Noah’s Grade: C+

Ivan’s Grade: B+


NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Julia surprised people in the game and tried hard to play not only the social aspect but also the strategic side. Her biggest issue was that she was so transparent. She was playing both sides and everyone knew about. This was a big part of her eventual downfall when she alienated herself from the wrong side. Had she made the end she probably would have struggled to get any jury votes as she would have turned on everyone during the game such as Tai. She played the strategy but it wasn’t an overly great strategy. That being said, Julia did do some good things in the game. She was a part of the majority girl’s alliance on the Beauty tribe, she survived in solitude on the Totang beach and came back to the swapped tribe to survive the vote over Peter. She also made minor decisions to help her such as lying about her age as well as getting along with most people in the game.

IVAN’S THOUGHTS: Once she had to start playing the game, she went full force and influenced the proceedings. She did get caught playing both sides and played a bit too hard at times, but she did what she had to do to give herself the best chance possible to make it deep and have a shot at winning. She really did. Her inability to commit though cost her. A full on switch to Tai/Jason/Scot had some valuable final 3 possibilities for her, but ultimately she got outplayed by the likes of Aubry, Cydney, and co.

Kyle Jason

Voted Out Day Thirty-Two

Noah’s Grade: B-

Ivan’s Grade: B+


NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Jason is another one of those players who was a tossup between a ‘C+’ and a ‘B-‘ but he did do some good things throughout the game, despite some of his mistakes. He fought with Alecia and Jenny wanted him gone early but he did create some strong bonds during the pre-merge phase of the game. Even when Jenny tried to get him out he had enough sway to turn it around on her. He also found the hidden immunity idol and made sure the brawn tribe lost so Alecia could go home and only his alliance would know about the idol. He started in a power position in the merge but his biggest flaw was being too tight and in control with Scot which would alienate both Cydney and Tai at different moments. Jason’s biggest detractor is the sabotage at the camp, which in my opinion, is an indefinable move in terms of strategy. Jason did a good job of being both tough as well as garnering sympathy from others. Unafraid to bring up his life story if the situation came forth. Had he made the end, Jason may have struggled to win but he definitely would have got some votes in the end.

IVAN’S THOUGHTS: Jason played very much like Scot did so it is only fitting I give him the same grade as Scot. He did not live up to the comparisons to Russell Hantz that he bestowed upon himself with his pre season answers, but he played hard. It did not always translate to playing well, and he had some good plans to make a comeback after he was down in numbers. He might not have needed them had he did a better job managing his alliance.

Joe Del Campo

Medically Evacuated Day Thirty-Four

Noah’s Grade: C+

Ivan’s Grade: B


NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Joe didn’t do anything terrible in the game but he also didn’t really do anything. He stuck close to Aubry and his allies and either voted the way they said or voted for whatever the original plan was. He seemed liked by the rest of the cast and performed well physically for his age but that was pretty much it. Had he not been medivaced, he likely would have made the end as a goat and receive few or no votes from the jury.

IVAN’S THOUGHTS: Despite being in the game every episode except one, we saw very little of Joe’s gameplay. He was very loved though and if he had made it to the end and at least gotten some votes, we may have seen more of lovable Joe instead of dopey Joe. The Joe we saw interrogating Peter and coming from behind to win reward, soliciting a happy reaction from the other competitors, was something I wish we got more of this season. He certainly was going to the end if he was not medevaced, but even if he did given what we saw he was not a likely winner.

Cydney Gillon

Voted Out Day Thirty-Seven

Noah’s Grade: A-

Ivan’s Grade: A-


NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Was Michele deserving of her win? Absolutely. But I believe that Cydney played the all-round strongest game of the season. Starting early on she was in with everyone on the brawn tribe. She had the core alliance with Scot and Jason and for a short time Jenny. She had an alliance with Darnell before he was voted out and she also seemed to have Alecia under her wing too. Cydney had the power to go wherever she wanted on that tribe and was never a target to go home. After the swap she began working on building relationships with the likes of Debbie and Michele which would aid her into the merge. Cydney made the decision to lie about her schooling experience to downplay her intelligence and appear more as just the jock. At the merge she had the option of going with her original brawn bunch or with new found relationships. She eventually joined with the women and created a close bond with Aubry, thus giving her a trust and bond with both Aubry and Michele. This is one knock against her game though as it served to piss Jason and Scot off and for them to have no connection with her after, which could have been bad in the final tribal council. From there she played the strategy, the physical and social game down to the final four, rarely ever in danger. At the final four she was in a position where only one outcome would see her go home and even then it was through a tiebreaker. If Cydney, Tai or Aubry win the final immunity Cydney goes to the final three and has a legitimate shot at winning the game. Up against Michele it could have been a bit closer but she still had a chance. Cydney was a great player of the game.

IVAN’S THOUGHTS: It took a while for Cydney to find her footing in the game and be the master of her own destiny, but once that time came, there was no turning back. She, Aubry, and Michele are all examples of good ways people should play the game. Not a perfect game, but being adaptive, knowing when to switch alliances, and knowing when to make moves. She had tempting offers from Jenn and Alecia to switch things up but she stayed the course until it no longer suited her. Despite being one of the most physically intimidating players in the cast, she was never targeted for being a physical threat. She was a good player all around.

Tai Trang

Second Runner-Up

Noah’s Grade: B

Ivan’s Grade: B+


NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Tai is an interesting player and was really all over the place. However despite being a goat, I do think Tai did some good things in the game to get to the end. One thing I think you can say is that Tai definitely didn’t ride coattails to the end like a lot of other goats. His game got off to a bad start when he was caught looking for the idol but did pick up from there. He was sociable and a provider for the group and found an idol which would have protected him from the beauty alliance. The swap is where he really started to shine as he gained the trust of Scot and together they were a level headed duo which managed to survive both tribal’s and with Julia still among the pack. From here, Tai was rarely ever targeted in the merge. He was in one majority alliance with Scot and Jason until that became the minority and he felt his voice wasn’t heard (which seemed partly true) and he switched in to the current majority. In hindsight his failed move to get Michele out was in fact a good decision but he lacked support and was too controlling when it came to executing the move. Tai definitely struggled in many aspects of the game but also proved capable in the game. He did seem self-aware at times, was an absolute fighter in the challenges and a charming guy. Tai didn’t lose because he was unlikeable but because he turned on too many people in the game. Another big issue was that he struggled to talk coherently in the tribal councils which could be a language situation or just the way he is, maybe a bit of both. Tai will never be an all-time great but his game wasn’t horrible.

IVAN’S THOUGHTS: Most of the audience wanted Tai to succeed so badly, and thankfully we had him make it all the way to Day 39. He delivered entertainment wise this season, like fellow Beauty Nick but for much different reasons. A lot of people questioned moves like turning on Anna and Scot, but I saw the strategic value in those moves. What bothered me the most and what hurt Tai’s grade and his chances of winning were his Tribal Council performances. That involved giving away too much information, a polite but unnecessary verbal beat down on Michelle, and some unsatisfactory answers. He didn’t get voted out using his advantage but he did waste it nonetheless. Congrats on keeping Mark alive for the duration of the game.

Aubry Bracco


Noah’s Grade: B+

Ivan’s Grade: A-


NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Did Aubry deserve to win the game? Maybe. She played a solid game but she also made a bunch of questionable moves or mistakes in the game too. It started early on when she was struggling with the elements and wishing people got to see the ‘real’ her. This followed through with the Peter vote out where she lost Julia’s trust by having her name on the parchment and she voted out an ally in Peter, although admittedly he was a flaky ally. Aubry was also targeted early in the merge and either her or her ally Neal would have become the first jury member. She did become a rallying point in forming the girl’s alliance which was instrumental in her rise to power and eventually making the end. She had Joe wrapped around her finger and the other girls seemed to trust her and want to work with her. She had a close alliance with Cydney on one side, a close alliance with Tai on one side and a close alliance with Joe on another. One of Aubry’s flaws was neglecting people who weren’t in her alliance and she often came off as blunt or cold when people who weren’t in her alliance tried to talk strategy. In hindsight voting out Debbie and not voting out Michele at final six seemed to be mistakes for her game. Michele voting out Neal wouldn’t have actually changed the final vote but it does make Aubry’s loss look greater than it could have been. Ultimately Aubry is a decent all round player who learnt as the game went on and with some tweaks and less mistakes, she could go on to be considered a strong Survivor player.

IVAN’S THOUGHTS: There was a vocal minority that lamented Carolyn Rivera’s loss in Survivor Worlds Apart, but the minority was silence by Mike Holloway’s happy dance and amazing personality and entertainment value. Aubry had qualities of both those players, so it is understandable why a lot more people were upset that she lost. While Tai and Jason fell short of the frequent Yau-Man and Russell comparisons, I think Aubry fits right into the Stephen Fishbach and Spencer Bledsoe group of nerdy losing finalist who played very well despite the loss. Almost every vote Aubry had a role in keeping her alliance together or completing some damage control, and she did what she needed to do to survive even though many times it looked like she was screwed. She will certainly be asked to play again, but her losing the game did expose her only weaknesses. She was too eager to make moves and didn’t always make the right ones available, even though they were successful in getting her to the end.

Michele Fitzgerald

Sole Survivor

Noah’s Grade: B+

Ivan’s Grade: A


NOAH’S THOUGHTS: As I wrote earlier, Michele was definitely deserving of her win. But is she one of the best in Survivor history? Definitely not. That being said she didn’t really make too many mistakes in the game and this was the season of pretty much everyone making mistakes. It is hard to say much about Michele’s early game as she didn’t go to tribal council until day 22, the same as Nick. It is debatable if this is a pro or a con for her game. On one hand it is commendable that she avoided tribal council for so long but on the other it could be argued that she didn’t have to play the game until much later than everyone else. In fact she shares the record for least attended tribal councils for a winner along with Tom Westman. Early on she was a part of the girl’s alliance which was in control on the Beauty tribe. She drew a better straw than Anna though and ended up on a stronger tribe. Here she was easy to follow Debbie and dismiss what Nick said, as well as being a factor for the tribe losing a reward challenge. If Chan lo did go to tribal council it is hard to see if she would have been voted out but it is a real possibility in an attempt to break up the Beauty alliance. At the merge she made a good decision to switch over to the girls + Joe which is ultimately what got her down to the final five. She had an alliance with Julia and also a tight bond with Cydney. Voting out Julia ironically got her some respect rather than losing votes. Michele was able to fly under the radar because of bigger characters like Scot and Jason. Her biggest strength was having a relationship with everyone in the game. She was also strong in the challenges towards the end of the game, winning a vital challenge which probably would have seen her voted out otherwise. She also made the right decision when it came to voting out a jury member in Neal, who was not only against her but a lock for Aubry. She owned up to and defended her game at the end and received five jury votes which is respectable. Michele isn’t one of the best winners or one the greatest Survivor players of all time but she did a decent job in the game.

IVAN’S THOUGHTS: Being the Sole Survivor means you deserve a higher grade than everyone else. This is the first time since Sophie Clarke, maybe John Cochran to some extent, where the winner had mixed receptions from the viewers as to how deserving she was. I felt that the Survivor fan base had become more united under the belief that everyone who wins Survivor deserves it. Survivor is a very tough game and everyone gets lucky along the way. She went halfway through the game with no Tribal Council visits and she was likely the biggest beneficiary from Joe’s medevac, but Michele did what she needed to do to get to the end. And she had to have done something right to win over a jury that for the most part seemed to doubt her intelligence and role in the game. Finally, she made the best possible choice on which juror to vote out. Congratulations Michele. I believe this was the first time since Kim Spradlin (before I began writing for Survivor Oz) I was right about a winner pick.

Do you agree with our report card? Who did we get right? Who did we get wrong? Comment below to let us know your thoughts!



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10 Comments on Survivor: Kaoh Rong – Report Card

  1. I’m suprised Julia and Debbie got those marks. I’d give Debbie and Julia B+ easily.

    Scot and Jason should be C grade players.

  2. Way too generous. IMO:
    Darnell: D+
    Jenny: D-
    Liz: C
    Caleb: C+
    Alecia: F
    Anna: B-
    Peter: D+
    Neal: C
    Nick: D-
    Debbie: B+
    Scot: C-
    Julia: B-
    Jason: C
    Joe: F
    Cydney: A++
    Tai: B+
    Aubry: A+
    Michele: C+

  3. This was mine:
    Darnell: C
    Jenny: D
    Liz: C-
    Caleb: C+
    Alecia: D+
    Anna: C+
    Peter: C+
    Neal: B-
    Nick: B-
    Debbie: B-
    Scot: C+
    Julia: B-
    Jason: B-
    Cydney: B+
    Tai: B
    Aubrey: A
    Michele: B+

  4. Darnell: D
    Jenn: D
    Liz: D
    Caleb: C
    Alecia: D-
    Anna: C
    Peter: F
    Neal: B
    Nick: D-
    Debbie: B-
    Scot: C-
    Julia: B
    Kyle: D+
    Joe: C
    Cydney: B+
    Tai: C-
    Aubry: A-
    Michele: A

    That’s the proper ranking.

  5. Anyone who openly pours water on a fire shouldn’t be higher than a C. Scot getting a B+ baffles me.

    Also, Social > Strategic.

  6. This is mine
    Darnell: C
    Jenny: C
    Liz: C-
    Caleb: B-
    Alecia: C-
    Anna: C
    Peter: C-
    Neal: B-
    Nick: B-
    Debbie: C+
    Scott: C-
    Julia: B-
    Jason: C
    Joe: D
    Cydney: B+
    Tai: A-
    Aubrey: A
    Michele: B

  7. Here is my grade
    Darnell: D+
    Jenny: E
    Liz: E
    Caleb: C
    Alecia: E
    Anna: C
    Peter: D-
    Neal: C
    Nick: C+
    Debbie: D+
    Scott: B-
    Julia: B-
    Jason: B-
    Joe: E
    Cydney: A-
    Tai: A-
    Aubrey: A+
    Michele: C-

  8. BS to all those comments giving Michele a C!!! She deserves at least an A- like any other winner. Guess some people will never understand what deserving means.

  9. Gonna take a stand for Joe on this one. While his edit suggests a weak game, I think his edit is a consequence of his medevac.

    Think back to Erik Reichenbach’s edit in Caramoan, it was also minimal. I don’t think this was necessarily because Erik isn’t a worthwhile player, but because they wanted to set up the endgame, an endgame that he couldn’t impact, not because he was strategically outplayed, but because he was going to be pulled from the game.

    Spending time on Joe, a player who was inconsequential because of his eventual medevac, similarly, would have been a waste when so much was going on with the final 4. That doesn’t mean Joe wasn’t a good player. When you think of it, he should have been targeted, like Jane was in Nicaragua, as an older player who’s well liked and respected.

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