Survivor Ozlet Show–Australian Survivor 2016 Cast Reaction


Join some of your favourite Ozlets as they sit down and bring you their very own special episode! In their 13th ever episode, they sit down and discuss their thoughts on the Australian Survivor 2016 cast, plus all the latest news since their last Australian Survivor  episode. Click for more!

Noah is joined by the Australian Ozlets Jarrod and Ryan to discuss their thoughts and reactions to the cast announcement of Australian Survivor. They discuss what they like and dislike about the cast as well as what surprises there are amongst the 24 contestants.

This is not a full cast assessment for the season, rather a general reaction and discussion. The full 24 player cast assessment will come at a time closer to the premiere of the season.

You can check the short bios of all the cast members here:


Australian Survivor is expected to debut in August or September this year. Click below to download the episode!

Stay tuned for more Australian Survivor 2016 episodes coming in the next few months!

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3 Comments on Survivor Ozlet Show–Australian Survivor 2016 Cast Reaction

  1. Lolz at these guys acting like Ben is not on. The cast leaked on sucks weeks ago and everyone knows that Ben is playing. Nice try guys.

  2. Not sure, but is Brooke Caucasian? Possibly mixed?

  3. Maybe Ben is producer or adviser or something,

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