Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Final Fours


The overall reception of a Survivor season can depend strongly on its ending and which players make it deep in the game. From true underdog stories to anybody can win scenarios, the final four is a crucial time in the game, all the more so in seasons ending in a final 2. In today's top 10, American Ozlet Anthony Rossi takes a look at some of the more memorable final fours and selects his ten favourite based on their character, excitement, gameplay and storylines. Read on to find out which awesome foursomes make the list!

10. Survivor Kaoh Rong: Michele, Aubry, Tai, Cydney


The most recent featured quite an eclectic cast with many standouts, mainly the women. The females came and delivered with good strategy and quality entertainment. The most notable male this season is, without a doubt, Tai; he was loved by most and was a pivotal character the entire season. This final 4 presented a wide array of values while playing this game and manifested in many different ways. This grouping has worked together this season and also targeted one another as well; the complex relationships between these four player made quite the dynamic end to the season.

9. Survivor San Juan del Sur: Natalie, Jaclyn, Missy, Keith


The second season to feature the Blood vs Water format played out quite differently than its predecessor. Many of the players were figuring out the game as it went along, most notably Keith Nale. Keith was the star male this season, not for his strategic moves, but for the lack thereof. The varied mixture of strategic gameplay and comical character relief is what makes this grouping so unique to watch. All 4 had a very different journey to make to this place and created really dynamic story lines and compelling television. Every person in this final 4 was a fan favorite and received a lot of commendation for their time in the game.

8. Survivor All Stars: Amber, Rob, Jenna L, Rupert


I find it incredibly interesting when an alliance is able to make it all the way to the end, which will be evident later on with this list. Although, it may not be very compelling to watch, but in this situation it worked. This alliance was formed early on when the Saboga tribe was absorbed by the other two. Rupert and Jenna were quick to form strong bonds with the tribe enough to remain in the game longer than the other tribe members.

7. Survivor Panama: Aras, Danielle, Terry, Cirie


The best part about this Final 4 is that they all started on different tribes. It played out perfectly that the first season to feature 4 tribes ended with a member from each tribe in the Final 4. The post merge of Survivor Panama was very dynamic with infighting among the alliance and a lot of heated competition. Considering that the main target for the majority of the post merge game was Terry and the fact that he made it this far makes for compelling viewing. The sheer determination of the players is what makes this group really interesting.

6. Survivor Heroes Vs Villains: Sandra, Parvati, Russell, Jerri


The historic 20th season is widely viewed as one of the best and most successful season both in terms of gameplay and casting. Every single episode fans were excited to tune in to find out what will happen next. A season comprised of some of the best players to ever play automatically brings a certain level of intensity to a season and the final 4 were not shy to add to that. Regardless of what you think about the players themselves they created this dynamic outcome that we got. Each player contributed to a great story; Russell, by losing, Sandra, by winning a second time, Jerri, redeeming herself from the villain to the good girl, and Parvati, continuing to be a cutthroat strategic player with her back against the wall.

5. Survivor Tocantins: JT, Stephen, Erinn, Taj


The Jalapao three along with Erinn controlled the post merge structure of the game. They decided who was going to be voted out at each tribal council. Tribal council after tribal council they dictated the fate of the other players. This tough foursome was clever in the way that they played; they were covert in their movements branching out and working with different players to disguise the fact that they were working together. All four were dissimilar from each other and had different ways of playing; the fact that they were able to work together is what makes their group so fascinating.

4. Survivor Vanuatu: Chris, Twila, Scout, Eliza


The story arc for the end portion of the game was central focused around the women strategically eliminating the men. Chris, being the last standing guy was next on the chopping block, but through his social skills, was able to survive, making it to the final 4, eventually claiming the win. He was able to work alongside with the other three. Eliza, Scout, and Twila were all dynamic characters in their own right, but along with Chris, gave the audience a real viewing experience.

3. Survivor Micronesia: Parvati, Amanda, Cirie, Natalie


Survivor: Micronesia was a season loved by many and although the love has dwindled over the years, it was the birthplace of Parvati, the real cunning, strategic player. She also gave us the epic alliance, The Black Widow Brigade that systematically controlled the vote. This final 4 also gave us one the most historic moments in the history of the show with Eric giving up his individual immunity necklace. These four women were smart, clever, and dominant as they each had a hand in the outcome of the game.

2. Survivor Cook Islands: Yul, Ozzy, Becky, Sundra


The Aitu 4 is easily one of the most memorable alliances in the history of the show, probably right behind the number 1 pick on this list. Formed after the famous Cook Islands mutiny, the Aitu 4 formed this formidable force that was not to be messed with by defeating the odds and making it all the way to the final 4. Many discount Sundra and Becky playing a role in the outcome, but every single player gave a real push against the others and were able to come out victorious.

1. Survivor Borneo: Richard, Kelly, Rudy, Sue


The very first alliance was very historic and created a legacy that impacted the trajectory of the entire show and how the game was played. Placing this in first place was not only due to the fact that they were an alliance, when that wasn’t even a thought, but the people were also very interesting to watch. They were savvy to become a part of an alliance, but there were also great characters from Sue’s blunt attitude to Richard’s cockiness. All in all, this alliance was epic and memorable that it deserves to be at the top spot.

Honorable Mentions: Survivor Guatemala: Danni, Stephenie, Rafe, Lydia and Survivor China: Todd, Courtney, Amanda, Denise

 What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!


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14 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Final Fours

  1. I was expecting Survivor: Phillipines to be on this list…

  2. Great list, but I feel that the final 4 of Survivor: Philippines should’ve made it onto the list.

  3. Cagayan: Tony, Woo, Kass, and Spencer was crazy good
    Philippines: Denise, Lisa, Skupin, Malcolm probably the strongest final 4 in history

  4. I agree the Philippines final four was just about the strongest ever with only Micronesia’s Black Widow Brigade as a possible rival. That Philippines was not only not named one or two but left off the list entirely says unfortunate things for the writers judgement.

  5. Also, where’s Survivor: Cambodia?

  6. Cambodia, Cagayan, Philippines… How is San Juan del Sur on this list?

  7. I would have included Marquesas but maybe that’s just me.

  8. RB Liljestrom // July 14, 2016 at 3:24 am // Reply

    Great list Rossi!!! I agree wholeheartedly with every pick with the exception of numbers 2, 7 and 9. Those are horrible picks. San Juan Del Sur sucked major ass. Natalie was a good winner but she was playing against fucking retards. Watching Missy is like listening to someone drag their fingernails down a chalk board while chewing on aluminum foil. Cook Islands? Really? Ozzy Becky and Sundra? If you could bottle that shit you’d make a billion dollars selling it to insomniacs. Panama’s borderline but not better than Cagayan, Phillipines, Second Chances, Pearl Islands etc.. Other than that nice article. Thanks for the effort.

  9. WHERE is Cambodia? Jeremy and Wentworth are two amazing players, Spencer and Tasha no slouches either. Also Pearl Islands. SJDS NO WAY. Cooks, Yul and Ozzy yes but absolutely not with Becky and Sundra!

  10. Cambodia, China, Philippines, or Cagayan really should have made it on the list over San Juan Del Sur and Vanuatu in my opinion

  11. Cagayan and Philippines aren’t here, but you include SJDS and All Stars? C’mooooon.

  12. Where’s Survivor: Philippines?????

    And SJDS???? thats absurd

  13. When almost every comment on here comments the same thing, you know you missed one. Survivor Philippines deserves to be on this list!!!! Denise and Malcolm were both dominant in their own ways and Mike and Lisa were also good. If Yul and Ozzy are enough to make up for Becky and Sundra, Denise and Malcolm can make up for Mike and Lisa. Also, SJDS probably shouldn’t be on there.

  14. I love the list! But I also think Survivor Philippines should really be in the list. I actually honestly think it can even be 3rd!

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