Survivor Ozlet Show–Season 33 and 34 Discussion


Join some of your favourite Ozlets as they sit down and bring you their very own special episode each week! In their 14th ever episode, they sit down and discuss their thoughts on the upcoming seasons ‘Millennials vs Gen X’ and Season 34 giving a unique insight into the seasons and plenty of laughs and entertainment along the way! Click for more!

Noah is joined by Ozlets Colin and Rossi to discuss their thoughts on the future seasons of Survivor.

PLEASE NOTE: Episode contains cast spoilers for the upcoming two seasons. Please do not listen if you don’t wish to know the details and the cast of season 33 and season 34.

In the episode, the guys give more thoughts on ‘Millennials vs Gen X’ which will be debuting in September. They also discuss the returning players of season 34 ‘Survivor: Game Changers.’ Focusing on who they are excited to see back, who they are not excited to see back and how they think the season will play out.

Millennials vs  Gen X will debut in September this year and Game Changers is expected to debut in February 2017. Click below to download!

Stay tuned for more Ozlet show episodes and our full coverage of Millennials vs Gen X in September!

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2 Comments on Survivor Ozlet Show–Season 33 and 34 Discussion

  1. Yaaay ozzy is back

  2. One thing you are neglecting about the Kaoh Rong returnees is that their season was taped before Cambodia, so they had enough time to reflect their game, even more than Ciera and Varner. Especially Aubry was in contact with everybody and she knew the result, so I think she can definitely change her game (although I don’t think she has to that much). But I don’t think that Debbie and Tai could ever change. They will do the same things again.

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