Australian Survivor Cast Assessment + Preview Episode!

It’s nearly here! The return of Australian Survivor is now days away and it’s time sit down and analyse all 24 cast members as well as give you a comprehensive look at what is set to the best ever season of Australian Survivor! We’ll also bring you a three hour analysis podcast to give you even more insight into each of the contestants and offer our thoughts as we get set to be glued to our TVs for the next 12 weeks! Click for more!



Ben returns to Survivor Oz and sits down with Noah to give their personal and unique insights into the new season and cast!


14 years after the first version of Australian Survivor and 10 after the Celebrity Version, the show returns with a bang with an extended format, new network, new host and new location to whet the appetite of Australian Survivor fans for the next 3 months! So what do we know heading into the new season? Well here are the main points you need to know:

  • This is the first non-celebrity version of Australian Survivor to be filmed overseas. It was filmed in Samoa, the same location where Samoa, Heroes vs Villains, South Pacific and One World were filmed.
  • The season lasts for 55 days rather than the normal 39 days on the US version.
  • There are 24 castaways.
  • The season will start with three tribes, with a tribe switch turning the tribes into two at some point in the game.
  • There will be a final 2, with a jury of 9.
  • The prize for the winner will be $500,000.
  • Channel 10 will air 2 episodes a week on Sunday and Monday at 7.30pm AEST


Jonathan LaPaglia becomes the third different host of Australian Survivor after Lincoln Howes (Season 1) and Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson (Celebrity Survivor). Get to know a little bit more about your host below:




24 castaways from 5 states and 1 territory were chosen to play for 55 days on 3 tribes for the prize of $500,000 in Samoa. It’s time to get to know your cast as well as hear your host Ben’s thoughts on each cast member and where he thinks they will finish!


Andrew Torrens


I like Andrew, I definitely feel he has a real shot at going far and definitely being devious along the way. His ‘business trip’ quote will excite me if it’s a direct reference to the great Brian Heidik, and I think if it is it can take him far. I do though think he might be a tad aggressive and perhaps piss a lot of people off along the way. It will take him far but cost him the win. Ben’s Predicted Finish: 2nd

Get to know more about Andrew below


Barry Lea


Barry looks like an awesome guy and I can see him being well liked, strong in challenges and making it quite far. I think he’ll easily make the merge and should make the jury. Anything higher than that might be a bit of a stretch but I’d like to be proven wrong. Ben’s Predicted Finish: 10th

Get to know more about Barry below


Craig I’Anson


Another one I can see going far, Craig should be incredibly social and well liked by his tribe. Looks like someone who can adapt easily to different situations, should easily make it deep into the game. Could go further for sure, but haven’t seen too much of him pre-game to fully have a more detailed opinion than that. Ben’s Predicted Finish: 9th

Get to know more about Craig below


Jennah-Louise Salkeld


Jennah-Louise seems like a strong, smart contestant who should make it very far into the game. I can see her sadly though being ignored by the edit and kind of being put into the background which I hope to be wrong about. Could possibly win should others fall around her, but I think she’ll be a late jury member. Ben’s Predicted Finish: 6th

Get to know more about Jennah-Louise below


Kate Campbell


This woman is definitely a strong beast! Her background coming into this game has her super prepared for it, and she also comes across as smart and savvy as well as being mentally and physically tough. I feel people won’t perceive her as a threat and that will work to her advantage, and she can take this one all the way to the end. My winner pick right here. Ben’s Predicted Finish: 1st

Get to know more about Kate below


Nick Iadanza


To me the most game savvy coming into this game, I think Nick is easily comparable to Rob Cesternino and could easily play a very similar game to him. I feel his fandom of the game will help him get deep as I think he will use that to his advantage, especially with the lesser fans going far. I could easily see him winning, but going to say he just falls short ultimately at the end. Ben’s Predicted Finish: 4th

Get to know more about Nick below


Sue Clarke


What’s not to love about Sue?! She is easily going to be a star of this season and one that people will be talking about the next morning. Sadly however I feel it will only be one morning they’ll talk about her, as I think her personality may just clash too much with her tribemates and she is my pick for first boot. I hope I’m wrong but there has to be one to put in this position and sadly it’s Sue. Ben’s Predicted Finish: 24th

Get to know more about Sue below


Tegan Haining


Tegan is a tough one to crack as we haven’t seen a whole lot of her going into the game. She seems strong willed and smart and I think that will help her get past the initial few weeks. I don’t really see her going too far and I think she’ll make the merge but just miss the jury. Ben’s Predicted Finish: 12th

Get to know more about Tegan below



Bianca Anderson


I like Bianca. I think she definitely has what it takes to go far and I think she will. She seems strong and likeable, so it would definitely surprise me if she didn’t make the merge and then make the late jury. Wouldn’t even surprise me if she won. Ben’s Predicted Finish: 5th

Get to know more about Bianca below


Brooke Jowett


Not much to say or see with Brooke pre-game. She seems like she could be liked, but there has to be early boots and I think that she somehow will find her way in that category. Ben’s Predicted Finish: 20th

Get to know more about Brooke below


Conner Bethune


Conner I do love you! You just are fun to make fun of! Kidding! There should be some interesting things to come from him this season and all jokes aside I could see him go far. But similar to what I said about Brooke, you need to have early boots, and while I don’t think he’ll go super early I don’t think he’ll go super far. Ben’s Predicted Finish: 15th

Get to know more about Conner below


Flick Egginton


Benry’s future sister-in-law definitely fits the part on the show in the looks department but whether or not she can translate that into playing the game remains to be seen. I like Flick, and I hope we see a lot more of her but I sadly think she’ll be an early boot. Probably will make the switch but not much further than that. Ben’s Predicted Finish: 17th

Get to know more about Flick below


Kylie Evans


Very much phsically ready for this game, Kylie could easily go a lot further than I’m predicting she will and it won’t surprise me one bit if she does. Having said that, I just feel she might rub a few people the wrong way and just not fall into their plans so that’s why I have her so low. Ben’s Predicted Finish: 18th

Get to know more about Kylie below


Matt Tarrant


Matt for sure will be a stand out this season and will get a heap of airtime. I can see him going very far and using his profession in the game should get him deep. I can also easily see him rubbing a few people the wrong and also being on the wrong side of a blindside. Middle jury finish for Matt. Ben’s Predicted Finish: 8th

Get to know more about Matt below


Peter Fiegehen


Peter seems like a super nice guy and one who would be great to hang out with. Sadly though given his age I don’t think he will make it far. I hate to play that stereotype but in a game where so many early opinions are formed I can’t see him making it far unless he can prove something amazing and surprise us all. I hope he does. Ben’s Predicted Finish: 22nd

Get to know more about Peter below


Sam Webb


This guy is a future Bachelor for Channel 10, I feel it! But outside of that I think he’ll easily be a fan favourite for his looks, personality and also ability with the ladies. There is meant to be a showmance this season, and Sam is easily the guy who will be involved. Who with? Well we’ll see. I think he’ll just miss out on the jury too but wouldn’t surprise me if he made it further than I predict. Ben’s Predicted Finish: 14th

Get to know more about Sam below



Des Quilty


Who doesn’t love Des? This guy is easily going to be the star and he will be the most talked about all season. Sadly though I can’t see him going too far as I think his personality will definitely rub a lot of people the wrong way. I so hope I’m wrong with this one. Ben’s Predicted Finish: 21st

Get to know more about Des below


El Rowland


I like El. I think she can definitely go deep in this game and go under the radar along the way too. Her background should keep her in it and people will underestimate her but she’ll surprise them by falling just short of the final tribal. Ben’s Predicted Finish: 3rd

Get to know more about El below


Evan Jones


Evan seems like a great character and I’m looking forward to seeing him in action. I hope I am wrong about his finishing place too because I’d love to see him on the show for a long time, but sadly I just feel his personality will be too much for some to handle and he’ll end up a very early boot. Ben’s Predicted Finish: 23rd

Get to know more about Evan below


Kat Dumont


I like Kat and can see her going pretty well in this game. Another one I feel people will underestimate, I think she’ll be a middle player and narrowly miss out on the jury. Ben’s Predicted Finish: 13th

Get to know more about Kat below


Kristie Bennett


Not too much to know about Kristie heading into the game. I feel as though she’ll be fairly invisible for the most part and eventually taken out pretty early on. Ben’s Predicted Finish: 19th

Get to know more about Kristie below


Lee Carseldine


Definitely going to be a strong player, Lee’s background will see him go far and also I think be quite a popular player as well. I don’t think he’ll quite have the game savvy though to win and I see him being extremely loyal to a group of people and promptly being blindsided by them late in the game. Ben’s Predicted Finish: 7th

Get to know more about Lee below


Phoebe Timmins


Seems to be a bit of hype around her as ‘the new Parvati’ but I just don’t see it. She seems to be an incredibly smart and beautiful woman but the focus is more on her looks rather than her brains and I think that can hurt her and make it so she won’t go as far as many are predicting. Ben’s Predicted Finish: 16th

Get to know more about Phoebe below


Rohan MacLaren


Rohan is hot. Absolutely. And people will love him along the way, both viewers and the contestants. I don’t think he is in any danger of leaving early but I also don’t think he is any threat to win this gam. Ben’s Predicted Finish: 11th

Get to know more about Rohan below



Channel 10 released the first 6 minutes of the premiere episode during the week, if you wish to check it out you can by watching the video below.

So there you have it! Everything you need to know about the premiere of Australian Survivor this Sunday at 7.30pm! Join us throughout the season as we bring you extensive coverage each week including weekly recap episodes, power rankings and much more! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to stay up to date with when our episodes will be airing and everything else between! What do you think of the cast? Are you excited for the season? Let us know in the comments section below!



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  1. About time.

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  2. Cant wait to listen. Hopefully Ben does not spoil to much since he was there.

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