An Important Message About The Future Of Survivor Oz

For those of you that haven’t seen our post on social media from a few hours ago, it’s with great sadness that today I announced the end of Survivor Oz.

This has been a difficult decision for me to make, as this show has become such a passion of mine over the last five years and something that I never could’ve imagined would achieve the levels it did and achieve the fan base we have. It was my baby. It grew from a simple wall post on my Facebook wall to the second most downloaded Survivor podcast in the world. I have had the pleasure of interviewing close to 300 Survivor contestants over the years, key people involved in the production of the show as well as meeting and talking to countless fans throughout this time. It has been an amazing pleasure and one that I will never ever forget. I have forged close friendships with past contestants as well as fans and Ozlets, and to me this has been the most pleasurable part of the experience.

Sadly however it is not possible for me or the show to continue at this stage. Personally I have been suffering through mental health issues for the most part of 2016 which has made it difficult for me to commit fully to the show. It was a last minute choice for me to step back from it earlier this year which heaped a lot of pressure on to the Ozlets to scramble and put together the product they did throughout Kaoh Rong. I commend them immensely for doing so under such difficult circumstances and their assistance and support will forever be appreciated. During the off season and heading into season 33 as well as the new Australian Survivor it was my intention to slowly integrate myself into the show again along with the assistance of the Ozlets to continue to produce the show/website and then gradually get it back to where we previously were. However sadly due to circumstances this is no longer possible.

I had hope to bring extensive coverage of Australian Survivor going into what looks to be a ground-breaking season, but several elements are preventing me from fulfilling that desire. This has come from internal issues involving people on the show more interested in creating their own product rather than helping out on the show they have been apart of for some time and had initially agreed to help out with as well as factors involved from not being able to provide a true level of coverage through Network Ten not giving us access to contestants and other elements of the show to provide you, the listeners, an absolute comprehensive experience. It’s a disappointing pill to swallow given the level of coverage we have provided Australian Survivor fans for five years and have previously been granted access to US contestants through an overseas network through elements such as exit interviews and other products. To be then shunned by our own local version in that aspect is a bitter pill to swallow and very hard to take. Adding to other elements, it’s tough to be able to continue a product that I see personally as inferior and not as extensive as you the listener deserve. And with my own personal commitment not at 100% and with lack of support and help to bring that back up to full capacity, I have no choice than to pull the plug.

I would however like to hope that one day the show can be revived in some format in the future once my own personal life and issues gets sorted and other things settle into place. The support and messages I have received already in only a few hours have been great, and I very much appreciate the kind words sent through to both the page and me personally. Believe me, this is an incredibly hard decision and one that is still something that I am finding very hard to do. But to have support out there is very much appreciated.

At this stage we are still working out the content and what will happen to the past interviews and other aspects of the show. Keeping the interviews on the server is a monthly expensive which I can no longer afford, so I will attempt to work out some form of alternative to save them or archive them online for those still wishing to listen to them. Same with the website. It is an ongoing cost that will have to be reviewed at this stage and hopefully we will be able to update you further on this as we know more.

From the absolute  bottom of my heart, thankyou to each and every one of you for being apart of this journey over the last half decade. Again I cannot express enough gratitude for you helping make us what we are. We have our haters who for sure will be celebrating the end of us and will not miss us one bit. That’s part of how this all goes and even the haters have brought me entertainment over the years, even through some really difficult times that have seen me very much nearly pull the pin beforehand. However if I had of done it during those times, the haters win. At least by going out this way, I can do it on my own terms and hold my head high knowing I’m doing this for reasons of my own accord, rather than bowing down to trolls online.

Thankyou again, and for the time being, I will see you on the trains. Goodnight.


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23 Comments on An Important Message About The Future Of Survivor Oz

  1. ladundercover22 // August 21, 2016 at 3:35 am // Reply

    So sorry Ben 😦 if there is any way we can help with the $$, just give us a number and you might be surprised by what your fan club could do…I for one would definitely pitch in to get one last episode updating the master rankings cast with the new seasons…

  2. Damn! Very bummed to hear this news but I’m inspired by your honesty and your search to heal yourself. Hope you work it out and get back to podcasting. You’re a great broadcaster and you and Noah have brought me so many laughs over the years. Thanks!!

  3. Sorry to hear about the exit, Ben, but I understand.

    It’s been a pleasure listening to your interviews, reading your commentary, and seeing how those Down Under look at us Yanks. Be well, and good luck.

  4. Best of luck Ben, I hope you find your feet very soon, all Survivor Oz fans no doubt wish you well. Thanks so much for all the fantastic content you’ve put together over the years, I’ve learnt so much to add to my Survivor addiction! I hope down the track you can make a comeback. Disappointing to hear about Channel 10…. Very disappointing, although not surprised. The ads are even making me sceptical.

  5. So sorry to hear these news! I wish you all the best! Thank you for entertaining meeting your work!!
    I will be sad to no longer get your podcast!
    Be safe and take care of yourself sir!

  6. Gary Stritesky // August 21, 2016 at 1:32 pm // Reply

    Wow, Ben, sorry to hear that, but it sounds like you’ve put a lot of thought into your decision. It was great meeting up with you in Minnesota. I enjoyed our interviews. Call me any time. You got my number. Papa Smurf

  7. Take care of yourself

  8. So due to this, Their still can’t be a way that at least Colin or Noah can’t still talk about this year’s players which really suck.
    I have been listening to you guys since about mid-2014 and it has been awesome getting to hear from old players and hearing your funny opinions.
    I also feel sad about them not being able to do the ozcap for Kaoh Rong and no update for the cast rankings. I also wish we got to hear Ben’s opinions on the rest of Kaoh Rong post episode 2.
    So if you guys ever do come back which probably won’t happen, I will still check this website at least once a week for a update.
    You guys were the best and what you thought over the years and always had good humor
    Stay Great, Isaac

  9. Mate, best of luck to ya out there. You have provided all of us with hours and hours of entertainment and for that I thank you.

  10. Take Care Ben! SurvivorOz has had an amazing run, bringing me many laughs and tons of enjoyment! It will be sad to see you guys go, but you have to do what is best for you! Thanks to you and all the Ozlets for the great legacy you have created. I hope everything goes well for you guys in the future!

  11. Hate to hear about the hard times Ben. This was such a fun podcast that made me laugh all the time. Maybe when Noah gets back the timing could work for a great comeback. If you know when the site is going down please let us know.

  12. I’m sad we never never got to see some completed projects from these guys like the ozcap for Kaoh Rong or an update of the cast rankings. Soz you guys will always be in my great memory!
    Years I’ve been watching: mid-2014 to August 21, 2016.
    Thanks for the opinions.

  13. Don’t stop! This is the best survivor website out there. 😦 Gonna miss this place!

  14. sorry to hear the news. Thanks Ben and all the ozlets who put the time and energy in. How you can get well in the future! I can’t say for others, but I’d be happy to contribute to maintaining the webserver (like a patreon). Keep safe

  15. love this website.. most days are sad for me but after hearin this news i know they will become alot sadder ..hope u find happiness ben ,thank u for everything , and same to noah ,i think u were a big part of this website too .. whatever, this made a grown man cry ..i not makin sense now soo good luck to all

  16. Started listening to the show since it started. I felt like myself and Ben shared many of the same values and even got cast down from the same occurances happening in the survivor community and the world in general. I was really happy to see Ben exploring Americas and enjoying his time there. Hopely things can change for the better and Ben can show us the way once again!

  17. Hey Ben! I just wanted to thank you for having such a lovely website, where people like me could enjoy all these cool facts and interviews and opinions, etc. about the show. Thank you for putting this together and having such lovely content and thank you for your dedication. As much as I love this website and its content with a passion, you, and your well being come first. I wish all the best for you, and hope you take as much time as you need. And I hope one day, I’ll be reading new content from a happier, healthier you, and that things will be all well and great in your life, as you seem to be a lovely person who deserves lovely things. Thanks again, and I wish you all the best!

  18. Drunken Idaho // August 25, 2016 at 10:41 pm // Reply

    I’m glad to hear you are at a new stage in life. Onto new adventures! Possibilities opening up. Plus you can return whenever, ’cause Survivor ain’t going nowhere, not in a whilebit.
    I enjoyed many of your survivor interviews, for instance the ones with Brian Heidik, original John’s, Tony’s, Lex’s. Thank’s a bunch all y’all for the good times, all’y guys!

  19. Hi, Ben. Your interviews got me through many long days at work. Please take care and know that you made a difference!

  20. So sorry to hear about your departure. As a Survivor fan it was great to someone entertaining us and updating us on all things Survivor. I hope this is only temporary. Take care

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