Have you watched every single episode of Survivor more than once? Do you think you know EVERY thing there is to know about the show? Well you’re probably right, and we applaud you for that. But how would you like to watch the show from a different angle? A fun angle? A unique angle? Well here at Survivor Oz, we have gotten together and come up with a unique way for you to watch your favourite episodes with a twist, with our completely unauthorised and unofficial episode commentaries!

That’s right, if you are tired of watching episodes of Survivor where you get to witness strategy, alliances and vote outs, and tired of listening to official commentaries with actual players who played during your favourite season then these commentaries are for you! Each commentary features Ben and a select group of Ozlets who talk through all the key moments and happenings on your screen in true Survivor Oz style! It’s the most original audio commentary you will ever hear! And the best bit? IT’S COMPLETELY FREE!

To download the commentaries, click on your favourite season below and then select your favourite episode to listen along as we talk through the entire episode as you watch it! You can even download every single episode from every season to enjoy our ‘unique’ take of not only your favourite episodes, but your favourite seasons as well! While we may have never played on a season, we certainly bring some unique stats and figures during the episodes and even include the numerous things learnt during all our massive interviews with all our Survivor guests! Who knows? You might actually learn a thing or to!

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Please note that these commentaries are being slowly recorded and some seasons will appear on here before others! Please remain patient and eventually your favourite episodes will appear on here in due course! We also will say that these commentaries are in no way affiliated or endorsed by CBS or Castaway Productions and have been done in good nature by the team at Survivor Oz. We have put a lot of effort in going through every single episode and recording our thoughts through each episode and our views in no way represent those of anybody involved in making the TV show Survivor.

Some opinions may offend throughout the episodes and we do warn that they may contain explicit language and themes. They are not recommended for people under the age of 18. We also stipulate that we do not intend to offend any contestant that appears in the show, whether they have been interviewed on the program or not. It is all done in good nature and fun, and it is not in our intention to offend any individual appearing on screen as well. Should you have any concerns or issues with any of these commentaries, please contact us to bring your concerns directly to us.

The commentaries are also strictly audio files and you will still need a copy of the original episode to listen to the episode in it’s original intent. In no way are we providing you with the episode to download. Please purchase the episodes either via DVD or through legal downloads online.

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