The ninth season of Vanuatu continued everybody’s love affair with Survivor! It saw 18 contestants travel to Vanuatu and fighting for survival over 39 days! Now here is your chance to watch the 9th season in a completely new way, with our completely UNAUTHORISED and UNOFFICAL season commentaries! And best of all, they are completely FREE!


The best way to listen to these commentaries is to listen to them whilst you watch the corresponding commentary episode. So for example if you want to listen to the first commentary from this season, then you would listen to that whilst watching the first episode of this season. Once you have downloaded the episode, cue it up via whichever audio device you are using to listen to it, and once Ben counts you in, hit play when he says the word ‘go’. In each episode he will give you warning and then count down from three, meaning you will be in sync with when Ben and the other Ozlets are whilst giving their opinion and expert analysis of each episode. These commentaries can be listened to without the episode playing in the background, but you won’t have the same experience as you have if listening to it whilst watching the episode. Please remember that by clicking on the DOWNLOAD link below you are downloading an audio file only, and you aren’t downloading the video episode of the specific episode. If you wish to find a way to acquire the episode to watch with the commentary, you will need to purchase it elsewhere.


To download a commentary, either click on the word ‘download’ for the corresponding episode you wish to listen to, or right click and click ‘save target/link as’ and save to the designated folder on your computer or device. Certain browsers will download them differently, if you have any issues try downloading them in a different browser

1 They Came At Us With Spears Ben, Noah, Cable, Jarrod, Rossi Download
2 Burly Girls, Bowheads, Young Studs and the Old Bunch Ben, Noah, Cable, Jarrod, Rossi
3 Double Tribal, Double Trouble Ben, Noah, Cable, Colin
4 Now That’s A Reward Ben, Noah, Colin
5 Earthquakes and Shake Ups! Ben, Cable, Paul
6 Hog Tied Ben, Cable, Paul
7 Anger, Threats, Tears…and Coffee   Download
8 Now The Battle Really Begins   Download
9 Gender Wars…And It’s Getting Ugly   Download
10 Culture Shock and Violent Storms   Download
11 Surprise! And…Surprise Again!   Download
12 Now Who’s In Charge Here?!   Download
13 Eruptions of a Volcanic Magnitude!   Download
14 Spirits and the Final Four & The Reunion   Download

These commentaries are in no way affiliated or endorsed by CBS or Castaway Productions and have been done in good nature by the team at Survivor Oz. We have put a lot of effort in going through every single episode and recording our thoughts through each episode and our views in no way represent those of anybody involved in making the TV show Survivor.

Some opinions may offend throughout the episodes and we do warn that they may contain explicit language and themes. They are not recommended for people under the age of 18. We also stipulate that we do not intend to offend any contestant that appears in the show, whether they have been interviewed on the program or not. It is all done in good nature and fun, and it is not in our intention to offend any individual appearing on screen as well. Should you have any concerns or issues with any of these commentaries, please contact us to bring your concerns directly to us.

The commentaries are also strictly audio files and you will still need a copy of the original episode to listen to the episode in it’s original intent. In no way are we providing you with the episode to download. Please purchase the episodes either via DVD or through legal downloads online.

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