With so many of you eager young Sozers so addicted to our show we are often inundated with questions relating to several aspects of our show, website and interviews as well as numerous other areas. While we do appreciate the feedback and communication (and do read every single message we receive and go out of our way to respond to every message as well) we do often get very similar questions from several of our listeners and readers. So we thought we would take this opportunity to help you dedicated folk out by providing answers to some of our most commonly received questions! We hope this helps you out with your inquisitive brains!

Q. Have you thought about interviewing (INSERT SURVIVOR HERE)? Or contacted them? I would love to hear an interview with them!

Our goal is to interview every single Survivor contestant in the history of the show, and obviously some are easier to get in touch with or get on the show than others! As our numbers get smaller in terms of people to interview, it does become gradually more difficult to track down some contestants as well as get them to agree to interviews. Unfortunately we do get contestants decline the opportunity to appear on the show and this can’t be helped, and sometimes we do have contestants that simply don’t respond to our requests or even say yes but not follow up on their initial interest. All this aside, every single contestant that we haven’t had on the show has been thoroughly researched in finding them or at least attempting to get them on the show. So please note that when asking if we have considered having a certain contestant on the show, our goal is of course to get EVERY contestant on so the answer of course is yes! And we are trying as hard as we can to get this to happen so it’s always a yes!

Q. When is the interview with (INSERT SURVIVOR HERE)?

Generally how our process works from advertising an interview to publishing it is that we advertise the day before we are interviewing said guest to get listener questions. Then if all goes to plan we record the interview and will then update our Coming Soon page with rough dates as to when they will air. Sometimes interviews don’t happen the day they are scheduled and can be moved to a day, week or months later depending on the situation. If the interview doesn’t appear on our coming soon page you can generally assume it hasn’t been recorded and is in the process of being rescheduled. For those that have been recorded, we try to keep a turn around time from recording to editing to publishing of around 7 days but this can be longer (or even shorter) depending on the circumstances. We do strive to get interviews out ASAP but with other life commitments and requirements for the interview to be ‘polished’, there can be some time before it airs. Please always check the coming soon page for up to date info on air dates.

Q. Can I be an Ozlet?

We do appreciate your desire to join the team here at Survivor Oz (we are totally awesome to work with) but generally we have enough people as Ozlets to suit our requirements. On average we do open up applications once a year for Ozlets, so the best way to ensure you don’t miss out on being able to apply is to follow us on social media and follow our site so that you don’t miss out!

Q. I sent in a listener question but you didn’t ask it. Why?

We receive a large amount of listener questions for each interview we do and generally we have certain time constraints on how long we do the interview. A lot of the time as well the questions we get sent in are answered during the main part of the interview so therefore there is no point in asking them unless there are certain extra elements to it. Also, we generally select the best questions to extract the best amount of information from our guests. It’s unfortunate that we can’t ask all questions but that’s how the cookie crumbles!

Q. Your interview with (INSERT SURVIVOR HERE) isn’t working. Can you fix it?

If you are having a specific problem with downloading an interview, please leave a comment on the interview itself or contact us letting us know. You can also try downloading in a different browser (if you are downloading through our site) to see if that works as well. We will look into it to see the issue.

Q. Why did the interview with (INSERT SURVIVOR HERE) go so short? And why did it sound like some of their answers were cut short?

When we arrange an interview for the most part we organise a set time for the interview. We roughly say that interviews go from 40-60 minutes but of course they can (and often do) go longer than an hour. Sometimes we will be requested to do a set time for an interview, so we may for example only have 30 minutes with a guest to ask the questions. It all depends on the scheduling and the agreed format of the interview. It can also depend on the guest, as some guests are more talkative than others.

Q. The sound quality on your interview with (INSERT SURVIVOR HERE) was terrible! Why was it so bad?

We record our interviews either through Skype or over the phone. Sometimes a guests line cannot exactly be as clear as others, so sound quality on interviews does depend on the connection of the guest. When it comes to generic episodes like Ozcaps and other episodes too, it does depend on the Ozlet and their connection. Unfortunately sound quality of some interviews is not as good as others.

Q. Why in some of your interviews do you ask questions about cheese and toilet paper?

Interviews with Survivor guests initially started out on our sister show The Brink which is the daily breakfast show on Hobart’s Edge Radio which is also hosted by Ben. The questions he asks in those earlier interviews are the ‘famous 5’ asked on The Brink. These were then changed to Survivor specific questions when we became a spin off show. You can read more about history here

Q. Why do you ask the final questions to people who don’t watch the show? Isn’t this pointless?

Our final questions are a staple to every single interview and will be asked to every single guest we have on the show no matter whether they are a super fan or somebody who doesn’t care about the show anymore. Yes, we understand the answers might not be perfect from contestants who don’t watch the show, but several of our questions are still able to be answered in a generic way by most.

Q. Can I be a guest writer for your site? I have a great idea for a top 10!

Unfortunately we aren’t accepting guest posts at this time. We have accepted a couple in the past but on very very rare occasions.  You can submit guest posts in for our consideration, but unfortunately it is more likely than not that we will pass on it. Keep an eye out for Ozlet opportunities to be able to write for us in the future!

Q. Have you done (INSERT TOP 10 IDEA HERE) for a top 10? You should do it!

We have a bank of ideas for Top 10s and receive further ideas weekly from our listeners and readers. Feel free to send in your ideas, however we can’t guarantee that we will use them.

Q. Will you be doing another random secrets episode?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is when we can knuckle down the three on our wishlist for our next random secret episode we will be recording it!

Q. Whatever happened to Jarryd? Or Ky? Or Rileigh? Or (INSERT OZLET HERE)?

Just as we recruit Ozlets and we have several who stick with us and contribute regularly, we also have some who unfortunately have to step aside as their life gets in the way and they are unable to further commit to the show. We also do have incidents where we have to let Ozlets go for various reasons. Such is life, such is the life of a Survivor Oz Ozlet!

Q. You advertised an interview with (INSERT SURVIVOR HERE) but I can’t find it on the site? What happened to it?

As mentioned briefly in a question earlier, sometimes reschedules happen and we have to arrange another time for an interview. It can’t be helped sometimes and we do try our best to get all interviews rescheduled and recorded. Unfortunately this can take long periods of time, but as soon as they do get recorded we will let you know via our coming soon page!

Q. Can Ben stop sucking up to the guests? It’s really annoying!

Well he could, but then our interviews would lose their charm! So no!

Q. Your site has terrible spelling and grammar! Can you fix this?

Our articles and posts are written and edited by everyone from University educated people through to young fans getting their feet in the writing door. Sometimes mistakes slip through the cracks but as we are technically a ‘blog’ it’s not exactly a perfect blend of 100% perfect writing. We do strive to fix as many errors and mistakes as we can, but sometimes they happen. We aren’t perfect, and we don’t try to be! Put it down to our unique charm Winking smile

Q. I really want to apply to be on Survivor! Can I have an application form?

We are a podcast and website dedicated to the show and have no affiliation with CBS and/or Survivor. If you wish to apply for the show, you will need to contact CBS or your local broadcaster who produces your local version.

Q. I’m a huge fan of (INSERT SURVIVOR HERE)! Can I please have their phone number or email address?

We have never and will never share private details of Survivor contestants with the public. This breaks the level of trust we achieve with our guests. If you wish to contact a Survivor you will need to get the contact details of them some other way.

Q. How on earth did you get an interview with Greg Buis and Brian Heidik? Did you pay them off or bribe them?

Yes we paid them each $1 million in appearance fees to make them happy! Actually we wish, because that would mean we have money! In all seriousness there is no secret to how we got interviews with either of them or any of our guests in truth. We simply found contact details for them, asked them nicely and they agreed to do it. We wish there was a cooler story behind it, but it really was that simple.

Q. How do you find the former contestants for interviews?

Through a wide variety of channels and connections. For the most part it’s a simple case of searching for them on Facebook and shooting them a message asking if they would like to come on the show. Sometimes we also find them on Twitter or through personal websites that they have maintained over the years. For the harder to find contestants we often rely on connections from other contestants who will put us in contact with or sometimes even have people contacting us directly saying they would like to be interviewed.

Q. Your podcast feed isn’t working. Can you fix this?

We have had cases in the past where our feed won’t work or won’t update. If this is the case, we generally will be aware of it and update you via social media to the issues and how far along we are from fixing it. Please make sure you follow us on social media so you are always up to date with any issues from the feed or other technical issues in general.

Q. Can you not spoil episodes on Twitter? I’m in Australia and I haven’t seen the episode yet!

During a season we will live tweet during the US airing of the episode each week. We always will put out warnings in the lead up for people to avoid our Twitter feed so that they aren’t spoiled. Unfortunately this means that if you miss our initial warning you may come across spoilers in between the US airing of Survivor and the Australian airing later that day. We recommend avoiding all Survivor based social media until you have seen the episode as our policy is once it has aired in the US we post details about the episode (with some exceptions). Once the episode has aired in Australia then we officially post all details of the episode. It’s not up to us to ensure you avoid spoilers of an episode that has already aired, this falls on to you.

We will be sure to add several other questions along the way that we receive lots of! Please don’t let these put you off contacting us! You can contact us at any stage with any questions!

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