Of course there are loads of other sites on the net devoted to the world of Survivor, as well as other sites related to the guests we have on the show! Here we will share them with you for you to enjoy!

The show in which this show was born from, The Brink is Hobart’s number one Friday only breakfast show. Follow the biggest guests and names on Hobart’s Voice for Inclusion.

The other sister show of The Brink, The Qualifying Lap is Australia’s only dedicated Formula 1 radio show airing weekly from 2pm on Monday’s. Stay tuned with the latest Formula 1 news.

The station in which the show airs, Edge Radio is Hobart’s only youth radio station, providing Hobart & Tasmania with an outlet for youth of all ages. Winner of the 2003 CBAA Radio Station of the year.

Follow the inner workings of your favourite host, by following Ben on Twitter. Be warned: he speaks his mind quite a lot and is prone to bad language and excessive Australian slang. You have been warned!

Our good friend Gillian Larson created and runs the Reality Rally event. For all the information on the event and to pledge your support, click the logo above.

Rob Cesternino hosts one of the most popular Survivor shows around. Stay up to date with each episode and all the latest news from the ‘smartest player never to win Survivor’.

‘Odd Us’ is the winner of Panama Aras Baskauskas’ band and plays some amazing tracks and tunes that music fans will love. Follow them on Facebook by clicking the above picture.

RTV Zone is an online show hosted by the great Jerri Manthey. Featuring numerous guests weekly, it’s a great show to keep up to date with the latest Survivor news.

Lex Van Den Berghe’s band ‘The Maids Of Honor’ are doing great guns, and you can hear why by clicking the link above to enjoy their music and download their album.

Scout Cloud Lee runs an inspirational website where you can find numerous books she has written as well as links to her music and other various products!

Survivor Thailand contestant Jake Billingsley runs his own website, where you can read more about him and learn more about his amazing life post Survivor!

Cook Islands contestant Billy Garcia runs Tribal Council entertainment, and has produced the hit movie The Infernal Room which is now available!

Mike Skupin has made a career post Survivor in the motivational speak circuit as well as becoming a successful author and his website is dedicated to all things ‘scoop’!

Borneo contestant Gervase Peterson runs a successful cigar lounge in New Jersey. Check in to find out the latest events and how you can visit it when in New Jersey!

Borneo runner-up Kelly Wiglesworth lives in a remote part of Mexico as a yoga teacher. Find out what she does and how you can learn the amazing art of yoga!

Palau contestant Coby Archa runs his own hair salon in Tyler, Texas and it is doing fantastic business. Find out where it is and how you can go get your hair done by a Survivor star!

Nicaragua contestant Holly Hoffman runs her own motivational speaking website to help promote her services after the show. Follow her exploits by visiting her site!

Redemption Island contestant Phillip Sheppard has been busy writing stories since his time on Survivor. Read all his chapters so far in the story called The Specialist.

Season 2 contestant Jeff Varner has a website dedicated to everything to do with Jeff! Check it out for a great insight into his Emmy Award nominated career!

Jed HIldebrand from Thailand is an accomplished Orthodontist in Arlington Texas and can help you out should you be in town and need work done on your teeth!

Season 15 China contestant Leslie Nease is the host of her very own radio show and runs her own blog to do with it and her life in general! Check it out!

Nicaragua’s Ben ‘Benry’ Henry runs his own sports bar in Hollywood and it’s a great place to go and check out some sports and a great place to get a drink!

One World contestant Matt Quinlan is an attorney in San Francisco and is a fantastic choice should you need an attorney in that area!

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