The biggest Survivor event of 2015 is here!

In , and 2014 we held the biggest and best Survivor based awards on the planet and saw record numbers of fans around the world voting for everything from the sexiest contestants of all time right through to who they think the greatest of all time is. And this year they are back bigger and better than ever with more categories and more things to vote on!


The 2015 Ozcars will be the biggest year yet for the awards. Once again the awards will be split into two categories: 2014/15 & Overall. This will help celebrate the last 12 months of Survivor as well as pay tribute to the history of the show. This year there will be 18 categories, with 17 of them voted for by the public. The votes will be compiled with votes from the Survivor Oz crew, as well as from our Survivor guests who have appeared on the show. Once these results have been tallied, each award category will have 5 finalists announced. Then, a separate voting period will be held to determine the overall winner, with an ‘awards ceremony’ to be held to declare the winners. Once again the ‘lifetime achievement award’ will be back, to be strictly chosen by the Survivor Oz crew.


First round voting will open on the 21st of May (Australian time) and run for 10 days until the 30th of May (Australian time). The finalists will then be announced on a live episode on the 1st of June (Australian time) with voting running for 6 days until the 6th of June (Australian time). The live Ozcars award ceremony will then take place on the 7th of June 2015 (Australian time). The finalist period will allow the finalists in each category (where applicable) to campaign for their respective award.



Modelled after the infamous “It’s a fucking stick” moment from Eliza in Micronesia, the Ozcar is a solid piece of wood on a small platform, representing the essence that represents Survivor and Survivor Oz. Given our helpers (the Ozlets) are named after a reference from Cirie in the same season in relation to Ozzy and Amanda procreating, it seemed appropriate to honour the reference by including Ozzy’s famous stick as the trophy. There is no actual physical award, but winners will be presented with a certificate of recognition for winning their respective category, as well as having the honour and dignity of being crowned the Ozcademy Award winner for 2015. It’s a massive honour, and one that Survivor contestants will be fighting over for many years to come. To see previous winners from 2012, 2013 & 2014, .


Below are the official categories for 2015. This year there will be 18 categories, with 17 of them voted for by the public. The awards are separated into two sections: 2014/15 Awards celebrating the last 12 months and two seasons (San Juan Del Sur & Worlds Apart) of Survivor and the Overall Awards which celebrate the history of the show from the very first season of Borneo right through to Worlds Apart.


Biggest Hero

(2014 Winner: Spencer Bledsoe)

Which new player from the last 12 months has proven to be the biggest hero? You could vote on anything ‘heroic’ you believe the contestant did, male or female. There are plenty to choose from but who will come out on top?

Biggest Villain

(2014 Winner: Kass McQuillen)

Which new player from the last 12 months has proven to be the biggest villain? Without a villain, could you have a hero? Doubtful, but you also have to be able to vote for your favourite ‘evil’ contestant of the last 12 months. Are there more to choose from than the so called ‘heroes’? Who knows, but now you can choose just who is the most devious of the last two seasons.

Sexiest New Male

(2014 Winner: Jeremiah Wood)

Which male contestant in the last 12 months set the hearts beating faster and begging to see the shirt removed? Now is your chance to vote for the sexiest male from the last 2 seasons of Survivor.

Sexiest New Female

(2014 Winner: Morgan McLeod)

Why do the men get to have all the fun? It’s time to vote on the sexiest female from both San Juan Del Sur and Worlds Apart to settle the debate on just who is the hottest girl to play the game in the last 12 months.

Best New Pre-Jury

(2014 Winner: Alexis Maxwell)

Which player from the last two seasons who failed to make the jury do you feel played the best game? The most deserving game? And who perhaps was unlucky not to be able to sit on that jury and help decide the end game? Now is your chance to help decide.

Best New Jury

(2014 Winner: Spencer Bledsoe)

Which player who made it to the jury but was unable to make it to that final tribal council do you feel played the best game? Maybe you think they were the most entertaining? The vote is your decision, and the winner will take the award with pride.


With each year giving us two new seasons with (most of the time) new players, it’s time to determine which of these newbies has what it takes to be crowned the winner of best new player. This category will determine which player from San Juan Del Sur and Worlds Apart is the best overall ‘noob’.

Best S-Oz Interview

There have been over 30 new Survivor interviews in the last 12 months. But which interview is the best? Be them the most entertaining, most informative or even most influential, now is your chance to vote which of our interviews is the greatest from the last 12 months! This category only covers Survivor interviews, and does not include episode recaps or Ozlet interviews.

Ozlet of the year

(2014 Winner: Lancey Morris)

You know and love them as the helpers that make Survivor Oz tick and run like clockwork, but just which Ozlet is the best? This category will cover the 18 Ozlets who have been part of the show for longer than six months and does not include Ozlets who have been introduced to the show in 2015 or Ozlets who have departed the show since the last Ozcars.

Best Survivor Media

(2014 Winner: N/A)

A new category for 2015, which Survivor media outlet has given the best coverage over the last 12 months? Is it a podcast? A website? You choose in the first ever Ozcar category celebrating those who help cover the show you love!


Best Third Boot

(2014 Winner: N/A)

In 2013 we gave you the , in 2014 we gave you the Best Second Boot Ozcar and now in 2015 it’s time to give the contestants who were booted third a chance to shine. Did you feel they were the greatest based on their gameplay? Their entertainment factor? Or perhaps something else? Now is your chance to settle the debate once and for all who is the greatest third boot of all time.

Sexiest Ever Male

(2014 Winner: Jay Byars)

You’ve had your say in who is the sexiest male of the last 12 months, but now is your chance to have a say in who is the sexiest male of all time in one of our most popular categories. Three years have seen three different winners, can we have a fourth different winner in as many years?

Sexiest Ever Female

Our most popular annual category when it comes to page hits, the sexiest ever female Ozcar is always hotly debated and hotly contested. Parvati has made this category her own in the first three years of the Ozcars but was joined last year in a tie by Morgan McLeod, will we see a new contender in 2015?

Best Season

The first of our ‘big four’ awards, this award has been won twice by Heroes vs Villains and last year was won somewhat controversially by Cagayan. Will a new season surprise and take out the Ozcar or will an old favourite shoot to the top and steal the award away?

Best Non-Winner

The second of our ‘big four’, this has been a hotly contested and debated category in the first three years we have held it. Rob Cesternino won in 2012, Cirie Fields surprised many in 2013 while Russell Hantz shot through to win last year. Can Rob, Cirie or Russell win their second Ozcar in this category or will a new player come out of the woodwork to claim the win?

Best Winner

The third of our ‘big four’ and one of the most popular, the greatest winner Ozcar awards the winners of the game for their win and gives them an added bonus to having been crowned the soul Survivor. Three years have seen three different winners. Will a fourth different winner take out the Ozcar in 2015?

Greatest Player

The main award in the Ozcars, to walk away as being voted the ‘greatest player of all time’ holds you in the elite in the Survivor community. In the three year history of the Ozcars, three different players have won the award. Will 2015 be the year that someone can win the award for a second time?

Lifetime Award

The only non-public voted category, the Survivor Oz team each year will award one person who has been a driving influence on Survivor it’s annual lifetime achievement Ozcar. This isn’t just for contestants, it can be anyone from production team, hosts, creators, media personnel or even super fans.




Just like the past three years, we will publish the top 25 of each category (or how ever many there are in specific categories which might be more or less) to show you who made the list outside of the 5 finalists for each category. This will allow you to see just how your favourite contestant/season/interview/Ozlet compared to the winner and finalists. These final results will be published after the winners have been announced at the winners ceremony.


The official winners ceremony will take place on the 7th of June, which will be Saturday the 6th of June for our US audiences. The ceremony will be LIVE via Spreecast at a time yet to be determined. People will be encouraged to watch live and join in the fun, with several finalists and special Survivor guests attending the ceremony. Stay tuned to this page and our social media pages for further details as the ceremony gets closer.


Voting has now closed for the Ozcars 2015. The winners have since been announced. You can click the link above to see who won, as well as find out the top 25 in each category. Thanks to everyone who voted and took part in the Ozcars 2015! They will return in 2016, bigger and better than ever!

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