Advantage – A Reward given to a player in a "Reward Challenge" in which the player will have some sort of advantage in the upcoming Immunity Challenge.

Alliance – A group of people who band together for strategic purposes.

Auction – A type of Reward Challenge in which the remaining contestants are given a specific amount of money to outbid each other for various items.


Blindside – To eliminate a person from the game by surprise.

Buff – A coloured band of cloth which denotes tribal affiliation.


(The) Car Curse – The inexplicable coincidence where the winner of a Reward Challenge which has a car for a prize does not win the entire game.

Castaways – The contestants in each season.

Challenge – The competition in which the tribes or contestants vie for Reward and/or Immunity.


Day Thirty-nine – The Final Day of the competition.

Duel – A special challenge in which the current inhabitant(s) of Redemption Island and the most recently voted out contestant(s) compete for a chance to get back in the game.


Edit – How the castaways are portrayed in the game by the screen time they receive on television.

Exile – To send a player to Exile Island.

Exile Island (or Exile) – A location where a castaway would be temporarily banished from his/her tribe for a predetermined period of time.


Fan Favourite Award – Another name for Sprint Player of the Season, where the season’s most popular contestant gets an extra prize.

Final Two/Three – The remaining two or three castaways who would face the Jury and are eligible to be voted for the title of Sole Survivor.

Fire-Making Challenge – A special challenge wherein the people involved in a tie duke it out to stay in the game. Only happens during the Final Four or when tribe is down to only two members.

Flip – To betray one’s alliance by joining another alliance.

Flush – To play the Hidden Immunity Idol when it is not necessary or to be voted out without playing the Hidden Immunity Idol.


Hidden Immunity Idol (or Idol) – An item that can be found by castaways and can be used to save oneself or others from getting voted out.


Idol (out) – To cause the elimination of another castaway by playing the Hidden Immunity Idol.

Immunity – An exemption from being voted out.

Immunity Challenge – A challenge in which the Castaways compete for Immunity. 


Jury – A group of recently eliminated contestants who will decide the Sole Survivor among the final few.


Kidnap – A chance to "kidnap" a member of the opposite tribe for a limited period of time.


Loved Ones – The relative, spouse or friend of a castaway who visits the island for a predetermined period of time.


Medical evacuation (or Med-evac) – An instance whereby a contestant is forced to leave the game due to medical reasons.

(The) Merge – The halfway point of the game where the competing tribes combine as one until the end of the game and the game becomes individual.

Mutiny – A chance offered to the castaways to switch tribes.


Necklace – Refers to the Immunity Necklace.


(The) Outcasts – A ghost tribe in Survivor: Pearl Islands consisting of the first six players who were voted out of the game and were given a chance to return to the game after competing in a special three-tribe Immunity challenge.


Pagonging – A post-merge strategy employed by a tribe by successively voting out the remaining members of the other tribe.

Parchment – The paper used by the contestants in their voting.

Ponderosa – A sequester house for eliminated castaways.

Purple Rock – A pre-Final Four mechanism to break a tie vote. Players, (except Immune players), will have to draw rocks, and the person who gets the purple rock gets eliminated.


Quit – To voluntarily leave the game without being voted out.


Redemption Island (or Redemption) – A location where castaways would stay after being voted out and await their upcoming Duel/s.

Returning player (or returnee) – A player who returns to the game for another shot at competing and winning the game.

Reward Challenge – A challenge in which the Castaways compete for Reward. 

Rites of Passage – A ceremony involving the tribute of the final few to the eliminated castaways before the Final Immunity Challenge.


Snuffing – The act of extinguishing an eliminated contestant’s torch by the host.

Split vote – A strategy employed by an alliance with a two/three majority by distributing their votes between members of a smaller opposing alliance, to possibly defuse any power gained by playing a Hidden Immunity Idol.

Sole Survivor – The title bestowed on the winner of each season.


Throwaway vote – To purposefully or randomly vote a castaway, knowing that his/her vote might not have any strategic significance whatsoever.

Torch – An item that holds fire, which represents a castaway’s "life" in the game.

Tribal Council (or Tribal) – The elimination ceremony and the place where voting’s take place.

Tribe – The competing teams in each season.

Tribe Absorption – The absorption of one or two tribe/s before the Merge, with the members being absorbed by the remaining tribes or the remaining castaways being shuffled into new tribes.

Tribe Switch – A twist which involves sending members of a tribe to the other and vice versa.

Twist – A drastic game-changing alterations to the original format of the game.


Ulonging – A circumstance when a tribe constantly loses Immunity challenges.

Urn – The container in which the castaways place their votes.


Voted out – To be eliminated from the game.

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