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Fast Facts

Winner: Natalie Anderson (5-2-1)

Runner Up: Jaclyn Shultz, Missy Payne

Fan Favourite Award: N/A

Location: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Contestants: 18

Days: 39.5

Filming Dates: June 2nd to July 10th 2014

Air Dates: September 24th to December 17th 2014


Coyopa (Orange), Hunahpu (Blue), Huyopa (merged tribe – green)

Key Twists:

Exile Island: Yes

Hidden Immunity Idol/s: Yes

Redemption Island: No

Returning Players:


Tribal Immunity Idol

Tribal Immunity Idol

Individual Immunity Necklace

Individual Immunity Necklace

Hidden Immunity Idol



Opening Sequence

Survivor: San Juan Del Sur is the twenty-ninth season of Survivor.

This season marked the second time the Blood vs. Water twist came into play. The pairings featured this season were, Mother and Daughter duo Missy Payne and Baylor Wilson, Husband and Wife pair Jeremy and Val Collins, Dating couples John Rocker and Julie McGee as well as Jon Misch and Jaclyn Schultz, Boyfriends Josh Canfield and Reed Kelly, Father and Son combo Keith and Wes Nale, Brothers Drew and Alec Christy, Father and Daughter pairing Dale and Kelley Wentworth, and twin sisters Natalie and Nadiya Anderson previously known from the Amazing Race 21 and 24.

Eighteen contestants began the game divided into pairs of loved one’s on Day Zero. The following morning they were separated into two tribes with each loved one pair divided so one member of the pair featured on either tribe, Coyopa (Mayan God of thunder), and Hunahpu (Mayan sun God). After a Tribe Switch on Day Eleven, the remaining eleven contestants merged into one tribe, Huyopa or #Huyopa, (a combination of the two original tribe names), on Day Sixteen.

The Hidden Immunity Idol returned this season without the addition of the special idol from the previous season. The Exile Island twist returned this season after a nine season absence.


Blood vs. Water: Players were paired with a competing family member or loved one. Each castaway played individually, so they will remain in the game even if their family member is voted out. This season, the pairs will be comprised of all new players, where the loved one pairs were divided onto opposite tribes.

Day Zero: A day before the actual game starts, the nine pairs will be sent out at sunset to ten different locations to live by themselves for the night. They will then all meet up to be officially welcomed by host Jeff Probst and start the game the next morning.

Uneven Gender Balance: Sisters So and Doo Kim were pulled from the game after failing to pass the final medical checks. As such this is the second season of all time to feature an uneven gender balance with 10 males and only 8 females competing. The only other season to feature an unequal number of males and females was Survivor Fiji.

Exile Island – Exile Island returns for the first time since Survivor: Tocantins, with new twists. At the reward challenge, a loved one pair would face off for the chance to win reward. The winning player receives reward for their tribe and must pick someone from their tribe to join the losing player (their loved one) on Exile Island. Similar to Survivor: Tocantins upon reaching Exile Island, the two banished players will get to chose between two unmarked bottles; one bottle contained a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol, hidden somewhere at their camp. The person who gets the second bottle will get nothing. From the merge onwards a single player was exiled, with a sole urn present that contained a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol located on Exile Island.

Hidden Immunity Idols – Hidden Immunity Idols returned this season.

Tribe Switch: On Day Eleven, the remaining castaways randomly drew for new tribes.

Episode Summaries

Episode One: Suck It Up and Survive

Episode Two: Method To This Madness

Episode Three: Actions vs. Accusations

Episode Four: We’re a Hot Mess

Episode Five: Blood is Blood

Episode Six: Make Some Magic Happen

Episode Seven: Million Dollar Decision

Episode Eight: Wrinkle In the Plan

Episode Nine: Gettin’ to Crunch Time

Episode Ten: This Is Where We Build Trust

Episode Eleven: Kind Of Like Cream Cheese

Episode Twelve: Still Holdin’ On

Episode Thirteen: Let’s Make a Move

Episode Fourteen: This Is My Time

Season Summary




Episode Guide*

SJDS SeasonNotes:

^1 – In the night six tribal council, a two way tie occurred between Baylor and Val. In a re-vote, Val was voted out.

^2 – Jon and Keith each used a hidden immunity idol, negating four and three votes against them respectively.

^3 – In the night thirty-five tribal council, a three way tie occurred between Jaclyn, Jon and Keith. In a re-vote, Jon was voted out.

^4 – Natalie used a hidden immunity idol on Jaclyn, negating three votes against her.



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