Survivor Look-Alikes

With so many Survivor contestants over the years, it’s hard not to draw comparisons to certain contestants appearances and other celebrities, characters and even animals just to name a few. We thought that it’s about time we pay homage to the looks of certain contestants and just how similar they look to certain things and bring you our SURVIVOR LOOK-ALIKE page! Stay tuned to this page as it’ll update weekly, as we bring you a different look-alike each Monday!

Please note that all look-alikes on this page are done in good humour. We do not intend in anyway to offend or insult a particular contestant by drawing comparisons to their look-alike! Also, if you have any suggestions, please send them through to us!

Survivor Look-Alike 15 – 19/11/13


As you know, we like to come up with an original idea or two on this show. Just like this weeks look-alike. One is the beautiful starlet who is feisty, charismatic and looks great in a bikini, while the other has won an Oscar and drove a bus that couldn’t slow down. Whatever your thoughts on each of them, you have to love their near perfect teeth…

Survivor Look-Alike 14 – 04/11/13


Apparently we have a thing for comparing contestants to cartoon characters. This time a certain winner of the 19th season has a resemblance to a certain fairy from Neverland, although we’re not sure which one has the ability to float better…

Survivor Look-Alike 13 – 29/10/13


Many people have called Danni Boatwright ‘Wonder Woman’ for her amazing strength and resolve during Guatemala so why not compare the two even closer? It definitely appears as though the red corset and blue tights with white stars might be a good look for Danni, but let’s add that cowboy hat to really seal the deal ok?

Survivor Look-Alike 12 – 21/10/13


There is something about wrestlers that just makes people get excited. The same can be said for Ralph Kiser. Is it the facial hair? The body hair? Or just those eyes? Whatever the case, we will now refer to the Redemption Island contestant as ‘Hacksaw Ralf Kiser’ from every article onwards.

Survivor Look-Alike 11 – 02/10/13


One was fierce, strong and wasn’t afraid to take anyone on in a battle to the death. The other starred in a movie about dragons, and tigers…or something like that. We love Peih-Gee, and we also love movies. Seems like a perfect fit to us?

Survivor Look-Alike 10 – 16/09/13


Another cartoon? Do we have a trend going on here? It seems that way. Brenda certainly has many fans, as does Pocahontas. What Pocahontas make somebody else remove their teeth though? We might need to wait until Disney make a sequel to find out.

Survivor Look-Alike 9 – 09/09/13


Another one of these look-alikes that the picture doesn’t do it as much justice as others, but we’ve had a few people tell us that a certain contestant who all the ladies are going gaga about recently looks like a certain actor who  likes to play with pirates and shoot arrows in Middle Earth. It’s there slightly…

Survivor Look-Alike 8 – 02/09/13


We know that Formula 1 isn’t exactly super popular in the US so some of you might not be aware of exactly who Sebastian Vettel is. But let’s just say he is a pretty big deal, and that one immunity idol giving awayer should be honoured to be compared to him. Or maybe a three-time Formula 1 World Champion who has a tendency to ‘throw the toys out of the pram’ should be honoured to be compared to a two-time returning Survivor contestant who always makes it far?

Survivor Look-Alike 7 – 26/08/13


One person is concerned about President Obama taking all his money, the other likes to punch himself and turn green when angry. Can you guess which one does what? Edward Norton is one moustache away from wanting to vote returning players out.

Survivor Look-Alike 6 – 19/08/13


This picture really doesn’t do the similarities between Stacey from Borneo and Evangeline Lilly justice. Evangeline is best known for playing Kate on Lost, which also itself offers many parallels to Survivor adding  even more similarities. Do you see it? Maybe watch an episode of Borneo with Stacey in it to really make your mind up.

Survivor Look-Alike 5 – 12/08/13


As we are incapable of an original thought most of the time on the show, we thought our 5th look-alike has to be one that is pretty obvious. James ‘Rocky’ Reid from Fiji and the character of Rocky Balboa from the Rocky movies made famous by Sylvester Stallone. Surely nobody can argue with this one?

Survivor Look-Alike 4 – 05/08/13


It seems as though the cartoon ones are popular, so we thought that the ‘grandmother of Survivor Oz’ Gillian Larson deserves to be compared to the ‘grandmother of Arthur’ Grandma Thora! Not saying that Gillian resembles and Aardvark at all, but you have to admit this one is pretty close?

Survivor Look-Alike 3 – 29/07/13


Everybody loves Ryno, and everybody loves Carson Daly. Is it their face? Their personality? Well whatever the case is, they very much could have been separated at birth! What do you think of our third look-alike? Close? Far?

Survivor Look-Alike 2 – 22/07/13


The only contestant we are yet to interview from One World Michael Jefferson has a striking resemblance to actor John Hensley, best known for his role as Matt on Nip/Tuck. What do you think? Did perhaps John miss out on a big acting gig so decided to spend some time in Samoa instead?

Survivor Look-Alike 1 – 15/07/13


The winner of Caramoan may have never been animated (at least not that we know of), but if he was to be done in cartoon form then Linguini from the hit Pixar film Ratatouille is a perfect template. All we need to do is add a chefs hat to Cochran, or maybe a buff to Linguini and you have yourself the same person!

Check back each week as we update the look-alikes!

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