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Winner: Mike Holloway

Runner Up: Carolyn Rivera, Will Sims II

Fan Favourite Award: N/A

Location: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Contestants: 18

Days: 39

Filming Dates: August 4th to September 11th 2014

Air Dates: February 25th to May 20th 2015


Escameca (Blue), Masaya (Yellow), Nagarote (Red), Merica (Merged tribe – Black)

Key Twists:

Exile Island: No

Hidden Immunity Idol/s: Yes

Redemption Island: No

Returning Players:



Tribal Immunity Idol

Individual Immunity Necklace

Individual Immunity Necklace

Hidden Immunity Idol

Hidden Immunity Idol

Opening Sequence


White Collar vs. Blue Collar vs. No Collar: Players were divided into tribes based on different “social classes”. No Collar/Nagarote, consists of people who ‘break the rules’ and wear ‘no collar’ in their daily jobs. Blue Collar/Escameca, consists of people who ‘follow the rules’ and are more ‘hands on’ types in their day to day life. White Collar/Masaya, consists of people who ‘make the rules’ and are more ‘office types’ in their day to day lives.

First Impressions: Moments after meeting each other, each tribe had to select a leader (Joaquin from Masaya, Dan from Escameca and Will from Nagarote) and that leader would select one other member to join them in making an important decision (So joined Joaquin, Mike joined Dan and Jen joined Will). After the tribes returned to camp each pair went of into the jungle where they were given the choice to be honest or deceive. The honest option gave the tribe an advantage in the form of a large bag of beans while the deceive option gave the tribe a smaller bag of beans with a clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol secretly for the deciding pair.

Hidden Immunity Idols: Hidden Immunity Idols returned this season.

Additional Vote Advantage: Also known as the “vote doubler” this advantage allowed the owner to cast a second vote at a tribal council. To play this advantage it had to be announced after the original votes were cast but before Jeff asked if anybody wanted to play a hidden immunity idol. The player would then cast their second vote.

Episode Summaries

 Episode 1: It’s Survivor Warfare

Episode 2: It Will Be My Revenge

Episode 3: Crazy Is As Crazy Does

Episode 4: Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Episode 5: We’re Finally Playing Some Survivor

Episode 6: Odd Woman Out

Episode 7: The Line Will Be Drawn Tonight

Episode 8: Keep It Real

Episode 9: Livin’ On The Edge

Episode 10: Bring the Popcorn

Episode 11: Survivor Russian Roulette

Episode 12: Holding On For Dear Life

Episode 13: My Word Is My Bond

Episode 14: It’s a Fickle, Fickle Game

Season Summary



VinceNinaLindseyMaxJoaquinKellyHaliJoeJenn ShirinTylerDanSierraRodneyWillCarolynMike

Episode Guide*

Worlds Apart Season


^1 – In the night eleven tribal council, a three way tie occurred between Lindsey, Rodney and Sierra. In a re-vote, Lindsey was voted out.

^2 – Jenn used a hidden immunity idol, negating seven votes against her.

^3 – Mike used a hidden immunity idol, negating four votes against him.

^4 – Dan used his advantage to cast an extra vote and Carolyn used a hidden immunity idol, negating five votes against her.

^5 – With a deadlock tie between Carolyn and Rodney, a fire-making challenge was held to determine the elimination, which Rodney lost.


Season Statistics

Tribe Challenge Statistics

Tribal Stats

Individual Challenge Statistics

Individual Reward

Voting History*

Confessional Count

* – Credit Survivor Wikia.

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