Survivor Oz Rankings Cast Episode 3– Contestant Rankings 200-101


In the lead up to the 30th season of and to celebrate the 15th year of Survivor, the team here at Survivor Oz has put together an expert panel to rank every single contestant to have ever played the game. From 442 through to number one, the panel sit down and discuss the pros, cons and everything else in between of every player from every season and that entire discussion has been recorded for your entertainment as we bring you this EXCLUSIVE ‘rankings cast’ that we are sure will cause significant debate with each episode! Today we continue on with episode 3, which ranks contestants from 200 through to 101! Click below for more!


A select panel of 5 Survivor experts was chosen to sit down and rank each single cast member in the history of Survivor. As of the 29th season of San Juan Del Sur there were 442 players who played the game. This list does not include Melissa McNulty from Fiji as she is deemed to have quit before the game started, nor does it include Craig Saint-Amour who was withdrawn before Blood vs Water and the two contestants withdrawn from San Juan Del Sur prior to it starting. For players who have played on multiple seasons, they are only counted ONCE, meaning that they are ranked based on their combined time on Survivor rather than their individual games. Each episode an order is selected for the panel to go in. For the first episode this was decided via a random generator on For the next episode that followed, the order was reversed. For episode three the order was changed to allow one of the three people who hadn’t had a go at being first and last to have that chance, and then it was reversed again. Also from episode three onwards, the order was changed every 50 spots, and simply reversed. For the final two episodes the sole remaining person who hadn’t gone first went first, and the remaining order randomised. Then in the final episode the person who went first in episode four went last to ensure each person had a go at going first and last. The remaining order was also randomised. At the turn of each person, they would select the Survivor contestant they deemed appropriate to go at that spot. If the majority of the panel agree, that contestants spot is finalised. However, if the majority of the panel disagree, they can ‘veto’ a choice, and the person then has to pick again, with the ‘vetoed’ contestant still eligible to be chosen at a later date. Any member of the panel can veto at any point if they wish, and non-successful vetoes are still counted as having a veto against a contestant. However for a contestant to be ‘saved’ and placed later, at least 3 out of the 5 panel members must agree to veto that choice. If 2 out of 5 do, it’s unsuccessful and the voting continues. After any veto is mentioned, the panel member has a ‘right of reply’ to defend their choice, whilst the panel member who vetoed also has the option to give their argument, potentially swaying the other panel members to change their mind.


Ben Waterworth (Survivor Oz Host/Founder)
Noah Groves (Original Ozlet)
Colin Hilding (Ozlet)
Kate McLaughlin (Ozlet)
Paul Luttrell (Ozlet)
Each episode was initially only planned to run for three hours, however with the length of the rankings and the amount of discussion/debate had over the choices, this quickly blew out for each episode. It was decided that episodes would be edited together as one full length episode, and then separated into ‘parts’ to allow for smoother downloading and listening. Episode Three went for a total length of 8 hours, 43 minutes and 25 seconds (a record at the time of recording for longest episode ever) and has been separated into five parts for your convenience. You can download each part via the buttons below:
You can also download our high res cast photo of every single contestant in the history of Survivor together in one photo here
The FULL LIST of ranked contestants will be released after the fifth and final episode. Episodes will be released in the coming weeks and prior to the premiere of Worlds Apart on the 25th of February. Don’t forget to join in the conversation using #SozRanks and comment on this post below to let us know your thoughts on the rankings this episode and give your predictions for the remainder of the countdown!
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20 Comments on Survivor Oz Rankings Cast Episode 3– Contestant Rankings 200-101

  1. Terrence Bogart // February 8, 2015 at 3:30 pm // Reply

    OMG Noah is really getting so bossy on these when he doesn’t get his way. It’s like he is allowed to veto but when others do it to Reed and trying to give reasons he’s constantly interrupting. Reed and Judd for example.

    • Gabriel Snuffles // February 19, 2015 at 2:00 pm // Reply

      I sort of agree. He is like “guys, majority rules, but just remember, we have to factor the minority into this.” If Noah wants Russell Hantz at #302, and Ben, Paul, Kate, and Colin veto it, the Noah isn’t going to be happy, but majority rules, and Russell Hantz will get vetoed. You can listen to the minority, but the majority makes the decision, no matter how against it you are, or how obnoxious it is *cough vetoing Jeanne cough*. I thought Jeanne should have gone right then, but the majority didn’t, so that is what had to happen. A minority opinion can be spoken, and used to try and persuade people to come over to your side, but at the end of the day, only the majority opinion counts.

  2. Great to have another episode up…every episode/part just gets better and better…keep up the great work

  3. Just Downloaded. Excited for the next day.

  4. Noah sounds like a broken record, every pick is “there are so many people who are worse than xyz” or “i had this person 10 or 20 spots higher but…” or “I’m trying to be objective here” or ” (insert number) is not a bad spot”

  5. Pretty disappointed because many of the player that I would rank below 150/200 managed to slip into top 100, including everyone in SJDS except for Natalie, and some players who played 3+ times but never got to the end…..Vytas is much better than these people

  6. Just got past Noah’s second attempt to get rid of Reed. Not only is Noah’s argument flawed, but he needs to get his facts straight. Noah emphatically stated multiple times that Reed never voted in the majority. That is untrue. Reed voted in the majority on the Jeremy-boot episode and on the Wes-boot episode (although that majority vote didn’t send Jon home). Noah also stated at one point that Reed attended only three tribal councils, and he later said that Reed attended four tribal councils. Reed attended five tribal councils, Noah. And obviously he wasn’t in the majority in the Josh vote-out and his own vote-out — that’s not really something to count against him. Noah really needs to rewatch the Jeremy-boot episode and watch or read some of Reed’s exit interviews about the Jeremy vote-off. Reed orchestrated that vote-out, and it was very complex. And Reed dictated every single vote in the Wes-boot episode, which was also an impressive feat that shouldn’t be ignored. That episode, he told everyone in both alliances how to vote and they all followed him, even after Keith made it apparent that the majority alliance shouldn’t trust Reed. Noah is very mistaken in his view of the level of Reed’s gameplay, and I am so glad that he was vetoed again.

    • Good grief. Again, Noah? Definitely deserved the triple veto. Noah keeps saying that Reed never had anything go his way ever — see above, regarding Jeremy vote-out. And Reed won an individual immunity challenge, without which he would’ve gone home the night Wes did. But does a player’s ability to win individual immunity now mean absolutely nothing? There’s much more to argue in Reed’s favor, but these points alone are sufficient to rebut Noah’s weak argument based on incorrect information.

    • Nah, Reed did not orchestrate the Jeremy boot, he just had ideas but he never really had the power to do that, if you read some exit interviews, everyone except Reed or maybe Josh gave the credit to Jon, because he is the one that had the connections to do that. Most of the other players said that his game is just full of paranoia, he runs around and talk strategy with everyone in the start of the game in a very obvious way, and just went crazy after Josh went. He is just much lower in my list, although I do agree that he is better than Josh and Jeremy.

      Anyway, I don’t even think Reed’s “stick to the plan” plan is a good move either, it is just too forced and not realistic because it requires EVERYONE to vote according to him to make it work, and I think that plan would fail 9 times out of 10, since every little doubt would ruin it. If he had just targeted Jaclyn instead on Jon, or refine the plan a little more, the plan would be much better.

      • Here’s what we know. After Josh was voted out, Reed should have been the obvious next boot. Natalie and others have said that Reed was scary and that they wanted to get rid of him. But Reed didn’t go next — Jeremy did. Why? Reed looked in Keith’s bag based on a suspicion that Keith had a HII. Reed then found the instructions for the HII. He took those instructions and used them to work on a plan with the opposing alliance. He then told Missy, Baylor, and Jaclyn that they could make an average play or an epic play. The average play would be to take Keith out with the HII in his pocket. The epic play would be to blindside Jeremy. They then asked Reed whom they should tell the other alliance was going home. Reed said to tell them that he was going home. Missy then indicated she was going to tell Natalie about the plan to get rid of Jeremy. Reed told Missy not to do that because Natalie would warn Jeremy. So Reed told Missy to tell Natalie and Jeremy that they were going to get rid of Keith. He also told Jon and Jaclyn to pick a fight with Wes and Keith at tribal council in order to make it look like Keith was the target, not Jeremy. Reed has said this in numerous exit interviews, and nobody has disputed that this is exactly what happened. He even said it on the Survivor Live interview, where Alec and Wes were nodding their heads in agreement as Reed explained what happened. Alec even said that Reed had more than a hand in Jeremy’s vote out and that Reed was, in fact, the ringleader of that plan. Obviously, Missy, Baylor, Jaclyn, and Jon had their own independent reasons for wanting to get rid of Jeremy. But Reed played a major part in how it went down, and that can’t be ignored.

        Also, it’s crazy to say Reed’s move to vote out Jon wasn’t realistic when it would’ve worked absent one of the biggest boneheaded moments in Survivor history. Really, that plan was brilliant, and it would’ve worked had Keith not leaned over and said, “Stick to the plan.” And then, Jon asked whether Keith was talking to him, because Reed was sitting behind Jon. And Keith said that he was talking to Reed, not Jon — so Keith was even given the opportunity to play it off, but he just underlined it. It was a completely unpredictable terrible moment, and the plan would have worked otherwise. I’m not saying it hasn’t happened, but I can’t think of someone ruining a plan at tribal council as badly as Keith did there. It wasn’t a “little doubt” that ruined the plan — it was a flashing neon sign of doubt. And even with that, the plan still nearly worked.

  7. When is the next episode???? I wanna see where my faves will be placed

  8. It is just funny to see that everyone don’t have much bad to say about Vytas and even said that he could easily win another season, but he is still placed lower than James where people don’t have much good to say about his game.

  9. Noah is amazing. ❤ fuck Reed, he sucks. overrated trash tbh.

  10. It’s a shame Ben’s pettiness toward Brenda because of her pettiness toward Dawn has marred this ranking. Really shameful some of the players ranked better than her.

    • There is no ‘pettiness’ towards Brenda from myself or any of the hosts. These rankings are based on gameplay and where I rank contestants is based on where I believe they should be based on their time on the show. Please listen more carefully when it comes to things being explained throughout the episodes. – Ben

  11. 1) Colin – This ranking would be quite dumb without him a lot of the times
    2) Ben – Not too judgmental. Must be hard to explain stuff that aren’t too apparent to others.
    3) Noah – Sides with the ‘characters’, which is okay, those people do win.
    4) The 4th guy – Ok.
    5) Kate – even I can notice those dudes r hot, but thanks for pointing out I guess

  12. If Michael Snow, Artis Silvester or Penny Ramsey place higher than Reed than I’ll be pissed

  13. Brenda should be in the top 100!

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