Ozcars 2015 – 25 Sexiest Female Survivor Contestants of All Time

Sexiest Ever Female

We continue our reveals of each of our Ozcar categories, and today we bring you who you voted as the top 25 sexiest female contestants of all time! You know the winner, you know the final five, but did your favourite contestant just miss out on reaching the finals? Read on to find out!

The sexiest female poll was a simple case of voting for who you thought the sexiest female contestant of all time was! There are numerous contestants who appeared on the list last year who make a return appearance. The votes were added up from the online poll, as well as the Ozlets votes, and the results were tallied up to bring the following results:

25. Angie Layton (Philippines) – 24 votes


LAST YEAR: 15th (-10)

After last year’s strong showing at the Ozcars, it seems that the fans out there have completely forgotten about her. She has taken a huge tumble down the sexiest female list since her first appearance at the Ozcars.

24. Brooke Struck (Guatemala) – 25 votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

Appearing in our top 25 for the first time, don’t let her subtle good looks fool you. It’s great to have new entries making the top 25 and even better to see Guatemala getting some love!

23. Jaclyn Schultz (San Juan Del Sur) – 26 votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

The former Miss Michigan makes her debut and lands herself in our top 25. But she deserves to be much higher up on the list. Let’s make that happen next year!

22. Stephenie LaGrossa (Palau & Guatemala) – 26 votes


LAST YEAR: 25th (+3)

Stephenie is always regular vote getter in our Ozcars and she makes another appearance on this list! She has gone up 3 spots from last year and will be hoping to climb even higher next time.

21. Ciera Eastin (Blood vs Water) – 28 votes


LAST YEAR: 18th (-13)

Ciera drops a couple of spots from last year though her appearance on next season could very well vault her up the list next year. It’s sad to see her bestie on the show, Katie Collins, is nowhere to found found on this year’s list.

20. Jenna Morasca (The Amazon & All-Stars) – 29 votes


LAST YEAR: 12th (-8)

Despite dropping down to 20th this year, Jenna still draws in the sexy votes to get her onto the list. I feel as though it’s a sign to vote for her more next year.

19. Ashley Trainer (Samoa) – 30 votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

On her CBS bio, Ashley claims that she usually gets whatever she wants as long as she puts her heart and mind to it. That’s what her fans did and she has cracked the top 20 of our list.

18. Julie Berry (Vanuatu) – 33 votes


LAST YEAR: 14th (-4)

Another slight fall from last year, nevertheless Julie sneaks into the top 20 in style. Always a beautiful contestant to watch, Julie is extremely popular outside of the show and is still very active within several of the main Survivor friendship groups. A top 10 finisher next year? Let’s make it happen!

17. Dolly Neely (Vanuatu) – 33 votes


LAST YEAR: 23rd (+6)

No one seems to forget that cute girl from Pennsylvania! After being placed at the number 23 spot in last year’s poll, she has rocketed her way up to number 17. Way to go, Dolly!

16. Ashley Massaro (China) – 34 votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

A professional wrestler, model and former WWE Diva, Ashley charges in at number 16. But don’t mess with her or else she will go after you. Will she stay in out top 25 next year?

15. Baylor Wilson (San Juan Del Sur) – 35 votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

One of the youngest contestants on San Juan del Sur, this singer/songwriter has spunk! Can she move higher next year or will she be caught in a sticky situation?

14. Chelsea Meissner (One World) – 36 votes


LAST YEAR: 9th (-5)

A bit of a shock to see her drop down so far and also out of the top 10 for the first time, Several fans I’m sure will be outraged, so if you are make sure you vote in droves next year to get her back in!

13. Abi-Maria Gomes (Philippines) – 36 votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

Abi-Maria makes our list for the first time. We all love her accent and fire, so lets see if she can push for a spot in the top 10 for next year.

12. Hali Ford (Worlds Apart) – 40 votes

Hali Ford

LAST YEAR: New Entry

She’s cute, she’s a law student. Brains and beauty…what else could a guy ask for? Enough said.

11. Stacey Powell (South Pacific) – 41 votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

Reaching the top 25 for the very first time, Stacey was one of the oldest females in South Pacific. She certainly brought some life to the game and that energy could be all she needs to crack the top 10 in 2016.

10. Erinn Lobdell (Tocantins) – 42 votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

Erinn adds to the number of females making the list for the very first time. She proved that she isn’t just another pretty face making it to 3rd place in Tocantins and given her sudden surge of votes she could very well match that in this poll next year.

9. Darrah Johnson (Pearl Islands) – 42 votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

One of the most underrated Survivor’s of all time. This southern beauty has it all…love the accent, it makes my heart melt!

8. Brenda Lowe (Nicaragua & Caramoan) – 43 votes


LAST YEAR: 6th (-2)

A runner-up in the 2013 poll, she’s lost ground every year since but still ends up in our top 10. C’mon Brenda fans, time to step it up and get her back in the top 5 next year!

7. Natalie Tenerelli (Redemption Island) – 51 votes


LAST YEAR: 5th (-2)

A consistent performer Natalie narrowly misses out on replicating her finals performance from last year. She was chosen as one of 32 Survivor contestants to get a second chance on Survivor, but it seems her fans have deserted her. I say push higher for 2016!

6. Trish Hegarty (Cagayan) – 63 votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

A surprising finish for Trish as she cracks into the top 10 and just misses the finals! A strong social player but don’t get on her bad side or else!

5. Jefra Bland (Cagayan)Final Voting Percent 8.91%


LAST YEAR: 10th (+5)

A big jump up for Jefra Bland considering she just finished in the top 10 in last year’s poll. Unfortunately she lost her way in the final round of voting and dropped a couple of spots but she can still be proud of a top 5 place!

4. Andrea Boehlke (Redemption Island & Caramoan)Final Voting Percent 16.60%


LAST YEAR: 8th (+4)

A consistent performer on this list of beauties as she has always been voted in the top 10. Could she steal the top spot next year?

3. Amanda Kimmel (China, Micronesia & Heroes vs Villains) – Final Voting Percent 19.04%


LAST YEAR: 4th (+1)

Amanda keeps her run of finalists spot in tact but still can’t push for that elusive Ozcar. Amanda fans are still hoping that one day she can walk away with an Ozcar sooner rather than later.

2. Morgan McLeod (Cagayan) – Final Voting Percent 25.86%


LAST YEAR: 1st (-1)

After tying for first place last year, Morgan makes another appearance on our list but has fallen down into second place. Can she fight back next year to regain that top spot?

1. Parvati Shallow (Cook Islands, Micronesia & Heroes vs Villains) – Final Voting Percent 29.59%


LAST YEAR: 1st (No Change)

Parvati does it again and takes out her fourth consecutive Ozcar in this category. She is the undisputed queen of the Ozcar awards but will she be knocked out of the top spot next year?

The Ozcar reveals will continue tomorrow with the first of the ‘big four’ categories being revealed with the list of the 30 best seasons appearing tomorrow!



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20 Comments on Ozcars 2015 – 25 Sexiest Female Survivor Contestants of All Time

  1. This list is ok, with some definite flaws, especially Stacey and even more so Trish. It is nice seeing the “black woman” role getting some love in the sexy list but I really wish it was Tijuana from the Pearl Islands instead. Here is my personal list:

    1st) Ciera Eastin — Maybe I am biased but Ciera is my ultimate Survivor crush. I can’t wait to see her back on S31.

    2nd) Parvati — There is no denying Parv’s attractiveness, and she is still my #2 behind Ciera.

    3rd) Natalie White — Rewatching Samoa I was very surprised by just how attractive NatWhite is. I am shocked that she is no where on this list. She should easily be Top 5.

    4th) Chelsea — I am one of those outraged fans you were talking about, Jimmy! This is terrible that she is not in the finals, or even Top 10! She would be a way better finalist then Morgan.

    5th) Andrea — I was very pleased to see Andrea make the finals. She is very attractive.

    6th) Jefra — I had a bigger crush on Jefra than Morgan in Cagayan, for sure. I think she is equally gorgeous with a much sweeter personality. I was glad to see Jefra in the finals, and I’d have her in my Top 5 too if it wasn’t for my extreme bias towards Ciera.

    7th) Brenda — Brenda is sweet and attractive, a very hot girl for sure. Right area for her for sure.

    8th) Sierra Thomas — My biggest crush between the last 2 seasons was Sierra for sure. She had such a gentle and caring personality, and a great body! Everyone was talking about the eyebrows, but no, they didn’t bother me. I hope they weren’t the reason she missed out on this list, but I think they might be.

    9th) RC — She reminds of Morgan in terms of looks but is way more personable.

    10th) Amanda — Amanda is very attractive but I’ve never loved her personality. She seems depressed to me.

    11th) Morgan — There is no denying her smokin’ body but I thought her personality was brattish and whiny.

    12th) Angie — Cookie Girl was very attractive and is way too low in this list.

    13th) Hali — Glad to see Hali get the love she deserves on this list!

    14th) Jaclyn — Like Amanda and Morgan, she had a great body, but I wasn’t a fan of her personality. Even though, she should be higher than she is, and given her Ozcar in sexiest new female, and recency bias, I would have expected her in The top 10 or 5.

    15th) Natalie Tennerelli — I wasn’t a fan of how she handed Boston Rob the win, but she definitely has a great body.

    16th) Eliza — Her looks are B- but her personality is A. Love me some Eliza Orlins! Should be on this list.

    17th) Heidi Strobel — I’ve never gotten Jenna’s sex appeal but Heidi on the other hand is great looking with an attractive personality! I so hope she makes this list someday!!!

    18th) Purple Kelly — Her looks would land her near the Top 5 for me but I am not attracted to the fact that she quit. Very surprised and a little bummed to not see her on this list.

    19th) Alexis Maxwell — Certainly not as stunning as tribemates Jefra and Morgan, I was attracted to Alexis nonetheless.

    20th) Danielle DiLorzeno — I recently rewatched Panama and was surprised by Danielle’s attractiveness.

    21st) Michelle Tesauro — I was quite attracted to Michelle’s looks but especially personality in the Pearl Islands.

    22nd) Colleen — She was such a sweetheart, and, the original Survivor hottie! Another one that should hands down be on this list.

    23rd) Tijuana — I was very attracted to Tijuana in PI. Hands down the sexiest African American survivor female ever, and like I said, should be in Stacey’s spot on this list.

    24th) Monica Padilla — NatWhite totally overshadowed her in terms of looks in Samoa, but she is nonetheless attractive. I expect to see her back on this list after her appearance in S31.

    25th) Julie Berry — Julie just makes my Top 25 sexy survivors list but nonetheless, she does!

    Also, FYI, Erinn is not a totally new entry on this list, she was 25th back in 2012.

  2. I’m shocked that RC and Eliza didn’t make the list.

  3. These are hilarious with the older people. I don’t which fan community are putting their votes like this but they certainly have the humour

    Hey Ben have you ever thought about creating an alternative spoiler free & civil forum for survivor discussion. You already have the staff here

  4. Must say I am surprised by this list. My top 5 (no order) would be Natalie Tenerelli, Sydney Wheeler, Angie Layton, Chelsea Meissner and Jaclyn Schultz but none of them got near the top.

  5. RC…Eliza…Jerri…Danielle
    Wow, where are they?
    By the way, before I say that picture or Erinn, I thought she deserved to be nowhere this list. Now I do.

  6. That picture of Jenna is so NOT attractive

  7. Where is Alexis? Just have a look through her Facebook or Instagram and you’ll realise she should be no.1…

  8. Wow 24 hot women and one dude. Trish really should have been on the mens list if thats what he identifies as. Its not 2014 anymore Oz trans are people also.

  9. #SydneyWheelerGotRobbed

  10. Stop complaining, this list needed a black woman

  11. My top 10:
    1) Morgan
    2) Andrea
    3) Parvati
    4) Chelsea
    5) Danielle
    6) Angie
    7) Natalie White
    8) Amanda
    9) Jefra
    10) Amber

    Honorable mentions: Natalie Tenerelli, Jaclyn, RC, Stephanie, Alexis, Katie Collins, Hope.

    Probably forgot a few but oh well.

  12. Once again i miss Elisabeth, Sugar and RC! They all belong to the list.

    • Brent Rossiter // July 9, 2016 at 11:54 am // Reply

      LordRahl. Good on you! I was just about to say “Where on Earth” is Elisabeth (Im assuming and hoping that she is the one from Survivor Outback/Australia. Is it just been too long ago for people to remember her?? There are a few real roughies on this list in my opinion. But, hey.
      Good to see Ciera there again. While she isn’t a Classic type beauty, her spunk makes her highly sexy. Love her. But no complaints about Parvati. She’s undeniable!

  13. Brent Rossiter // July 9, 2016 at 12:18 pm // Reply

    Just wanna add, for me personally, what I love about Survivor is to see these women in their natural beauty. When I see them on the Aftershow, get-together thing, when there all “Clean” & “Made Up” with “Hair Done”, I don’t find them any where near as attractive. I’ve never liked much make-up on women,… But, Is it just me? That finds this to be SO much this way? Ive always liked the natural look. I just never realized to what extent!!
    As well as make up, I also don’t like tatts or piercings. But that’s besides my main point.

  14. Brent Rossiter // December 17, 2016 at 4:53 pm // Reply

    Started watching all seasons again from the 1st season in 2001. That being said, I don’t think I could possibly pick 25 and rate them in order. Cos each are so different & unique, none are perfect (not quite anyway). But, there all so so adorable I cant put one below or above another. – S1 Coleen, S2 Elisabeth, S3 Kim, S4 Robs squeeze Sarah, S5.. Hmmm, Umm Jan (In her day?), S6 Ummm again.. Anyone but Heidi or Shawna, (bluurrrk), S7 Darrah, & That’s all 4 now, except a shout out for Parvati and Andrea. (No season references needed there)
    LOVED LOVED LOVED the 1st season of Survivor Aus! – Bigger & Better. 24 contestants, 55 days (I think), and only half a million $AU. My all time fav season I think.
    Does anyone know of any other GOOD seasons from other countries? English preferably.
    Thanks, Bye all.

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