Survivor Oz Rankings Cast Episode 4– Contestant Rankings 100-51


In the lead up to the 30th season of and to celebrate the 15th year of Survivor, the team here at Survivor Oz has put together an expert panel to rank every single contestant to have ever played the game. From 442 through to number one, the panel sit down and discuss the pros, cons and everything else in between of every player from every season and that entire discussion has been recorded for your entertainment as we bring you this EXCLUSIVE ‘rankings cast’ that we are sure will cause significant debate with each episode! Today we continue on with episode 4, which ranks contestants from 100 through to 51! Click below for more!


A select panel of 5 Survivor experts was chosen to sit down and rank each single cast member in the history of Survivor. As of the 29th season of San Juan Del Sur there were 442 players who played the game. This list does not include Melissa McNulty from Fiji as she is deemed to have quit before the game started, nor does it include Craig Saint-Amour who was withdrawn before Blood vs Water and the two contestants withdrawn from San Juan Del Sur prior to it starting. For players who have played on multiple seasons, they are only counted ONCE, meaning that they are ranked based on their combined time on Survivor rather than their individual games. Each episode an order is selected for the panel to go in. For the first episode this was decided via a random generator on For the next episode that followed, the order was reversed. For episode three the order was changed to allow one of the three people who hadn’t had a go at being first and last to have that chance, and then it was reversed again. Also from episode three onwards, the order was changed every 50 spots, and simply reversed. For the final two episodes the sole remaining person who hadn’t gone first went first, and the remaining order randomised. Then in the final episode the person who went first in episode four went last to ensure each person had a go at going first and last. The remaining order was also randomised. At the turn of each person, they would select the Survivor contestant they deemed appropriate to go at that spot. If the majority of the panel agree, that contestants spot is finalised. However, if the majority of the panel disagree, they can ‘veto’ a choice, and the person then has to pick again, with the ‘vetoed’ contestant still eligible to be chosen at a later date. Any member of the panel can veto at any point if they wish, and non-successful vetoes are still counted as having a veto against a contestant. However for a contestant to be ‘saved’ and placed later, at least 3 out of the 5 panel members must agree to veto that choice. If 2 out of 5 do, it’s unsuccessful and the voting continues. After any veto is mentioned, the panel member has a ‘right of reply’ to defend their choice, whilst the panel member who vetoed also has the option to give their argument, potentially swaying the other panel members to change their mind.


Ben Waterworth (Survivor Oz Host/Founder)
Noah Groves (Original Ozlet)
Colin Hilding (Ozlet)
Kate McLaughlin (Ozlet)
Paul Luttrell (Ozlet)
Each episode was initially only planned to run for three hours, however with the length of the rankings and the amount of discussion/debate had over the choices, this quickly blew out for each episode. It was decided that episodes would be edited together as one full length episode, and then separated into ‘parts’ to allow for smoother downloading and listening. Episode Four went for a total length of 5 hours, 15 minutes and 48 seconds and has been separated into two parts for your convenience. You can download each part via the buttons below:
You can also download our high res cast photo of every single contestant in the history of Survivor together in one photo here
The FULL LIST of ranked contestants will be released after the fifth and final episode. Episodes will be released in the coming weeks and prior to the premiere of Worlds Apart on the 25th of February. Don’t forget to join in the conversation using #SozRanks and comment on this post below to let us know your thoughts on the rankings this episode and give your predictions for the remainder of the countdown!
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15 Comments on Survivor Oz Rankings Cast Episode 4– Contestant Rankings 100-51

  1. just made it through part 1, and the fact there’s a certain player still around (won’t mention who so to not spoil anything) really surprises me. Add in the fact they haven’t even been mentioned in any episodes or part thus far is mind boggling to say the least

  2. How are you going to rank the two players that were not even chosen in the schoolyard pick that kicked off the Palau season? (wand a and Johnathon) They never got to play? You did not include them in your list of survivors that you will be excluding?

  3. Are you kidding me about Philip? He was always a joke of a figure head of the alliance. They played along with him because he was never really a threat.

  4. I am enjoying this a lot, cant wait for the last and final aprt which, I assume is going to be up next Sunday or something?

    My only disagreements so far are Kass, Randy and Brenda ranking way too low. On another note, get Sabrina out asap.

  5. I can’t believe im going to attempt this monumental task of listening to the whole podcast, but here I am at number 350 , I can make it! Hope my fave comes out at number one or I’ll be pretty disappointed, no pressure

  6. I will never recover from having my beloved Jenna Lewis be so undervalued as to not even crack the top 50!!!!!!!! Grrrrrr

  7. Ben,

    why did you even need to explain that people like RC’s dad etc. who never played the game aren’t included in the list? I would think it’s fairly obvious, as you have never even seen them play so how could you even rank them anyway?

  8. I am really enjoying these so far. My favorite part is just hearing five different perspectives on every player and I like hearing things about players I have never thought about each player before, like when colin pointed out how diane was able to plant a seed that eventually got clarence voted off. I do disagree with some choices, such as Kass and in a sense Monica. I really hope that Bob is not ranked the worst winner beause I think he is very underrated. He did make the fake idol at final 7 and even though it was not able to save his ally, it still got kenny to vote for matty, which then caused matty to not trust ken and crystal, which then caused a snowball with sugar feeling he same as matty urging her to make a move. And I think he has one of the best social games ever. I really hope that all of these things are considered when it comes to Bob. But I am not saying he is a top 10 player, but I feel he definitely deserves a top 40, maybe 35 spot.

  9. Ben, explains how Ami is better than Ozzy?

    • Same thing for Penner
      Cooks Islands: Pathetic, one of the worst social game ever. Ozzy 2 Penner 7
      Micronesia: Minority alliance, he is the biggest reason why Cirie flipped, Ozzy 9 Penner 14
      Phlippines: One of the biggest mistake ever.

      So, Ben explains me how he could better than Ozzy????
      or just say that he is a friend of you…

  10. I think it’s crazy that no winners are outside the top 50. In my opinion, someone can win the game and not be a top 3 player within their own season. Plus, there are some seasons that are completely devoid of ability. No one from Nicaragua should be top 50, probably not even top 75.

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