hereBeing a radio show, you have to be able to listen to us right? Of course it’s right! So how do you tune into Survivor Oz? Read on to find out!

Survivor Oz is distributed nationally across Australia, so to find out if it appears on your local station we suggest you check your local guides or contact your favourite station to find it if it airs. If it doesn’t, why not request they air it? You could change the course of their station forever!

Can’t find the show airing in your local area? Fear not! You can download our podcasts of each contestants interview after the show airs or our other wide variety of episodes too! Click on the interviews section to see what is available to download! Want to never miss an episode and have them downloaded directly to your phone or mp3 player?  Simply click on the podcast section on the right hand side of the page or here and subscribe so you never miss an interview! Also don’t forget to subscribe to us and rate us on the iTunes store and you can also subscribe to us and listen to us on Stitcher where you can also tell us how much you love us!

With all these options available, you will never miss an episode and interview again!

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