Survivor Oz Top 10-Top 10 Goats

1616689_10152244988398854_1810913903_n Wednesday is here again, which means your weekly Survivor Oz Top Ten is just a click away! Today’s Top Ten comes from Ozlet James Pickering, who counts down ten of the biggest ‘goats’ in Survivor history. In the Survivor world, a goat is someone that you would take to the end because they would be easy to beat at the Final Tribal Council vote.  Ever since Brian Heidik took Clay Jordan to the Final Two in Survivor: Thailand, we have seen this strategy of taking a goat to the end adopted many times in subsequent seasons. But out of all the goats we have seen, who will make the Top Ten? Read on to find out.

10. Sherri Biethman – Caramoan


Her pre-merge game seemed strong, and she was fighting the unfair advantage of being a new player against returning players, but her insistence of keeping Shamar around when he became an obviously toxic presence within the Fans tribe meant that once a Tribe Switch happened, she had no other choice but to align with the returning players, as Eddie and Reynold wanted her gone. From that point, her only option was to ride the returning players all the way to the end of the game in the hope that she could somehow pull off a win against Cochran, who might have been the most popular player within the season to reach the Final Tribal Council since J.T. in Tocantins. The fact of the matter is: she was never, ever, ever going to win against Cochran. It’s easy to sit on the couch and gain that information from a forty-three minute edited television episode, but she must have known he was pretty popular. She wouldn’t have made this list if it weren’t for her Final Tribal Council performance though; nerves can get the best of anybody, but it was excruciating to watch. I hope she gets another chance because in different circumstances I can imagine she’d do very well, but she was a goat in Caramoan. Sorry Sherri!

9. Becky Lee – Cook Islands


She wasn’t helped by the fact that she was in a Final Three with Yul and Ozzy, in what probably remains to this day the closest battle for the title of Sole Survivor. But I don’t see how anybody can argue that Becky, in any situation, wins at a Final Tribal Council, whether it is a Final Two or Final Three. In the first episode of Cook Islands, we saw the formation of an alliance between Becky and Yul, and she remained loyal to that alliance to the very end of the game, despite the fact that she had absolutely no shot at winning in a Final Two/Three against him. The whole ‘attach yourself to a power player and they’ll take me to the end’ strategy is a valid one if everybody hates the player you attach yourself to. But Yul wasn’t hated at all; in fact, he was highly respected. Her fire building skills at the Final Four Tribal Council, in front of the Jury, were also plain embarrassing (but pretty amusing). So yes, sorry Becky, but I see you as a pretty large goat.

8. Natalie Tenerelli – Redemption Island


Natalie did what Becky did, but she took it to the next level. Again, I hold no grudges against players who attach themselves to the power player in the hope that the Jury will be annoyed with the person sitting next to you and vote for you instead. That’s a valid strategy. But it didn’t work. And when it doesn’t work, you look pretty stupid. The Jury didn’t respect her game play, it was frustrating to watch as a viewer, and she handed Boston Rob the win. She was young; probably a little too young and naïve to play a game such as Survivor. She came across as a really nice person, but there is no other way to describe her than as a goat.

7. Stephenie LaGrossa – Guatemala


Stephenie was portrayed a tad differently in Guatemala than what she was in Palau. In Palau, she was America’s sweetheart; the poor innocent soul who was left alone because her lame tribe mates couldn’t be as brilliant as she was and help her win a challenge. In Guatemala, she seemed self-righteous, greedy, annoying and also not impartial to completely unnecessary blindsides against people in her alliance that she might have actually beaten in a Final Two. Stephenie was in the first season to mix returning and new players together, and helped by her popularity and star status, she managed to cement herself in a strong position in a dominant alliance. Around the Merge, both Jamie and Judd saw Stephenie as their number one ally, and she would have certainly had a much better chance of winning sitting next to one of them in the Final Two than she did against Danni or Rafe. But, as so many people do when they find themselves in a position of great power, she over thought her hand; needlessly blindsiding Jamie, Judd and Cindy all but confirmed that they were never going to vote for her in the Final Tribal Council. Voting out Lydia at the Final Four was also silly considering how much better Danni was challenge-wise, but I would argue that she couldn’t win against anybody at that point, so it’s relatively insignificant for this article. Interviews with contestants also suggests she sat around complaining about how hungry she was for the whole thirty-nine days, which would have been significantly grating considering the amount of Reward Challenges she was taken on. From hero to zero in one season, and with only one vote from her best buddy Rafe, there is no other way to describe Ms. LaGrossa than as a solid goat.

6. Rob Mariano – All Stars


This might be seen as a tad controversial considering Mr. Mariano only lost by one vote, but I would argue that he had literally no chance of winning at the Final Tribal Council of All-Stars. All-Stars was the first season in Survivor history to feature returning players, and Survivor viewers got to see for the first time what is now a staple of any returning player seasons: pre-game alliances. There was the pre-game plan to eliminate all the winners, as well as many other agreements that seemed to have been made before the cameras started rolling. These people were friends in real life, so this is completely understandable. Boston Rob was apparently a very popular member of the Survivor community pre-All Stars, and he set about destroying some close friendships for what was, in his eyes, a game that should not be taken personally. He blindsided Rob Cesternino, spent confessionals insulting people like Sue Hawk, Colby Donaldson and Ethan Zohn, and came across on camera as somebody who relished embarrassing people. That was just pre-Merge. Rule 101 of Survivor is that unless the Jury respects you, you cannot win. The whole Lex ‘you take care of her, I’ll take care of you’ debacle has been written about extensively, but Rob knew by doing that he wasn’t going to get Lex’s vote at the end. He made a Final Two deal with Alicia when there was no real necessity to do so, thus losing her vote in a Jury situation. He blindsided Big Tom at Final Five unnecessarily, thus losing any chance of Tom voting for him at the Final Tribal Council. He also socially ostracized Shii-Ann throughout the post-merge, and would have been aware she would probably vote for Amber due to her publicly saying at the Final Six Tribal Council that she was going to vote for the person she thought was playing the best game. And bang, right there Rob is going into the Final Tribal Council knowing he can’t get four out of the seven votes. And that’s not considering his treatment of Kathy, who surprisingly forgave Rob and voted for him anyway. There was no way Rob was winning All-Stars. And that’s why he was a goat. A goat for his future wife is the best possible situation to be a goat from a financial sense, but a goat he remains.

5. Phillip Sheppard – Redemption Island


Oh, Phillip. You divide opinion like no other, but one thing is for certain: Lee Harvey Oswald has more chance of going down in history as an American treasure than you did of winning Redemption Island. From Day One you came across to your tribe mates as overbearing and bossy, and your claims of being a former Federal Agent gained you more suspicion than the respect you were looking for. You sold your vote to Boston Rob, and did exactly what he said throughout pre-merge. When the Merge occurred, you continued to ostracize every single member of the former Zapatera tribe and became the number one spokesperson for Ometepe unity, despite the fact they spoke to you with disdain throughout the game. You accused Steve of racism in one of the more uncomfortable episodes in Survivor history. But I held hope, Phillip. You said constantly it was all an act; that you intentionally wanted to annoy everybody to appear to be the perfect goat to take to the end. I was so hoping for an amazing Final Tribal where you shed the Emperor’s clothes and revealed your master plan and your identity as a fantastic actor. But you then told everybody to just vote for Boston Rob. So although you knew what you were doing, you actually became the goat you were trying to be perceived as. Ironic, isn’t it?

4. Sugar Kiper – Gabon


Sugar is one of those contestants whose edit seems to be entirely misleading as to what her other tribe members thought of her. She was made out to be the hero; somebody who was sent to Exile Island an unprecedented five times and somebody who was fighting for the good guys to win, stopping at nothing to vote out the ‘bad guys’ in Corrine and Randy. She took big bad Randy’s cookie and gave it to Matty, and it was edited in a way that we were supposed to cheer, and laugh at Randy for getting nothing. She made Bob make Randy a fake Idol with the only purpose of making his exit all the more humiliating for him, and again we were supposed to laugh at Randy for being an idiot. She was undoubtedly a massive part of the game that unfolded in Gabon; she voted for the eliminated person in every single Tribal Council she attended, whilst never receiving a vote herself. She tied the vote at the Final Four to take Bob to the end with her, despite knowing that her chances of beating Bob were non-existent. It almost seemed like Sugar wanted to turn the entire season into ‘the Sugar show’, which she certainly achieved. But in doing so, she managed to ostracize the majority of the Jury and it earned her a grand total of zero votes in the Final Tribal Council. So although Sugar was a massive part of the reason Gabon was so unpredictable and entertaining, she does earn the title of a goat in my eyes.

3. Dreamz Herd – Fiji


Dreamz was a contestant with a back-story that should have resulted in him being edited as a plucky underdog, and somebody no one would want to take to the end because there was no chance of beating him. I mean, the guy was homeless; how can you make a homeless guy the biggest villain of the season? But Dreamz managed the impossible. He had a poor social game, resulting in him rubbing most of his tribe mates up the wrong way. He betrayed the four-horseman alliance, which would result in at least three Jury members holding him responsible for their downfall in the game. But Dreamz became one of the biggest goats in Survivor history when he decided to go back on his word in front of the whole Jury with the infamous ‘car-gate’. The moment he kept that car, there was absolutely no chance whatsoever that Dreamz was going to get a vote, let alone win Survivor: Fiji. And that makes him one of the biggest goats in Survivor history.

2. Russell Hantz – Heroes Vs. Villains


Russell’s game in Heroes Vs. Villains should be put in a ‘Survivor Guide to Not Win a Jury Vote’, if such a book is ever made. From the very beginning of the game, Russell set about alienating absolutely everybody physically possible. It was almost astounding to watch; searching for Idols whilst the whole Villains tribe is bonding over some Coach-chi is a sure fire way to ensure that nobody on that tribe likes you very much. Russell set about blindsiding the vast majority of the Jury and making alliances with everybody on the island without any intention of following through with his promises. He blindsided Coach, he alienated Courtney, he blindsided J.T. after swearing on his kids that he was with him, he alienated Amanda by laughing around the campfire about how stupid J.T. and the Heroes were. He blindsided Candice two days after promising her Final Three, he blindsided Danielle in one of the most unnecessarily, vindictive moves I’ve ever seen and blindsided Rupert one day after swearing on God he was with him. He voted out Colby after promising him a Final Three deal and he blindsided Jerri right at the end. It is absolutely remarkable what Russell managed to achieve; he sent every single Jury member out of the game at the height of his or her hatred for him and his game play. It was textbook goat play, and Russell did it better than almost anybody.

1. Lillian Morris – Pearl Islands


Despite the fact she received more votes than some other people on this list, I still believe that she is and probably will remain the biggest goat in the history of Survivor. Lil comes across as an incredibly nice person, but my word she managed to annoy pretty much everybody during her stint on Pearl Islands. She lost the Morgan tribe’s only fishing hook after insisting on fishing by herself, which got her promptly voted out. If rumours are to be believed, she was voted back into the game not because she deserved it, but because she annoyed the other Outcasts so much that they didn’t want her to come on their pre-merge holiday. And when she came back into the game, she managed to completely dominate the game like no other, despite seemingly having no idea how to play the game. Lil managed to vote correctly in every single Tribal Council, which is an amazing feat. The problem was that every single Jury member held her responsible for his or her downfall in the game. Couple that with being gratingly annoying and the fact she was an Outcast, and there is absolutely nobody on that season that wouldn’t have beaten Lil in a Final Two. And if Jonny Fairplay would have beaten you, then you are the biggest goat in Survivor history.


What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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67 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10-Top 10 Goats

  1. But good list these survivors could have played smarter games and not done unnecessary blindsides

  2. Great idea, my list is:

    10. Cassandra (Fiji)
    9. Albert (South Pacific)
    8. Gervase and Monica (Blood vs Water)
    7. Mick (Samoa), 0 vote against Russel and Natalie WTF
    6. Twila (Palau)
    5. Sash (Nicaragua)
    4. Becky (Cook Islands)
    3. Philipp (RI)
    2. Lill (PI)
    1. Dreamz (Fiji)

    • Haha, good point with Mick. If you can’t get more votes than Russell or Nat White, might as well throw in the towel.

      • Actually, I seem to remember reading somewhere that the Jury in Samoa intended to split the vote among Mick and Nat 4-3-2 and award Mick the win (because Fincher and Shambo would’ve voted Russell no matter what). It’s just that Nat owned FTC so hard (which they didn’t show) and impressed the Jury so much they all changed their minds.

      • OK scratch that that’s not true. Faulty memory/info source. Can someone delete this comment and the one above please? Thanks 🙂

    • survivordreamzer // February 1, 2014 at 1:22 pm // Reply

      Twila is from Vantuatu, not Palau

    • what about Matthew (Amazon)

    • feistyboy35 // June 10, 2015 at 2:09 am // Reply

      Sorry but an all time GOAT list without Natalie Tenerelli in the top 10 is comical.

    • Martin Conroy // July 25, 2015 at 11:31 pm // Reply

      Have you ever heard of Natalie Tenerelli? How come she isnt in your list.

  3. Actually James, they asked the jury on Pearl Islands during the reunion show if Johnny Fairplay made the final two instead of Sandra, would have they voted for Lil instead. Four of them did (I forget which four said it, but I remember Jeff saying to Lil it was a $900,000 mistake) and her reply: That’s just Lil. But I agree. She was a huge goat.

    • They actually took a vote before the reunion show began where Mark Burnett and JFP and the jurors (w/o JFP but with Sandra) voted majority for JFP to win PI had Lill taken him. I don’t think Lill was in the room, but that whole thing about getting votes at the reunion show thing was Burnett’s way of Lill not having a meltdown.

  4. What about the FIRST goat in Survivor history: CLAY!?!?!?!?!?!?

  5. I loved Lill and Sugar, they dominated their respective seasons, strategically, post-merge. A great read, very well written.

    • I recently re-watched Pearl Islands…. when was Lil strategic or dominating?

      I recall her constantly flipping and crying all the time.

      • chabogamogo // January 29, 2014 at 4:11 pm //

        She was the swing vote to most eliminations. She dictated who went with her vote, e.g when Andrew and Burton went.

  6. I do think Stephenie was not a goat, she just made a couple of mistakes. Her biggest mistake was taking out Lydia at F4, because I believe she could have beaten Lydia through gameplay potentially.

    Twila and Katie were both snubbed I believe. Also, Clay Jordon, the original goat was snubbed (I for sure thought he was going to be number 1, if not twila)

    Great list. I probably would not have put Rob, Sherri, and Stephenie to replace them with the three I mentioned above, but I can live with this pretty good list.

    • Jsjdifjdjeisiskzjssudidjsj // February 1, 2014 at 8:51 am // Reply

      Yes, Stephenie was a goat. A much bigger hoat than Twila. Making one too many mistakes makes someone a good opponent at tribal. After people saw her true colors, pretty much the only people she could beat were Judd and Jamie, which she attepted to disguise as “gameplay”. Yet she cut both of their throats. Fail. Brian Heidik she ain’t. Lydia would have beaten her ass in the social aspect.

      • feistyboy35 // June 10, 2015 at 11:49 pm //

        Stephenie was an idiot. She betrayed her 2 biggest allies who were also the 2 biggest goats for her to take to the end.

  7. Good list, James. Enjoyed reading and remembering some of these goats.

    Are you purposefully scrunching your face up like Lillian in your photo? if so, well done.

  8. Sugar was a complete mess and I loved every second of it. She decided not to give two f’s after a while and just start voting out random people and adopted this random good guy strategy and then after way to many Day 39 mimosas at FTC she just didn’t give 4 f’s and told people she didn’t really care if they voted for her or not. She basically took people to the end who she thought deserved to win over her which is INSANE. She did have some game and it showed in post merge and she was running the show. If it was a Kenny/Crystal/Sugar final she may have won. I can’t say she was a goat because she pretty much got herself to the end and took the two people sitting next to her with her and didn’t receive a vote against her even though everyone hated her.

  9. How can CLAY not be on here??? he was the original goat

  10. 10 Sherri Biethman
    9. Dawn Meehan – Caramoan
    8. Becky Lee
    7. Natalie Tenerelli
    6. Kym Johnson – Africa (should have been Lex vs Ethan in the final two)
    5. Coach in South Pacific
    4. Mick in Samoa
    3. Gervase last season (no self-awareness whatsoever)
    2. Philip Sheppard
    1. Russell Hantz

    what about Stephen Fishbach? the man got ZERO votes

    • Getting zero votes doesn’t make you a goat. A goat is someone who has no chance of winning, regardless of who they’re up against. If a finalist could’ve won had they been up against someone else, they cease to be a goat.

  11. Steph was stupid not goat, and Boston Rob in All-Stars played a good game but the jury was too bitter… idk i think there were people who were stronger goats like Clay from Thailand, Mick from Samoa, Kate from Palau, Monica and Gervase from BvW and pretty much everybody on Kim’s alliance seemed to be useless. But it’s a pretty accurate top 10

  12. CLAY JORDAN!!!

    • Other people that should have received a (dis)honourable mention:
      Matt von Ertfelda
      Twila Tanner
      Katie Gallagher
      Cassandra Franklin
      Courtney Yates (Yes she got 2 votes thanks to a really great FTC performance, but she was perceived as a goat by both Todd and Amanda)
      Sash Lenahan
      Albert Destrade
      Chelsea Meissner
      Sabrina Thompson
      Lisa Whelchel
      Dawn Meehan
      Gervase Peterson
      Monica Culpepper

  13. While some of these are totally accurate, I’m not sure goat is clearly defined. Boston Rob ran the show at All-Stars and took Amber with him. While he ended up screwing his chances through his gameplay, he might never have made it if he hadn’t voted out certain people. That’s the same case with Stephanie, who was playing the game but made some mistakes. That’s very different from people that no one wants to vote out because they’re not a threat. Then they just drift to the end. Even Sugar doesn’t really work. She was active and saved Bob; he didn’t bring her along because people hated her.

    The best examples on your list are Sherri, Natalie, and Phillip. You might be able to make a case for a few of the others to be on the list, but I think there are some notable ones missing. These include:

    Katie from Palau
    Clay from Thailand
    Cassandra from Fiji
    Mick from Samoa
    Gervase from Blood vs. Water

    The results aren’t what makes them a goat, as shown by Clay’s performance. It’s the strategy aspect and what the leader was expecting while bringing them along.

    • Exactly, Boston Rob wasn’t a goat in all-stars, because he ran the game strategically. For someone to be a goat, they have to be carried to the end. Considering he got three votes, how is Rob a bigger goat than someone like Katie from Palau?

  14. My Choices for Top 10 jury goats in no particular order

    Russell Hantz(Samoa and HvV)
    Natalie Tenerelli
    Lisa Whelchel
    Katie Gallagher

    Also, Boston Rob would have won against Jenna L. had everyone been honest when Jeff asked who would win between them. Kathy and Rupert still would have voted for Rob, Amber obviously would have voted for him and Shii Ann claimed she would have voted for Rob over Jenna(which is a strong likely hood as they hated each other). Repeat Rob would have won if he taken Jenna(which is impossible as he was in love with Amber) or vice versa(which was going to happen as she believe Boston Rob pissed too many off to win)

  15. SASH of Nicaragua should have been included. Hahaha! Nice list thanks!

  16. Natalie T. & Sherri SUCKS! I hope they’re higher on the list haha. PERFECT PUPPETS/DUMMIES.

  17. I have an idea for another top 10: Top 10 power shifts. It could include seasons like Australian Outback, Marquesas, Amazon, Pearl Islands, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Micronesia, Gabon, Tocantins, Samoa, Heroes vs Villains (pre-merge), Philippines, Caramoan and Blood vs Water.

  18. Interesting list! I don’t think Rob was quite a goat, but I can see the argument.

    The one I am sure I don’t agree with is Sugar – a goat is brought to the end, and whatever you think of her, Sugar brought herself to the end. It’s an uncomfortable truth most fans don’t want to acknowledge, but on a season of largely terrible play, Sugar had one of if not the best game – the only thing being that her game was not for the million, but for the fame.

  19. How about top ten new players. (Seasons 21-27) They have to be first time players.

  20. A goat is a person brought to the end because EVERYONE knows they can be beat (except the goat themself). Many people in PI thought Lil had a valid shot to win, right up until the end… from final 6 to the end it was all about people saying “Lil will win if we let her get to the end.” She lost the game when she voted Tijuana out IMO. Given that, my list would include Clay, Twila, Dreamz, Russell, Natalie T., Phillip and Sheri.

  21. Whoever wrote this is an absolute moron and is no true fan of Survivor… 90% of these ‘facts’ are incorrect and biased.

      • Sorry dude but a whole bunch wrong with your list:

        1. Dreamz is not the 3rd biggest goat or one at all.

        2. Natalie Tenerelli is easily top 3 if not #1 goat. She wouldnt beat any combination of people in a Final 3 in Redemption Island. Natalie-Phillip-any of the other 16 contestants, the 3rd person wins the million everytime with minimum 7 votes probably. How can you rate her only 8th or Phillip only 5th for that matter.

        3. Rob in All Stars is not a goat. You need to realize a goat is someone: a)has no chance of winning vs anyone who made the merge or jury, b)dragged to the final, c)a useless player with no real merits. Rob on All Stars is none of those 3 things.

        4. Albert not on your list is criminal.

        5. Lillian is a big goat but not #1 either, especialy since she wasnt dragged to the final. She took herself there. She also would have made it close against Johnny Fairply which is more than Natalie, Phillip, or Albert would do vs anyone.

        6. Sherri at 10th is way too low for her too.

  22. I think Rob in all-star was not goat at all. he just dominated the season.
    and even Lill was not a goat, she was not popular among jury but they didn’t notice it until end.

    but I completely agree with that Russell in HvV was a goat.although he in Samoa was not.
    I think , Russell in HvV, Phillip in S22, Sugar in Gabon were biggest goats.

  23. fried chicken // May 30, 2014 at 7:40 am // Reply

    RUSSELL???? you are a stupidhead. I ❤️ hantz.

  24. Phillip should be #1

    • Martin Conroy // July 25, 2015 at 11:36 pm // Reply

      Phillip wasnt even #1 goat of his season. He came 2nd in FTC, beating Natalie (an even bigger goat).

  25. Rob’s inclusion on this list kinda ruins it for me. You say that he had ‘literally no chance of winning’? You must have missed the part where Shii Ann (a completely unemotional juror) gave both finalists an equal shot and eventually decided the winner. The rest seems okay, although the omission of Katie Gallagher is also major, considering she deserves at least a top 3 spot in my opinion. And even though I wouldn’t considering him to be a goat per se, I think Stephen Fishbach deserves some kind of mention for not getting rid of JT sooner considering the huge likability/challenge threat he was. His humiliating 7-0 defeat was fully deserved.

  26. Someone please explain how Sash was a goat

    • He got 0 votes and had alienated the jury through many of his lies and deceit. He was never winning over either Fabio or Chase who ended up in a 5-4-0 decision meaning both crushed him, not just one.

    • Sash alienated the hole jury by playing a very poor game. Lies and deceit are fine, as long as you are good at lying and deceiving. He’s one of those players who see themselves as great strategists when they’re actually not. The fact he lost to 2 people who had absolute no idea how to play the game only proves that.

  27. Boston Rob isn’t exactly a goat. Switch with Kim Johnson maybe?

  28. Great writeup- I agree with the goats on the list.
    This idea of goats is somewhat confusing though- for example, in BvW1, was Monica or Gervase the goat? Monica was portrayed in the show as annoying, yet Gervase got no votes at FTC.

    If the opinion within players in the season counts, Chelsea was considered to be a strong player not to bring to the end, yet she ended up making no connections and getting no votes. Goat?
    Parvati was widely considered to be the goat in micronesia after blindsiding Ozzy, yet ended up winning. True strategy, or goat that ended up against the right person at FTC? (Similarly for Jenna M.)

  29. I don’t think you fully grasp what a “goat” is. A goat isn’t necessarily just someone who has zero shot at winning, though most of them are. A goat is someone that another play brings with them to the end with the hopes that they will receive few or no jury votes at FTC. Russell executed the goat strategy with both Natalie and Sandra. Natalie and Sandra were both “goats,” but just not the right person to use as a goat. Because of that, Stephenie, Rob, and Russell aren’t goats, because it was them taking Danni, Amber, and Sandra to the end (respectively), if anything.

    • Only Stephenie did not take Danni to the final, Danni took Stephenie.

    • feistyboy35 // June 10, 2015 at 2:13 am // Reply

      Exactly. Like how Rob dragged Phillip and Natalie to the end in RI since he knew they sucked at the game, weren’t liked, and would receive no votes (or almost none). He also knew he himself wasn’t well liked by the jury and would have lost to nearly anyone else. Like how Tyson dragged Monica to the end in BvV (Gervase wasn’t really dragged). Like how Sherri was dragged by both Cochran and Dawn in Caramoan. Like how Will was dragged by Rodney.

  30. feistyboy35 // June 10, 2015 at 2:11 am // Reply

    My list:

    1. Natalie Tenerelli
    2. Phillip Sheppard
    3. Sherri Biethmann
    4. Cassandra Franklin
    5. Dreamz
    6. Mick Trimming
    7. Sugar
    8. Sasha Lenehan
    9. Lilian Morris
    10. Stephenie LeGrossa

    I don’t even think Becky is a goat. She just had really tough competition. She is a relatively weak FT opponent, but not an all time goat.

    • feistyboy35 // June 10, 2015 at 11:15 pm // Reply

      Ooops I cant believe i forgot Albert Destrade. Maybe switch him with Mick. I dont think mick was that big a goat. He could have won over Russell if someone other than Natalie or Brett were there, and could have won over numerous people that season, like Jaison or Shambo.

  31. feistyboy35 // June 10, 2015 at 11:19 pm // Reply

    Phillip and Natalie have to be the 2 worst goats of all since there is absolutely nobody who made the merge either could have beaten in a final jury vote (except each other). Neither would have beaten Grant, Mike, Matt, Julie, Steve, David, Andrea, Ashley, probably not even Ralph. I dont understand how the journalist says that about Lil but neglects to say that about Natalie and Phillip.

  32. Beth Anders // July 3, 2015 at 7:35 am // Reply

    goat is someone who can beat nobody. So saying Rob in All Stars was a goat is ridiculous. There are some finals he could have won, including the one against Amber which swung on Shi Ann’s votes. goats are people like Natalie, Phillip, and sherri who can beat nobody. Also why the hell are they only 5th and 8th. More like 1st and 2nd.

    • Exactly. Shii Ann stated at FTC that either of them could have won her vote. With that in mind, how could Rob possibly be a bigger goat than Cassandra from Fiji or Katie from Palau? Additionally, he shouldn’t even be considered for the list since he was the one who brought Amber to the end, but that’s a slightly different argument.

      • Rob had a 50% shot to beat either Amber or Jenna. He would have beaten Alicia (probably). He probably loses to anyone else, but that is already sufficient to show he wasnt a goat.

        A goat loses to anyone and are dragged to the end. People such as this:

        Natalie T- useless. Was obviously dragged to the end by Rob purely for her goatiness. Sucked in challenges, no strategic moves, no social game. There isnt a single hypothetical F3 she would win the million in.

        Phillip- useless and a pain in the ass. Also sucked in challenges, everyone hated him and wanted him voted out but Rob, but Rob knowing he would face a bitter jury was hell bent on wisely taking the 2 biggest goats in the game. Would lose a F2 or F3 to anyone, even Natalie.

        Sherri- She was Sherried to the end. She was a force pre merge, but her alliance fell apart then started gunning for her, so she jumped from her old alliance to the bottom a new one, but that alliance still kept canabilizing itself and the bigger threats just to drag goat Sherri to the end. Most of the jury didnt even speak to her.

        Becky- I forgot she was even in the finals. Wasnt it a Yul-Ozzy F2 that year? Sure felt like it. Also LOL at her firemaking challenge to make the end. Pretty much sums up how pathetic her ride to the end was (her ride on Yul’s back that is).

        Cassandra- dragged to the end on Earl’s back, and purely since she had no shot of winning.

        Those are some examples of real goats, and why. Even someone like Lillian or Sugar isnt a real goat as they carried themselves to the end, even if they couldnt win. Russell too. Rob in All Stars carried himself to the end, and against the right people atleast had a shot. If you call him a goat in All Stars you might as well call him a goat in Redemption Island where he won a dominant game too as he would have lost to all but 2 or 3 people there too (anyone but Natalie, Phillip, and “maybe” Ashley beats him) and nobody would do that.

  33. Beth Anders // July 11, 2015 at 1:31 pm // Reply

    I would say the all time biggest goats are:

    1. Natalie Tenerelli and Phillip Sheppard- impossible to seperate them. would lose to anyone of their season, and possibly anyone in history in a jury vote. Rob dragged them for no reason other than their goatinees.

    3. Sherri Biethman- jury barely spoked to her. would lose to anyone of her season in a jury vote, including improved Phillip.

    4. Cassandra- total beetch and the jury did not respect her game play either.

    5. Dreamz- after that car stunt he was a dead fish.

    6. Katie- pretty useless finalist.

    7. Sasha Lenehan- had peeved off the whole jury.

    8. Stephanie- had peeved off the whole jury.

    9. Becky- dragged by Yul, and would lose to almost anyone.

    10. Albert and Lillian- tieing them as both belong on this list somewhere.

  34. Martin Conroy // July 24, 2015 at 11:29 pm // Reply

    I sure hope these arent in order. Since having Natalie Goaterelli as only the 8th biggest goat in Survivor history is outrageous. She is atleast 2nd or 3rd, and probably 1st. 10th is also way too low for Sherri, and 5th too low for Phillip.

    Also no way is Rob Mariano in All Stars a goat. That is plain stupid. He had fighting chances to win over Amber, Jenna, or Alicia.

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