Ozcars 2014–25 Sexiest Female Survivor Contestants of All Time!


We continue our reveals of each of our Ozcar categories, and today we bring you who you voted as the top 25 sexiest female contestants of all time! You know the winner, you know the final five, but did your favourite contestant just miss out on reaching the finals? Read on to find out!

The sexiest female poll was a simple case of voting for who you thought the sexiest female contestant of all time was! There are numerous contestants who appeared on the list last year who make a return appearance, with amazingly only 7 new women appearing on this list compared to last years. The votes were added up from the online poll, as well as the Ozlets votes, and the results were tallied up to bring the following results:

25. Stephenie LaGrossa (Palau, Guatemala & Heroes vs. Villains) – 12 Votes


LAST YEAR: 22nd (-3)

Stephenie is always regular vote getter in our Ozcars and she makes another appearance on this list! Dropping down a few spots from last year, she manages to just scrape into the top 25. A worthy entrant!

24. Jerri Manthey (Australian Outback, All-Stars & Heroes vs. Villains) – 12 Votes


LAST YEAR: 14th (-10)

Jerri always deserves to be on this list and luckily she manages to stay in for another year! A strong finish last year, she unfortunately can’t crack the top 20 next year. Let’s make it happen next year!

23. Dolly Neely (Vanuatu) – 12 Votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

Well hello Dolly! Haven’t seen you here before! Welcome to an Ozcars top 25! Congratulations! Clearly there is desire for Dolly all of a sudden, so hopefully she can get back to our requests and we can help out all the Dolly fans with an interview!

22. Katie Collins (Blood vs. Water) – 14 Votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

A finalist in the sexiest new female poll, Katie makes an entrance to the sexiest of all time by just missing out on the top 20. You saw what I wrote about her in that poll, so that all stands strong on this poll too! Well deserved entry!

21. R.C. Saint-Amour (Philippines) – 16 Votes


LAST YEAR: 15th (-6)

Some argued that RC should’ve been in the top 5, and I for one will argue that she should easily be top 10!  A drop from 15th last year to just outside the top 20, RC I’m sure will rally behind this and try and make it higher in 2015!

20. Natalie White (Samoa) – 16 Votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

Natalie has missed out a few times before on this list by powers into the top 20 for 2014 with style! One of the most beautiful winners to ever appear on the show, it’s a long overdue entry for her to appear on this list!

19. Colleen Haskell (Borneo) – 16 Votes


LAST YEAR: 10th (-9)

The original Survivor beauty, Colleen actually polled strong in the opening days before dropping off slightly towards the end. For long time fans of the show they will always remember her from Borneo, and I’m sure she’ll be a regular on this list for many years to come.

18. Ciera Eastin (Blood vs. Water) – 16 Votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

Missed out on the finals for the sexiest new female, Ciera manages to get revenge on her Blood vs Water tribe member Katie by beating her in the overall poll. For Ciera I’m sure that’ll be a win, and it’ll make our Ozlet Noah a happy Snug boy!

17. Kim Spradlin (One World) – 18 Votes


LAST YEAR: 16th (-1)

I always stand by the fact that her eyes are just so entrapping that she could get anyone on side for any purpose she wants. Hell it worked for her on One World right in her win? Next year she can entrap our voters into making her finish higher!

16. Danielle DiLorenzo (Panama & Heroes vs. Villains) – 19 Votes


LAST YEAR: 19th (+3)

Moves up 3 spots from 2013, Danielle is always a popular choice to vote for in this poll. Doing well for herself now with her hosting career, I’m sure Danielle is someone we’ll see a lot more of in the future!

15. Angie Layton (Philippines) – 22 Votes


LAST YEAR: 9th (-6)

Maybe a bit of a shock to fall down so many spots given her recent Miss USA appearance, but Angie still has enough fans out there to make sure she lands on our list. Plus she is still holding that Machete. That scares me enough that you should have to vote for her.

14. Julie Berry (Vanuatu) – 23 Votes


LAST YEAR: 17th (+3)

Another improver from last year, Julie sneaks into the top 15 in style. Always a beautiful contestant to watch, Julie is extremely popular outside of the show and is very active still within several of the main Survivor friendship groups. A top 10 finisher next year? Let’s make it happen!

13. Candice Cody (Cook Islands, Heroes vs. Villains & Blood vs. Water) – 32 Votes


LAST YEAR: 20th (+7)

A third appearance on Survivor sees her improve her ranking on this list to just outside the top 10. It’s always a positive sign for a couple too when both people end up on the respective sexiest male and female lists too, meaning that for John and Candice they are just all kinds of sexy in the Survivor world.

12. Jenna Morasca (Amazon & All-Stars) – 34 Votes


LAST YEAR: 8th (-4)

Drops out of the top 10 this year, Jenna still draws in the sexy votes to get her high on this list. Another contestant to have a machete in her pic though, I feel as though it’s a sign to vote for her more next year…

11. Alexis Maxwell (Cagayan) – 37 Votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

Already with an Ozcar this year, Alexis certainly polled strongly in several categories this year and narrowly misses out on a top 10 spot in this list. I’m sure Ozlet Jarryd voted and voted a lot to see her this high as well. Good job Jarryd!

10. Jefra Bland (Cagayan) – 40 Votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

Jefra takes a top 10 spot on her first try and ensures she beats Katie who beat her in the sexiest new female list already in this years awards. A certainty to appear on this list for many years to come, Jefra also makes sure that the female beauties from the beauty tribe all make an appearance on this list too!

9. Chelsea Meissner (One World) – 42 Votes


LAST YEAR: 4th (-5)

A bit of a shock to see her drop down so far and also out of the top 5 for the first time, Chelsea can’t recreate her tribe member Jay’s amazing win and just sneaks into the top 10. Several fans I’m sure will be outraged, so if you are make sure you vote in droves next year to get her back in!

8. Andrea Boehlke (Redemption Island & Caramoan) – 57 Votes


LAST YEAR: 3rd (-5)

Bronze medallist last year, she manages 8th this year which is still a decent effort for Andrea. Appeared on our show in the last 12 months for the first time with a great interview, Andrea is a regular on this list and I’m sure will continue to be each year!

7. Amber Brkich/Mariano (Australian Outback & All-Stars) – 58 Votes


LAST YEAR: 18th (+11)

A big jump for Amber sees her leap all the way into the top 10 and come fairly close to a finalist spot. Expecting another child with fellow sexiest contestant top 25 finisher Boston Rob, there seems to be a wide array of baby Mariano’s coming that they will be able to fill a whole tribe at some point in the future! And I’m sure their kids will also grow up to have their parents looks. Look out…

6. Brenda Lowe (Nicaragua & Caramoan) – 78 Votes


LAST YEAR: 2nd (-5)

Last years runner-up can’t even sneak into the finals this year and many fans will be fuming with rage at this result. Looked set to finish in the top 5 for the most part of the poll, she slipped out in the final couple of days and takes her spot in the ‘Ciera position’ of 6th. Start the campaign Brenda fans…

5. Natalie Tenerelli (Redemption Island) – Final Voting Percent 8.40%

Survivor: Redemption Island

LAST YEAR: 6th (+1)

Great to see Natalie return to the finals after missing out last year, she never gave the top 4 a real crack but will be happy with her finish no doubt. Now a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Clippers, she finds herself with a new array of fans that are ready to click their mice in order to get the votes for her. I say push higher for 2015!

4. Amanda Kimmel (China, Micronesia & Heroes vs Villains) – Final Voting Percent 15.00%


LAST YEAR: 5th (+1)

Amanda keeps her run of finalists spot in tact but still can’t push for the Ozcar statue. She improves one spot from last year which is something to smile about, but Amanda fans are still hoping that one day she can walk away with an Ozcar statue after so many finalist finishes.

3. Kelly Shinn (Nicaragua) – Final Voting Percent 16.07%

Survivor: Nicaragua

LAST YEAR: 7th (+4)

She keeps improving each year and it delighted me to no end seeing her finally make the top 5 and have all our voters open their eyes and give her a deserving finish! I still hold out hope that she can win this category one year, so I’m saying it right now: KELLY SHINN FOR SEXIEST FEMALE OF ALL TIME IN 2015!

=1. Parvati Shallow (Cook Islands, Micronesia & Heroes vs Villains) – Final Voting Percent 30.27%


LAST YEAR: 1st (No Change)

The unbackable favourite to take her third consecutive Ozcar in this category, she dominated the first round and dominated the first half of voting in the final round before having a late surge from Morgan to amazingly tie the result. Incredible to think that after 8000+ votes that it all came down to a tie. But Parvati will still smile in claiming her third consecutive Ozcar in this category and her 5th overall, making her still the undisputed queen of the Ozcar awards!

=1. Morgan McLeod – (Cagayan) – Final Voting Percent 30.27%


LAST YEAR: New Entry

Sexiest new female for 2013/2014, and sexiest female of all time in 2014. An amazing result from Morgan who becomes the first person to challenge Parvati and very nearly completely topple her for the award. Two Ozcars are now in her pocket, and that makes me and many people many happy! Congrats Morgan!

The Ozcar reveals will continue tomorrow with the first of the ‘big four’ categories being revealed with the list of the 28 best seasons appearing tomorrow!


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11 Comments on Ozcars 2014–25 Sexiest Female Survivor Contestants of All Time!

  1. I think it’s rather funny how certain straight guys are so insecure with their sexuality that there’s no way they could ever actually choose who the hottest male is so they feel the need to fuck up the list by voting for people like Billy and Mike Borassi, but the gay guys and straight women can actually have the maturity and confidence to legitimately vote in the hottest female poll.


  3. thatbeldenkid // June 24, 2014 at 8:44 am // Reply

    Messed up how Ashley Underwood is easily one of the top 5 and didn’t even make the list. Ridiculous. Guess people just forgot about her.

  4. Jordy Beck // August 3, 2014 at 2:22 pm // Reply

    Where is Mikayla Wingle? She has pictures of her naked online. This is an outrage.

  5. Anonymous // May 6, 2015 at 9:10 am // Reply

    I am rewatching Samoa now and how the **** is Natalie White not Top 5?? Ciera Eastin should also be higher

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