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Gillian Larson finished 17th in the 17th season of Survivor and many would assume a short lived journey in the world of Survivor meant not a lot would happen after her time on the show. But Gillian has proved to be an exception to his, going on to be an extremely influential figure in the world of Survivor and reality TV!

As the first ever person to appear on our show, Gillian in fact appeared on The Brink in the segment ‘Survivor’s on the Brink’, which of course was the precursor to this entire show. Gillian in fact contacted us directly, and we owe a great deal to her as somebody who really laid the groundwork for this show to ever exist.SurvivorOnTheBrink

Gillian’s time on the show was short lived and didn’t get a full chance to really prove her worth. As somebody who was perceived as the ‘weakest link’ by her Fang tribe, she fought tooth and nail to try and stay in the game and get her fellow tribe member Dan voted out. It didn’t work, and she was ultimately voted out 7-1.

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After the show had aired, Gillian put her time and effort into charitable causes and founded the Reality Rally event which has been going strong since 2011. At the event, reality stars from right across America compete in an Amazing Race style competition and raising funds for a wide variety of charities.

In our first ever interview, Gillian talks about her brief but memorable time on the show, why she started up the Reality Rally competition as well as her life growing up in South Africa. We also put a set of ‘5 questions’ to Gillian that we put to our guests on our sister show The Brink, another precursor to the eventual ‘famous 5’ that we currently ask on this show.

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  1. First Survivor Oz Interview!

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