Jeff Varner Interview


One of the most likeable characters in the history of the show, Jeff Varner has gone from finishing 10th in the 2nd season of the Australian Outback to an award winning journalism career that has seen him not only be the face of numerous TV shows, but also the face of some YouTube videos that have gone viral.

Being part of the dominant Kucha tribe, Jeff wasjeff3 a strong hard worker who wasn’t afraid of giving his opinion, while being extremely likeable and funny along the way. In the first tribal council he received a vote against him from Debb, which would ultimately come back to haunt him as due to the release of information (by who is still debated today) it would be the cause of his vote out in the first tribal council after the merge as it broke the tie between him and the eventual runner-up Colby Donaldson.

Post Survivor Jeff went on to become a news anchor and award winning journalist and he spoke to us about this, as well as his time on the show and the disappointment of being voted out pre-jury. He also spoke about being a YouTube star in the form of various blunders from his news reading career!

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