Alina Wilson Interview


Alina played a strong game during the 21st season of Nicaragua but seemed to be plagued by bad luck. She would often find herself in good positions only for things to slide away pretty quickly, landing her at least a spot on the jury. Referred to as a ‘dirt squirrel’  (which we are hoping is the nice meaning, not the negative one), Alina still left the game with a batch of fans who we know are keen to hear this interview. She even manages to find some respect for her seasons winner Fabio, something which she thought she never could’ve done.


Alina started off well on the younger La Flor tribe, making some in roads early on. However several of her key alliances partners were voted out, and she then found herself working post switch to remain in the power group. After the merge however things turned against her, and she became the first member of the jury.

In our chat with Alina, she talks about her fan base still out there, how much of a fan she was going into the game, why she wanted to ‘find a Russell’ early on, being drawn to Brenda and Kelly Bruno, her side of things with NaOnka, finding out an interesting record she holds, her plan to go to the end and who she would’ve gone with, being bitter at Fabio before changing her mind, her thoughts on Purple Kelly and why she gave her scarf to her as well as planning her wedding, the experience at Ponderosa and the who situation involving a dirt squirrel.

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