Survivor Kaôh Rōng – Episode 11 Recap featuring Nina Acosta!


The thirty-second season of Survivor, Kaôh Rōng, barrels forward as we continue the merge portion of the game. After an entertaining episode, it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our recap expert, Clifton, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Nina Acosta, from Survivor: One World!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)


“Tai, Jason, and Scot though they held all the power. They had a mole in Julia, an advantage in the game, and two Hidden Immunity Idols that could be combined to form a super-idol. Aubry wanted to flip the game and went behind the backs of Michele and Julia to try and get Tai to turn on Jason and Scot, leaving Tai with a big decision. At Tribal Council, Scot got the majority of the votes, and he looked to Tai to get the other half of the super-idol. Tai betrayed Scot and Jason, sending Scot to the Jury with Jason’s idol [as well as] leaving Michele and Julia out of the loop and Jason all alone. Seven are left. Who will be voted out tonight?” ~ Jeff Probst



Back at camp, Tai tells his former allies that it is a game. Joe tells Tai and Aubry that it was an excellent Tribal Council. Aubry tells Tai that she is happy for him, he says that he is happy for her. Jason tells Cydney that it was a beautiful move, but they will never be able to get out Tai now. He confesses that the only thing that could go wrong did go wrong. He lost his partner and his idol in the same moment. He lets Cydney know that if she needs anyone to do something nuts, she knows the guy to call. Joe notes that Julia looks absolutely shocked, and she says that she is because she was left out of the loop. Tai reminds her that she wrote his name down. He offers to explain why he voted out Scot, but Julia says that she doesn’t care to hear it. Aubry confesses that she can’t stop smiling. They changed the entire dynamic of the game. Tai, Cydney, Aubry, and Joe lock in as the Final 4. Tai remarks that there will be no more blindsides.


Jason feels the pressure. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 28


The next morning, Tai confesses that he is constantly having to remind himself that this is a game. Last night was the first time he made a big betrayal, and he wants to clear the air with Jason. He tells Jason that he was worried that Jason and Scot were so close that he thought they might cut him and he had to make the first move. Jason tells Tai that he understands. Meanwhile, Mark the chicken wanders over, and Tai remarks that he was worried that Jason would be so angry that he would wring Mark’s neck. Jason explains that he and Mark are still in an alliance. Jason confesses that Tai’s apology was half-asses. He just wants revenge right now, and he is infuriated that Tai still has all his advantages while Jason has nothing He is aware, however, that he can’t let people see how angry he is. Sitting alone, he asks himself, “Where can I get in?”


Tai and Jason talk in the shelter. (Image credit: CBS)


For the challenge, the seven contestants will be split into three pairs with one unselected person sitting out. Each team must race through a series of obstacles, collecting rings along the way. Once they have all three rings, they will attempt to toss them onto a swinging hook. The winning team will be picked up by helicopter, given an aerial view of the island, and touch down on a sand spit in the ocean where they will enjoy a Survivor picnic including fried chicken, corn on the cob, soft drinks, and wine. The mention of wine gets many of the women excited.  The randomly drawn teams were Joe and Tai, Michele and Cydney, and Aubry and Julia. Jason sits out. All three pairs remain relatively even paced throughout the obstacle portion of the challenge, but Aubry and Julia completely fall out of the competition at the ring toss. Joe pulls off a couple excellent tosses, but Cydney and Michele pull out the win. They are able to bring one person with them and they select Aubry. Jason confesses that things are bleak but he will keep fighting for him family.


Cydney and Michele win reward. (Image credit: CBS)


The three women enjoy their helicopter ride, remarking that they have one person from each of the original tribes. Before digging into their picnic, the women celebrate with an awkward chicken dance. Michele confesses that she gets by in life on her social skills, and that is what has gotten her this far in the game. She trust Julia and likes working with her, but she has to secure her place with the majority. She tells the other women that she wants this to work, and Aubry and Cydney tell her that they do as well. Aubry confesses that she does feel like she can trust Michele. Michele confesses that she feels that she has successfully reintegrated. When she walks off, Cydney and Aubry discuss the fact that they are in a good spot if they make the right moves. They agree that Joe and Michele are a better option than Tai. Cydney confesses that they need their alliance with Tai because his advantages can get them further and they can blindside him using Michele. The question is: When to make this move?



Back at camp, Julia and Jason discuss that they need to win Immunity. Jason confesses that there is always a way to squeeze in somewhere, he just has to find it in time. Jason and Julia agree that Tai is probably the person that they want to target, but they will need two more people voting for Tai with them. They also agree that by process of elimination the two people they will need are Michele and Cydney. When the reward winners come back to camp, Jason and Julia talk to Cydney in the shelter. They tell her that they are voting for Tai at Tribal Council, and they know that everyone is voting for one of them. Jason tells her that they have the majority vote for Tai, he will either get blindsided or he will use the idol and it will send Jason or Julia home. Thus, there is no threat to Cydney and all the idols are out of the game. Cydney confesses that it is a “me” game, not a “we” game, and so she has to pick which move is the right move. It’s a win-win either way.


Jason tries to convince Cydney to vote Tai. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 29


For the challenge, each contestant must race out to a platform where they will memorize symbols and corresponding numbers which they then will use to solve a combination, releasing a key which will open a box of puzzle pieces. First person to solve their word puzzle wins. Jason takes an early lead to the platform, but it is Cydney who is first to start her return. Julia is the first person to unlock her box of puzzle pieces, but Michele is quick behind her and ultimately is first to solve the word puzzle “BLINDSIDED” and win Immunity. Jason confesses that he needed the win, but he got nothing. He needs to make sure Cydney in on board to vote for Tai or he is screwed.


Michele wins Immunity. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at camp, everyone congratulates Michele on her victory and memorization prowess. Aubry confesses that Jason is a ticking time bomb. Aubry, Cydney, Michele, Joe, and Tai come together and decide what their move is. Cydney says that Jason is a huge threat at any of the water challenges. Tai says Julia is very fast and has a great memory. Aubry agrees that Julia nailed the balance. Cydney ends up agreeing too. Aubry also notes in her confessional that Julia also doesn’t have any blood on her hands and has successfully joked a number of moves against her to survive in the game.  She has to go. Michele confesses that it sucks that the alliance has decided to target Julia. They have been together since Day 1 and she would love to continue to work with her. Michele asks the alliance what she should say if Julia and Jason approach her. Cydney says that they should say that they are going with their plan to vote out Tai. This makes Tai nervous. Michele talks to Julia in the water and they lock up their plan to vote for Tai. Michele confesses that if Cydney would really go along with the plan, if might be the right move to make. Jason talks with Cydney and tries to lock it up with her, but she is non committal. Michele and Cydney come together and agree that it is good to have options but they have to make moves with a purpose.


Michele and Cydney decide their best move. (Image credit: CBS)


Jeff begins Tribal Council by asking Julia about where they are in the game. She says that they are at a crucial point where every decision is make or break. Jason agrees, saying that someone in the five person alliance is number five and their decisions are very important. Julia states that she thinks Cydney and Michele are on the bottom, saying that Aubry is “holding Joe’s hand to the finals” and Tai is a competitor with a number of advantages.Tai asks his alliance why they would jump on a sinking boat when they have a guarantee. Aubry says that you have to trust the relationships you’ve made. Jason says that he did that, but Tai turned on him. He’s done it twice already, why wouldn’t he do it a third time. Tai says that he was uncomfortable with Jason and Scot’s strong relationship, but Jason counters that Aubry and Joe’s relationship is even stronger. Every person has to justify themselves as a winner to the Jury, and Jason and Julia are the perfect people to use to make a big move that you can show the Jury. Cydney says that the decision is make or break. Tai expresses that he is extremely uncomfortable. They vote. Aubry votes for Julia, saying that she will not be crossing it out this time. Jeff retrieves the votes. Tai asks Aubry if he should play his idol. She says that she thinks he is fine, but he should trust his gut. No idols or advantages are played. We see two votes for Tai and four votes for Julia, which is enough. Michele gives her a teary hug. Julia’s touch is snuffed, and Jeff says that fear has entered the game and thus now anything can happen.


Julia is voted out. (Image credit: CBS)



“Jason is down and out until the majority starts to crumble from within.” ~Jeff Probst (Image credit: CBS)









This season in particular will make you rethink how solid ANY alliance is. It’s living the cliches Jeff Probst and other related figures repeat over and over. The alliance didn’t splinter this episode, but there will be plenty of time for that yet. An impressive victory by Michele put Julia vulnerable once again and this time her torch was snuffed. Despite being invisible early on and being put in a bad spot post swap, Julia fought hard and played well and deservedly got very far. It seems like since Julia was voted out in Day 29, 6th place will go out at 32, 5th at 35, reward challenge at 36, and then we could very well have a final 2 this season. That would be interesting.



Each week this season we’ll bring you the viewpoint of at least one former Survivor contestants to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season! Our recap for episode 11 features our good friend Nina Acosta from Survivor: One World! Nina discusses everything that happened during this episode as well as looking ahead to the rest of the season with her answers to the ‘Kaoh Rong 5!’

Join us again next week as we recap and discuss the twelfth episode of Kaôh Rōng!



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  1. Love your podcast. Are you able to ask Jenn Brown if she could come on for an episode recap? I loved the interview you did with her and found it hilarious.

    • Me too I love Jenn. Hoping Courtney was arranged as I heard before the season started.

      Fingers crossed for some big name recap guests in these final few weeks.

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