Survivor Ozlet Show – Australian Survivor 2016 Trailer Discussion


Join some of your favourite Ozlets as they sit down and bring you their very own special episode! In their 12th ever episode, they sit down and discuss their thoughts on Australian Survivor 2016, including all the latest news since their last Australian Survivor  episode. Click for more!

Noah is joined by Australian Ozlet Ryan as well as special guest Ben Waterworth, your faithful host and creator of Survivor Oz!

In the episode they discuss the first real trailer for Australian Survivor to feature footage from the show. This includes our first glimpse at the contestants, the production values and Jonathan ‘Jono’ Lapaglia in his hosting role. The also discuss the likely hood of three tribes, romances and ‘secret’ immunity idols.

You can view the promo trailer here:

Australian Survivor is expected to debut in August or September this year. Click below to download the episode!

Stay tuned for more Australian Survivor 2016 episodes coming in the next few months!

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1 Comment on Survivor Ozlet Show – Australian Survivor 2016 Trailer Discussion

  1. Chris RatBerger // July 3, 2016 at 9:22 pm // Reply

    It’s awesome to have Ben back on the show again, I must admit I missed all of his inappropriate jokes.

    Also, any news on the Kaoh Rōng OzCap yet?

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