Brad Virata Interview

BradVirataWebCard One of the biggest questions that faces Brad Virata from the 13th season of the Cook Islands is ‘why didn’t he swim’. It was a moment that often is seen as his ‘what if moment’ but one that Brad doesn’t really think about too much. After his time on the show he has gone on to forge quite a successful career, and even gets to work closely with everybody’s favourite family, the Kardashians.


Forming very close bonds with his tribemates at the start of the game, Brad looked likely to go deep into the game after the tribal switch. However he soon found himself on the outs and was voted out of the game. He did however find himself as the first jury member, which came as a shock as it was earlier than most seasons.

In our chat with Brad, he talks about people still recognising him from Survivor, whether or not he was a fan before the show, why he ‘felt like a pig’ and didn’t care about it, his thoughts on the racial twist, gay representation on Survivor over the years, how he introduced Yul to his wife, Yul being ‘nice but forgettable’, why he didn’t mutiny as well as why he didn’t swim and working with the Kardashians after Survivor.

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  1. great to see you have this up. just visited the cook islands so watching the show again, and curious to hear this interview. But I can’t seem to get it to play or download. Is the link working?

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