BB Andersen Interview


One of the longest running jokes in the Survivor fan community is that Borneo contestant BB Andersen died and a long time ago. Surely this can’t be right, could it? Obviously if somebody was to die from the Survivor world it would make the news, especially given he was from the very first season that was such a hit. Well all jokes aside, BB is alive and well and was surprised to discover that so many people had even been looking for him. But with so much anticipation, just how does BB rate as a guest on the show? Without giving too much away, it’s one of the more interesting interviews that we have ever had to do.


Known for his ‘bossy’ antics around camp, BB didn’t start off overly popular on the Pagong tribe. Spared being the first voted out due to Pagong winning the first ever immunity, he soon found himself getting along better with his fellow tribe mates and formed several good bonds along the way. However it wasn’t to be, as BB soon found himself voted out after even suggesting it was the best way to go in losing challenges.

In our chat with BB, he talks about it being unusual people still want to hear from him, discussing the rumours of his death, why he applied for the show in the first place, why he wouldn’t have applied if he knew it would be a ‘personality contest’, wishing he hadn’t asked to be voted out, everybody only wanting to play ‘kissy face’ rather than work, the reasons why Mark Burnett wasn’t happy with him, still being recognised and getting fan mail, which contestants he remains in contact with as well as why he would’ve voted Richard out early, what he is up to now and why he would’ve eaten anything, no questions asked.

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