Ozcars 2013–25 Greatest Survivor Players Of All Time!


The big one has arrived! After bringing you the 25 greatest players last year, this year we ask the question again with varying results! You already know the winner of the greatest player of all time, but who makes the top 25? Let’s find out.

Once again for this poll we added up the total votes received by our Survivor contestants, as well as our Survivor Oz crew and the people who took part on our online poll. No negative votes were taken into count for this poll, and several repeat offenders from last year made an appearance, as well as several new contestants.

25. Jerri Manthey (Australian Outback, All-Stars & Heroes vs Villains) – 4 Votes


Last Year: 21st (-4)

A top ten finisher on the greatest players never to have won list, Jerri just hangs on to a top 25 place on the greatest player overall. I’ve said a lot about her underrated games on all three of her seasons in these articles so there isn’t much to add. I’m just glad that she manages once again to land a spot on this list.

24. Chris Daugherty (Vanuatu) – 4 Votes


Last Year: 17th (-7)

The first of 14 winners to appear on this list, Chris drops significantly from a top 20 finish last year to just scrape into the top 25 this year. An extremely underrated winner, Chris is screaming out for a second shot at the game and I for one am joining in the chorus. Would do very well on an all winner season, I just hope he isn’t overlooked for that when it happens.

23. Rudy Boesch (Borneo & All-Stars) – 5 Votes


Last Year: 23rd (No Change)

Rudy makes another appearance on another list during the 2013 Ozcars and knocks off a few big names to land just outside the top 20. Would’ve won in Borneo had he not taken his hand off that pole, he was always going to struggle a second time round on All-Stars. A true legend of the game and life in general.

22. Stephenie LaGrossa (Palau, Guatemala & Heroes vs Villains) – 6 Votes


Last Year: 24th (+2)

Moving up two spots in 2013, Stephenie beats several winners to land just outside the top twenty. Strong, smart and beautiful, she very nearly walked away a winner during her second game in Guatemala, but also made several people see that there was a lot more to her than simply someone who can beat everyone else on one tribe. A great player of the game.

21. James ‘JT’ Thomas (Tocantins & Heroes vs Villains) – 6 Votes


Last Year: New Entry

Hard to believe JT makes his first appearance on the Survivor Oz greatest players poll, but this is the first time he has made the top 25. ‘Mr.Perfect’ nearly threw away his reputation on Heroes vs Villains but still is highly regarded amongst the Survivor fans and followers. Can he go higher next year?

20. Colby Donaldson (Australian Outback, All-Stars & Heroes vs Villains) – 7 Votes


Last Year: New Entry

Colby has struggled through the Ozcars in 2013 but makes his first appearance in this category in the top 20. Pretty good considering he is ranked higher than several winners of the game. One of the faces of Survivor, he is adored by many to this day and many would love to see him comeback for a fourth shot. Maybe he can finally win that overdue million?

19. Ethan Zohn (Africa & All-Stars) – 7 Votes


Last Year: 14th (-5)

Falls back five places from last year, the nicest guy to ever have won still remains in the top twenty. Would be great to see him play again should his health permit him, but it’s unlikely we will ever see him on our screens on Survivor any time soon.

18. Rupert Boneham (Pearl Islands, All-Stars & Heroes vs Villains) – 7 Votes

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

Last Year: 15th (-3)

While he does drop three places, it’s still great to see Rupert at least make this list. Some people will groan that he beat players like Chris and JT, but others will applaud the fact that he is at least recognised as a great player of the game. Where he will end up on this list next year after his rumoured fourth appearance on season 27 remains to be seen, but if he plays as well as he has the first three times, then I wouldn’t be surprised to see him be even higher.

17. Malcolm Freberg (Philippines & Caramoan) – 9 Votes


Last Year: New Entry

I for one thought Malcolm would be ranked higher on this list given his popularity, but the fact he makes a list of greatest Survivor players of all time at his first go is an impressive feat. Possibly would’ve won had he made the final tribal council in Philippines, he wasn’t able to replicate the success on his second go around in Caramoan. Will be a constant finisher on this list over the coming years.

16. Amanda Kimmel (China, Micronesia & Heroes vs Villains) – 10 Votes


Last Year: 16th (No Change)

16th last year, 16th this year. Fairly consistent from Miss.Kimmel who has put in a pretty impressive run at this years Ozcars. Some feel she is very underrated while others feel she is overrated, but with the amount of records in her name, it’s hard to discount just how good at Survivor Amanda is.

15. John Cochran (South Pacific & Caramoan) – 12 Votes


Last Year: New Entry

Surges into the top 15 off the back of his Caramoan win, Cochran is still smiling since he was declared sole Survivor and it’ll be sometime until this ‘superfan’ comes down from the high of winning the game he loves. Has the potential to be higher next year, so watch this space.

14. Tina Wesson (Australian Outback & All-Stars) – 15 Votes


Last Year: 25th (+11)

No disrespect for Tina, but it’s surprising to see such a rise on this list from the first female ever to win Survivor. Perhaps her fans are coming out of the woodwork with rumours circulating she is set to return next season, or maybe a lot of people have been watching the Australian Outback recently? Whatever the case, a great result for everyone’s favourite Survivor mother.

13. Tom Westman (Palau & Heroes vs Villains) – 16 Votes


Last Year: 12th (-1)

A consistent finish from Tom dropping only one spot from last year. Already an Ozcar winner this year, Tom has been fairly impressive across each category he has been up for in 2013. Failed to live up to his potential a second time round, Tom will always remain one of the favourites of the Survivor world.

12. Yul Kwon (Cook Islands) – 17 Votes


Last Year: 10th (-2)

Made the top ten last year and just misses out again this year, Yul still remains ever popular in the Survivor world and looks likely to be a regular visitor to this list in the coming years. I’ve said a lot about him throughout these lists and I no doubt will be continuing to say it as the Ozcars continue. Will be pushing again next year for top ten I’m sure.

11. Cirie Fields (Panama, Micronesia & Heroes vs Villains) – 18 Votes


Last Year: 9th (-2)

One of the darlings of this years Ozcars, two time winner Cirie can’t quite crack the top ten like she did last year. Still, she will leave the 2013 Ozcars a happy woman with two awards and a new string of fans. Has every chance to win more next year, and I’m sure she’ll campaign hard along the way!

10. Rob Cesternino (Amazon & All-Stars) – 19 Votes


Last Year: 13th (+3)

While he may be reeling from losing his best player never to have won title, Rob surges into the top ten greatest players of all time and knocks off the woman who beat him in the category I just mentioned. Sometimes these categories can be a bit strange how they turn out and not as consistent as some would like, but Rob certainly won’t be complaining about this result.

9. Ozzy Lusth (Cook Islands, Micronesia & South Pacific) – 19 Votes


Last Year: 5th (-4)

Knocks off a couple of people who beat him in some previous categories, I’m sure Ozzy will still be disappointed to not finish as high as he did last year. Still, he makes the top ten and remains high in the hearts and minds of many Survivor fans around the world. He also beat Malcolm, a man many people compare him to. A win win for Ozzy.

8. Todd Herzog (China) – 20 Votes


Last Year: 11th (+3)

Robbed of a top ten last year, Todd rightfully lands one this year. Could possibly be higher, but eighth is pretty good considering the players he beat as well. As I have said numerous times throughout these lists, one of the best players ever to play the game. And if we ever see him back for a second time, I’m sure my opinion will be backed up.

7. Brian Heidik (Thailand) – 27 Votes


Last Year: 8th (+1)

I got a little bit excited for a large portion of the first round of voting for this category as Brian sat comfortably in the top 5 for at least half of the time the votes were open. Expected him to fall a little bit and he did, but he still gains a position from last year. Deservingly in the top ten, I’ll be making sure I can push a campaign hard in 2014 to see him make the top five. You’ve been warned Survivor fans.

6. Russell Hantz (Samoa, Heroes vs Villains & Redemption Island) – 30 Votes


Last Year: 7th (+1)

Misses out on a top five spot by eight votes, Russell leaves this years poll in one position higher than he did last year as well as the highest non-winner on this list. Considering his drop on the non-winners list a few days ago, he’ll be happy to be seen this highly amongst the voters. Will be pushing closer to a finals spot next year I’m sure.

5. Richard Hatch (Borneo & All-Stars) – Final Voting Percent 6.3%


LAST YEAR: 6th (+1)

Missed out on a top five spot last year, Richard deservedly lands a spot in the finals for 2013. Having said that, he languished down the bottom for the entire final round of voting and never looked like challenging for an Ozcar I’m sure he thinks he should own. No matter what, he is one of the all time greats and always will be, and I’m sure if he returns for a third time he can go a long way in moving up this list.

4. Kim Spradlin (One World) – Final Voting Percent 8.3%


LAST YEAR: 4th (No Change)

Again going to prove that she is far more than a ‘recent season bias’ player, Kim finishes in the same spot she did last year and knocks off some very big names along the way. An absolutely darling of the game, Kim is the best player to play the game post Heroes vs Villains and I’m sure we’ll see her play again at some point in the future. Should push for top three in 2014.

3. Sandra Diaz-Twine (Pearl Islands & Heroes vs Villains) – Final Voting Percent 24.4%

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

LAST YEAR: 1st (-2)

The queen has been dethroned and people aren’t happy! The winner of this category last year, Sandra drops two spots to the bronze and already people are calling for a recount! As the only person ever to win twice, you can’t argue the greatness of Sandra but unfortunately 2013 just wasn’t her year when it came to the Ozcars. Can she do the impossible and win for three times? If she does, she’ll have guaranteed Ozcar glory for many years to come. Sandra fans get voting already for 2014, as I know you want revenge.

2. Rob Mariano (Marquesas, All-Stars, Heroes vs Villains & Redemption Island) – Final Voting Percent 27.1%


LAST YEAR: 2nd (No Change)

2nd last year, 2nd after the first round of voting this year and 2nd overall again when the results were tallied. Not bad for Boston Rob but I’m sure it’s not good enough when you consider how competitive he really is. Still, to be considered a top two player for two years running is a great feat in itself, and I’m sure that Boston Rob fans will take it and run. Can he go one better next year?

1. Parvati Shallow (Cook Islands, Micronesia & Heroes vs Villains) – Final Voting Percent 33.9%


LAST YEAR: 3rd (+2)

It’s official. Parvati is the queen of the Ozcars in 2013. Leap frogging into the lead right at the end, Parvati walks away with her third Ozcar for 2013 and fourth overall to be the ultimate Ozcar champion.  Up two spots from last year and up two spots after the first round of voting, Parvati fans certainly found their voices when it came to final round voting. To be crowned the greatest player of all time is something that she will wear as a badge of honour, and if you put it with her growing list of Survivor accolades then her trophy room just continues to grow. An outstanding achievement from Miss Shallow and one that will be hard to beat in the future. Congratulations Parvati!

That’s it! All our Ozcar categories fully revealed with the top 25 of each category! Thank you so much for every single one of you who voted and made this years Ozcars a huge success! They will be back bigger and better next year, so start counting down the days!


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4 Comments on Ozcars 2013–25 Greatest Survivor Players Of All Time!

  1. Sandra won twice Parvati played three times and one once 33.3% and Boston Rob played 4 times and won once and he had the game tailored for his win he was lucky he was on the tribe of complete idiots so he has 25% and Sandra played twice and won twice 100% she is the best

  2. verbumreale // July 25, 2013 at 12:13 am // Reply

    What a difference a year makes. Finally some common sense. Parvati is the best player of all time. The only player that one could make an argument for other than her would be Sandra but I would say overall, even though Sandra won twice, Parvati is the better player. The difference is take Parvati out of HVV and Sandra probably doesn’t even make it to the merge. Take Sandra out of HVV and Parvati still makes it to the finals and probably wins. Given that Parvati was only two votes away from being the first two-time winner then I would hardly say that Sandra’s status as the first two-time winner is hardly a convincing argument. Parvati’s win in Micronesia was far more impressive than either of Sandra’s wins and I would argue her 2nd place finish in HVV was more impressive than Sandra’s win in Pearl Islands.

    There is still much room for improvement with this list. Kim Spradlin has no business being anywhere near the top 5 and Boston Rob continues to be vastly overrrated. And though it is good to see JT on the list, the fact that he is lower than Kim Spradlin, Ozzy, Colby, Amanda, Tina Wesson, Cirie Fields and many others is an absolute joke.

  3. Cochran shouldn’t be on this list because, 1.) He didn’t do much without Dawn. Dawn got the info, she took the blunt. 2.) He really didn’t do that much. But I guess using the goat strategy and taking Sherri to the end was good.

  4. It’s un believable Boston rob is a devil him self👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹

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