Shamar Thomas Interview


For any contestant who is medically evacuated from Survivor, there is usually a long and detailed back story explaining what happened to them and why they were forced to leave. In the case of Shamar Thomas on the 26th season of Caramoan however, there was the loosest of stories which would tell what happened in a completely different way to what actually happened. For the first ever time, Shamar tells the truth behind his medical evacuation and gives some great behind the scenes details of how things can change between the filming and the edit. Shamar also has a lot to say about his game as well, and just why he isn’t happy that Cochran won the season.

shamar leaves

Shamar started off on the back foot by angering several of his tribe mates for his loud and bossy demeanour, however he was kept close by Sherri who planned to take him to the end as she believed she could beat him for the money. However despite Shamar being in the power alliance, he was soon injured and was forced to be evacuated from the game.

In our chat with Shamar, he talks about the last 12 months since the season ended, the viral video he was on that helped get him on the show, which players he connected with, what really happened with THAT fire building incident with Matt, why the cool kids messed up, his ‘lazy edit’ and why it wasn’t that bad, the truth behind his injury and why he never received medical treatment despite his pleas to get it, the hospital treatment after, why he refused to shake Jeff Probst’s hand post game as well as his distaste for Cochran, thoughts on running for President as well as why he connects so well with several former Survivor cast members.

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1 Comment on Shamar Thomas Interview

  1. Katherine Adams // February 28, 2014 at 5:47 pm // Reply

    I really didn’t know what to expect with Shamar’s interview, but whoa! The whole medical evacuation segment — I can understand why he’s so upset with that part of the editing. I assume Brandon was the reason the players weren’t allowed on stage, but hearing Shamar … hmm. Now I’m wondering. Very interesting chat. I wish him luck…

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