The Amazing Race Oz – Amazing Race Australia vs New Zealand Episode 4 & 5 Recap


We’re back for another episode of our ‘spin off show’ as we provide you a full recap of this weeks episode of The Amazing Race Australia season 3 including full written analysis and our weekly podcast episode with Ben and the Ozlets giving you their unique take on all things to do with the Australia vs New Zealand themed season! (RECAP HAS BEEN SPLIT INTO TWO SEPARATE EPISODES/SECTIONS. IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN EPISODE 5 THEN AVOID THE SECOND HALF OF THE EPISODE AND SECOND HALF OF THIS ARTICLE)

Ben and the Ozlets (or ARzlets as they are sometimes referred for this episode) sit down to discuss their thoughts on the episode and go over their predictions from early in the season but also what they think will happen next week and who is in the box seat to win!

Each week we will also bring you a full written review of the episode from the mind of ozlet Alex Morella! Over to you Alex:



It’s that time of the week! Time for…The Amazing Race!

This week…in Oz…we have a two hour double episode! This is both exciting as…more to watch…and mildly annoying…as Channel 7 mess with the programming…but hopefully it means that non-elimination legs seem less significant as we get two in one…

So to recap…Previously on…The Amazing Race…The teams raced to Thailand, where Second Best Mates and the Creepy Siblings began to forge a rivalry, the mates U-Turned the Hulk Puppies, and after calling her teammate a ‘selfish cow’, Froggy and Aston ultimately were leapfrogged by everyone else…and somewhere in between the Second Best Mates gave their Express Pass to the Purple MILFS…

So where are we at?

#1 – Second Best Mates (Muz & John/Raspberry & Coke)

#2 – Creepy Siblings (Jono & Emily)

#3 – Nurse Boys/Team Jesus (Daniel & Ryan)

#4 – Hulk Puppies (Hulk Puppy & Smiley Sally)

#5 – Team Vanilla (Bloody Jarrod & Sour Ash)

#6 – Purple MILFS/Fitness Mums (Carla & Hereni)

#7 – Fosters (Cat & Jesse)

And that’s where we’re at!

So…let’s get ready to race!

Episode 4 (3)

Grant explains life to you (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

We’re at Krabi, at a beach that looks lovely! Where the Second Best Mates are to depart first!

Episode 4 (5)

Should be a fairly uneventful leg then? (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

First Clue: Fly to Windhoek, Namibia, where teams must find a marked 4 wheel drive in the Airport Carpark

I love Africa and the legs with African Animals…this should be fun! The Second Best Mates refer to their psychological warfare…It’s apparently shaking everyone else to the core…

Creepy Siblings start with instead of reading the clue, giving us a unique impression of what they think of Africa…I’m still not sure if it’s racist or just stereotypical but…they’re excited…and they have a strong relationship…and it’s creepy…they are now Team Lannister…because the other people from Game of Thrones had long and difficult names…so…Team Lannister it is! Can anyone imagine a NZ Joffrey?

Episode 4 (13)

Africa makes them dance apparently (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Nurse Boys depart, and narrate about how they’re doing well and their relationship is great…will it last?

Hulk Puppies depart and are still incredibly happy and positive…and it’s lucky that Smiley Sally knows it’s in Africa…and they’re looking forward to seeing their mates from the U-Turn…the Second Best Mates.

Team Lannister and Hulk Puppies are talking about Second Best Mates, and how everyone dislikes them…which I guess means their psychological warfare is working…maybe? I dunno… I’m not sure where it’s going a lot of the time.

Episode 4 (21)

The cameraman becomes a third wheel… (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Team Vanilla play the Patriot Card, Bloody Jarrod points out it’s for Australia! Shame even us Ozlets (or Arzlets) like the Kiwi sides more…

Purple MILFs depart, and point out how everyone else is fighting, but they’re staying clear of the drama, and are hoping they don’t get eliminated with an express pass in their pocket…I saw Jessica and John get eliminated after not doing that…you’d feel pretty daft…even if John didn’t for some reason…

Episode 4 (26)

What is that arrow pointing towards? (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Fosters depart last, and are racing for their kids…still! But that’s good! They want to just have fun and be yourself…but also want the underdogs to get to the top! Jesse asks if they are the underdogs…very much so my friend!

So everyone is on the same flight…so it’s even racing once they’re in Namibia!

Cue Frantic scrambling from the airport, and Jono yelling ‘I’m on your sex Em…on your sex’…he might’ve said six…but I think it was sex…

Episode 4 (29)

The running becomes a blur (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

And we have the next clue!

Teams will drive themselves to the Na’an Kuse Wildlife Sanctuary, then escort two young baboons along a trial to get their next clue

Episode 4 (91)

Grant gets groped (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

So we’re seeing lots of animals! This rocks!

Grant with the Chimps…he looks less than thrilled…but I laughed! Those cheeky monkeys looked a bit different to the Cheeky Monk-y’s in Cambodia!

Bloody Jarrod showing his vast knowledge of wildlife by asking what a bloody Baboon is…at least Sour Ash knows!

Episode 4 (41)

Bloody monkeys (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Team Vanilla, Fosters and Team Lannister seem to have got out to an early start, while the Purple MILFs are at the back.

Team Vanilla and Hulk Puppies go for a U-Turn (the car kind…not the detour kind) after seeing a sign to the university of Namibia…but the Nurse Boys think they’re right…

Episode 4 (47)

Somebody is jealous (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

And the Vanilla rules…Team Vanilla are in the lead! Bloody good job Jarrod and Ash! Apparently others also turned right…so maybe just the Nurse boys missed it…Fosters are 2nd, Second Best Mates 3rd and Hulk Puppies 4th

Cue hilarious Baboon scenes…Smiley Sally gets the right idea…Bloody Jarrod is a bit less smart…Bloody Baboons!

Episode 4 (52)

I’m the king of the Monkey world! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Everyone else arrives…and the Baboons take a liking to the Purple MILFs and especially Emily from the Lannisters…with Jono pointing out they must like her ‘baboons’…I’m sure you like them too mate!

The Nurse Boys are still on the road…and way, way off course…but they’ve been told by a security guard they’re going the right way so…pray for a miracle boys!

Episode 4 (53)

Where the fuck are we?! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Back to Baboons being…Baboons…Bloody Jarrod doesn’t like another man or monkey having their hands on his girl…he wants the thing to walk…you do know the fastest way to finish is being good to the baboons right Bloody Jarrod?

The Nurse Boys find some help from some locals with a Kiwi sticker on the back of their truck…still going the wrong way! But he even ditches his wife to help them! Top bloke! Bloody Jarrod would be good mates with him!

Episode 4 (92)

Maybe you wouldn’t get lost if you looked at the right book for the country you are in… (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

And here comes a bit of tension…while all the baboons flock to Emily’s ‘baboons’, John makes a quip about attracting baboons not being a skill…and Jono comes in to defend his girlfriend/sister, telling John to shut his fucking face…and John is ready to drop him! No one crosses the Lannisters!

Episode 4 (59)

Ready to drop someone… (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Episode 4 (60)

…ready to be dropped (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Episode 4 (63)

#angryface (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Episode 4 (64)

Damn, Channel 7 asked me after I Tweeted! Whoops (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

After the ad break…everyone’s kind of standing around while this grinds to a halt…but then everyone’s racing again! And the next clue is in! It’s a roadblock!

A roadblock is performed by only one member of each team: This roadblock is ‘Who’s got a healthy appetite?’

Episode 4 (68)

Grant shows off his meat (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

It’s an eating challenge! Oh…actually it’s not…it’s a preparing food for Lions challenge…well…at least they get to work with animals…

Episode 4 (69)

Mmmmmmmm (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Basically the teams must match a bucket or two of gross animal parts and feed them to the Lions…

So we have Bloody Jarrod, Jesse, John, Hulk Puppy, Carla and Jono doing the task!

So…they pretty much have to tear up a carcass…nice!

The Nurse boys, now in the Middle of Windhoek, finally meet a student who tells them that they are at the wrong campus…oh dear boys!

Episode 4 (95)

#lost (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Cue kind of grotesque cutting of animal parts, and a pun from Sour Ash! ‘Think about what’s at steak!’ Love it!

Cue the normal stages of a lot of overeager guys thinking they’re done very quickly and a judge turning them down, of course it’s mainly John, Bloody Jarrod and Jono

Episode 4 (98)

Bloody hacking…literally this time (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Jono is in the lead, and wants to mess John up! John is shortly behind! We have a nice confrontation brewing I think!!!

Jono keeps pushing and pushing and pushing and…hasn’t had water all day…he sees John behind him and keeps pushing but…eventually falls to the ground…and John comes up to him…sees he’s in trouble…and puts their bickering aside to help him out as…well…he’s struggling…a lot…in confessionals, John seems kind of nice about it…I mean if I saw someone struggling and dying I’d probably help them…Jono seems a bit narky about it though…be grateful he stopped mate…I guess he’s used to Game of Thrones and delightful deaths with blood and guts…

Episode 4 (106)

The sook begins (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

John actually handles it really well and helps Jono…to the point that Jono tries to sprint ahead of him and he’s ok with that…this is an odd one…but it’s very intriguing!

Episode 4 (117)

Team love! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Back at the meat grinding…and Bloody Jarrod is still bloody cutting but he seems to have finally finished…while Carla decides that after cutting the wrong thing…it’s a good move for them to just use their express pass…which I think is a fair move! This takes the Purple MILFs into the lead…and provides them with some much needed airtime!

Next Clue: Proceed to the Bush School, learn a simple song in the San language, and sing it with the school kids

Ok…that would be even more awesome than Lions…if I could sing it well!

Hulk Puppy and Bloody Jarrod start working together as well…the meatheads seem lost…

The Purple MILFs learn and perform the song and are already off to the Detour!

Episode 4 (140)

Grant plays happy families (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

A Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons, in this detour, teams must first ride a donkey and cart to a village, and then will choose between;

Pipe: Use a traditional bush method to start a fire

Poo: Teams must spit poo a distance of 8 metres, two each

Episode 4 (146)

It’s not chocolate ok? (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

The trick is not to swallow the poo…I’d make the fire as an Ozlet…I think we’d all be letting down all of Survivor Oz if we didn’t do the fire challenge…

Nurse Boys have finally shown up! They reckon at least an hour behind! And seem to lose one of their baboons quite quickly…cue a hilarious scene…and an amazingly adorable scene with Daniel and his Baboon…I want a Baboon now!!! Just a little one…

Jesse completes his first part of the roadblock and is now wheeling along with everyone else I think…it’s been a while since we’ve seen anyone else wheeling

Bloody Jarrod is struggling to get to the Bloody Lions, Hulk Puppy is supporting him and looks quite comfortable…

John and Jono get to the Lions, and Jono seems like he’s going to pass out…but finds motivation to try and beat John…They both feed the Lions…but Jono’s clue is messed up…and can’t read what to do next…he asks Bloody Jarrod…but Bloody Jarrod’s a bloody douche and won’t play ball…and tells Hulk Puppy to do the same…it’s payback for something…I’ll be honest I can’t remember what…But in any case…they feed the Lions and start to head back, just as the Nurse Boys arrive! They’ve got a lot of work to do! But they’re not out of it!

Episode 4 (156)

Bonding (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

The Purple MILFs arrive at the Poo Spitting…and Hereni gets both incredibly quickly! Carla is struggling a bit more

Back to Jono…who is still struggling…and Bloody Jarrod calls him a piece of piss…and him and Hulk Puppy pass Jono, although I don’t really approve of Bloody Jarrod’s methods…but Bloody Jarrod and Hulk Puppy are the first two teams back…so I’m not sure where John has gone off to…

Ahh…there he is…I think he’s lost…nice job!

Jono arrives back to a proud Sister who can give him cuddles…but John is still not back! Team Vanilla and Hulk Puppies have moved onto sing school, while Nurse Daniel is carving everything up and is on the trail to feed the Lions!

Over at Poo Spitting…Carla manages to nail both her poo’s over the 8m, and it’s time to get to the pit stop!

Episode 4 (166)

Put your hands up for poo spitting! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Pit Stop: Proceed to…A Watering Hole?

That’s all I’ve got…a watering hole…but ok then!

At the Roadblock, Jesse feeds the Lions, while at Sing School, Team Vanilla and Hulk Puppies survive…although my ears might not! And are off to the detour…both choose Poo!

Lost John eventually turns up next to the Donkeys of Team Vanilla and they guide him back…but Second Best Mates are down in 5th!

And over to the Pit Stop! Where the Purple MILFs have checked in as Team Number 1! As winners of the leg, the ladies win 500,000 velocity frequent flyer points with Virgin Australia! Apparently that’s enough for return business class flights to LA…which is pretty good so I’d take that!

Episode 4 (181)

Yay we get screentime this week! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Team Lannister sing for the kids, and will do poo as well! Nurse Daniel crosses paths with Foster Jesse, and gets to the Lions, knowing time needs to be made up!

We even see a fun side of the Second Best Mates, with John going for the splits while singing with the kids…and Carla and Hereni couldn’t speak more highly of them…interesting thing perception…

Foster Jesse arrives back from the Lions to get his next clue, while Emily and Jono on their Donkey and Cart manage to gain speed…a lot of speed…to the point where they crash! And Jono is over it! He says ‘screw this’, gets Emily out of the cart (doesn’t screw her) and they start walking…no…actually they’re going to get back in…cos it’s part of the task…and Jono can barely walk anyway! Second Best Mates are right on their tail now though!

The Fosters enjoy a nice moment with the Namibian children, and miss their own! Before choosing to taste like crap to join to their smelling of crap…they choose Poo!

Team Vanilla arrive and start the poo spitting. Bloody Jarrod gets his quite quickly…but Sour Ash can’t quite get it done…and other teams arrive…which makes a line…as only one person may spit poo at a time…hilarious!

Episode 4 (200)

Running is a blur (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Cue Four teams spitting poo…John gets one, as does Muz!

Nurse Daniel finishes the Roadblock, and the Nurse Boys are on their way! Although they still have a lot of time to make up!

At Poo Spitting…some people are struggling…and Team Lannister choose to switch to fire making pretty quickly, while Hulk Puppy finishes his part, leaving just Smiley Sally to get her two across the line. Sour Ash gets one as well! Team Lannister start making fire, while the Second Best Mates finish the Poo spitting! Sour Ash gets her clue not too far behind! Smiley Sally gets one, and Fosters Cat and Jesse both get one incredibly quickly…as they admit…they’re good Poo spitters! Shame that one’s not in the Olympics yet…The quote of ‘spit it while you love it’ is also amazingly brilliant by Foster Jesse!

Episode 4 (198)

Emily loves it when he rubs his stick (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

The Nurse Boys finish their sing schooling while the Second Best Mates check in as team number 2, and Team Vanilla right behind as Team Number 3.

Fosters overtake Hulk Puppies at the Poo Spitting, and are able to vault to team number 4 at the pit stop!

At the Fire Challenge, Team Lannister have made the fire! And are getting it for the chief’s pipe when…oh no…it goes out! And Jono collapses! It’s just not Team Lannister’s day! While at Poo Spitting, Smiley Sally is still not able to get her second one over the line! And there’s a thunderstorm coming!

Episode 4 (201)

YOU DA MAN! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

This propels Smiley Sally to finish the poo spitting quicker! And they’re off to the pit stop! Nurse Boys see this and are back in it! Hulk Puppies check in as team number 5!

Nurse Boys are quite good at the poo spitting…while at the same time, Emily and Jono are able to get their fire going! Finally…to their delight! And it’s a tight one to the pit stop! And oh no! Jono has cramp on the way to the pit stop! Can he make it! The Nurse Boys are on the way!

Episode 4 (225)

And he is down again… (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

And…The Nurse Boys steal sixth place! What an effort from the boys! That sadly leaves Team Lannister as Team Number 7, and the last team to arrive!

And they are eliminated from the race! Ok…I was almost convinced this was a non-elimination but…alright then! Team Lannister are out!

Episode 4 (235)

Cue the weirdest disappointed reaction ever.. (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Episode 4 (238)

Episode 4 (239)

Episode 4 (241)

Episode 4 (245)

Episode 4 (242)


Episode 4 (248)

Episode 4 (251)

Episode 4 (1)

Episode 4 (244)

Seriously WTF?! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Emily can’t believe it! It’s a huge kick in the teeth given that they were leading halfway through the detour! They both are almost in shock, I am too! They were one of the strongest sides and…just like that…they’re gone! Unbelievable!

I know now why the Kiwis only showed the one episode…It will take them all a week to get over the loss of their beloved Lannisters! And we all at Survivor Oz will be devastated too! As…well…they were the butt of a lot of our jokes! And for all their creepiness…they have a tight friendship between siblings that you really want…besides the creepy stuff that makes you really nervous…but the caring part…that’s a good thing they have…

I still can’t quite believe it…

So we’re left with 6

#1 Purple MILFs – Express Passed their way to the top, I wonder what comes next for them!

#2 Second Best Mates – Now the favourites you’d think after the Lannisters are gone, they’ve knocked off their biggest competition and are still looking strong, just need to eliminate their silly errors

#3 Team Vanilla – Bloody Jarrod and Sour Ash are starting to arrive to the party! We know they’re the Bloody flagship Aussie side and they’re starting to get that little bit better at everything…Bloody annoyingly

#4 Fosters – Cat and Jesse are just grinding away…not looking like winning anything…but they’re just getting through…and that’s all you need to do at the moment!

#5 Hulk Puppies – Moments of brilliance, but then moments where they look weak, especially Smiley Sally but they’re still doing alright, a higher finish would be good for them though

#6 Nurse Boys – What an escape! After that mishap on that leg, that would’ve been nearly impossible but they managed to pull it out! I picked them to come 7th so was very very close, but they’ve managed to survive and I was delighted for them!

Leg Assessment: It’s Africa…it’s always awesome! A lot of good touches with nature and wildlife, as well as local children and schools! Lots of places to overtake! (I feel like I’m assessing a Formula 1 track when I say that…on that note RICCIARDO!!!!)

Roadblock Assessment: Gruelling! Loved it! Really separated the men from the boys! Plus Carla…although it was a very good task to use the express pass on!

Detour Assessment: The Poo Spitting seemed kind of easy…the fire would’ve been much harder! But…it did provide a lot of tight moments!

I thoroughly enjoyed that leg, and that finish really was a shock!!! The best part is there is another hour to review right now! Double Episode! I feel it’s definitely a non-elimination leg now…but…more racing is good I guess…although they clearly didn’t think about the podcasters or viewers when Channel 7 goes for a double episode…but the Kiwis don’t so…I’d work on getting some parity there…


The following episode at time of publication has not aired in New Zealand! To avoid spoilers do not read beyond this point!

We’re right on to the next leg!

For those that missed what just happened (you might be in New Zealand or something horrible like that!) The Purple MILFs Express Passed everyone…the Nurse Boys got lost and survived a tight one…where Team Lannister was dethroned!

On that note…that’s two episodes in a row where I’ve given a new nickname to a team and they’ve gone home….whoops…and dangit! I like coming up with new nicknames and then they all go and vanish on me!

So the Starting order will be:

#1 Purple MILFs/Fitness Mums (Carla & Hereni)

#2 Second Best Mates/Raspberry & Coke (John & Muz)

#3 Team Vanilla (Bloody Jarrod & Sour Ash)

#4 Fosters (Foster Cat & Foster Jesse)

#5 Hulk Puppies (Hulk Puppy & Smiley Sally)

#6 Nurse Boys/Team Jesus (Daniel & Ryan)

Purple MILFs lead us off…and we’re in for a long flight!

Teams must fly to St Petersburg, Russia, and find the Battleship Aurora

Episode 5 (3)

The winner gets this house(Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

From Africa to Russia! Wow…that’s a quick move! And I’m looking forward to it! Although…I’d always like more wildlife shots in Africa…but they’re not messing around here! Right onto the next continent!

Purple MILFs are trying to do this the hard way as the only all-Female team left…weirdly enough I do get Nat & Kat vibes from them…and they were incredibly impressive!

Second Best Mates depart and are happy to be isolated and running their own race…and finally tell us that they’ve got booked flights but can search for better ones at the airport…that explains that large amount of teams on the same flights already…

Purple MILFs are on an earlier flight now!

Episode 5 (7)

#happy (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Team Vanilla depart to more stereotypically ignorant comments of where they’re going next…with Russia being declared somewhere you’d never think of going…and everyone will be good at gymnastics…it’s a miracle they didn’t mention vodka!

Fosters are off shortly afterwards and are excited to be returning to ‘the motherland’ before calling themselves the ‘ANZACs’, as they help both the Kiwis and the Aussies…I like that!

The Fosters will now be known collectively as ‘The ANZACs!’ I’ve probably just earmarked them for elimination knowing my luck…

Episode 5 (9)

There is an angry  man in the back (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

The ANZACs are hoping that they can just stay consistent and get through while others are ragingly inconsistent.

Hulk Puppies are off as well! As are Nurse Boys…and they’re excited! They’re just thrilled to still be here, which is fair given their last leg performance!

The Purple MILFs let the Second Best Mates know about the earlier flight…and Team Vanilla are annoyed that there’s collaboration going on and they’re not giving information…yet they refused to give information to the Lannisters last leg…bloody hypocrites!

Episode 5 (10)

I hear the customer service at Air Namibia is second to none (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

In any case…the MILFs and the Mates (a great name for a new comedy if any producers are out there!) are off on the earlier flight! Team Vanilla have a different flight that is flight 2, and the third flight will have Hulk Puppies, Nurse Boys, and Team ANZAC.

Apparently they’re all within 30 minutes…so it’s not impossible…but very difficult to make up ground!

Episode 5 (34)

All roads lead to St.Petersburg (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Flight one gets in at 7:20am, with the MILFs and the Mates the first ones on the way!

Team Vanilla arrive at 7:50am, and ask for Rupiahs…nice…we send the uneducated and untravelled…but they’re entertaining…ish.

Purple MILFs arrive at the boat but run straight past the clue! Giving the Second Best Mates the lead! They find the clue, and we’re in for a roadblock!

Episode 5 (37)

In Russia you don’t exit from an exit, you exit from an entrance (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Roadblock: Who’s ready to crack the code? Teams must crack the Russian flag signals!

Muz is up there…and the girls are starting to signal…but they don’t have the clue…they ask John for help…but get nothing! NOTHING! Poor form lads! I think you can afford to work with one team given they got you on the earlier flight!

Episode 5 (47)

Grant with a scarf (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

The 3rd flight arrives at 8:24am…and we get a hilarious moment of Hulk Puppies thinking with their muscles and taking off quickly, while team ANZAC stand still pretty much and hail a taxi…nice job Cat and Jesse! They all get cabs easily though…

The Purple MILFs are still looking all over a ship for a clue that’s out the front of it…while Muz’s first attempt at interpreting flag signals comes up short…Team Vanilla arrive, get the clue…and comfortably overtake the MILFs, who are just looking everywhere for this clue that is…well…back off the boat! They eventually find it, and Hereni is going to do the Roadblock, as is Bloody Jarrod!

Episode 5 (49)

Pretty standard then? (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

So the three teams are all working at the roadblock…no collaboration…just hard work! All are struggling!

But then…Muz gets it…no fanfare or anything channel 7? But in any case, the Second Best Mates are back out in the lead, and have been given a postcard of their next location!

Next Clue: Proceed to Nevsky Prospekt – A Museum on the Main Street of St Petersburg

Bloody Jarrod finishes shortly afterwards, after discovering the art of patience…there is hope for everyone!

Episode 5 (71)

Let’s order the beef (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Nurse Boys come bolting up…and do a Purple MILF and forget the clue…luckily for them…the MILFs are still going and are willing to help if the boys will return the favour…of course they will! And another small pact is formed! And Ryan uses another great pun! ‘They’re probably in the same boat!’ I do like how many puns are being used this season! Nurse Ryan is up, and he’s gone straight to Hereni to work together!

Second Best Mates find the marker box for their next clue, which gives them a detour!

A Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons, in this detour, teams must choose between

Episode 5 (65)

Grant with his homies (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Cossack: Teams must perform a traditional Cossack Dance

Coat Rack: Teams must find a coat tag that is missing, and then search through hundreds of coats to find it

As a competitive dancer…I’d be up to learn some Cossack Dancing! But I know that wouldn’t be for everyone!

Episode 5 (77)

Ole! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Team Vanilla can’t find a bloody cab…as bloody Jarrod says…everyone’s so bloody rude…wait a minute…that was sour Ash! All the time with Bloody Jarrod has caught up with her! So they go back and try to steal another taxi! And end up trying to hail the cab of the Hulk Puppies. Team Vanilla offers to give a hint to the team in exchange for the cab…when Hulk Puppy is calling you intense…you must be bloody intense bloody Jarrod! But eventually their haggling pays off, they give a clue about waiting until the flag guy starts…and that they’ll definitely send the cab back…and…then they are off! The Patriot card did also get played!

Team ANZAC arrive right behind Hulk Puppies!

At the Roadblock, Nurse Ryan decides Hereni’s method isn’t that useful, uses his own, and gets it first try! What a gun! And he gets the Purple MILFs through it as well! Champions!

Episode 5 (85)

Bloody dancing (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Team ANZAC don’t seem thrilled at Hereni cleaning her board so thoroughly…and declare team Kiwi dead…although I think it had been dead to most teams for a while…I’m still going with Team ANZAC for them for the moment!

Smiley Sally absolutely blitzes the task while Foster Cat is still setting herself up! Luckily for them…Sally doesn’t clean her answer board, and Cat can just copy it all! What kind people! Team ANZAC decide they’re going to change teams and play for the Aussies! Hooray! We now have two sides to support, and one we’re indifferent to…plus Team Vanilla.

So we’re all done with the Roadblock, and onto the Detour!

Second Best Mates are learning the Cossack dancing! And Muz, who describes himself as a ‘giant tickle-me Elmo’, struggles a bit, but looks to be getting the hang of it.

Team Vanilla arrive at the Museum, and decide to keep the cab…WHO’S PLAYING THE GAME NOW HYPOCRITES!!!!! They decide to do Cossack as Sour Ash is an experienced dancer, and Bloody Jarrod did his Bloody Deb.

Episode 5 (86)

JAZZ HANDS! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Everyone thinks they’re a pro because they’ve done a debutante ball in Australia…come to my Dance studio and we’ll teach you to dance properly (it’s fun and you meet girls! Do it people!)

Second Best Mates are struggling with the dancing, while the MILFs are just struggling to get a taxi! The others three teams all manage to pass them! But it’s still close!

At the Detour, Team Vanilla see John overanalysing everything and Muz, a more ‘simple’ guy as Bloody Jarrod puts him, but they still decide to Cossack.

At Nevsky Prospekt (The Museum place), Hulk Puppies decide to do the Coat Rack

Episode 5 (91)

I knew I left it somewhere.. (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Watching Bloody Jarrod try and bloody dance and get the first steps was funny to me…but then I felt like that was me when I started…so I felt a little bloody sympathy for him for once…we’re all human…Second Best Mates have a crack on stage, and just absolutely butcher it! More practice lads!

Nurse Boys, Team ANZAC and Purple MILFs all get their next clue to keep the field tight. Nurse Boys and Team ANZAC choose Coat Rack, while the Purple MILFs are going to get their Cossack on!

So we have 3 doing each! That’s how it should be!

Hulk Puppies have started at the Coat Rack…it looks tedious and fiddly…but apparently they excel in that…I thought muscles and body building was their thing…but apparently it’s small fiddly tasks!

Everyone is now at the detour, so bear with me! Muz is struggling with the Cossack dancing…as is Bloody Jarrod, but he feels better when Muz is in the room with him. The Nurse Boys and Team ANZAC start sorting tags, and the Nurse Boys come up with a much more effective system for sorting the tags! I didn’t rate them before the race…but they’re brilliant! Definitely no.1 Aussie team for me!

Episode 5 (95)

See ya wouldn’t want to be ya! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Team Vanilla try on stage…Bloody Jarrod is bloody underprepared…and then Second Best Mates fail again and have a look at the Coat Hangers…Team Vanilla think they’re done…while the teams at the coat hangers won’t let them share any of the three tables…so the Second Best Mates are stuffed!

Everyone else is loving it…especially Foster Jesse and the Nurse Boys…own it Jesse! So the Second Best Mates go back to dancing!

Purple MILFs start the Cossack dancing…Carla looking quite fit especially!

The Nurse Boys’ system pays off, number 187 is missing, and they are off to the coat racks to find the missing tag!

Episode 5 (101)

I always thought they resembled coats (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Team Vanilla (specifically Bloody Jarrod) are still battling away with the Cossack Dancing…to be fair…Sour Ash looks quite good at it! Just poor bloody Jarrod has two bloody left feet and no sense of rhythm…he’s be Ok at a cooking the BBQ challenge…that might be it!

Just like that…the Nurse Boys find their tag first time! And that’s it…they’re off to their next destination

Proceed to the Taleon Imperial Hotel and search for your next clue. Caution…intersection ahead!

Episode 5 (110)

Can we go all four ways with Grant? (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

The Nurse Boys are excited for an intersection…I personally hate them…and are even more keen to shut down doing it with Second Best Mates…I’d just suck it up and do it with them though…you take time first…and what if the next team wants to do it with them…you just would be better to cut your losses and suck it up with them! That’s just me though!

The Second Best Mates get through the Cossacking! Showing persistence does pay off…even if it involves a trip to look at coat racks!

Team ANZAC find that their missing number is 204, and begin the search for it! Hulk Puppies find their number that is missing (249) and they’re on roll when…Hulk Puppies needs to do Hulk Piddle! Bad timing for a toilet break but when you gotta go…you gotta go…and I’d get even more desperate while trying to search for coats in a coat rack!

Purple MILFs have a crack at the Cossack on stage. Carla kills it! But Hereni struggles…and they did something in the wrong order…so back to practice!

Hulk Puppy finishes in the toilet and he and Smiley Sally join Team ANZAC in the Coat Rack!

 Episode 5 (118)

Well when you gotta go…(Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Persistence pays off for Team Vanilla too! They complete an unconvincing Cossack Dance…well…Bloody Jarrod looks Bloody unconvincing…Sour Ash and Carla would team up and make a great dance team! Although all I can imagine is Bloody Jarrod and Hereni teaming up and the hilarity that would ensue!

Nurse Boys manage to get horribly lost despite having a map, a Russian taxi driver, and a GPS, so the Second Best Mates get there first! And get the intersection task!

Intersection – A task where two teams must work together to complete a task!

In this intersection…one team member from each team must manoeuvre through a sensitive security system to retrieve an egg that contains the location of the next pit stop!

So the Mates must wait!

Episode 5 (122)

Nice egg (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

At the Detour, Hulk Puppies find their tag in the coat rack, putting them in fourth and on their way to the intersection! About the same time as Team Vanilla depart, who think they’re in 5th at this point! Team ANZAC find their coat tag, leaving just the Purple MILFs at the Detour, although one team will need to wait for them anyway…That’s why you don’t put an intersection right near the pit stop!!!

Team Vanilla arrive 2nd at the hotel…and the intersection…and say that the Aussie teams have said if there’s an intersection…that they don’t want to work with the Second Best Mates…here’s their chance to ring true on that! Let’s see what happens! We even get another ‘Bloody Hell’ from Sour Ash as they arrive! She’s really catching on to this bloody stuff!

Back from the break…and…it’s pretty much John the controller! He tells Team Vanilla to get the clue…and that they need Sour Ash as she’s flexible and not the uncoordinated Bloody Jarrod…and just like that…the Aussies have spinelessly backed down…BLOODY HYPOCRITES! At least they acknowledge the Second Best Mates are the strongest team and doing an intersection with them is good for them…I agree…it means the task gets done quicker…you should do it so you can get a task done the quickest…like every other task!

Episode 5 (123)

They are frickin’ laser beams (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

The Nurse Boys are still lost in their cab! So Hulk Puppies arrive third at the Hotel, and must wait for a partner! While back at the detour…the Purple MILFs get through their Cossack dance and are on their way to the intersection! We’re all into the final straight now!

Sour Ash and John are getting through the intersection gradually…John thinks he’s in charge…Sour Ash is just doing her own thing…whatever it is…it seems to be working for them…They get through the task and the two teams have the eggs! And the location to the pit stop!

Pit Stop – Church of the Saviour of the Spilled Blood -> The Iconic Building in St Petersburg!!!

Episode 5 (146)

Daniel likes to lurk (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

It’s such an awesome building!

In any case…cue mad rush to the pit stop!

Nurse Boys arrive at the Intersection, and of course they team up with Hulk Puppies! It’ll be Nurse Daniel and Smiley Sally doing the Spy work!

That will leave Team ANZAC and the Purple MILFs to team up soonish

Team Vanilla get a cab before the Second Best Mates! But they think they’re going the wrong way! I don’t know if they are because we’re treated to ads for Million Dollar minute!

We arrive back…and Team Vanilla ditch the cab and run! Second Best Mates are still running as well so we’re not sure where we’re at!

At the Intersection…Nurse Daniel and Smiley Sally get through the spy maze first try! And we now have four teams on their way to the pit stop! The Nurse Boys say they know where it is…probably from their bonus 30-minute tour of St Petersburg!

Episode 5 (142)

Checking in is a blur (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Both Team ANZAC and the Purple MILFs arrive at the Hotel…to the disappointment of Team ANZAC, who still aren’t happy after the Roadblock incident but…an intersection is an intersection so…Cat and Carla are in! They make a mistake though and the alarms go off…and they’re rather violently escorted out…and will have to start again!

In the race for first! We’re not sure who’s leading! The realisation has been made that Team Vanilla worked with the Second Best Mates…to the horror of the Nurse Boys!

Kat and Carla get through the Intersection with Cat being guided by a very considerate Carla…I’d like Carla as my mum I think! I’d like Cat as my mum too…they both seem like top people! Then, while both teams are all good with each other…they must race for potentially last place! So it’s on!

And all 6 teams at this point are racing to the pit stop! So hopefully this is easy to keep track of!

Episode 5 (152)

Grant is waiting with his friend (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Second Best Mates and Team Vanilla are both close…but it’s…..SECOND BEST MATES…they take another team number 1 and the leg victory! Oh wait…there’s the kicker…THEY HAVEN’T FINISHED RACING!!!

Grant gives them the next clue…and they must continue racing!!!

Episode 5 (165)

Wait for it… (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Episode 5 (178)

…WINNING! (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Episode 5 (167)

NEK MINUT (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

Episode 5 (189)

Oh snap… (Photo courtesy of Channel 7)

This makes my job easy as I can’t assess the teams as well…they’re all still racing!

Next time it looks like we’re going to Siberia! Snowy but hopefully very exciting!

Overall…it’s been an enjoyable night with the two episodes, around 6000 words written, and a lot of great moments! There’s a really interesting chemistry between all the teams, and it’s quite fascinating to watch! Gotta be rooting for the Nurse Boys and Team ANZAC for the moment, but I would like to see the Second Best Mates get up, purely because I hate the idea of pacts and winning while pissing everyone off would be an amazing thing!

That’s it for me for tonight! Looking forward to next week! Make sure to listen to the podcasts for more wonderful insight and stimulating (or pointless…it can go either way) discussion with Ben and the Oz/ARZlets!

Ben’s Thoughts


What an entertaining double episode! So much happening! But where was the ‘controversy’? A bit of a verbal stoush and the creepy siblings sooking for an entire episode? I see more drama on Home & Away! I’m not going to deny I’m not happy to see Emily & Jono go. They started off OK but they become so whiney at the end, it was time for them to leave. Still on the Jono and Murray train! Powering through! Great to see them have a team work with them at the intersection. Sure they have ticked a few people off but if they can be persuasive enough to get teams to work with them when they don’t want to work with them, who knows. And it goes to show that them using the U-Turn last week was a good strategic move and not a bad one. Keep it up I say! And let’s hope Channel 7 keeps up in looking at the ratings! Best rated episode of the season guys! Imagine the numbers if it was in a better time slot…

Jarrod’s Thoughts


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that these two episodes were potentially the best back-to-back episodes in Amazing Race history. Great locations, strong challenges and plenty of drama ensured an entertaining two hours of viewing. Some great editing really threw me off the ending of the African leg and it was a real shock to see Emily and Jono go home.

The 5th leg in Russia was probably my favourite of the season. It was great to see a seeking challenge that actually had a high degree of difficulty and the Cossack dancing appeared to be equally as challenging. John and Murray got lucky that Ashleigh and Jarrod were the second team to reach the intersection because I feel many of the other teams wouldn’t have agreed to work with them. Overall two great episodes topped off by a to be continued. The Aussie/New Zealand alliances appear to have crumbled somewhat and with even numbers between to nations there’s everything to play for.

Tune in next week for our episode 6 recap! Let us know your thoughts on the episode by commenting below!




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  1. Good job with the recap episodes ! I listened to both survivoroz and robhasapodcast recaps and yours is far more entertaining.

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