Dan Foley Interview


There really is no other Survivor contestant like Dan Foley. Larger than life and extremely outspoken, he couldn’t have put it any better than he did in the first episode by saying that people would remember him. And in the longest interview in the history of Survivor Oz, nothing is out of bounds for Dan as he dishes the dirt on everything from THAT moment at the reunion with Jeff Probst right through to Shirin, Will, Mike and even us.


Dan started off by rubbing people the wrong way before forming tight alliances that got him deep in the game. The recipient of the first ever ‘double vote’ power Dan was set to make it to the end before he was eliminated after Carolyn played her idol and Dan was sent to the jury.

In our chat with Dan he talks about what happened behind the scenes at the reunion after the incident with Jeff Probst, why he felt he was close to winning the game, how Will reacted to all the controversy online with the incident with Shirin, which second chance contestant came up to him after the reunion and declared they were a fan, the discussion of him being ‘sexist’ and the reaction that followed as well as dishing the dirt on what happened at the auction and just who he would’ve voted for to win had Mike not apologised at the final tribal council.

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18 Comments on Dan Foley Interview

  1. Ben you’re fucking amazing! Great job. Thanks for the great interview.

  2. Fantastic! Thanks, Ben!

  3. Sam Joseph // July 17, 2015 at 11:35 pm // Reply

    I can’t download this podcast. I tried from different devices and it won’t load. Is there anything you can do?

    • Hey Sam please check our social media pages. Currently our servers are down and we hope they’ll be up again soon. Sadly it’s out of our control at this stage

  4. Survivor Oz, do you hate Dan as much as I do?

    • Listen to the interview and it may change your perspective. I hated Dan based on his edit. Both he and Will really got hosed by the editors trying too hard to create a villain. What the editors did borders on defamation of character. If they would have just stuck to the actual storyline the season would have been better for it. Dan’s harmless. He just suffers from foot-in-mouth disease. I’m a carrier of the same affliction.

  5. You can’t blame me for hating Dan based on his edit. This interview turned it around a bit. He still wouldn’t be someone I would get along with that well but he is better than I thought.
    I listened to Rodney’s interview on RHAP a few days ago, and the two interviews constantly contradicted each other.

  6. Is there some way to get listen to this interview? I’ve been trying to download via iTunes also not possible… 😦

  7. Fred Smith // July 27, 2015 at 9:58 am // Reply

    I can’t seem to download this. Please fix the link

  8. This was absolutely brilliant. Wow

  9. the link just gives me all stars commentaries

  10. Dan is right(as always), when you really get to know him you either really love him or really hate him. Dan obviously knows himself very well and he loves himself with passion. He is right about 99% of the time and when he is wrong he is never alone in his mistake, always are people alongside him and he is not shy about pointing them out. I wonder why he’s so eager to point them out…

  11. HOLY CRAP is he delusional?!?

  12. some great insights in the interview, thanks s’oz and dan

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