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On a season as highly regarded as the Australian Outback there isn’t a single person that doesn’t warrant an interview, but when it comes to the first boot Debb Rich (formerly Eaton) there is perhaps no better example of somebody who is crying out for a chat. Since the season aired in 2001, she has gained a strong cult following amongst the Survivor fan community and hasn’t had a full length interview since her time on the show. But after years of trying, she is finally here. So sit back and relax and enjoy the legend that is Debb Rich.

Debb started on the Kucha tribe where she initially took on the role of leader to try and get the tribe into shape. Through her skills she attempted to build a shelter from “rawks” and sadly rubbed a few people the wrong way along the way and was the first person voted out of the 2nd season.

In our chat with Debb she talks about finding it hard to believe she is asked to do interviews after all these years, what she has been up to since her season, why Cambodia is the first season of Survivor she has watched in over a decade, what happened on the first night at Kucha and which contestant had a go at her the next morning, which contestants she has kept in touch with ever since as well as whether or not she has been asked back to play again and which former winner she had a chance meeting with at a charity event.

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1 Comment on Debb Rich Interview

  1. Katherine Adams // December 16, 2015 at 4:30 pm // Reply

    What a fun interview. Good catch! I’d love to see her back just based on this. Well, done, Ben.

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